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Filthy's Peepin' Tom 3

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 5/25/08

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Club Jenna

Director: Cezar Capone

Condoms: None

Length: 112 Minutes

Date Of Production: 6/11/07

Cast: Renna Ryann, Stephanie Wylde, Sariah Cyn, Tatiana, Jessica, Tony De Sergio, J-Mac and Da Captain

Special Features: 

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Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in an anamorphic widescreen format with strong video quality. There were very few points of haze and the transfer stayed strong. The Dolby 2.0 track was clean and very clear. No real beefs with any of the A/V, except for this fuzz. There was a general sense of poor lighting all over the film. I don't why they couldn't get a DP to check it.

Scene 1 - Jessica Texas. Jessica Texas is the first up to bat. It took me fucking forever to figure out what her name was, since I couldn't hear it that clearly. After that, I was about halfway into the sex. She seems like a good fuck and she moans like a banshee. It's just that she's got about two settings. Loud and louder.

Some guys dig the wailers, but it gets old after awhile. Especially, since her fucking technique isn't that strong. She thrashes about and squirts the goo. But, there's not beauty to it. Awkward fucking that frumps out towards the end is a poor way to start a film.


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Scene 2 - Stephanie Wylde. Stephanie greets J-Mac outside on a lawn chair. The fucking takes a bit to begin, as our voyeur watches the action from afar. But, once it gets going...it's pretty good. Stephanie knows how to pace herself with the sex. J-Mac never gives her too much dick than she can handle and they find a rhythm that works.

Smooth fucking never goes out of style and I'm glad to report that it works for everyone involved. Truly, this is a feat to behold. That and those amazing tits. If that shit is fake, I want to meet the godlike hands that crafted them. 

Scene 3 -  Renna Ryann. Renna is up next, and she's got quite the body. She works slowly into the room and takes off her top. This blends into some oral, while the male performer removes her pants. The fucking just kind of spins into action, as they get ready for some sexing. All the while, Renna never removes her vacuum lock on the guy's cock.

When we get to the fucking, Renna reveals that she isn't a slouch. She takes the cock and controls the scene. I'm a bit of a sucker for the dominant female and this scene gets my rocks off. I'm not that familiar with Renna, but a face like that deserves to be a star. Hopefully, after this stunning turn...it will happen for her.

Scene 4 - Sariah Cyn. Sariah Cyn is a revelation, as she carries the last leg of the film into the final stretch. She delivers amazing foreplay, right before she goes into the oral. The mouth work needs some practice, but she gets the guy to where she needs him. That's when it's time for the rock hard shaft to slip into her velvet canal. I love being able to use such language.

The fucking's good, but there's no rhythm. It's a little too wham-bam, but the momentum is nice and it keeps me interested. Where's the intrigue outside of that? Nowhere. But, the intensity is there. I'd rather take the white-hot passion of a quick slam fuck over nothing. 

Scene 5 - Tatiana. Tatiana is the closer. It's a thankless position that ends up wrecking a lot of other stars. But, Tatiana holds her ground. The opening foreplay could've used more time, but she did well with what she had. The same can be said for the fucking.

The actual sex with Tatiana walked a thin line between too much and too little. She gets pounded hard, it's just that the little bits with the camera man were getting old. I didn't get the purpose behind moving the little case around the room. Then, the clockwork fucking of Tatiana around the area. It all felt a little too much and never really drawn out to perfection. What's the deal with that? In the end, we get the cum shot that we came for. If it was any more satisfying, Tatiana would've came out of the screen and blew you. But, that kind of technology is at least 2 years down the line. I don't know where I heard that. Maybe, it was my friend Jose Cuervo.

Final Thoughts: I don't really know where to begin with what I found wrong with this film. The entire voyeur thing was off, as the director didn't know how to fulfill the fantasy without obstructed shots. There is a way to have your cake and eat it too. But, such limitations coupled with the lack of any real star performances made the thing a bust. If you should happen to rent it, I'd recommend sticking with it. You should be able to squeeze a nut or two out of the film.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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