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Real Roadside Ho's

Studio: Pleasure Productions » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 5/25/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

 Pleasure Productions

Genre: Pro-Am

Director: Craig Valentine

Condoms: None

Length: 116 Minutes

Date Of Production: 05/28/05, 06/25/05, 06/14/05, 04/22/05, 06/23/05 and 06/24/05

Cast: Roxy, Paige, Alecia Avery, Sasha, Lexi, Meaghan Jones and Zoe

Special Features: NPO throws on some trailers, behind the scenes and a slideshow. You've got to love it.

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in a decent 4x3 transfer. You've got some decent A/V Quality with clear transfer and clear audio. The Dolby 2.0 track is decent, but it falls flat. Well, it works.

Scene 1 - Meaghan Jones. Meaghan is a decent looking girl who's looking for a job. I could care less, as she's got a nice body and some good tits on her. She's a little cautious and the interview goes well. From there, she's peeling out of her top and doing the usual mobile fuckery. The male performer is quick to eat her pussy and it works. I like nice touches where women are given proper treatment on film.

This leads into some fucking that's pretty standard. You get the usual positions and some cum blown on a chick. If you're confused by any of that, then you don't need to be here. It's a pretty standard opening, but Meaghan managed to pull it off.

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Scene 2 - Lexi. I don't dig a ton of tattoos on a chick. This lady feels more like a punky Suicide Girl throwback, but she works well. When she gets through the interview and hops on the van, the sex is pretty fast and furious. Unfortunately, it's not very interesting. I don't like the way she places her body on frame. It seems contorted and awkward. Plus, she looks pissed after getting fucked. Frowny faces kill my boner.

Scene 3 - Paige.Paige is hanging outside of her job, because her boss is a dick. She seems really old and worn out, but the guys give her a ride. I would've given her spare change and begged her not to spit-clean my windshield. But, these guys are looking for roadside whores. Hell, they even go out of their way to compliment her clothes.

The scene is slow and plods about a lot. But, it eventually finds its footing and starts to kick some ass. It's just that I felt like I had found my personal footing with the scene by the time that they were going in for the money shot. I didn't care for that all.

Scene 4 - Sasha and Zoe. Sasha and Zoe are up next for the fucking sweet as Holy Fuck lesbian scene. I fucking swear by this scene, people. That ponytail, the strap-on, the loose chicks in close quarters. Plus, there's no gross dudes trying to get in the way. It's all girl fuck fest. I love the sweet lesbian shit, especially when it's this up close and personal.

The only detractor is that the reality fantasy goes out the window by the time that the girls meet. They don't even give a fuck, as they start going for that pussy. I want a DVD of nothing but this. No other scene compares to Sasha and Zoe grabbing each other and forcefully cramming things in the other. Hot as hell!

Scene 5 - Roxy. Roxy has a neat look. She's got that blonde latina thing that works for all those that want to put a little Alba in their lives. Roxy is quick to hop on that cock and fucking suck it for every drop it has. The shame is that her enthusiasm doesn't carry over to her fucking. She just takes the dick and doesn't do much. It kills my interest and leaves me wondering where it all went wrong.

Scene 6 - Alecia Avery. Alecia Avery helps to end the film with her amazing little frame. She's a quick little fuck with an amazing body. It might not be the way to end the film, but it works as a slowdown from the previous two scenes. I'd like to see Avery do something with Ellie Idol. They've got similar technique and they're built the same way. Similar body types tend to match up well in shit like this. 

Final Thoughts: "Real Roadside Ho's" fulfills my fickle demands for whores available by the roadside. I'm a sucker for a good mobile fucking and this new series satisfies my horrible lust for women getting fucked in SUVs and VWs. The only thing that could've helped this film out would be a better choice of girls. I know that they're trying to work the real world angle, but one of these performers was kind of fugly. I'll let you pick up the DVD and guess which one.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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