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Spread Dat Butta

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/29/08

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Production Date: October 2006

Directed By: Jalin Fuentes

The Movie:

"A massage turns into a fuck-a-thon! Fill me! Cum flies! Fat cocks everywhere! Cum on me! Straight thugz learn new tricks!"

The Cast:

KB, Lil Nellie, Ass Professor, Casanova Blue, Phat Daddy, Kaven Sincer, Loverboy, Corey Corey.

The Dudes:

Spread Dat Butta offers up eight sexy Black dudes with a mix of muscular and toned bodies; smooth chests; full and shortly trimmed pubes; uncut and cut dongs.

Run Time: 2 Hours and 6 Minutes

Condoms: Yes.

Scene One:

Lil Nellie (good-looking with red 'n white baseball cap, goatee, toned/smooth body) is sitting around smoking cigarettes with KB (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) watching some porn.  The dudes shoot the shit and it takes way too long for the action to start. Once it does, KB stands up and pulls his baggy blue jeans and boxers down (still holding a lit ciggie) and reveals his dark trimmed pubes, plump hangy nuts, and cut cock. Lil Nellie chows down on that dick sliding his mouth up 'n down with his fist wrapped around the shaft and nurses the knob. He also gets down on KB's mouth-watering nuts giving excellent oral pleasure. Lil Nellie strips down showing off his full dark bush, plump balls, and clipped pork. The handheld camera is a little too shaky at this point but soon settles down.

KB fucks his buddy's tight ass from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes and really pounds away making Lil Nellie loudly moan. There are no penetration shots here. Switching to the missionary position, KB continues to drill his pal very rough and since Lil Nellie's cock is limp, I'm not too sure he's enjoying it.  It seems almost like an anal assault instead of fucking. Lil Nellie finally gets a hard on and jerks off shooting a thick load of jizz on his stomach. Hot load! KB pulls his pork and cuts loose with a thick load and then rubs his knob on Lil Nellie's lips and mouth.

Scene Two:

Phat Daddy (cute with closely cropped dark hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) is laying in bed naked showing off his full dark pubes and plump cut cock as his pal Casanova Blue (good-looking with black cap on his head, toned/smooth body) sleeps. Naturally, Phat start fiddling his buddy pulling his clipped dick out and begins to slowly stroke it to full mast. Waking up, Casanova takes over pulling his own hard pork and slides his mouth up 'n down Phat's stiff dick giving some very cool head. Phat digs the blowjob and fucks his pal's face as his large hangy nuts swing back 'n forth.

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Phat fucks Casanova's tight bunghole from behind fast 'n smooth with some okay penetration shots from the side. This medium camera shot is held much too long making the scene become monotonous.  Finally, there is an excellent penetration shot from above of that big tool sliding in 'n out of that tight hairy hole. There are more nice penetration shots as Phat drills his buddy in the side/missionary position with Casanova jerking his rigid prick. To finish up, the guys beat their meat with Phat busting a thick nut on the side of his friend's face and Casanova shooting a thick load on his fist and stomach.

Scene Three:

Corey Corey (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) gets injured playing basket ball so it's a lucky thang that his buddy KB (scene one) is a masseuse. Corey strips down to his birthday suit and KB begins working his magic fingers on that sexy bod leading Corey to roll over and expose his big hard uncut cock. KB pulls his own shorts down revealing his dark pubes and plump cut dick wagging it at his buddy leading Corey to chow down on that tasty tube steak working his hungry mouth up 'n down and receiving a nice face fucking. Corey is like a madman sucking the heck outta that dong.

 KB fucks his pal fast 'n hard from behind making both grunt 'n moan with some nice penetration shots from behind. Corey plays a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce riding that chubby bone, baby!  KB continues to pound his pal in the missionary position and pinches Corey's hard nipples at the same time. There are some hot penetration shots here from the side and from behind. Corey shoots a thick load of jizz on his stomach while being fucked. KB cuts loose with thick man milk on the side of Corey's face.

Scene Four:

Kaven Sincer (cute with dark braided hair, toned/smooth body) confesses that he's "curious" about man-on-man lovin' to his mom's pal Ass Professor (hot with shaved head, muscular/smooth body). The dudes relax on a sofa with Kaven unzipping Professor's fly and hauling out a large fat cut cock and starts to stroke it. He's soon cramming that big fucker down his gullet, sliding his mouth up 'n down, and nursing the knob. Kaven strips down revealing his full dark bush, large plump nuts, and clipped tool. Professor spanks Kaven's bum nice 'n hard and then rubs that tight shaved bunghole teasing the pucker with his fingertip.

Kaven slowly sinks down on that big dick while grasping the root filling the room with heavy breathing and moans as he slides up 'n down. Professor grabs Kaven's sides and begins thrusting up quickly fucking him fast 'n hard. Again, the medium shot is much too long making the scene become monotonous. Finally there is a closer camera shot of dude riding the heck outta that pork! There are some nice close-ups as Professor fucks his new "student" from behind fast 'n hard making Kaven cry out, "Fuck me harder!" Dude loves having that fat pork crammed up his touchhole! He actually hits three octaves while crying out! Ha! Professor yanks his dong working the knob and busts a thick nut on Kaven's bum. He then pinches Kaven's hard nipples as Kaven shoots a thick load on his stomach.

Scene Five:

KB (scenes one and three) finds Loverboy's (good-looking with very short dark hair, tall/toned/smooth body) secret stash of cock magazines and you can practically see the wheels turning in his mind as he thinks about getting some free head. KB pulls his big cut cock out and offers it up to his hungry buddy who wraps his fist around and slides his mouth up 'n down filling his gullet with delicious pork and deep throating down to dark pubes. Loverboy definitely loves that cock practically gorging on it and those hot plump nuts. Loverboy has nice full dark pubes and a big uncut dick. He bends over and starts fucking himself with a pink dildo while jerking off. KB pounds his buddy from behind humping fast 'n hard while Loverboy holds onto a lawn chair like he's afraid he may shoot off into outer space.

There are some hot close-ups here from behind of that big cock sliding in 'n out of that tight hairy manhole.  That pucker actually clings to KB's prick. This particular position is held for much too long making the scene a bit dull. Finally switching to some missionary style, KB reams that hole quick 'n smooth while Loverboy lies on a small table with wheels. I was half expecting Loverboy to go flying down the hall. Ha! To finish up, the dudes pull off with KB cutting loose with thick jizz on Loverboy's face and Loverboy working his foreskin and shooting a thick load leaving a tasty cum-filled overhang.


Spread Dat Butta is shot directly on video and presented in full frame. The handheld videography is a mixed bag with some nice close-ups and coverage of the action and then at times no close-ups and camera set ups that are long and dull. The picture quality is a little grainy but not enough to ruin the movie.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they shoot the breeze and then get down to some action with loud moans, groans, and Kaven's three octaves.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and trailers for: "Menace to Str8 Thugz", "Lord of Da Pinga", "Lil Nellie Pain in Da Azz". "Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris is Mine", and "Straight Shooter".


The dudes of Spread Dat Butta are all very appealing, give high energy performances, and mostly look to be enjoying one another and the action. My favorites here are Lil Nellie, Ass Professor, and Phat Daddy. The problems lie with static camera shots that go on so long that the movie becomes dull, uneven amount of close-ups (some fucking has 'em, some doesn't) and an overall grainy picture quality. The guys and the action (while moving along) are pretty hot so I'm going with a Rent It for fans of sexy streetwise Black dudes.

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