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Top Brass

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Director: Dirk Yates

Cast: Sean Summers, David, Sasha, Larry, Dean, David Hans, Jason, Phillip, Cadence Allen, Austin, Collin Jennings, T.J. Davis, Kenny, Yoel, Stewart, Luke Savage, Donovan, Jacob, Rick Coletrain, Lance Landers, Dario, Darren

Body Types: military guys, guys with tattoos, young guys

Condoms: yes

Things to see: solos, threesomes, couples, facials, oral cumshots

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

I have gradually developed an appreciation for amateur porn.  In the past, I would have dismissed the notion of amateur porn because of some bad experiences I had while watching cheaply shot titles.  In these films, it was almost a given that poor lighting would keep me from making out all of the details of the unattractive couple having sex.  Nowadays, amateur porn has made leaps and bounds in terms of quality, though it continues to hold onto it's unscripted and raw nature.  Utilizing fresh faces, non-choreographed sex, and minimal editing, amateur porn is often hotter than anything you will find with a recognizable cast. 

Top Brass is a fine example of amateur porn done right.  First, and perhaps most importantly, all of the models are very hot.  Most of the models have a similar military look to them, but each guy has his own unique feature(s); whether it's his straight boy tattoo or his thick Wisconsin cock.  Secondly, the sex is quite erotic.  The majority of the scenes are solos with the military men.  These scenes include the director asking the guys questions about their sexual fantasies, when they started masturbating, etc.  All of the solos start out with the model sitting on a chair and ultimately stroking their dick.  Eventually, the guys make their way to the nearby bed so that they can show off their asshole and stroke their dicks to completion.  However one guy didn't make it to the bed in time since he shot his load after only a few minutes of stroking (I'm guessing he had been saving up for too long!).

Sprinkled throughout the 3 and 1/2 hours of quality amateur action, are a few scenes involving couples and threesomes.  Seeing the military guys having sex is a treat because of their interactions with each other.  Some of the straight boys are painfully obvious that they don't want to suck another guy's cock, though they certainly don't mind having another guy suck them off.  Other guys don't have any hang-ups with sucking on a guy's dick, and a few of them even ask to be fucked.  What I personally found to be both hilarious and erotic is that these guys often talk about pussy and tits (and even watch straight porn) while they suck on each other's cocks. 

There are plenty of hot scenes worth mentioning, though I will describe only a few so that you experience the magic yourself.  The DVD is divided into the "new recruits" section and the "active duty" portion which features models from former Dirk Yates titles.  The new recruits are composed mainly of hot, young military studs with creamy complexions, sculpted chests, and dicks that are ready to blast off.  Three of the new recruits star in a hot threesome: Sasha, Larry, and Dean.  Larry serves as the bottom, and could be described as a goofball since he has a silly personality and easily distracts himself talking to the other guys.  Both Dean and Sasha take their turns with Larry's tight little hole.  This scene is a scorcher because of how darn hot Larry looks as he straddles the big cocks.  Another new recruit favorite is the model David.  He has blond hair, a mostly smooth chest, and a really thick cock.  As the camera moves around him stroking his shaft, he shows off his girth and length for our enjoyment.  Never have I so wanted a film to be an interactive experience because Dave's cock looks ripe for some good old fashioned dick sucking.

The active duty group also showcases some hot models.  The solo scene with the model Lance features a particularly hot moment.  After the tattooed stud masturbates for several minutes, the director asks him if he wants some help to finish him off.  Lance shrugs his shoulders as if to convey that he doesn't care.  An anonymous model is then brought in to stroke on Lance's thick cock.  Eventually, the stranger's hands drift southward until his fingers probe Lance's hole.  The hole stimulation results in Lance quickly oozing out a juicy load onto the anonymous hand.  Perhaps straight boys should try anal stimulation more often!  Another sexy scene stars two military grunts: T.J. and Kenny.   T.J. appears to be straight, though he doesn't refuse Kenny's marvelous oral skills.  After some fucking on the bed, Kenny tells him that he wants cum on his face.  T.J. strokes his big cock in front of him, teasing him until he blasts it off into Kenny's eager mouth.  Oral cumshot fans will love this scene!

Overall there are plenty of great scenes spread throughout Top Brass.  The models are cute and sex is hot; what more could you ask for?   Well, perhaps there is one more thing that people didn't expect to see on this DVD.  You see, although this is a gay title, this DVD features gratuitous shots of a pussy; actually a four legged pussy cat that is.   The adorable cat, probably belonging to the director, purrs and meows in almost every scene, and even jumps on the bed with the models stroking their cocks, from time to time.  I found this little rascal to be a hilarious addition to these scenes.  Several of the models also pet the cat or move it out of the way, when they are fucking or stroking.   Adding a bit of humor to this amateur porn, the cat is a welcome addition that livens up the scenes, even though it's (thankfully) not used for sexual purposes.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image varies from scene to scene.  Most of the scenes are clear and detailed, though they lack the proper lighting of the more expensive companies.  A few of the shorts come from an older source, so the print is over-saturated and less detailed.  However, all of the action can be seen. 


The sound is surprisingly good for an amateur title.  The models are easy to hear and the straight porn can be heard playing in the background.  The occasional cat meow can be jarring, though.  I'm a cat owner myself, so I had to pause the DVD a few times, thinking that my cat needed something, only to find that the cat was actually in the film.


Extras include chapter selections, "pop-shot on demand," and a safe sex commercial.

Final thoughts:

Top Brass Military Issue 2 is a wonderful amateur collection.  The military models are hot and the sex and solos will have you standing up and saluting to your TV screen.  There is a whole lot of good material here (3.5 hours worth) so be prepared to chew on this title for a while, savoring all of the cute military brats and their experimentation with other military men.  Therefore, this title easily comes with a highly recommended rating.

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