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Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/25/08

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Date of Production:1992

Director: Chi Chi Larue

Cast: Cody Foster, Dean Glass, Lois Ayres, Johnny Utah, Rick Bolton, Sharon Kane, Joey Morgan, Randy Mixer, Marissa Malibu, Madison, Bo Summers, Patricia Kennedy 

Body Types: The guys are muscular, mostly hairless and tan.  Girls range from blonds with natural breasts to Betty Page wannabes with big boobs. 

Condoms: yes and no

Things to see: bi sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, feet play, fantasy roll playing, sex with sunglasses, orgies, barebacking

Plot: Can a scientific experiment make a man want both men and women?

The Movie:

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Most bi-sexual films remind me of the Sci Fi network's originally produced films; the movies often have an interesting idea, but their execution is poor.  I will admit that I might simply be asking for too much since it's only porn, but a lot of these bi-sexual films are just a strange mixture of mediocre gay and straight sex.  Often many of the female actors aren't all too attractive and lack the screen presence of some of the well known starlets in straight porn.  While some of the gay and "gay for pay" actors are handsome, I find that these actors are almost subdued in these bi-sexual rolls; unsure of how rough and tough they should be around each other since there are ladies involved in the equation.  I guess I can only dream about scenarios where aggressive bottom actors like Kent North get fucked by a girl with a huge strap on, followed by the girl's boyfriend fucking Kent to a sweaty climax.  Alas, at the time being, bi-sexual porn continues to languish as a sort of bastard child, unable to rise to greatness.

Chi Chi Larue's Bi-Ology parodies Marry Shelly's Frankenstein.  Here, a hunky scientist runs sexual experiments on a sleeping male subject.  The scientist subjects his test "monkey" to a variety of sexual imagery, thanks to a bedside machine with lots of clicking buttons.  The mental stimulus includes girl/girl, girl/boy, and boy/boy fantasies.  Thwarting the scientific progress is a lustful assistant who touches herself while she manipulates the imagery of the test subject.  Eventually, the test subject starts to convulse, so the scientific pair attempt to calm him, using the best scientific methods possible; two eager mouths. 

The sex in Bi-Ology ranges from average to good.  The first scene involving two women and one man tries to infuse some kinkiness through the use of costume play and high heel fetishes.  However, as soon as the guy starts screwing the ladies, the scene falls into average territory.   The film's only gay scene is a rather nice shoot with two guys screwing at a pool location.  The rest of the scenes involve male/female threesomes and orgies, where every participant sucks/eats pussy, leaving no one's private part untouched.  In a curious move, the last scene features a male/male barebacking moment, though the girl is screwed with a condom. 

Most of the ladies are attractive, though it's hard not to giggle at some of the early 90's feathered haircuts.  All of the male actors are very muscular and handsome, though they all wax and shave (another 1990's staple).  Additionally, the music can drown out the dialog at times, and the editing (back and forth between reality and the subject's dreams) is distracting.  Overall there is enough good material here to warrant at least a rental. 

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is merely average because of the limitations of the print.  Shot on videotape in the early 90's, the color can be subdued at times and the detail is lacking in some areas.  However, all of the action can clearly be seen.


The sound is tolerable because the dialogue is difficult to hear at times.  While not a negative per se, get ready for some funky music.  The music often drowns out the grunting and moans of sex, which was a stylistic choice that ultimately robs the audience of the actor's intensity.


Extras include scene selection, "pop shot on demand," and a safe sex announcement.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for something different, then Bi-Ology might appeal to you.  Most of the actors are cute, the sex can be good at times, and the story has some charm.  However, there just isn't enough quality here to warrant a recommended rating.  This would make a great rental though, especially if you are into Bi films, or want to try it out with your straight boyfriend.  Therefore, this receives a rent it rating. 

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