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Fuck Fiends

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/20/08

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Jessica Lynn

Fuck Fiends

Red Light District

Britney Stevens, Mark Wood, and Steve French

Genre: Gonzo

Director: John Strong

Summer Verona

Cast: Jessica Lynn, John Strong, Britney Stevens, Mark Wood, Steve French, Summer Verona, Roxy Summers, Sascha, Denise K.

Roxy Summers

Length: 162:48 minutes

Date of Production: 9/2/2007, 9/12/2007, 9/14/2007, 9/23/2007, 9/29/2007

Denise K.

Extras: The best extra (by far) was the 21:44 minute long Behind the Scenes feature where John interviewed the ladies, most of them after their scene. Post coital scene interviews are always different than the fluff pieces done for the press or the pre-scene versions where no one knows exactly what to expect. There was also a popshot recap and a photogallery; the box cover's second side used for advertising only but the slipcover with folding cover was nicely done.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Fuck Fiends was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director John Strong for Red Light District in the MPEG-2 codec used for almost all standard definition releases. The lighting was good and that helped keep the grain, video noise, and other flaws to a minimum. The fleshtones were accurate and the camera work was generally good with the composition of the shots enhancing the ladies' looks most of the time. There were no serious problems with compression artifacts (though the bitrate was often in the lower 4 Mbps range) or significant shadows to contend with so I found the picture appealing (as will most people that like solid, flat, lighting as RLD is generally known for providing) and acknowledge John for doing a fine job. The audio was nothing special although encoded in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using 192 Kbps bitrate encoding. The processing done in post production aside, the vocals were seemingly recorded in monaural and the music not a big factor so it wasn't a problem but it wasn't anything worth extra points either.

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Body of Review: John Strong was one of the directors at Red Light District that seemed to stick it out through thick and thin in recent years as his peers left in droves for greener pastures. Having seen a lot more of him working at other companies of late, the studly performer turned director always seems to enjoy fucking the ladies of all types; sometimes getting rougher than I appreciate but never as bad as the leaders in the abuse porn genre (Max Hardcore, Belladonna, Jake Malone, and others). I was scanning the pick list the other day when I noticed an attractive blond on the cover of a title I missed when it came out last year so I picked it up based on pure speculation that the title, Fuck Fiends, was an indicator of the contents inside. To me, a "fuck fiend" is someone that really gets into freaky sex, showing no holds barred depravity, and gets off. Anything less will seem watered down so it takes a bold marketing executive to call something a title like this. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Jessica Lynn, the busty implant owner sported on the front cover, was up first and I have to admit that I found her as attractive as scene partner John Strong seemed to as she teased him on top of the piano. Her pink bikini lingerie was fetching, her ass looking sweet, and her mannerisms as polished as most twenty-something strippers I know. John was drooling in anticipation when she spread her legs in front of him; the guy responding by going down on her in no time flat. Using his fingers and tongue, he warmed her up nicely for the standing fuck he gave her biscuit before she blew him. She was not much of an active cock rider but the way she inhaled his meat pipe showed me she was no stranger to wrapping her lips around a man's penis, licking her own juices off of it in a moderately believable manner. Even on top of him, she was a passive ride but her potential unmet did not dissuade me from wanting to see her once she gains some valuable experience. The scene closed up with the expected facial, a plain one overall but I'd buy a lapdance from her any day.

Scene Two: Britney Stevens, a curvy gal that has lasted a lot longer than many critics initially gave her credit for (I figured she'd be around awhile so I remember), was up next on the couch with Mark Wood and Steve French as her red satin bikini came off to see her asshole explored with some anal beads that she liked sucking clean. Her blowjobs were more energetic if sloppy but her love of penetrative sex, particularly anal sex, was much more enthusiastic than Jessica. The sex included the men taking turns with her and even giving her a DP for her trouble; Britney providing some inspirational dirty talk as the men drilled her silly. I liked that she had some junk in her trunk that jiggled about as she took the cock, the loads of population pudding gracing her face as the men rubbed them out one at a time.

Scene Three: Summer Verona, a fetching brunette that greeted people nicely at the 2008 AEE, was up next as she teased and masturbated outside by the pool. The soft focus and slow motion masturbation gave her some quality time with a vibrator, her tiny pink bikini getting swallowed up by her curvy ass cheeks and titties before she walked inside to greet John Strong with a welcome hummer. She focused her efforts mainly on the head of his prick, seductively taking as much as she could (not much by the way) as her hand guided it, while John felt her up. He then stretched her with a dildo before pounding his penis inside her pussy, her grunts and groans elevating the otherwise passive bout of boning from oblivion. John did almost all the work and she seemed star struck or overwhelmed (take your pick) but she swallowed his modest load easily enough; looking into the camera almost as if daring the viewer to unleash some seed of their own.

Scene Four: Roxy Summers, a bleach blond with a lean figure that looked a lot like a thinner version of Georgia Peach, was up next shooting some pool before slowly teasing the camera by removing her lingerie and masturbating. She diddled herself with a red clear plug but only used it on her pussy before doing some PTM with it. That was when Sascha joined her to assist with the toy and then move her on to bigger and (theoretically) better things. She was another gal with some experience slobbing a knob in a messy fashion, showing enthusiasm if also some rough edges. Speaking of rough, that was how he became when he grabbed her by the hair to drag her into the living room to vaginally fuck on the couch. She was an active ride, thankfully enough, partially coaxed onward by his slaps to her fleshy ass. She overacted to the vaginal romp but at least she wasn't lying there as some of the other gals had done. The scene ended with a mouth pop that she swallowed, telling the world "I like that cum" before the camera faded away.

Scene Five: Denise K., probably the gal with the most experience in the porn industry by far here, was up last and she used all her practiced moves during the strip tease portion of the scene; her slutty attire slowly coming off before she worked with muscular John Strong. Denise has long been very inconsistent in her performances that I've seen so while I always hold high hopes she'll be really smoking hot, I know the odds are against it these days unless she is into the person she is working with. John seems to be one of the few that she really likes though, so it helped that she warmed up with ice cubes and a technical DP using two glass dildos. He had her tasting them and she seemed to enjoy her own juices, pushing out the ice cube from her biscuit to suck him off aggressively. That she also tossed his salad (rimmed his ass) was part of her decadent act, reminding me yet again of her potential so rarely tapped. She freaked out by actively riding the cock vaginally and then (to a lesser extent) her ass, begging him for the anal as he pounded away like he was possessed by the spirit of Erik Everhard. The taste testing and other nasty acts culminated in her swallowing the load, her look kind of rough once all was said and finished but it was enough to save the movie from a shitty rating.

Summary: Fuck Fiends by director John Strong for Red Light District was a title that simply did not live up to it's name all too often, a couple of strokable performances earning the overall project a rating of Rent It. There was no real catch here or marketable gimmick, almost as if unrelated scenes were strung together to make a sale, leaving out the all important chemistry and passion some of John's other works have shown over the years. In short, Fuck Fiends was worth a look if you like the ladies of the cast but don't expect this one to replace any of your better titles any time soon.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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