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Teen (4-Pk)

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by JJ Stalker » Review Date: 5/27/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Intro: Well what can I say? This box set is over ten hours and twenty five scenes of young white girls getting crammed full of cock.

If that sounds like your thing, you should definitely check this out!

The first three discs are directed by Mike Metropolis, but apparently Smash decided to shake things up a bit by enlisting Rick Davis for directing duties on the final entry.

Disc 1...

Scene 1:

This scene is shot in a classroom, and after some chit chat Nautica dares Holly to lick her pussy. Unfortunately, Holly's about as good at it as a boy who's never even seen one before and is afraid it might bite him. Nautica starts fondling Holly's pretty pink privates before Mark, as the janitor, shows up and asks if he can play too. In a flash, Nautica is showing the world how to suck a cock. She should give lessons! She then bends over a student's desk and Mark starts fucking her. Well. He fucks her some more in missionary then on her side. Meanwhile, Holly strips down and starts playing with herself, but just a bit.

Next up, Nautica rides mark in cowgirl then in reverse cowgirl. Then more cowgirl. Then more reverse? I think the editor must have had one too many martinis at lunch...

Suddenly, Holly starts soaping herself up with the water from Mark's mop bucket. It can not be denied that the girl has a super cute body, but I'm not sure what else she's really doing in this scene. She doesn't seem to be too sure either.

Then we get some more doggy with Holly suddenly dry again. The scene ends with Mark popping in Nautica's face.

Nautica and Mark do a great job in this scene. And Nautica is very cute although I'd have liked her better without the pigtails. Holly? Well, again she's really cute, but since she never even touches the dick, there's not a lot more I can say.

A pretty good, but strange, scene.

Scene 2: Paris Lee and Rick Masters

Rick Masters is one lucky fucker. Paris is the kind of girl that I'd have given my left nut to fuck ten years ago. Now, all she'd be able to get is a toe or two... This girl is just smokin' hot! She's a long and leggy, exotic, brown eyed brunette.

This scene starts out very strangely though. Paris is on the potty idly playing with a string of toilet paper long enough to tp a good size property. She wipes, and than suddenly Rick comes in the bathroom without a shirt and and says "Oh hey, you're Paris!" She doesn't scream or anything. Very weird. There's some chatter before Rick gets her completely naked and on her knees. Paris gives a slow blowjob with some gagging and choking to start things off, then she backs off and spends the rest of the time hanging out around the tip. Also, she's one of those girls that is distinctly prettier when she doesn't have a cock in her head. Too bad.

She then dutifully bends over the toilet and lets Rick fuck her doggy. I couldn't help but notice the toilet lid was still up, and for some reason found it really hot to see her gazing into the bowl while she was getting fucked. You can even hear her moans echoing out of it as she creams all over Rick's dick. Very, very hot!

After she sucks some more, Rick laps her snatch on the side of the tub before giving her some more dick in missionary. Paris looks just great here, and clearly enjoys her fucking. Then Paris rides Rick in cowgirl while he sits on the john. Next she spins around and gives him some reverse cowgirl. Finally, Rick stands her up and works her from behind before blowing in her mouth.

This is a hot scene!

Scene 3: Christina Agave and Kurt Lockwood

Christina is is a sorta cute, trashy looking, very young brunette. She's hanging out on a white sofa set watching porn when Kurt busts her in a compromising position. He gives her a spankin' for being such a naughty girl. To show him there are no hard feelings, she sucks his cock and Kurt fucks her face for a bit. She even licks his ass for him.

The fucking starts out in reverse, then we get missionary, cowgirl, and pile driver before he puts in her pooper. Then we get anal doggy and missionary before Kurt creams on her face.

Christina and Kurt to have a good time here, and it's well shot.

A pretty good scene.

Scene 4: Gia and Steve St. Criox

Gia is a sorta exotic looking brunette with short hair and a lovely body! I didn't really grasp the setup here, but who cares. Gia and Steve are outside and she's blowing him beside a black SUV. Production value? Who cares. She looks great with a dick in her mouth.

Steve starts fucking her in standing doggy, and it's pretty hot except for the ridiculous getup Gia's wearing. If I have one basic rule for porn it's more woman, less wardrobe.

Steve finally takes her stupid skirt off and gives her the business in missionary under that back hatch. It looks really awkward, but they're both sufficiently into the sex that they pull it off. Then they're in the SUV and in cowgirl. And Gia is completely nekkid! We get some more missionary.

Finally we get some standing doggy with Gia bent over so far her hands are on the ground before Steve pops on her pretty face.

Some of the sex and the shooting are awkward in this scene, and I'd have liked to have seem more of Gia's feet. But this is still a hot scene!

Scene 5: Kimmie Cream and Scott Nails

Kimmie is long, leggy girl. She and Scott walk through the door, and she immediately turns around, drops on her knees, pulls down his pants and starts sucking. Good girl! Scott head fucks her viciously until tears are running down her face, and we even get to see her vomit a bit. This goes on for quite a while. And then it goes on for some more. I was starting to wonder if there was going to be anything else in this scene when Scott finally bends her over for some standing doggy. Then we get some reverse cowgirl, regular cowgirl, a small amount of missionary, spoon, a moment of doggy, pile driver. Then Scott pops on her ass and feeds her some spunk off the end of his dick.

A pretty good scene.

Disc 2...

Scene 1: Cassie Young and Mark Ashley

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Cassie's a blonde with a nice body and an annoying voice. Annoying I think just because there's too much of it. Cassie's car has broken down. She's the cover girl for the box set, so I'm expecting great things here. Mark stops and gives her a lift. What a gent. They end up back at his place. She peels her clothes off for him in the living room and gives him a lap dance. She gasps at the size of his dick and then starts sucking it. And I must admit, she sucks like a pro, but pays no attention to the balls. Bad girl. Mark licks her for a bit before he starts drilling her on a chair. She can barely take it. Finally she gets it in. After missionary, she bounces on his dick in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Then he fucks her in doggy followed by spoon on the floor before popping in her face.

A pretty good scene.

Scene 2: Myah Monroe and Mark Davis

I really like Miss Monroe. She's very cute in a dirty little slut sort of way and makes great noises and fuck faces. And in this scene we get to see her take an unusual turn with a white guy. She teases Mark for a while in his bedroom before her clothes come off and her sucks her snatch. Then she drops to her knees. The blowjob is pretty unremarkable except for the ass licking which I could have done without.

She fucks him cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl.Next up, Mark rails her in missionary while she screams like the filthy little cock monkey she is and brags about what a pervert she is. My kinda girl! Then Mark bends her over the end of the bed and fucks her doggy nice and hard. Mark pops on her face.

A hot scene as always for Myah.

Scene 3: Jersey Jaxin, Brian Surewood, and Buster Good

She's sooo cute! And little. And did I mention cute? I just love Jersey! Anyway some stuff happens, and she ends up in a bedroom with two dudes. She sings for a bit, pretty well in fact, until Brian shoves his dick down her throat. Jersey gives a very dirty, throaty blowjob with lots of gagging and retching. And lots and lots of drool. These guys work her until her eyes are bloodshot. Poor little thing.

Then a lot of fucking and sucking ensues. We get to see Jersey worked in all the usual positions with a dick in her mouth to boot.

Finally the guys drop chowder on her face and puss.

This is a hot scene.

Scene 4: Jasmine Tame and Tony T

Jasmine's hanging around by the pool when Tony shows up. They chat, and get naked. Then he fucks her face. Uh yeah, Jamsine's a blonde with fake tits and a big ass.

Anyway, after the bj, Tony sticks his dick right in her ass. First in doggy, then in reverse cowgirl, spoon, and finally missionary. Then he pops in ass, but it really doesn't come out. The scene ends with her forcing a entire box of donuts down her face. But she can't keep a straight face. Then she pops a bunch of balloons.

A strange scene, but the sex is strong

Scene 5: Karina Kay and Brandon Iron

Well, with a Karina Kay and a Marina Mae in the business, I've always wondered what happened to Larina Lay. Ground up for dog food after her first bad scene?

Brandon comes to the door as a bill collector. Karina answers the door with no top on. She's a cute brunette with a sweeeet body and it isn't long before she's workin' off some of daddy's debt by sucking Brandon's meat. She gives a very nice blowjob and we get plenty of it.

Then she climbs on Brandon in cowgirl on the stairs right in the foyer. I'm sure Daddy wouldn't be happy about that. Next they head upstairs where Brandon does some muff diving before fucking her in missionary. Suddenly we're on a bed in doggy. Not sure what happened. Not really caring either. Karina looks just great!!

Unfortunately this doesn't last long. Karina turns into a bossy bitch and has Brandon chow her twat some more while she jerks his dick. Then we get some reverse cowgirl and missionary before Brandon unloads where? If you guessed her face, you'd be correct!

This scene was pretty good, but could have been a lot better. Some of the positions where Karina looked the best were waaay too short. And the composition was odd with not enough focus on her oh-so-nice ass.

Disc 3...

Scene 1: Michelle Maylene and Talon

Michele is a hot, young brunette with a sweet body who gets busted smoking at "school". Talon gives her detention. She shows up and decided to suck and fuck her way out of it. Ah, they learn so young!

She blows him for a bit, then he bends her over the desk. Then it's missionary on the desk. Then it's reverse cowgirl and cowgirl on a couch. Then some standing and more missionary on the couch. Talon pops on her face.

Michelle looks great in this scene, and she and Talon fuck well.

A hot scene!

Scene 2: Lynn Pleasant, John Dough, and Mark Ashley

Lynn's a cute slutty looking blonde with a really sweet little ass. She ends up at a service station servicing the employees.

We get to see Lynn suck John and Mark for a bit, and then Mark completely disappears not to be seen again. So she fucks John in doggy, reverse cowgirl, missionary, cowgirl, side saddle before John pops on her face.

My only real complaint with this scene is wardrobe. Namely, there's too much of it. Lynn's wearing a t-shirt, skirt and ugly ass sneakers. She should be wearing...nothing! She finally ditches them near the very end.

Nonetheless, Lynn is very cute and John effectively defiles her for our viewing pleasure.

A pretty good scene.

Scene 3: Mindy, Dez, and Ben English

Mindy is a sorta cute teen with a nice body and a sweet little pooper. She blows Dez then fucks him cowgirl before Ben shows up and scolds them for fucking. I didn't really get it, but then I wasn't playing much attention.

In a flash, she's sucking Dez again while Ben reams her from behind. Then she rides Ben cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Then Dez shows up again and sticks his dick in her mouth. Next up, Dez gets to do the honors in missionary while she blows Ben. They switch up, then Dez gets in doggy while she blows Ben.

Ben pops in her face, and Dez follows close behind.

A pretty good scene.

Scene 4: Jenny Hendrix and Mark Ashley

Ah Jenny. So young! So cute! So dirty! And such a cool name!

Mark picks her up from a busy day of shoplifting at the mall, and they end up at his place on a couch. Jenny is not at all shy and works his cock in the back of her throat until she nearly vomits. What a sweetie!

Mark munches her box for a bit before fucking her in missionary for about thirty second. Suddenly they're in cowgirl. Jenny looks just great except for the ugly ass sneakers she's wearing, but she fucks like a champ. Then she spins around for some reverse cowgirl. She looks greeeat! Then we get about a minute of side saddle before Mark blows in her face.

This scene is hot, but not long enough. It would have been nice to have at least seen Miss Hendrix in doggy.

A pretty good scene.

Scene 5: Elisha Winters, Jenner, and Sascha

The setup for this scene is really dark, but they end up inside. Elisha is an ok looking girl and Jenner wastes no time getting her naked on a bed and burying his face between her legs. This doesn't last long before Jenner starts fucking her in missionary.

Suddenly, Sascha shows up. The two boys fuck the shit out of her in a variety of positions, and she definitely grows on me. But it's weird. The guys keep appearing and disappearing. It's confusing and pointless to try to explain. Finally, Jenner pops on her face and Sascha on her ass.

Elisha takes a lot of fucking in this scene, and she does it well.

A hot scene!

Disc 4...

Scene 1: Tyler Stevenz, John West, and Will Powers

Jahn and Will are fixing Rick's A/C. With no shirts on. They spot Tyler and end up fucking her in the living room. Tyler reminds of the skankiest blonde in my high school, only just a little bit cutier. Regardless, she's skinny and has that "fresh from the trailer" look. She also looks completely lost during the bj portion of this scene, like she just can't believe that two guys are really putting their dicks in her mouth in a porn scene. Not good.

The fucking starts and she acts winded thirty seconds into the first position. Impressively, none of this seems to affect the guys who continue to saw at her relentlessly. And that's about the best thing I can say about this scene. Well, Rick does a fine job capturing what I could have done without. The guys drain their balls on her face.

A weak scene.

Scene 2: Kylee Reese and Reno

Well, Reno scores in this scene because Kylee Reese is an adorable and dirty blonde teen. Some stuff happens and she ends up blowing him on a brown sectional. It's a pretty good blowjob especially considering that she's young and white. Two sizable handicaps.

The fucking starts in cowgirl. Then we get missionary, doggy, more missionary, reverse cowgirl, more missionary, and a pop on her face. The energy is good and the sex is will lit and shot. My biggest dissatisfaction was wardrobe. Too much. Kylee should have been nakey.

A pretty good scene.

Scene 3: Riley and Lee Stone

Lee is appraising a house when he meets Riley. She falls of her bike and hurts herself, gets upset, and Lee consoles her. What a gent! Just to make sure she's really alright, he probes her internal organs with his cock. That's Lee: always going that extra mile. Or six inches, as the case may be.

You can tell that Riley's going to put on some serious poundage in the next few years unless she acquires a nasty meth habit., and she has no tits to speak of. But Lee is a true professional and fucks the shit out of her anyway. She does have a cute face, and liked her round not-so-little ass.

She blows Lee in the living room, but she just hangs out around the tip. It doesn't last long before Lee checks her kidneys in missionary. Apparently they're ok, because Lee move on to her intestines in cowgirl then her liver in doggy. Then we get some more missionary as Dr. Stone double checks his work. Satisfied, he goes for her spleen in reverse cowgirl. Then we get some more cowgirl. Pancreas maybe? Then some more reverse. And judging by the look on her face, I'm guessin' this one was for her fucking lungs. Finally Lee does a last minute check of her lumbar vertebrae back in missionary before popping on her face.

The energy is good, and it's well shot.

A pretty good scene.

Scene 4: Aubrey Adams and Talon

Aubrey shows how to actually do a hula hoop while Talon pervs out on her from the bushes. She busts him and he moves in for the kill...by showing her how to jump rope. They go inside to a red couch in the living room and she immediately goes for the dick. She delivers an ok blowjob before the fucking starts. First in cowgirl, then doggy, then reverse cowgirl, then missionary. Finally Talon jerks off onto her face.

Aubrey and that round little ass of hers look very cute as always, and again, this scene has good energy.

A pretty good scene.

Scene 5: Alexis Love, Barbie Love, and Jay Huntington

Alexis is a super cute brunette with a body I lost love. Barbie is a blonde who is ok. They're playing cards when Jay shows up. The audio was kinda low so I'm not sure what was going on, but I didn't really care enough to find out. Eventually the girls start taking off their clothes and, get around to blowing him. It doesn't last long before he's fucking Barbie then Alexis in missionary. Then both girls in doggy. Then both girls missionary again. Then both girls in reverse cowgirl before he pops in their faces.

The main thing this scene has going for it is Alexis Love. The main thing it doesn't have going for it are the god awful socks she's wearing.

A pretty good scene.

DVD Extras: Mostly we get photo galleries and some behind the scenes along with some trailers on each disc.

Audio/Video: The first three discs are 4:3 fullscreen. The last is 16:9. The audio is good during the sex as is the lighting pretty much throughout. The setups are a little shakier, sometimes being dark and/or quiet.

Final Thoughts: There are some outstanding scenes in this compilation. Most notably the Paris Lee, Gia, Jersey Jaxin, Myah Monroe, Karina Kay, and Michelle Maylene scenes. There are also some, uh, less good scenes with some less good girls and some sketchy wardrobe choices.

Nonetheless, this is a large amount of good, teen porn.

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