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Coast to Coast Amateurs: Cleveland-Dallas Connection

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/16/08

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Brother Love was very amusing!

Coast To Coast Amateurs: Cleveland - Dallas Connection

Frat House Films/Voodoo House

Shawna Lenee and Justice Young

Genre: Gonzo, Pro-Am

Olivia (and the second screen effect used)

Director: Justice Young

Jessica Sherwood

Cast: Olivia, Justice Young, Jessica Sherwood, Kristi, Priscilla, Jami Kenney, Tiffany
Non sex roles: Brother Love, Shawna Lenee, Jonalungas, others not credited

Justice Young ("gangsta-style") and Jonalungas

Length: 219:55 minutes


Dates of Production: 10/6/2007, 10/21/2007, 10/23/2007 (cover); 3/8/2006, 3/13/2006, 6/5/2006, 8/9/2006, 9/21/2006, 12/12/2007 (credits)

Extras: There were no working extras on the DVD set, the second disc appearing to be defective, lowering my rating a full grade as a result.

Condoms: Some


Audio/Video Quality: Coast To Coast Amateurs: Cleveland - Dallas Connection was presented in the nicely improved 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Justice Young for distribution by Shane's World on the Frat House Films label. The bitrate was often in the mid 5 to 6 Mbps range, but the picture tended to look really washed out, even the fleshtones appearing to be kind of weak (not just in the night vision portions either). The camera angles were not overly favorable to the cast this time either as the handheld approach looked like a home movie more often than not. The editing was fair, if rushed in places, and while it definitely looked like a low end effort, the potential for future improvement was less evident than related projects because this one looked tossed together on the spur of the moment, though Justice might do better with more experience. The setting for most of the action was on a bed, though it was like the camera had to be limited to very narrowly defined areas and/or positions; ultimately weakening the look of the visuals. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using an interesting 128 Kbps bitrate (much lower than the solid 448 Kbps Dolby Digital used on the menu screen by the way). The vocals were typically hollow and lacking in dynamic range with the music as generic as the titles from Hush Hush used to be when I reviewed them awhile back; the same basic crew apparently used here too.

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Jami Kenney's best look

Body of Review: Justice Young is one of the newcomer directors in porn, working with Frat House Films with some of his friends to provide a new style of reality porn that merges gonzo and the Pro-Am dynamics for those of you tired of the same old stuff from the same old people. The success of any such effort relies largely on connecting with a paying audience though, the younger crowd best known for downloading their smut (for free) unless a company can make something unique. Well, Justice's most recent release to make it my way is Coast To Coast Amateurs: Cleveland - Dallas Connection; a movie where the man shoots scenes split between the two porn capitals outside of Los Angeles to fill out the double disc set. With nagging doubts making me wonder if the team could provide something better than Bang Brothers or Shane's World "proper", I then took a look at the movie as objectively as possible, finding some solid entertainment value to appreciate, knowing that Justice has proven to be quite a winner with the ladies. If you're still interested, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used here:


Scene One: Olivia, bearing a significant resemblance to Holly Wellin, was up first after a number of failed attempts to secure a hooker willing to do porn for the first time. Brother made a great comment about low balling the butterface gal but Olivia looked pretty fetching with her clothing on, not as hot as Shawna but doable (even if she had a bad implant job). She went back to the room and started kissing Justice Young, wrapping her lips around his cock to begin blowing him like a seasoned champion. It wasn't quite a porn style hummer but she was definitely no stranger to orally satisfying a guy. She had a cute ass and pussy too, but her performance ability struck me as akin to someone that had watched too much porn so I was glad when Justice took over to give rover a bone of his own. She was moderately active in a few positions and it was kind of cute to see Brother and Shawna in the little "tv in a tv" box on the fringes of the show from time to time, the lengthy vaginal ride leading to a pretty solid wad of population pudding gracing Olivia's mouth at the end.

Scene Two: Jessica Sherwood, a plain gal upset at her boyfriend, had a revenge fuck with Justice Young after meeting him and the crew on the street. He convinced her to go back to the Renaissance Hotel with them to have a little party, soon resulting in her taking off her top to blow the guy. While I disagree with Justice that she had a "bubble butt", it was a nicely shaped backside worthy of some attention so when she removed her pink patterned panties and bent over to masturbate, I was rooting for the guy to nail her hard. As with the other scenes, he wrapped his rascal before pounding into her pussy, Jessica pushing back as she enjoyed the ride. She was active in some of the positions and while she panted a lot, it was more believable (to a point) than Olivia's ride had been. By the time he was finished fucking her, he was covered in sweat and she had his load on her stomach.

Scene Three: Kristi, the blond on the left side of the front cover, was up next after little bits and pieces of night vision hummers at bars, with the gal mounting Justice Young in bed as she removed her clothing. She had a few extra pounds that looked cute on her and the implants weren't as poorly done as Olivia, the gal from Dallas loving to suck some dick as Jonas captured the moment. Initially, the room was too dark to get much detail and when the lights came on for a better showing, she winced at their effect on her unready eyes. Still, she was dedicated to sucking him off and she showed a lot of potential beyond the "stripper turned porn performer" as she actively rode his cock with her wet pussy. I wasn't keen on her implant scars (neither was she; she held her hands over them a whole lot) and she had a lot of rough edges but it was still a lot of fun to watch the pair going at it. He choked her to the point of her face changing color and his large wad oozed out to her mouth but she had an oral need for seed that worked! Yum!

Scene Four: Priscilla, a cute brunette wearing a blue shirt over her nice breasts, was up next as she woke up Justice Young during a POV interview where she gave him a handjob and a little head as he got a peek at her chest. His dick was too large for her to suck all the way but she gave it a try, resulting in a fairly natural hummer amongst friends. Jonas was lying down in the next bed but it was an amusing, if too short, little jaunt.

Scene Five: Jami Kenney, a lean gal that did absolutely nothing for me physically, was up next after Justice Young and Jonas went on a field trip to see the JFK assassination area of Dallas (Jonas' worrying about getting an ass kicking was pretty classic too). Skinny Jamie came up to the room despite the guys thinking she flaked, jumping into bed with Justice as he and Jonas discussed how the name "little vanilla" came about (as a result of a female talent scout trying to hook them up with a carload of fat black broads). Jami was not really in the mood to hear their war stories though, she just wanted to get nasty with Justice, removing her top to reveal tiny titties and an okay ass for such a small gal. She blew him and rode him vaginally as though well versed in the acts too, looking more like a bored housewife from the 60's than anything else. Justice choked her to a color change too, neither of them breaking their stride at all as a result, even including a foot stomp to the head as he did most of the work in the second half of their session together in bed. He removed his condom to drop a load in her mouth, Jami ready for another round while a spent Justice kicked back in the shower to remove her "squirt".

Scene Six: Tiffany, the blond featured on the right side of the front cover, was up last as Justice Young and Jonas skipped the skanky ho's from some local strip clubs (really low end strip clubs). I made a note to myself to avoid Pandora's strip club ("by day, the ho's throw blows but at night they shoot up the parking lot") but the lengthy discussion about fights was hilarious. Tiffany had a pornish look to her, resembling a few gals in the industry as she came to the hotel room, telling the guys her sister warned her about them. She removed her clothing too quickly but got acquainted with Justice's cock immediately afterwards, her skills at least as good as her sister's repertoire. She was friendly and they had some fun, the oral leading to a vaginal ride in numerous positions as expected. I liked how actively she rode the cock too and even if she looked a little worn, she definitely fit the porn mold as far as I was concerned; taking the chest/facial pop without a single flinch.

Summary: Coast To Coast Amateurs: Cleveland - Dallas Connection by director Justice Young for Frat House Films may have had a defective second disc that wouldn't allow access to the extras (bonus scene, photogallery, BTS, trailers, etc), causing me to lower the rating a notch, but I have to admit that as an alternative to more mainstream porn titles at other companies, it was a lot of fun. Keep in mind that in this series, half the fun is the interaction between the zany cast of characters (Brother Love and Jonas added immeasurable laughs) but the sex was less scripted too and that gave it some decent stroke value so I ended up giving it a Rent It (despite wanting to give it more). In short, Coast To Coast Amateurs: Cleveland - Dallas Connection showed that the series was getting better as it progressed, though I think it might have been cool to see Shawna get herself a little fun or the two cameramen slip off for some POV loving while Justice was left hanging so give it a look.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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