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Harder They Cum #6, The

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 5/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I like my pornos with a theme, a set up, or some hint of plot. That's one of the reasons why I am not too fond of "The Harder They Cum 6." It's boring, and more so there's really nothing about it that makes it stand out. There's cumming, but in the male persuasion, and there's really nothing more beyond that than the fact that all the female performers are Russian. Sure, it only stands to show that Russian women are really hot, but then, we all knew that. I mean, the women are really hot here. While the extras are plentiful, you really won't get too much juicy information or goofs out of it, which justifies my score in spite of the fact that there are actually extras including (my favorite of extras) a Behind the Scenes feature that lasts longer than ten minutes.


Cummer One: Enrika
Enrika looks absolutely gorgeous in her lingerie and corset, and as usual, she models for the director. After making it down the stairs in a modeling meltdown, she ends up with her mate and gets to work sucking his cock. He rubs her tits and fondles her while she sucks him off, and they kiss for bit. After more sucking, she gets up on the couch and kneels as he eats her ass and plugs her hole with a dildo, while smacking her cheeks. She sucks on it for a while, and he mounts her from atop dominating her and fucking her ass. She sucks him off again and gets on top of him riding him with her legs spread to the camera. She then leans over to suck his cock, and sucks his balls, and leans her over to her side to fuck her pussy, then he leans her down along the floor to dominate her ass again, finally standing to blow his load on her face, which she takes with pleasure.

Cummer Two: Adriana
Adriana is a cutie pie and looks very nice looking down into the camera pouting and slyly smiling as the camera man probes her for questions. After modeling for us and then lying along the couch to finger herself for us for a while, she grabs the directors hand to suck his finger and then allows him to fondle her tits and nipples for a while. She gets on the couch again to finger herself with her long legs spread out, and revels sucking on a large cock that conveniently slides over in to frame. Luckily she's joined by another man with a black cock this time, and she gets to work on both, sucking and jerking with glee, and she mounts her white mate riding him and getting pumped from below while the other jams his cock in her mouth. She leans down to suck her fucking mate's cock while the other pumps her from behind roughly, and she's turned on her back to take it up the pussy while her mate hangs from above dangling his dick along her lips. After both men punish her ass hole and pussy considerably with their heavy cocks, they then continue pumelling her with double penetration which she takes with loud screeches the entire time. She then drops to the floor to take cum from both sides as she begs for more cum from each.

Cummer Three: Sandra Kalerman

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Sandra is lying on her side watching her mate in the bathroom drying up from a shower and making eye to eye contact with her. She waits for him, and he struts over fondling her and sucking on her tits under the gorgeous lingerie she dons. After some light kissing and petting, she leans down to suck on his cock hungrily and she turns to let him fondle, admire, and eat out her hole. After ripping off her bottom, he turns again and she sucks him off with soft moans and groans, and mounts him to ride him slowly. She leans down again to suck his cock, which he shoves into her mouth and pumps for her, and she mounts him backward to ride him hard and fast. She leans to her side to get fucked with her leg up, and as things heat up, he slides over to pop juice into her face.

Cummer Four: Janet Joy
Janet looks quite scrumptious in her hot pink top and mini skirt, and lets us know that by modeling for us with a smile and letting us observe her plump rump. She slowly undresses for us with a slight amorous hiss and her mate wanders over to suck on her tits with her pleasure, and she drops to suck his cock while her other mate rubs himself and makes her suck his cock as well. There's a lot of double cock sucking to be had as Janet switches back and forth, and soon another one enters. She takes on three cocks sliding back and forth to lick them each, and she mounts one fucking him as she struggles to pay attention to her other partners who stand on both sides waiting to be serviced. She's then bent over to take it up the ass while sucking on another, and then gets to sucking the third. She then takes one in the mouth while grabbing double penetration with heavy screaming and moaning. Her bald mate holds her upside down in his arms and they 69 vertically, as they drop to the couch for the second dogpile including one oral and double penetration. After getting doggied for a while, she's back to triple cock sucking, and they all pop in her face.

Cummer Five: Maya
Maya stands by her bathroom modeling for us and slowly stripping for us with a wink wink and smirk, and rubs her ass shaking for us and moaning. She also rubs her clit for a while, and kneels down to go to work on her mate sucking his cock and grabbing his waist anxiously. They finally make it over to the bed where he spreads her wide and begins fondling her, and leans down to eat out her pussy and finger her to submission. She slides over to him as he lays back and they engage in a 69, and she sits up to ride his mouth with moans as his tongue flutters about her pussy. She turns to mount his cock and rides him hard and fast, and leans down to suck him off. After giving him a foot job, she rides his cock backwards taking the pummeling deep and long, and then leans over to suck him off. He then fucks her on her side quickly, and dominates her pounding her ass. After some more hole play and rough anal, he pops off in her face.

As with all other Hustler titles, "The Harder They Cum 6" looks damn good to sit through. The picture is almost perfect with a full frame format that works in its favor. The colors are robust, and the set pieces are vibrant even when dark. The picture has an odd sharpness to it, but otherwise it looks great. The sound is wonderful with dialogue and body sounds coming in loud enough to revel in, and the soundtrack booms through the speaker with deafening precision, which isn't a complaint.

There is the twenty nine minute "Behind the Scenes" feature which shows director Denis Marti composing scenes with his performers and for his movie. Most of the time the camera stands back to watch a scene unfold while wobbling around just to remind us that we're not just repeating the movie all over again and are actually getting in on the scenes behind the camera, but there's really nothing entertaining about it, sadly. Do we really need to see the same scene over and over? There is some funny goofing around as one of the performers plays a game of perspective showing a cock in line with the director's butt crack to mimic anal, which is pretty funny considering Marti is obvlivious the whole time. All things considered, it's a pretty boring Behind the Scenes tidbit, even if I've seen much worse.

Enrika: "Maybe I fuck."

There's also the nineteen minute look at the photo shoot for the gallery on the DVD, which is (again) more of the camera standing back while we rewatch the stills being shot, which isn't all too exciting. There's also the interview section where the director interviews people like Enrika. It's pretty surprising to see her speak in a foreign accent considering she looks like she came out of Long Island. She either doesn't know too much English or doesn't have much to say because it's really just three minutes of her staring into the camera and laughing. There's also the interview with Adriana which is much more of the same thing, and it pretty much goes on like that for thirteen minutes. It's funny, a lot of these girls are younger than I am and have also fucked more than I have! Isn't that funny?! Guffaw...! (halts whimpers) So anyway, there's the Slideshow but turn your television down because that soundtrack blasts without warning, and the typical bells and whistles like URL's, trailers, and the like. Ho hum.

After Thought:
I mean sure, the women are very hot, the segments are well set up, and the extras are very meaty, but this is one of the more boring titles I've seen all year with zero energy, almost no set up, and repetitive fucking that attempts creativity, but doesn't quite pull it off. And at over two hours long, it's doesn't help the pacing too much. As with other Hustler productions, the video and audio are perfect, you just won't have too much fun watching. I'd say to Rent It and then buy it if you like it enough.

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