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Who's Your Momma? 2

Studio: Mayhem » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 5/28/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

This is not a MILF porn per se, it's more just a regular porn with the odd presumption that it's in fact a Milf porn. There aren't many MILF situations, nor are the Milf's plentiful, because while Tyann Mason and Kylie Worthy do look like Milf's, you'll be hard pressed to believe that Austin Kinkaid and Joslyn James are. It's just not gonna happen. But in spite of the reservations, Mayhem and Danny Slater compose a damn good porno.

Mamma One: Tyann Mason, Alex Sanders
Tyann is a real estate agent selling the condo to Alex pitching the neighborhood and volunteers to show him the inside of the house, which Alex is more than happy to oblige. Upon observing the lay out of the living room, they sit and inevitably begin to flirt, which then turns into heavy fondling and kissing. "So are you familiar with rising interest rates?" She rubs his leg "I'm VERY... familiar with rising interest rates." You have to love that innuendo. Either way, Tyann will do anything to sell the house, and she strips for him showing off her great store boughts for Alex. She leans over to blow him, and they strip down as Alex reaches over to finger Tyann. Aroused, she mounts Alex and rides him on the couch fast and hard, and she leans down to suck his cock again as he takes it in zeal. Tyann begins to negotiate the house while licking his shaft (seriously), and he slides over to lick her hole and dominates her ass, fucking her and pounding it deep. She then mounts him backward, spreading her legs wide and taking it up her ass again, and he lays her down pinning her legs back to slowly fuck her hole. He finally leans over to pop her on the face a few times, which she laps up anxiously. And the house is sold.

Mamma Two: Diana Doll, Kylie Worthy, Otto Bauer
Diana and Kylie are riding down the street together going over old times and come across a road side hobo with a sign begging for food and looking for some charity. The pair of blondies offer to clothe and feed him, and Otto is more than happy to ride along. Otto is hilarious as the hobo and is shockingly convincing in this part of the segment. He goes along with them, and the girls feel a bit awkward allowing him to make himself at home. In spite of their better judgment and Kylie's insistence that he's "kinda gross," they invite him to sit and things take a turn for the better. After telling them his life story, the absolutely sexy Diana and Kylie take advantage of him and get to work on his hard cock sucking him off one after the other, and squeezing his nipples. He stands as they devour his cock, and Diana takes the initiative mounting him and fucking him raw while Kylie licks and sucks his balls. Kylie leans over to get her tits sucked while Diana fucks Otto, and it's Kylie's turn. Diana moves over and Kylie mounts him backwards with both legs spread and fucks him rough as Diana sucks her big tits. Otto fucks Kylie along the couch as she eats out Diana, and they both kneel down side by side as Otto fucks their asses one by one. He spread Diana wide as Kylie sucks her tits, and Diana sucks him off as Kylie is propped on the floor with her legs out and is roughly pummeled. After finishing her off, the two take their shots from Otto.

Mamma Three: Victoria Valentino, John

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Victoria Valentino is on the phone with a friend and is interrupted by her neighbor's son John who comes over to borrow soap. Considering they live in an upscale neighborhood, it's pretty odd, but who cares? He sneaks into her bathroom and finds her panties, which he sniffs and licks. Who can blame him? Victoria catches him, and decides to punish him by... fucking his brains out. She strips for him showing off her dynamite tits while he watches with a gaping mouth and inept grunts, and begins sucking on her juicy tits. She leans him back and goes to work on his cock, sucking him off, and she undresses him then herself. She mounts his cock and starts off slow but John takes it on pounding her rapidly and hard, and she kneels down again to suck him off. She leans over on the bed and John takes advantage mounting her and fucking her ass, and they drop to the bed where Victoria spreads wide and rides him bouncing up and down. She sucks him off a bit and rides him again with his cock up her ass, and he lifts her leg pounding her from the side. She leans over again to suck him off, and he dominates her ass crouching down to drill her, and she slides over to take his shots to her face.

Mamma Four: Austin Kinkaid, Mike
Austin is home alone, and her husband is long gone, but his buddy Mike is looking for him to play some ball. Luckily she invites him in to fill him in on where he is, and Mike has no idea what to do with the next hour or so. Austin flirts with him a bit and laughs at Mike hypnotized at her bust under her skin tight tank top and she obliges him. She takes her bra and shirt off showing her gorgeous breasts and Mike motor boats her jugs and finally agrees to touch them as she fondles him. She stands to undress and leans over as Mike licks her hole and clit and fondles both hungrily. Mike undresses and Austin leans him back to suck his cock, and he stands to clutch her hair and slam her face into his boner. He sits back on the couch and Austin mounts him riding him slowly then rapidly as things begin to heat up. She slows down and leans over to suck his cock again, and then mounts him again to fuck him raw. She kneels down taking his rod up her ass, and Mike wonders if her husband will kill him... while fucking her. That's just cold. She lies back fully spread as Mike eats her pussy out, and penetrates her again slowly pounding her, and then heating up with a machine gun pump. He crouches over her to pump his cock in her mouth, and she straddles him yet again to ride him along the couch, and after some heavy hitting, he pops off on her face.

Mamma Five: Joslyn James, Alex Gonz, Jordan Ash
Joslyn, who looks like she jumped out of "Laugh In," storms into her house with Jordan and Alex angry that she's been fired and replaced with a younger girl. Even though Alex and Jordan insist she still "has it" and is sexy, she's more than willing to prove it to them by undressing and going down on both of them. Joslyn looks to be in her twenties, so maybe they replaced her with a teenager, but then we wouldn't have a porno without her. She goes down on Jordan as Alex fucks her from behind, and she turns to suck Alex as Jordan fucks her. Things soon get heated as Joslyn experiences a case of burning the candle at both ends, and they grab her legs and arms to ravage her on both sides. After slowing down, Joslyn fucks Alex as Jordan jerks off, and she slides over to him to get ass fucked while sucking on Alex. They stop briefly and Alex decides that Joslyn needs two dicks in her. She considers it and then gets right down to business. She leans over to suck Jordan while Alex fucks her from behind, and after back and forth switch fucking, they penetrate her on both holes as she moans and cries out, pounding both friends. After the heated DP, Joslyn takes shots from both men to the face, and it's decided that she's not as old as she's been told. Fair enough.

The audio for "Who's your Momma? 2" is fantastic with all the dialogue and body motions coming through loud and clear. Mayhem provides a wonderful sound job with every motion of the ocean blasting in. Even during Tyann's segment you can hear the wonderful water fall in the background bursting through the speakers. It's great. The video is wonderful as well with all colors and aspects crystal clear and sharp as a knife, even if the entire entry is in full frame. Mayhem's production has a clarity to it that makes it a vibrant and energetic bit of porn, and it's immaculate.

 Great advice from the director!
Great Advice from the director!

I'm still wondering why they insist it's 140 Minutes of Red Hot Mother Fucking Mayhem when the movie is only two hours, and the extras add up to about fourty minutes. Either way, featured is the Behind the Scenes extra which has a run time of twenty minutes. The "Behind the Scenes" actually shows what goes on behind the scenes as the director goes from room to room interviewing the female performers and gravs some goofs from the male actors, one of whom he places great importance on since he's required to play a roadside begger. It's a funny little scenario with some great moments. There's also shoots of the stills gallery, director Sammy Slater goofing around with the camera almost endlessly, and interviews with the individual female performers. The accent from Slovakian Diana Doll is absolutely adorable by the way. And Victoria Valentino is still really sexy, even without the make up. The interviews though make for some interesting fodder as the director has some charisma and presses his performers to get on their nerves. He asks if they have kids (they're actually Milfs!), where they're from, and their ages. And like every woman, they refuse to give it to him. There's also glimpses of Sammy directing, and some basic bloopers here and there. It's a really good behind the scenes, which is rare. And blowing a kiss to the camera? Cliche, but still sexy. There's also the four minute cumshot recap, and the gallery of stills and modeling from the performers. You can also choose the segments by the performers, and five trailers to Mayhem Productions including Dick Hunters, and Mexicunts.

After Thought:
While this is called "Who's Your Momma 2," I doubt you'll be able to believe that people like Victoria Valentino and the utterly amazing Diana Doll are old enough to be called moms, but just the same, this is a very good title with great fucking, interesting scenarios, and good acting on the part of the men. There's also a great series of features and some top notch audio and visual quality. I'd Highly Recommend it.

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