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Temptations Passion Lily

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/22/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Okay, so you're in the market for a vibrator, you're a woman, and you aren't too happy with the hard plastic versions out there that you think must be designed by some guy using it on his backside?  After all, a lot of toys are billed as dual use by companies whose advertising in different markets reaches different market niches so you're intent on finding just the right toy in a cluttered market to get off with, not mimic the human experience?  You're in luck thanks to the Temptations Passion Lily by Adam & Eve, a mid-priced toy that is designed to please a lady and works like a charm.

The device is about 8.5" long, is about 5" around, and has a usable length of about 7" (the base holding the batteries taking up the rest of the space).  The material used to make the Lily is a very soft, the box says "Sensuously Soft", red plastic and it has a light oval shape head with a little nub in the middle (see pictures courtesy of Adam & Eve).  It is billed as waterproof as long as you tightly close the bottom cap and has three speeds that are controlled by a button control on the bottom of the toy.  It takes two AA batteries and provides a decent little vibration courtesy of the bullet that you can clearly see near the top of the head.

Such devices do not come with user manuals since the companies don't want to be sued or subject to prosecution by a few places so the repeated warnings that it is a novelty only were duly noted.  After washing it to remove any dust or packing materials, it was ready for use.  On a positive note, the toy itself came in a nicely shaped cardboard box and wrapped in plastic that sealed it from contaminants (a practice several of my associates have all but begged for in the past).  The material used to make it, a jelly type of plastic, was not disclosed but it was labeled as being "silicone based TPE" and phthalate free for the worrywarts out there; the "O" ring securing the battery compartment and electronics fairly well.  I tested it under water for 3 minutes and it seemed securely dry when I opened it up so it was proving out to meet the advertised aspects well enough but the all-important bed testing was where the pedal hit the metal.

Nadine was my test subject (how clinical of me, yes?) and she likes toys of all sorts.  We started by cupping the head over her upper labia and clitoral area and the effects, even on the low setting, were immediate; and positive.  She seemed to get off in no time and while I'd like to selfishly claim this was due to her partner (cough), the Lily was far more responsible I assure you.  In fact, she was bucking and shouting out pleasantries well before we tested it for penetration pleasuring, another area that seemed to delight my bed buddy.  At the highest setting, she even "squirted", not like the pissing matches you see on some of the more popular movies but the gushy, dripping wet kind that most people realistically accept as a sign of a highly aroused female. 

Once she got off a number of times and was in a state of nirvana, to the point where she was on a high and unresponsive by the way, we went back to rub the toy along her entire crotch; the Lily flexible enough to wrap to her contours.  This set off another round of pleasure and my very drenched hand can serve as proof that the toy worked really well.  On the highest setting, the batteries lasted a pretty long time, longer than the partner testing could have unless I wanted to get Nadine medical assistance, and I think she'll be taking the toy home with her when she visits next time.

The build of the toy is such that to add flexibility and softness, Adam & Eve had to make the toy (which is strikingly familiar to a California Exotic device no longer being made) thin at the head so make sure that you clean it after every use, leave it out of direct light, and care for it without using anything but water based lubricants.  My only other major concern was that the thinness of the shaft near the bottom cap could break due to wear has yet to be determined but it should last long enough to make it well worth a rating of Highly Recommended so give it a whirl and have a lot of fun!
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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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