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Kokeshi Vol. 22: Anal Fuck Academy

Studio: Amorz » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 5/22/08

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The Movie:

Another fairly plotless gonzo effort from those perverts over at Kokeshi in Japan, Anal Fuck Academy stars a cute little Japanese number named Ichiko in five depraved scenes of uninhibited hardcore sex. The film begins with Ichiko, clad in a schoolgirl outfit, alone in a classroom. She frowns as she lifts up her skirt for the camera while strange banjo and flute music sets the mood (??). Which brings us to...

Scene 1 - : After strutting around the room and showing off her penny loafers Ichiko's internal narration tells us how she can suck but can't beat off. We then see her stand up and proudly proclaim 'once you go anal you never go back!' A teacher walks in and tells her to exercise, then he splits. She stretches, undresses, and then rubs her pussy. She pulls out a vibrating egg and uses it on herself until she climaxes.

Scene 2 - : Ichiko puts on her gym outfit and heads to the locker room where she finds a man. She drops to her knees and sucks his dick, looking into the camera often and showing off her pretty eyes. He comes in her mouth and she gobbles it down ending this fairly quick oral scene.

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Scene 3 - : Ichiko is clad in a bathing suit and swim cap. She walks towards the pool and finds five men lying naked on the floor. She proclaims that it's time to beat sticks and starts giving them head one at a time. Eventually the men rise up and start stripping and groping her, sucking on her tits and fingering her pussy while she continues to suck each one of the men off. After a good few minutes one of the guys starts to actually fuck her, first missionary and then cowboy style. She gets on all fours and takes it from behind while blowing one of the other dudes. The same guy keeps fucking her while the others unload on her face one at a time. The guy finally blow his wad inside her and gives her a big ol' creampie.

Scene 4 - : A blurry, slow motion 'upskirt' shot starts off this scene while hardcore techno plays on the soundtrack. Once that silliness stops Ichiko, in a white bathing suit, weighs herself on a scale. A man walks in and says 'let's get right to it' while a second guy looks on. They finger her and use a vibrator on her twat while she puts her ankles over her shoulders. From there they bust out some anal beads and stick'em where the sun doesn't shine. They pull those out and stick a dildo up her ass and a vibrator in her snatch and she moans. A lot. To the point where it's a little unsettling. Next!

Scene 5 - : The last scene finds pretty Ichiko in a sailor suit, the same two guys from the last scene groping her and fondling her. They take turns rubbing her pussy and fingering her asshole and she moans a lot once more. She gives them head, first one at a time and then both at the same time, and then she lets one man fuck her pussy while she continues to suck the other guy's dick. Buddy shifts gears on her and starts fucking her up the ass and then they give her a bit of double penetration action which, despite the continuous odd moaning, she seems into. From there they come inside her ass one at a time and then finger her to get the spunk to ooze out. The camera zoom in way closer to her asshole than we really need to be, then pulls back to her face at which point she tells us that the athletic meet is over.

Presented completely unfogged and in full on hardcore mode, Anal Fuck Academy, like most of the Kokeshi titles released recently, is little more than a series of hardcore vignettes. Ichiko is a pretty lead actress with her chubby cheeks and big expressive eyes but her high pitched moaning during the last half of the feature can get to be a little much. That said, she's got a hot little body and is obviously a very uninhibited lass. There's something to be said for her willingness on camera and she's a good sport about it all. If you dig Japanese Lolita/schoolgirl action, you'll enjoy this feature.



The 1.33.1 fullframe picture is pretty solid. It's interlaced, but it's bright and colorful and contains very good color reproduction and natural looking skin tones. Detail is strong throughout and there aren't any problems with compression artifacts or heavy edge enhancement. This isn't going to win any awards, but for a shot on video gonzo-fest, it looks pretty damn good.


The Japanese language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is fine, if a little shrill in spots. The dialogue is all in Japanese but there are optional English subtitles that translate the minimal amount of dialogue that begins each scene. The subs are riddled with typos however and often times they don't make any sense.


There are two strangely titled options in the 'Extra' (sic) menu, the first of which is ITEM (20:20) which turns out to be a non-subtitled montage of clips from what we can assume are other DVDs available in this same line. The other selection is PHOTO GALLERY (24:05) which is, not surprisingly, a slideshow set to bad techno music featuring Yuki in various stages of dress and undress. Some animated menus and chapter selection are also provided.

Final Thoughts:

Anal Fuck Academy is a decent effort from Kokeshi with a likeable enough lead actress who gets a little vocally irritating after a while. Recommended for fans of the genre or fetish, a solid rental for anyone who is simply curious about the content.

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