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Sindee Jennings is Supersquirt

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 5/29/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Bodily fluids are lost, dehydration looms, and basic human functions are questioned in yet another, and probably my last porno revolving around squirting and the art of Supersquirting. While Sindee Jennings is not as obnoxious here as previously thought in prior titles, I didn't quite enjoy "Supersquirt," nor its companion "Squirtwoman," as much as I thought I would, in the end. Sure, there's a niche audience for it, but it gets tedious pretty quickly. And it's disgusting.

William H. takes his time setting up the fuck fest by going skating with Sindee who is more than happy to lead them along on the field trip. While there Sindee skates for the audience showing off her mad skills on the ice rink, in an amusing set up to the proceedings. While it doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the grand scheme of things, we do get to see a more human side of erotic performer and it's a nice preamble.

Sindee and Britney Stevens get to work making out and then crouching down across from one another fingering and then spraying one another from both ends with many a screams to be had. The third player only adds to the mayhem as he takes a cock sucking and then lifts Sindee off the ground raising her high above his head as she screams and sends streams of her cum down his chest on to Britney.

Again the focus is placed on the girl with director William focusing on Sindee as she blows up a balloon while leaning against a tree in basically conservative clothing. And then there's Chelsie Rae who adds that unique touch with her screams at Sindee egging her cumming on like a Lamas coach during labor, and Sindee seems more than happy to take part in the heavy fucking and spraying.

It's tough to review this title on a segment by segment basis because it's frankly very difficult reviewing something like this that doesn't particularly segue into the next scene, and bears no sense of set up or foreplay. Not to mention you can't come up with too many variations of cum. Squirt, Spritz, spray, splash, sprinkle... it gets exhaustive. It's simply people fucking Sindee Jennings until she sprays like a mad woman and screeches like a neutered hyena every time. "Supersquirt" is pretty much like "Squirtwoman" whereas it centers around the one and only Sindee Jennings, a primo squirter with the ability to spray almost anyone in her path.

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And she's the banner babe among a slew of other women with her ability of spritzing people in their line of fire. From a list of chicks like Britney Stevens, Jenna Presley, Annie Cruz, Chelsie Rae, and Flower Tucci, and is over two hours long. That's an enormous amount of time to spend on a movie that's simply based around seeing how long it takes Jennings to spray and scream, while her friends spray and scream with her.

Sure director William H. attempts to switch it up (like the prior title) by switching women, thinking of new gross ways to receive cum, and anxiously trying to include the male performers on the fun, but like all porno, this is strictly a woman's affair, and all it takes is the rattle of a vibrator, the slamming of a dildo on the walls of their vagina, and these ladies are off and pouring gallons of cum before you can blink. It's pretty repetitive after Britney and Sindee, but the unusual ways in which William H. bathes the women and male performers is interesting.

Elegant Angel rarely ever fails to deliver the goods and provides a hell of a great porno with some rather fantastic AV. The audio to this title is fantastic with every bit of dialogue and all exchanges coming in clearly. Even when Jennings is whispering and providing baby talk to a pussy, we can hear her perfectly. I think even the sprinkling of the cum on the floor was audible at one point. Oh yeah, it gets that wet. The video is wonderful with a full frame presentation but a nonetheless crisp and crystal picture transfer that makes "Supersquirt" a bonafide marvel.

Was Sindee Jennings always this cute? I ask you. Because in the last two pornos I've seen from her, this woman seems about as dense as a brick wall in concrete, but in this one on one interview in the twenty three minute "Behind the Scenes," Jennings presents an intellectual ambiguity that's off putting and endearing at the same time. She giggles a lot, she throws "dude" around like it's going out of style, and she's very soft spoken, so yeah, she's more than just a solution to drought. And she's very interesting to hear talk about her life, even when she's marveling at the noises her phone makes. William H. goes deep into her life delving into her experiences at an all girl school, her bad relationship with her family, and she even has a bit of a grating chuckle, but I'll forgive her. The "Behind the Scenes" is really all about Jennings, folks. William H. follows her around on the road, grabs insight into her super charged pussy, and surpasses her inept meandering breaking into the good stuff. He never manipulates her, he really just lets her talk and she has some great stories, I'm surprised.

Jennings imitates a squirrel. Girl, you so cra-zy.

I've always thought people like Jennings were great fodder for an earnest documentary, and in spite of her very annoying quirks, she's charming to watch almost like a repressed five year old let loose in a candy shop. When we watch her in candid situations William interacts with her like a dad with his daughter asking simple commands and humoring her goofy humor with a "humm" and generous scoff. And boy, does she ever seem like a ten year old trapped in an adult's body. That's not an insult, but her behavior is clearly a sign of someone who didn't quite age appropriately... or is putting on one hell of a good act for her fans. She even takes oral sex on top of a coffin with a curious almost confused gleam like a little girl. During a heavy fuck she even screeches like a monkey--literally. Frankly, this alone earns the Goodies a great score. We eventually get to the film shoot where Annie Cruz accidentally falls off a couch during a cumming spree on Sindee, it's definitely a hilarious moment. And Sindee engages in casual threesome action during a film break. Also featured is a bonus segment from "Supersquirt #5" with 28 Minutes of cum soaked fun, a pop shot recap, a photo gallery, and other usual porn bells and whistles like trailers et al.

After Thought:
Hell, the movie isn't all that great because frankly, I'm tired of mega squirt movies revolving around women with automatic sprinklers in their pussies, but the reason to rent this is because of the "Behind The Scenes," a twenty three minute fascinating look into Sindee Jennings and her personal life. She definitely warrants at least two hours. So I'd highly recommend it.

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