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Anal Prostitutes on Video 5

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/21/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Anal Prostitutes on Video 5: Special Edition (AKA: Anal POV 5)

Erik Everhard Entertainment/Jules Jordan Video

Jimmy Scaffnetti: the "real" reason women buy these movies

Genre: Vignette, POV

Director: Erik Everhard

Shyla Stylez!

Cast: Jenny Hendrix, Erik Everhard, Bobbi Eden, Shyla Stylez, Andi Anderson, Aubrey Addams, Priva;  Jimmy Scaffnetti (non-sex only)

Jenny Hendrix!

Length: 261:00 minutes

Bobbi Eden!

Date of Production: 3/12/2008

Andi Anderson

Extras: The first disc had no extras to speak of, allowing for the bitrate to be higher on the footage displayed. The second disc was where all the extras action was at, the best extra being the 56:50 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage as shot by Jimmy Scaffnetti and Erik Everhard. There was mostly extra sex, a lot of extra nudity, and some interviews; with the women as well as with Jimmy and company all goofing off and fooling around added some value to the feature. There was also a photogallery, a cumshot recap, a cast list, and 6 trailers to shows like Anal Cavity Search 4, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3, Beyond the Call of Booty 2, Double Vision, Jailbait 4, This Butt's 4 U #3, Cum In My Ass, Not In My Mouth 5, The Art of the Cum Fart, Anal Cavity Search 3, Anal Prostitutes On Video 4, Jailbait 3, Beyond the Call of Booty 1, A Sperm Load A Day, and Canadian Beaver on the double disc set.

Aubrey Addams!

Condoms: None


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Audio/Video Quality: Anal Prostitutes on Video 5 was presented in a newly shot 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Erik Everhard for distribution by Jules Jordan Video. The lighting was largely even and plentiful so there was not a lot of grain or other visual issues to complain about. The camera angles always favored the women, making them look as good as possible, though usually at the expense of Erik. The camera was steady and the editing kept poor footage at a minimum, making it one of the better looking releases by Erik (not the best since POV shoots are so limited in what the director can do with the camera). Jimmy Scaffnetti was the lead production assistant here, helping make the movie easier for Erik to handle; adding some value (as always) that hopefully will pay off when the guy helms his own titles at a higher quality company than he was last working for in a directorial position. I could fuss about minor matters (again, it's what I do though the mid level 6 Mbps bitrate never appearing to be an issue) but in general; it was a solid looking show. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English at 192 Kbps, with minimal separation between the channels but all the vocals meant to be heard were clearly discernable. There wasn't a lot of thumping music as others use and the sounds of the sexual activity were picked up nicely by the built in microphone on the camera. In short, the technical matters were fairly solid all around, better than a number of Erik's other gonzo titles of late.

Body of Review: Erik Everhard is in a league all his own these days as a performer turned director. No one is as focused when fucking a gal and few can stand up straight after a lengthy bout of boning, even recent reports to that effect being circulated online. In the past few years, his double disc sets distributed by Jules Jordan Video have earned him a great deal of acclaim, routinely providing more fuck for the buck value than any of his peers save perhaps Jules himself; the two men seeming to set the standard so few can ever hope to achieve in terms of quality AND quantity of tease and engrossing action. Erik's latest release is Anal Prostitutes on Video 5: Special Edition (AKA: Anal POV 5), the sequel to last year's Anal POV 4, where Erik does some of the hotty ladies in porn in point of view fashion, always including anal for those that care. I know some of his peers that specialize in POV might have more refined ways of serving up the porn (Mike John, for example) but Erik is a shining beacon of how to pound away like a madman and get his partners off, this volume in the series providing a very diverse cast including gals like Jenny Hendrix, Aubrey Addams, Shyla Stylez, and Bobbi Eden. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Shyla Stylez, the busty blond bent over on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up first as she called up Erik Everhard to do some shooting. They went through the outfits on hand for her to try various wardrobe changes, the sexy gal looking really good here. I admit that I'm not keen on her implants but I've been a fan of hers for years too so I can honestly say that her body works for me on multiple levels. Leaner than most of the booty babes gracing porn of late but thicker than the newcomer neophytes I have never cared for (with rare exception); her legs and ass in a class by themselves (a great class at that!). The photoshoot turned into a full fledged session of stress relief too, Shyla wrapping her lips around his rod to aggressively inhale rather deeply. I liked her enthusiasm and passion for cock, the penetrative sex showing her a well rounded lady in terms of how she approached screwing too. The lady never let up, be in during the vaginal or anal positions, and actively pushed back on his penis as he savored her skillful mannerisms. Well into the scene, she gave him a fun titty fuck too, Shyla begging for his cum before sucking it right out of his penis to swallow. If starting off a movie strong is a good idea, Shyla was a great place to begin. Yes!

Scene Two: Jenny Hendrix, the cute gal seen on the lower middle of the front cover, was up next as a gal getting ready for a training session courtesy of Erik Everhard; starting on the elliptical as he captured some quality footage of her ass (even if it was covered up by sweat pants). Some legs exercises and stretches later and Jenny was ready to clean up; resulting in a sweet little voyeuristic approach to the shower she took. She beckoned Erik to join her and was soon sucking his cock too, kneeling before him as she actively slobbed his knob. Jenny wasn't the best blowjob giver of the movie but she readied him for the poking pleasure he would be giving her on the bed after that. Jenny has not been a consistent rider of cock of late so I am happy to report she was in fine form here, not pushing back on his member as passionately as Shyla but giving more of herself than usual until she slowed down for the anal. The up side to this is that she did become active during the anal when she rocked on his cock to shake her fleshy ass on his dick; Erik only slightly weakening it by continually streaming his commentary that was largely unneeded. The scene ended like most of them with Jenny jerking him off to her mouth, not swallowing (losing a few points) but still having lived up to her part of giving a good scene overall. Sweet!

Scene Three: Bobbi Eden, the European babe that has launched a great many loads in her lengthy career, was up last on the first disc as she visited Erik Everhard. She was in business attire and reading his copy of AVN Magazine (that's what it looked like, though kind of thin compared to my remembrance of it) and some of the photos turned her on so she began masturbating her way out of those clumsy clothes; her ample chest reveling in the freedom it was given in no time. A vibrator found its way into her pussy and Erik slipped up behind her as she rubbed herself on the easy chair, Bobbi clearly wet and wanting something more meaningful inside of her. She took his cock carefully into her mouth and sucked it to a fully turgid state, giving Erik the "eye" as though that was only the beginning. The vaginal screwing that followed was very pleasing in terms of how active Bobbi was riding Erik's cock, eventually slowing down greatly during the anal but still offering her up as a very solid partner overall. Her body is as lean as ever and that face will always be etched into my mind as a beauty worthy of admiration; the scene ending when she blew him and jerked him off all over her hand. Yeah!

Scene Four: Andi Anderson, the cute blond seen on the upper right corner of the front cover, was up first on the second disc, dressed in a workman outfit reminiscent of a public works employee. Her place in the movie was to clean the pipes and restore the flow of water, the gal doing such a great job in the kitchen, she was led upstairs to give a wonderful little bit of tease thanks to her blue jean shorts barely covering her sweet little ass. That gave studly Erik Everhard ample opportunity to reward her by allowing her to continue her "pipe cleaning services" as she stroked his cock in a seductive manner. Andi disrobed slowly, as if to put Erik through an agonizing wait, the director checking her out as he saw her white thong ride up her ass crack very nicely indeed. Andi was far from an expert fellatrix though, focusing her mouth on the tip as her hand jerked him off, leading to the penetrative sex where she showed much more skill at actively riding him in her moist cookie. The various positions of vaginal sex were the best of the lot but she continued on to provide the advertised anal sex too; effectively milking his dick using her perfect pucker that was tighter than average. Andi also did plenty of taste testing, finishing Erik off with a similar hummer to the one she started at the beginning of the scene. I have to admit that she was exceptionally cute and the way the scene cut off so quickly was a surprise but I look forward to seeing her live up to her potential better as she gains experience.

Scene Five: Aubrey Addams, the incredibly cute blond standing on the far left side of the front cover, was up next as she teased around the pool on a sunny day wearing slutty clothing to enhance her look. Her all natural body was delightful to behold on the sunny day and I do not exaggerate when I say that she is probably the cutest young lady in porn today, bar none. Aubrey masturbated a little and revealed herself slowly to the jazzy music , eventually walking inside the house to service Erik Everhard. The sparkle in her eyes was fetching and her ass is filling out really well, Erik devoting substantial amounts of time to checking out her derriere as this fan would have asked him too. Aubrey was getting wetter with time and started in on using some anal toys to stretch herself out, coy Erik giving her plenty of room to do so without pressuring her to go too far, too fast. The glass dildo seemed to work best for her but Erik liked "walking her" as he held her metal anal beads up the stairs. As the blood engorged her pussy, she took advantage of his offer to suck some dick, quickly leaving that behind to push back on his penis in a series of escalating vaginal and anal fucking positions. I love to hear the gal squealing in pleasure and her rapid respiration rate enhanced the moment for me but it was how active a ride she was that truly worked for me the most. The subdued lighting towards the end could have been a touch better but she jerked him off (out of her ass by the way) to gather a huge load to her face, making this a great scene to appreciate repeatedly (very solid chemistry and passion between the couple). Whew!

Scene Six: Priva, the Asian gal on the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up last and while she has never been in my top fifty list of hotties, I respect the fact that when she is hitting her mark, she can give a great performance. In this vignette, Priva was the paid maid of Jimmy who graciously lent her to Erik Everhard for her superior cleaning skills. She wore a French maid outfit and it did nothing to cover her shapely ass, the tease taking place in the living room as she dusted the place during the conversation of the men. As far as the sex was concerned, she masturbated on the bed upstairs before whipping out Erik's cock to suck; using a lot of hand action but not relying on it as much as some of the other ladies had done. Her vaginal penetration positions were kind of weak (she was too passive) and that almost always means the gal is going to be lame in the anal but Priva proved otherwise, and was far MORE active during the anal portion of the scene, bouncing on his cock and taste testing it with a great deal more enthusiasm than expected. That doesn't make me her biggest fan but I like to give credit where credit is due and she offered a ball draining anal here before he unleashed his seed on her face for swallowing. Nice!

Summary: Anal Prostitutes on Video 5 by director Erik Everhard for Jules Jordan Video showed that he could cast some of the best ladies in the jizz biz and get their best work out of them. The quality of the action was surpassed only by the quantity, the tease footage enhancing the steamy bouts of boning that so many of you have come to appreciate. The ladies all did anal too, some better than others but all of them engaging in back door action just the same, and the amounts of fuck for the POV buck amounted to a movie that I felt secure in rating Highly Recommended. In short, Anal Prostitutes on Video 5: Special Edition (AKA: Anal POV 5), the sequel to Anal POV 4, showed the world that Erik Everhard could not let his loyal fans down, a friend of mine suggesting even my rating was on the low side. Good work!


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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