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Kokeshi Vol. 16: Girl-Trap

Studio: Amorz » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 5/20/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

When this Japanese AV begins, cute Yuki Mochida is delivering a box in an apartment building clad in some pink short shorts and a fairly revealing top. From there inexplicably cut to her in the shower for no discernable reason whatsoever.

Scene 1 - : Yuki lies in bed masturbating wearing a leopard print negligee. A guy knocks on the door but she's too involved with her vibrator to care. She uses her fingers and her toy at the same time, and when she's finished, she heads out to find a wad of spunk on her carpet. Evidently, the guy who was at the door made a bit of a mess. She makes a point of tracking that guy down, and apologizes for not answering. Which leads to...

Scene 2 - : Yuki chugs back a glass of Zinfandel, the wine of champions, and pushes buddy onto the bed. She gives him a handjob and once he's hard she sucks his dick before heading south and giving him a rim job with her tongue. She goes back to giving him head and he shoots in her mouth. She spits it onto her hand and runs out the door. She spends the entire scene wearing a long white button up shirt which hfor some reason makes her more appealing.

Scene 3 - : Yuki leaves her apartment then comes back. What she was doing we do not know. She's wearing a kimono and finds a strange bald guy in her room. He necks with her and fondles her tits through her clothes before sucking her breasts and finger fucking her. He eats her out and she sucks his toes for a bit and then she gives him a blowjob before laying him down and riding him cowgirl style. She gets on her back for some missionary style romping, and then they both lie on their sides and bump uglies while spooning so that he can rub her pubic mound while he fucks her. He goes back to fucking her missionary style again and then pulls out and blows a load all over her face before she cleans his head off with her tongue and mouth.

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Scene 4 - : Yuki meets the first guy who she blew in the hallway. He waves a video tape at her in the hallway. They head into his room and she does some bizarre calisthenics and gymnastic stretches while wearing lingerie. He makes her arch her back and do a sort of crabwalk while he pinches her nipples. He busts out a giant vibrator and fucks her pussy with it. Some other guy, we don't really learn who he is, shows up. The camera cuts to a close up of Yuki and it looks like someone has pissed all over her. We never see it happen, but in one frame she's fairly dry looking and in the next frame, after the mystery guy says 'I can't hold it in any longer' she's soaking wet. What the fuck just happened? My brain hurts.

Scene 5 - :Yuki is doing strange gyrations for the camera while a techno beat pounds in the background. The film is sped up which gives this a very strange look, like someone slipped the gal some trucker speed or something. Once that's done, she's sporting a red vinyl bikini while a group of guys stand around and watch two specific dudes play with her tits. All the guys, looks like eight in total, move in on her and take turns fondling her tits and her pussy. In turn she starts giving out handjobs and blowjobs to anyone within reach, at one point taking three cocks into her mouth at once. From there each of the guys gets a chance to fuck her pussy one at a time and then they all spunk on her face. This scene, and the feature, ends with Yuki, fully clothed, wandering out of the apartment she first went into in the beginning while some shitty synthesizer music plays in the background.

Presented completely unfogged and in full on hardcore mode, Girl-Trap, like most of the Kokeshi titles released recently, is little more than a series of hardcore vignettes. There appears to be some sort of story here but the sporadic subtitles don't do a particularly good job of translating it for those of us who don't speak Japanese. Even if you do speak Japanese and are able to make out more of what's said than the subs allow, I'd wager that the plot is still pretty confusing. Really, this is all just an excuse to get a cute little Japanese woman naked and into various positions. On that level, it works. Yuki is quite pretty and her submissive nature gives her an interesting screen presence. She's cute as a button but more than willing to get nasty when she feels like it. The sex is reasonably hot and fairly well shot and if Asian gonzo is your thing, this one is pretty stroke-worthy and a good bit of fun.



The 1.33.1 fullframe picture is pretty solid. It's interlaced, but it's bright and colorful and contains very good color reproduction and natural looking skin tones. Detail is strong throughout and there aren't any problems with compression artifacts or heavy edge enhancement. This isn't going to win any awards, but for a shot on video gonzo-fest, it looks pretty damn good.


The Japanese language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is fine, if a little shrill in spots. The dialogue is all in Japanese but there are optional English subtitles that translate the minimal amount of dialogue that begins each scene. The subs are riddled with typos however and often times they don't make any sense.


There are two strangely titled options in the 'Extra' (sic) menu, the first of which is ITEM (15:04) which turns out to be a non-subtitled montage of clips from what we can assume are other DVDs available in this same line. The other selection is PHOTO GALLERY (24:29) which is, not surprisingly, a slideshow set to bad techno music featuring Yuki in various stages of dress and undress. Some animated menus and chapter selection are also provided.

Final Thoughts:

Kokeshi's titles stand out as an interesting combination of American style gonzo porn and Japanese cultural wackiness. Who knew that these two great tastes would taste great together? Yuki Mochida is easy on the eyes and a good sport in front of the camera. If the plot is conspicuously forgotten ten minutes in, who cares. The sex is hot and the quality is pretty decent here. Recommended.

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