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Keep In Shape

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/25/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:2007

Director: Nir Rosenbaum

Cast: Kofner Young, Malvin Bond, Tommy Tyler, Enrique, Tommy Cassidy, Rambo, East Devlin, Belyi Quint, Kapral Gus, Jordan Thorr, Tima Shelton, Trevor Cox, Chaoss Michaels, Andre Starr

Body Types: European twinks with uncut dicks

Condoms: no

Things to see: barebacking, oral cumshots, orgies

Plot: It's amazing what we will do to say fit!

The Movie:

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I must confess that I wish there were more oral cumshots in porn.  The act is common in straight porn and has slowly been creeping it's way back into gay porn.   Safety issues aside, gay porn often gets it wrong (in my opinion) about when the oral cumshot should occur.  I believe that the best oral cumshot is the "surprise cumshot."  The "surprise" occurs when one of the actors, so turned on by the sex, asks his sex buddy to shoot all over his face or into his mouth.  Here the cumshot is unscripted (or at least appears to be) and infinitely hotter than a string of scenes where we know exactly how the scene will end.

Take the film Keep in Shapefor example.  All of the actors receive oral cumshots of some sort at the end of each scene, yet I found several of the climaxes to be disappointing.  In a few of the scenes (during the facial), the actors were wincing like they were receiving a painful shot into their stomach.  So, they kept their eyes closed the entire time, wearing a painful look, followed by sucking off the tip of the spent cock in a fashion that can only be described as boring.   I'm sure that the actors were required to engage in these acts, yet they certainly can't hide that they are disgusted and uninterested in what they "have to do."  Alas, only a few of the actors appear to be happy to have their faces plastered with white gold.

The barebacking sex is almost an afterthought since the director spends more time focusing on the oral sex portions and the great gooey finale.  I don't view this to be a negative, just a stylistic choice for what he views to be important.  In many ways I'm happy to see the young actors simply having vanilla flavored sex instead of some of the aggressive and icky sights found in titles from companies like Treasure Island. 

Overall the film is good, though it doesn't strive to be great.  While almost all of the actors are cute, and the sex can be quite erotic at times, you must ask yourself whether vanilla flavored barebacking sex is your cup of tea.  According to this film, your tea needs two shots of creamy milk on top. 

Scene one:
In bed, a cute brunette twink starts to erotically touch his sleeping friend.  When the guy wakes up he allows his friend to blow him.  The pair continue to enjoy the oral sex until a new guy (Jordan) joins in on the fun.  All three guys then switch positions so that everyone gets some personal penis attention.  After the oral, the guys head into some barebacking action with some nice tag-team maneuvering.  At some point the guys form a chain-gang fuck, followed by even more screwing for each guy.  Finally, one guy received a juicy facial from the couple, followed by the couple being sprayed on their cheeks and mouths. 

Scene two:
During the action of the first scene, two cute blond twinks peek in to watch the action.  The voyeurism results in the couple wanting to have sex with each other.  The guys share blowjobs and some ball licking followed by 69ing and some rimming.  The guys screw each other in a few different positions until they they shoot their jizz on each other.  One actor is eager to taste his friend's man juice, but the other guy looks disgusted and afraid to get cum on his face. 

Scene three:
Working out at the gym two guys spot each other while they use the bench press.  During their weight training, a third guy touches himself in the tanning machine, hoping that they will catch him playing with himself.  Eventually the tanned stud (Belyj) heads over to the couple to entice them with some man on man action.  The guys then proceed to suck on each other's penis, showing off their impressive "muscles."  After a chain-gang suckfest, Belyj is tag teamed by the gay gym duo.  After that the guys form a hot chain-gang fuck.  Also the trio form a creative sexual position where a two guys 69 and one of them is also fucked by the third guy.  Finally, Belyj receives a perfect facial and oral cumshot for his pretty young face.  He then shoots his load onto both of the gym buddies' faces. 

Scene four:
Two brunettes make out in bed, progressing to some wet blowjobs.  Suddenly, a third guy enters the room to share in on the fun.  More blowjobs follow as well as some rimming.  After that, the guys form various ass fucking positions, with each guy getting an opportunity to have their hole screwed.  Finally, all three guys receive some pleasant facials on their handsome faces and wet tongues. 

Scene five:
Back at the gym, a group of five guys start to play with each other.  The group consists of a variety of cute guys, except for one bony and generally unattractive guy with a horrendously bad hairstyle.  The guys eventually break off into one duo working each other over on the bench press and a threesome making out near a ping pong table.  All of the guys suck on each other before they form a massive suck chain, followed by a fuck chain.  More fucking continues before the guys start spurting out some perfect oral loads. 

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is detailed and colorful.  The scenes were well lit.


The sound was average.  Although there is a Dolby digital trailer in 5.1, the movie is presented with standard 2.0 stereo sound.  I found some of the dialog to be hard to hear, but the problem is solved once you turn up the volume level.  


Extras include scene selection and some trailers. 

Final thoughts:

If you have a hankering for European twinks engaged in barebacking then you can't go wrong with this title.  While some of the actors look disgusted by the oral cumshots, most of the actors are professionals; able to down a few loads and still wear a smile.  Therefore, this title comes with a recommended rating. 

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