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Toe Service

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 7/14/08

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Toe Service
A Red Light District Release Directed by Juan Cuba
Starring:  Raquelle De Rossi, Rachel Solari, Scarlett Fay, Brynn Tyler & Courtney James.
With:  Michael Stefano, Mark Wood, Prince Yashua & James Deen.
Runtime:  2hr 30min
Condoms?:  None
Brief Synopsis:  As Red Light branches out this time around with an emphasis on the lower fifth - feet, that is!  The well-heeled fetish has more straightforward counterparts in the Barefoot Confidential series, to name just one, so dipping a toe into the schematic of the RLD formula should yield a harsher take on the arch-bearing front, let's hope!  On we go...

[Scene One]  Raquelle De Rossi  (with Michael Stefano)

Raquelle introduces herself to cameraman Juan with a brief bout of self-love, followed Michael's entrance, where his hands and tongue soon head straight for her coral painted toes.  He leans back, giving Raquelle's peds an opportunity to rub themselves over his zippered pants, with Juan still narrating the action as it's taking place.  She cradles Michael's member in between the craw of her right foot briefly, soon elevating both her legs up for a run of pussy eating, followed by more heel-to-cock teasing.  Michael begins a teasing amount of missionary in cool strides, sure to keep those lovely feet at the ready for a swap between either envelope.  Soon, it's heavy into the foot-jobbery, and Michael guides Raquelle's busy arches toward his face, smothering him with glee.  It all riles up our lady to spring up and catch her partner's wang toward lip land for an old-fashioned blow job, a heated cowgirl penetrative assault blooming out of introductory pokes.  She dismounts and teases his nuts, straddling herself behind his head on the top edge of the accompanying couch, massaging Michael's reed like a tennis-shoe reach-a-round.

Reverse cowgirl shafting gives Raquelle a break to suck on her own toes pretty nimbly, reminding me of an auburn version of Courtney Cummz for a moment.  Sitting atop the couch again, this time Raquelle mashes Michael's face like a doughy wad, her downward pedaling sparking moans from her partner, even as she tends to go slightly easily on him; his cheeks are significantly redder afterwards, however.  A final round of doggy earns Raquelle a quake of almondly grease upon the tops of her feet, smeared around until the fadeout.  Raquelle keeps the scene chirpy and lighthearted, smiling always even as Michael asks for more and then some.  Her feet do receive more screen time than any amount of basic fucking, and Raquelle doesn't come off as too green or too tainted to keep the whole interesting and quite worthwhile.  I wonder how she is on the dancefloor...

[Scene Two]  Rachel Solari  (with Prince Yashua)

The incredibly magnetic and cutely-braced Rachel begins with an interview with Juan, pulling her mesh outfit tight across her voluptuous lady puffs and plushy triangle, with a delicious set of toes wiggling off a solid pair of equally large feet.  After a bit of tease, she begins masturbating, garnering a bit of a squiggly mess before the Prince lobs his chocolate eclair between her matched length of stride.  Rachel flips around on her belly to serve a dollop of lip battery upon her partner's dong, soon straddling the Prince in reverse cowgirl, and onto standard, with a firm grip on her meaty thighs as her booty bounces along.  He picks her up during missionary, sucking Rachel's clicky lower set of nails before shifting her legs to the side, to angle his peen toward her g-spot.  A bit of self clit-love precedes a doggy bout, with Juan's wandering hands peeking into the shot briefly, but otherwise Rachel & the Prince continue along their merry way, another blow job, foot job and final siege in missionary sealing Rachel's toes with a thick glob of man-jerked glue, aimed to successfully coat all the ridges between her piglets.  As her preference for darker-skinned partners works wonders for Rachel, the Prince certainly has his work cut out for him in such a beautifully mounded work of a girl, who keeps her lust firing on all cylinders (with the exception of Juan's butting in, but something tells me that will be an unfortunate trend for the rest of the scenes) throughout.   Quite pleasing!

[Scene Three]  Scarlett Fay  (with Mark Wood)

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Ah, cover girl Scarlett Faye!  Almost as soon as Juan takes a glance at her lily-white topless skin, her feet become the sole focus as she models and softly cracks her arches atop the marbled floor of the foyer.  Her ass is bound like a tiny beach ball in her tight fitting striped bottoms, bobbling all the way to the kitchen where Mark is anxiously waiting.  He takes to sucking her red-tipped toes almost immediately, licking those arches as Scarlett lifts them up to cover and smother his face.  Soon it's his prick she's coaxing as Mark stands up from his stool, Scarlett's skin bathed with the blue-tinned light from a skylight above.  She spreads her legs open on the counter top where she sits, Mark now greasing her shaved and swollen folds, with a bit more footplay seguing into a preliminary round of cowgirl on a nearby couch.

Scarlett's ass firms up as she strides along Mark's engorged tent pole, huffing and squealing with a sometimes distracted manner.  The two switch off the lion's share of the pumping duties, though Mark does most of the thumping from below.  In missionary, Scarlett resembles Sunny Lane in miniature, as the marshmallow complexion certainly works for both ladies, respectively.  Scarlett slips up to dole out a tongue twist upon Mark's jelly roll, tumbling into reverse cowgirl, with her partner cleaning her hooves with his teeth and tongue.  After another run in standard missionary, Scarlett props herself up on a stool for a doggy run, shearing out her greatest vocals during the scene, hitting several beautiful notes of joy. 


Mark grips Scarlett's ass and thighs as if his life depends on it, and the summation of all the upward roadwork pays off with a shaken spray dressing Scarlett's well-worked toes and upper angles of her feet.  A bit of the mist catches onto the lens of the camera, to which Scarlett acknowledges just prior to fade-out.  While I can't deny the near-boundless joy her physical qualities bring, Scarlett's enthusiasm wavers during the first half of the scene, only truly becoming unbridled as Mark lays into her in doggy.  Her foot skills are moderate without being too green, though it seems like the leg lifting in the benefit of Mark may have worn her away from any enjoyment he certainly favored.  Juan once again seems to intrude just by virtue of his own personality, which I suspect had effected Scarlett from the very beginning, as her play-by-play with Mark felt pulled in two different directions.  Her willowy flavor, however, won me over from the first moment, despite the fall-outs, thank goodness!

[Scene Four]  Brynn Tyler  (with James Deen)

If Audrina Patridge and Courtney Cummz (I apologize for mentioning her twice, but it's totally warranted!) split and combined their chromosomes, a looker like Brynn would probably be the delightful end result.  Juan picks at her brain as she teases and masturbates prior to James' heat-seeking mouth meeting her upturned toes, keeping his sights squarely on her golden ass as he tickles Brynn's teeny ivories.  She flips over and warms his zipped-up bulge with her strong arches, continuing her mission as James lets his pants fall to the floor.  Her toes curl around his turkey neck with an easy amount of guile, and no sooner it's onto missionary pumping, along with another spell of footwork before James slips into spoon sweet Brynn.  He keeps her close, angling his hands across her body, and Brynn keeps her spiels tight-lipped until she quickly bubbles over and succumbs to James' proper push-and-brake work.  He flips her upward, shifting her into reverse cowgirl, a thrilling opportunity to see Brynn's feet planted atop his thighs (for my money, the greatest-looking position in the world!).  The balling continues as Brynn surges her way atop of James, reversing their position back toward a spoon-fed bucking.  Doggy earns Brynn the riches of James' fine mess, shucking his climactic swill upon her airborne heels, and a few falling drops hitting her taut booty.  Brynn's fancy foot skills are a boon to both us and our surrogate James, who revels in her every inch of beauty, and with his wand gripped and tickled by her steady piggies.  The action balances between feet and pussy almost equally, which is just about a perfect spread of light kink and hardcore that I initially expected out of this title, from the very beginning.  Bravo, Ms. Tyler!

[Scene Five]  Courtney James  (with Mark Wood & Michael Stefano)

Becoming a familiar and welcome face to these pages, Courtney dazzles the edge of the frame with her translucent wigglers, dressed with a healthy bit of manicured length for a bit of added oomph; these little monsters practically sparkle!  It certainly helps that Ms. James is already topless when we meet both her and her second set of hands, and Mark and Michael attend to those on split sides of the room, leaving Courtney to giggle and lift her legs in a triangle pose.  Mark is the first to be blown, while his co-captain Michael helps Courtney's left foot stroke against his wally wang.  The boys switch off, and Mark begins his penetrative trek in doggy, with Michael continuing with a spoon-based run whilst his other goes back to Courtney's wagging tongue for even more.  Mark gets in on the cowgirl action soon enough, and Michael goes up for missionary soon afterward, both men getting serviced, once again, by our lady's miracle mouth.  Reverse cowgirl with Michael prompts a break in the action, though Mark bends in and steals a few strokes with one of Courtney's feet before they prop atop of Michael's face, as if his face is the fire and her feet is the bucket of sand.

Courtney is less shy toward Michael's need to be mashed up, pulling the force in her ankles toward his cheeks with a bit of revelry.  Mark slides into missionary, nibbling on Courtney's toes, and the foot and mouth plays, respectively mellow out until the boys drop their respective loads (Mark on the left, Michael on the right) on Courtney's arches and toes. the results glimmering in the camera's white light.  Michael does a post-scene savor of Courtney's slip-ons, wafting the contents before pushing his sniffer deep into its wool lining.  It's clear he's a bit biased by this point, but Courtney is no less self-conscious, her face reddening a touch before Mark finally does the same.  Despite this, Courtney is quite relaxed and somewhat surprised by the enthusiasm to which her fellas attend to her feet, almost without limit but with much of the focus directed toward her mouth.  The moans and groans which result out of the three-way melange seem stifled, though it's clear Ms. James is having quite a good, if not slightly puzzled, time.  The footwork does suffer at the whims of keeping the scene in a erect mood, but Juan, thankfully, manages to keep himself out of the picture for the bulk of the scene.  While not star-shooting, I can respect the effort!


Bonus Features

A rather pushy Behind the Scenes (5:35) reveals Juan to be more of a taskmaster than the feature hints at, trying to guide his enthusiasm with the affable Rachel (above).  It's frustrating, but then again, that adage about sausage making comes to mind, so maybe it's all better left to the freezer and/or the cutting room.  I, for one, was frustrated watching what little of the photo shoot seemed to document, but perhaps I'm just out of the loop.  Juan seems to have more luck with Scarlett, which is more unused interview footage from her scene with Mark.  A Cum Shot Recap livens up the rest of the section, as well as a Photo Gallery and the stark Web/Internet info sheet.  I do admit that the meat of this section fell into bummer territory, but seeing more Rachel and Scarlett stare on and off camera may have been the brightest highlight(s)!

Audio/Visual Quality
The feature is presented in 1.33:1 standard definition, filling the 'scape of a tube set but squaring the jaws of a 16x9 viewer in a pictureboxed fashion.  The glide of the transitions are lightly jagged, and freezing any one moment, even on a standard-definition set, will cause permutations and a bit of flickering.  This has become the case with most Red Light titles as they continue to eschew the evolving trend of 16x9 friendly presentations, which really is a shame, but it is what it is.  The differential isn't all too colossal, and the presentation is still quite viewable in this capacity, but higher-end users may suffer (thankfully, most RLD titles can be had for relatively low prices).  Light-wise, the surroundings of the hired-out McMansions do their best to bathe the ladies at their best (Scarlett's scene, in particular), but overall, the lights are tastefully blended, balanced and cleanly lit without dipping into shadowland or whitened-out glares.    The standard 2.0 audio track is sufficient and stays close to the action, providing a nice track balance, even as the highs nearly peak out into the distance.  The main problem I have with the overall disc is director Juan Cuba's insistence on bellowing himself into the scene, sometimes shooting a hand or two groping the girls.  While this may be awesome and welcome to some, I felt his presence, begun with the adjoining interviews starting each scene off, throws off the each girls' sense of focus, tending to nearly shipwreck the body of the article.  It doesn't help that the most conflicted of these instances is cover girl Scarlett's, but she manages to steer herself toward her partner long enough to welt away the intrusive Juan only slightly.  Likewise, his camera shifts and glides are near attention deficit-quality, with his lingering more horn-dogged than steady and assured.  I would understand this type of behavior if he himself was the performer, and therefore the center of attention, but he isn't! 

Final Thoughts
Socked away beneath the ill-assured foot falls behind the scenes and behind the camera, Toe Service inaugurates Red Light's increasingly fetishistic appetite for gonzo with relatively good results, quelling beneath the top layer of truly great and mind-boggling.  The ladies are easy on the eyes, though their presentation may be hankered to some by the manic moods of the film's director, Juan Cuba.  His style isn't for everyone, though his effect melts away during the most winning elements of the disc (Scarlett's second half and on, Brynn's tryst with James, Rachel's black and tan fantasy) and the more missing are even pretty nice, too (Courtney's strange energy, in adoration).  If you can see past Mr. Cuba's path, and goodness knows I've tried, a richness of goodly footery awaits you.  My spectrum of enjoyment was hampered, though yours may not be so foot-fallen!  I can only hope.

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