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Destination London: Taking Flight I & II

Studio: Falcon » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/24/08

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Production Date: March 2004

Directed By: Chris Steele

The Movie:

"Hands down, Falcon International Airlines offers customers the most exciting frequent flyer program ever. Unlike other programs, the Mile High Club is all about benefits that you'll really want to use."

The Cast (Part I):

Matthew Rush, Jason Adonis, Brad Patton, Bobby Williams, Dean Monroe, Tristian Adonis, Arpad Miklos, Ethan Marc, Troy Punk, Corbin Michaels, Nate Alexander, Jean Franko

The Cast (Part II):

Matthew Rush, Jason Adonis, Josh Weston, Gus Mattox, Maxx Diesel, Rob Romoni, Kent Larson, Owen Hawk, Collin O'Neal, Christoph Scharff, Carlo Cox, Troy Rebel, Mark Bloom.

The Dudes:

The movies offers up twenty three very hot dudes with a mix of short dark hair, longish/shaggy brown 'n blond hair; muscular and toned bodies; hairy and smooth chests; shortly trimmed pubes; uncut and cut cocks.

Run Time: 234 Minutes

Condoms: Yes

Part I:

Scene One:

Jason Adonis (handsome with dark hair, muscular/smooth body) and his boyfriend Ethan Marc (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) get down with a very hot love making session with plenty of slow tongue kissing, pinching of hard sensitive nipples, and body rubbing. Ethan chows down on Jason's fat cut cock sliding his mouth up 'n down, jacking the shaft, and giving some excellent head making Jason sigh and breath heavily with pleasure. Totally turned on by the blowjob, Jason wants to give Ethan just as much pleasure and sucks his stiff clipped tool working his mouth up 'n down, licking 'n sucking hangy nuts, and giving very good head. Ethan bends over offering up his hot bum and Jason spreads those cheeks and munches down on that tight shaved hole with plenty of excellent close-ups of wet tongue on pucker. Ethan digs having his tender hole eaten and actually cries out with pleasure. His lusty noises are a huge turn-on. "I want your cock so bad!"

Well, Ethan gets want he wants as Jason fucks him from behind slowly sinking his chubby prick into that snug man chute making Ethan make all sorts of horny noises. Jason picks the speed up and is soon pounding that hole fast 'n smooth with plenty of hot penetration shots from above and below. Ethan begins humping back demanding more meat up his bunghole. "Make me take your big cock! Fuck me hard!" Switching to the missionary position, Jason continues to drill his lover fast 'n hard with some nice close-ups as Ethan pulls his hard pork and shoots a thick load of jizz on his hand, stomach, and chest. Jason yanks his cock squirting a large load of hot love juice on Ethan's chest and stomach. Hot!

Scene Two:

Horny Falcon Airline passengers Bobby Williams (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) and Corbin Michaels (cute with short dark brown hair, toned/smooth body) get into some heavy cruising and end up in the restroom joining the Mile High Club. In the cramped confines, the dudes hungrily taste tongues leading Bobby to release Corbin's big 'n fat cut dick and chow down giving some very hot head as he slides his mouth up 'n down and nurses the purple knob. Bobby soon pulls his own hard, long, 'n slender clipped cock free from the confines of his tight blue jeans and Corbin takes it down his gullet giving excellent head and making his new buddy moan with pleasure. 

Bobby has some very mouth-watering hangy nuts that Corbin gladly takes care of.  "Oh yeah! Suck that fuckin' dick, boy!" Bobby begins sliding his tight hairy asshole up 'n down on his pal's hard cock giving it one heck of a ride and cramming his chute full with plenty of hot close-ups. Switching up, Bobby fucks Corbin's tight shaved bunghole from behind fast 'n hard making Corbin cry out with pleasure and there are plenty of lusty close-ups of the penetration.  Bobby beats off shooting a large wet load on Corbin's stomach and chest completely covering his pal's flesh. Corbin cuts loose with some thick jizz hitting Bobby's arm. In a surprise move, Bobby shoots a second large load all over Corbin's stomach. Hot!

Scene Three:

Sneaky sex time! Nate Alexander (good-looking with longish brown/blond hair, toned/smooth body) cruises fellow passenger Tristian Adonis (very cute with shaggy brown/blond hair, smooth/toned body). Who cares if Nate's pretty girlfriend (Ashley Long in a non-sexual role) is sleeping in the seat that separates the two horny dudes. Nate pulls out his fat cut cock and begins jacking it using his left fist which leads Tristian to look around to make sure no one is looking and then yanks out his own hard clipped prick and begins stroking. With lust taking over, Nate carefully leans over the still-sleeping gal and chows down on his new pal's dick giving excellent head as he slobbers up 'n down the turgid shaft.  Feeling brave, Tristian plays copycat and carefully leans of Sleeping Beauty and takes Nate's chubby dong down his gullet working his mouth up 'n down giving some very tasty head.

Well, I guess the guys are feeling very safe leading Tristian to reposition himself in his seat to the missionary position with tight hairy touchhole on full display as Nate munches down giving a tasty rimming with plenty of hot close-ups of tongue on pulsing pink pucker.  I wonder where the flight attendants are? Tristian fucks Nate fast 'n hard doggy style with plenty of sexy penetration close-ups as that hard cock slides quickly in 'n out of that tight hairy and Ashley is still sleeping! Someone must have slipped her a Xannie! To finish up, the dudes get back in their seats and pull pork. Nate shoots a thick load on his stomach while Tristian busts a hot nut on his fist, shaft, and nuts. Hot!

Scene Four:

Matthew Rush is paired with hunky Troy Punk (hot with short spiked brown hair, muscular/hairy body with tattoos) when the two hook up in a sex club. The dudes get down to some serious tongue kissing while Matthew strokes Troy's hard uncut meat. He's quickly on his haunches taking that cock down his throat giving complete oral satisfaction and leading to a tasty face fucking. The dudes are definitely into the action and each other. Troy sucks Matthew's fat clipped dong sliding his talented mouth up 'n down giving excellent head and receiving a delicious face fuck. Matthew begins playing with Troy's tight hairy bunghole while being serviced.

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The guys' head over to some black metal stairs where Troy hold onto each side of the railing with muscular legs spread and sits on Matthew's face. Matthew munches down on that touchhole with gusto featuring plenty of hot close-ups as he tongues the sensitive pucker making Troy ride fast 'n smooth. Matthew sinks his chubby cock in Troy's bum from behind using long, full, 'n smooth strokes with plenty of penetration shots. He picks up the speed and plows that bum quick 'n hard making Troy fill the sex club with loud grunts and moans. Next up, Troy rides the heck outta that tool wildly humping up 'n down desperate for as much tube steak as possible. Matthew lets out a loud growl and shoots a thick load on his muscular thigh while Tory spits thick jizz on his fist, balls, shortly trimmed pubes, and inside thigh.

Scene Five:

London sex club! Dean Monroe (good-looking with black spiked hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) is chowing down on Jean Franko's (handsome with black hair, beard, muscular/hairy body) big unclipped cock really giving it a full working by jacking the shaft and practically gorging on it while reaching back and playing his own tight shaved bunghole at the same time. Arpad Miklos (handsome with short dark hair, heavy beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) watches the action while yanking on his own hard uncut prick working the foreskin back 'n forth. Dean soon switches over chowing down on Arpad's cock leading Arpad to hold the horny dude's head and fuck his gullet. Hot! Brad Patton (good-looking with brown hair, muscular/smooth body) soon joins the party pulling his fat monster uncut cock out and begins to jack the huge fucker.

The dudes go wild sucking each other's hard dongs and having their meat taken care of orally by one another. It's a cock sucking convention of sorts and the dudes obviously dig gorging on those tasty tube steaks! There's plenty of heavy breathing, loud sucking noises, and pants of desire. Aprad munches down on Dean's tight shaved bunghole with hot close-ups as he spits on and licks the pulsing pucker while Dean jerks his hard unclipped cock. Brad is soon sharing Dean's manhole with Arpad as the dudes take turns munching down. The dudes soon pull a choo choo train on Dean's butt with Arpad starting off fucking his sex hookup fast 'n hard doggy-style with plenty of hot penetration shots.

Dean is totally into the butt sex loudly moaning as his snug hole actually clings to Arpad's pork. Brad takes over cramming that thick meaty cock into Dean doggy-style stretching that tight hole with some hot penetration shots from behind. We are also treated to a nice camera shot of Brad's tight shaved starfish from behind. To finish up, Brad and Arpad hold Dean up and help him with a hot sink/bounce onto Jean's big dick for a wild sink/bounce with hot penetration shot. The dudes gather 'round Dean pulling their cocks and shoot hot loads all over his shoulders, chest, stomach, and even on his face. Dean yanks off cutting loose with thick jizz on his stomach.

Part II:

Scene One:

Jason Adonis (Part I, scene one) and Josh Weston (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) lock lips and with wet dueling tongues make out with plenty of hard nipple pinching as their horny hands explore one another's bodies. Jason licks his way down Josh's beautiful body taking that hard clipped cock into his mouth and giving some very good oral pleasure. Josh wants to please his buddy and crams that big fat clipped dong down his gullet working his hot mouth up 'n down while stroking his own member leading to a tasty face fuck. The dudes soon find themselves in an ass eating sixty-nine with Jason on top as the dudes munch down on tight shaved bungholes. There are plenty of hot close-ups here as the guys get down on those pulsing pink puckers and filling the room with loud moans 'n groans.

Jason fucks Josh fast 'n smooth doggy-style with hot penetration close-ups from above and below. Josh digs having his asshole plowed moaning, "Oh I love it! I love your dick in me!" Switching to the missionary position, Jason continues to drill his buddy and that tight bunghole actually clings to his chubby cock as he fucks fast, hard, 'n smooth. Josh shoots a thick load on his stomach as Jason screws the heck outta him. Jason cuts loose with thick jizz on Josh's brown pubes. Hot dudes!

Scene Two:

Group sex in a dirty alley! Troy Rebel (cute with short black hair, pierced nose, toned/smooth body) receives some very tasty head from Mark Bloom (cute with short reddish-brown hair, toned/smooth body) who really chows down on that hard uncut cock. Owen Hawk (very cute with short dark spiky hair, toned/smooth body) watches the action while pulling his big unclipped tool working the foreskin back 'n forth over the purple knob. Also watching and wanking are Christoph Scharff (handsome with dark buzz cut, toned/smooth body) who is working his uncut prick, Carlo Cox (good-looking with closely cropped brown hair, toned/hairy body) pulls his fat cut dick, and Maxx Diesel (good-looking with shaved head, tall/toned/smooth body) yanks on his clipped meat.

Mark goes wild servicing each 'n every one of his mates by sliding his hot mouth up 'n down their hard uncut and cut cocks giving hot jaw jobs. The dudes turn the alley into an all-out suck-fest switching up sucking pricks and having their pork swallowed with nice close-ups of all the action. Switching thangs up, Carlo munches down on Christoph's tight shaved bunghole as Troy eats Owen's snug hairy touchhole with plenty of close-ups of hot tongues on both puckers.  Maxx fucks Christoph from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes while Christoph pulls on his hard tool. There are plenty of penetration close-ups provided here. Christoph shoots a large thick load on the ground leaving a mouth-watering cum-filled foreskin. Maxx shoots a small load on Christoph's back. Carlo pounds Owen's bum fast 'n smooth doggy-style and Owen wildly humps back demanding more meat up his manhole. Again, there are plenty of penetration close-ups here and Owen busts a large thick nut on the ground.  Carlo shoots a large amount of love juice on Owen's back, Troy cuts loose on his fist, and poor Mark doesn't get his nut.

Scene Three:

It ain't called a "cockpit" for nothing! Horny Pilots Kent Larson (good-looking with closely cropped brown hair, goatee, muscular/smooth body with tattoos) and Gus Mattox (handsome with short dark hair, muscular/hairy body and heavy tattoos) switch the auto pilot on and get down to some hot 'n heavy man-on-man lovin'. Gus pulls his out his fat cut cock and begins stroking it with his right fist leading Kent to wolf down and gorge on that delicious pork giving excellent head. Gus digs the blowjob and ends up fucking Kent's willing throat fast 'n smooth while Gus pinches his own hard nipples. After some wet soul kissing, Kent fucks Gus's face with his fat clipped tool and Gus takes that thang all the way down to shortly trimmed pubes with some tasty deep throat and face fuckin'.

Gus munches down on Kent's tight hairy bunghole with plenty of hot close-ups as his tongue licks the pink pucker. We can also see Kent's hot hangy nuts swing as he enjoys having his hole eaten. Gus slides his stiff member in from behind nice 'n slow at first and then kicks it up fucking long 'n smooth as Kent moans, cries out, and fills the cockpit with heavy breathing. There are hot penetration close-ups from behind provided here.  Switching positions, Kent plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce riding that hard cock up 'n down while pulling on his hard meat shooting a thick load of jizz on his fist and shortly trimmed pubes. Guys beats off cutting loose with thick love juice on his stomach and pubes. Hot!

Scene Four:

Rob Ramoni (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/hairy body) is shocked when he notices another airline passenger pulling on some fat clipped pork. Rob quickly finds flight attendant Matthew Rush to complain but ends up yanking his own stiff cut 'n heavily veined cock free from his trousers and allowing Matthew to chow down giving an A+ blowjob. After some deep soul kissing, Rob sinks to his knees and blows Matthew's fat clipped pole with groovy results as Rob deep throats all the way down to those closely trimmed pubes. Following his tasty deep throat, Rob munches down on Matthew's tight shaved bunghole in nice close-up tonguing the pucker and really munching down. To return the favor, Matthew chows down on Rob's hairy hole in neat-o close-ups lapping at the quivering one-eyed kitty.

Rob starts the butt sex by sliding his hard pole back 'n forth between Matthew's muscular buttocks and sliding in from behind fucking fast, smooth, 'n hard with excellent penetration shots. Matthew definitely digs being porked as he fills the airplane with loud 'n lusty sighs and crying out, "Give it to me!" On a sexual roller coaster, Matthew wildly rides Rob's cock humping quickly up 'n down while jerking his stiff member. Matthew shoots thick jizz on his stomach and Roy squirts a large wet load on Matthew's chest, stomach, and arm. Hot!

Scene Five:

Josh Weston (Part II, Scene one) returns home to his horny boyfriend Collin O'Neal (good-looking with short brown hair, beard, muscular/hairy body) and the guys immediately begin making out with deep kissing, nipple pinching, and crotch rubbing. Collin sucks Josh's fat cut cock deep throating down to brown pubes with some very hot head taking his time to savor the taste of man meat. Josh has beautiful plump hangy nuts and Collin gives 'em a full oral workout. Josh ends up fucking Collin's willing throat while Josh pinches his own hard nipples and moans. Josh blows Collin's stiff clipped pork cramming that thang down his gullet and slapping the large purple knob against his tongue.  The dudes maneuver into a sixty-nine with Josh on top and they munch down on one another's tight manholes. There are hot close-ups as Josh licks Collin's hairy asshole and Collin eats Josh's shaved touchhole. Hot!

Collin fucks Josh doggy-style slowly sinking his meat pole in sliding 'n out with hot penetration shots from above and below. Josh soon picks up speed drilling fast 'n smooth making Josh moan 'n groan and pull that hard prick. Josh plays a lust game of the ol' sink/bounce riding up 'n down and then switches to the side/missionary as Collin continues to pound that man chute with hot penetration close-ups. Collin fucks Josh fast 'n hard in the missionary position while Josh jacks off and shoots a huge load covering his chest, stomach, and inside thigh. Amazing load! Collin beats off cutting loose with a large wet load on Josh's cock, balls, and stomach. Hot!


London: Taking Flight Parts I & II are shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Max Phillips is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of hot close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt sex penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is nice 'n clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk and then get down to business with lots of loud panting, crying out, moaning, grunting, and heavy breathing. The original score by E.M. Diaz is cool featuring some nice soothing trans and jazzy type tunes.


Each disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. Disc I contains hot deleted footage from scene five that runs 21 minutes and 48 seconds, a cool slide show of Behind-The-Scenes photographs by Greg Lenzman, Mick Hicks, and John Eastman featuring some very nice shots of London and the dudes site seeing. Rounding off the bonus features for disc one is a second slide show of high quality publicity and action photos of these hot dudes.

 Disc II contains 28 minutes and 41 seconds of Behind-The-Scenes footage of Chris Steele directing, the fake airplane sets, London locations, interviews with Dean Monroe, solo jack off with Mark Bloom (from Part II, scene 2, ) wank his big uncut cock and cum, footage from in-store appearances by the dudes, nightclub appearances where a cool punkish drag queen states, "You can grind coffee on that ass!" as she watches hunky Jason Adonis show off his muscular bubble butt,  and the dudes erotic stage show. Also included are two photo galleries of behind-the-scenes and publicity/action photographs that are different from the galleries on disc one. This is a very nice selection of bonus materials.


Wow! London: Taking Flight Parts I & II is fucking hot! Chris Steele provides strong direction throughout the ten steamy scenes that move along at a nice pace and never become dull or overstay their welcome. The videography by Max Phillips is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of hot close-ups.  The dudes all provide hot energetic performances and look to be really enjoying each other and the action. My personal favorites here are: Matthew Rush, Jason Adonis, Nate Alexander, Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Owen Hawk, Christoph Scharff, Kent Larson, Gus Mattox, and Collin O'Neal. The bonus features are cool very nice photo slides shows and plentiful Behind-The-Scenes footage.  I'm going with a very well deserved XCritic Pick.

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