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Big Ass Movie, The

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/20/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Alexis Texas!

The Big Ass Movie


Bianca Dagger

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Tony T.


Cast: Alexis Texas, John Strong, Bianca Dagger, Steve French, Pinky, CJ Wright, Justin Long, Rosario Stone, Tony T., Brianna Love, Devon Lee

Rosario Stone

Length: 235:59 minutes

Date of Production: 10/21/2007 to 10/25/2007

Brianna Love!

Extras: The best extra was the two part Behind the Scenes feature that lasted just over an hour (44:48 minutes on one disc and 15:54 minutes on the second disc). There was more sex, photoshoots, some interview footage, and the general goofing around when things went well for the professional fuckers (I mean that in a nice way) on the set of the movie. There was also a two part popshot recap and similarly placed photogalleries, as well as a double disc box and sleeve (Brianna Love on one box/side and Alexis Texas on the other). Given the length of the movie itself, this amounted to a nice surprise for me but the BTS made the extras worthy of the set.

Devon Lee!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Big Ass Movie was presented in an interestingly shot 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color by director Tony T. for Anabolic to be released in this SD version (using the standard MPEG-2 codec). The lighting was such that a few of the scenes looked a little washed out, the glare of the lighting bouncing off the ladies or the lack thereof causing the colors to look too saturated. The video bitrate on the double disc set was in the mid 5 Mbps most of the time I paid it any attention, some aliasing and grain observed (along with slight amounts of macro blocking) but still, it showed that Tony could convey to his crew exactly what he was looking for in a reasonably good manner (or they did just fine without his input). Having seen limited amounts of Tony's directing work in the past (especially in the last year or so), I have to admit he is getting better at making smut though, perhaps not on Ivan's level but getting better all the same. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital using the 192 Kbps bitrate (with optional music). The music was subdued and not intrusive at all so if your player supports the function, by all means leave it on even if it was generic in nature. The vocals were slightly hollow with no separation but I could hear the ladies at all times.

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Body of Review: Tony T. is one of the directors that I think of when people discuss Jake Malone, Mason, Max Hardcore, and some of the others in the industry that have made a name for themselves on shooting rough sex or "abuse porn" as a few of my critic pals tend to call it. There being a market for everything these days, it should come as no shocker that the handful that push a gal's limits (gals willing to have this done by the way) have long carved out a niche that their meeker peers shy away from. Personally, I don't get off to seeing a hotty smacked around and whatever issues I might have with a few people in porn, it doesn't get me off to see them come to harm but I also acknowledge that there are a number of people that are into BDSM that claim it is very similar in scope too. Tony's work as a director for Anabolic sometimes gets people riled up but I have to admit that he tends to cast people that work out and minor technical problems aside, I can generally rely on him to be consistent in what he provides as an actor as well as in movies he directs so I was happy when a belated copy of The Big Ass Movie found it's way into my screener pile the other day. The movie is a double disc set focusing on ladies with ripe, round rumps having hardcore sex on camera for pay. The six scenes include some of my current favorites such as Brianna Love and Alexis Texas, all of the others qualifying per the title too. Lacking any knowledge of the specific movie itself, I picked up the box and watched it for this review. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Alexis Texas, the hotty on cover #1, was up first as she teased in her neon pink body suit that was very revealing. Tony played with her a little in POV fashion, spending ample time shaking her fleshy ass cheeks, with her initially on the pool table. This continued for a long time, some minor spanking taking place until studly John Strong took over to go down on her, eating her "meat curtains" as she purred in delight. John loved her ass as much as anyone ever has too, sliding his tongue in her crack only to see it disappear, the couple then engaging in a very lengthy bout of vaginal boning. Alexis was passive at first but soon got into the spirit of things, shaking her ass on his dick while spouting off dirty talk (but never, of course, doing anal although she did do some taste testing on an intermittent basis). The couple showed a lot of enthusiasm and passion to go with their chemistry, both getting off with the scene culminating as John rubbed out his wad of population pudding to her sweet ass. Whew!

Scene Two: Bianca Dagger, another curvy goddess, was up next wearing some red mesh and a black thong, her ass cheeks eating it up as she pranced about the room to fully display her thick frame in a hot manner. She had some junk in the trunk and Tony's comments showed he was devoted to seeing her in action, the gal eventually ending up with hairy Steve French instead of the director. She seemed surprised when Steve stepped up behind her to start oiling her ass too, the guy massaging her thoroughly before orally pleasing her (I especially liked the face sitting theme too). Bianca liked slobbing his knob too, savoring the taste of cock in her mouth as she energetically wrapped her lips around his rod. The pair enjoyed giving each other pleasure orally but when it came time to start screwing vaginally, they seemed to slow down slightly; Bianca only particularly active during the times when she was on top of his penis. She gave some dirty talk but not that much, perhaps too into the penetration to concentrate on the nasty talk. Bianca coaxed out the load to her face at the end though, getting most of it in her mouth even though she did not assist him; playing with it as she massaged it into her ass cheeks at Tony's request.

Scene Three: Pinky, the short back gal with a huge ass, was the last gal on the first DVD, wearing a red stripper outfit that looked fetching on her as she bent over on a bar stool. I like Pinky's attitude in her scenes, the lady proving she knows how to work her ass muscles during tease footage better than most. Pinky likes cock so she seemed extremely happy to have both CJ Wright and Justin Long offering up their "tasty" dicks for her to suck and be fucked by, her holes provided with a solid workout after the men made sure she was dripping wet thanks to their oral efforts. Pinky continued to tease the men as she followed their instructions, putting her ass as high in the air as she could when her head was down on the couch or sucking off the other guy (they alternated between her pussy and mouth). Pinky moaned more than offered up a lot of filthy talking, her active riding skills in full evidence as she appreciated all she was given to work with. The scene ended when the men were practically exhausted and Pinky herself was out of breath; the semen flowing to her ass cheeks in two modest loads. Nice!

Scene Four: Rosario Stone, a thick Latina in a black bikini outside by the hot tub, was the first scene of the second disc, her accent and sexy ass turning on director Tony T.. She knew the effect it had on him and she continued to work it with a smile; Tony handing his camera over to another to get in on the action this time (as he usually does). Tony went down on her and massaged her ass before she blew him, Rosario deepthroating his rod before he rubbed it along her ass crack ever so gently. This resulted in him busting an early nut on her ass cheek, the pair climbing into the frothing hot tub before she walked in the house for round two with Justin Long. The tint and shaky camerawork resumed as much as ever in the house (as if the settings were not adjusted for the different color lighting) but the tease she provided Justin was as good as what she gave outside for Tony. They couple went down on each other and screwed fairly heatedly; the levels of chemistry questionable even if the ass worshiping was testing her stamina. The vaginal-only ride was too passive for me but it still had some stroke value all the same.

Scene Five: Brianna Love, the hotty featured on the cover of disc #2, was up next and she was looking as hot as ever in her skimpy black outfit. She has long known the value of solid tease, her smile and seductive nature adding to the impact of her curvy body in motion. As she started getting moist, Justin Long came in to massage her as a means of elevating her state of readiness even more; the cute gal responding exactly as one would like on the couch. Brianna is no stranger to interracial action and this scene showed she appreciated a long thick cock of any color, leading Justin to the window as they started grinding their respective genitals together. There was a nod to oral loving here but the emphasis after the tease was the couple screwing actively; beginning with vaginal until Justin's thumb up her ass got her sufficiently ready to stretch open for his cock. Brianna pumped on the rod too, not letting her chance go to waste as she did the fucking. I especially liked her taking the active role by putting it in whichever hole she wanted it at any given time, swapping between her holes as the mood suited her. The heated scene ended when he jerked off to her ass cheeks, plastering them for her to play with and the splooge to drip down on the couch. Yowza!

Scene Six: Devon Lee, a thick older chick with a playful sense of tease, was up last as she proved a few miles on the body can make a gal even better in the sack. Tony couldn't resist her fine booty bent over by the staircase railing, the apple shape of her ass causing him to spout a stream of appreciative comments. Devon was happy to work with a rainbow coalition consisting of both John Strong and CJ Wright; servicing CJ first before John joined in. All three of her holes were open for business that day, the blowjob and vaginal penetration leading to some decent anal after she was given some head to lube her up a bit. John was the most driven of the trio in terms of how he went wild on her; I was just surprised that they did not give her a DP this time. Devon being built for comfort over speed could have taken it easily but in fairness, she provided a pretty heated ride this time. The scene finished up when the guys rubbed out loads to her ass cheeks, making me long for just a few more minutes of opening tease but still coming across as a stroke scene worth closing out the lengthy movie on.

Summary: The Big Ass Movie by director Tony T. for Anabolic was weakest on the technical values but I kind of expected that based on the director's previous works so I was prepared. In terms of the passion, energy, and even chemistry though, I found all the scenes to offer an experience worthy of my time, money, and seed so I factored in the lengthy BTS footage to come up with a rating of Highly Recommended despite the picture not being completely up to snuff. I was also appreciative that Tony reeled in the abuse porn aspects of the movie to make it more about ass worship than most of his previous titles making it my way showed, the difference for me substantial in leaning toward the higher rating as I did. In short, The Big Ass Movie had a great deal of big asses on parade that any ass man could appreciate, the execution of the technical matters the only major thing holding it back from consideration of an even higher rating. Great casting always helps make a movie a winner so kudos to the person that picked out these ladies; perhaps a second volume will get the additional polishing up it needs to be even better.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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