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Sex Slaves of Satan

Studio: VCX » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 5/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

VCX has a pretty sizeable library of classic filth so it's not surprising to see them reach into those vaults from time to time and repackage some of that material in compilation form - which is exactly what they've done with this release, the sensationally titled Sex Slaves Of Satan. Keep in mind that the occult and supernatural cinema were a big deal in the seventies, with hits like The Exorcist and The Omen raking in assloads of cash and whenever a trend proves profitable, it stands to reason that a pornographic cash in will soon follow. That said, this is a decent collection of clips from some of VCX's classics. Here's a look:

Scene 1 - The Defiance Of Good (Jean Jennings, Day Jayson, Fred Lincoln, Sonny Landham, Jamie Gillis): Armond Weston's 1974 classic starts things off in a scene where Day slaps Jean around to warm her up for the main event. Some guy with an afro and a beard puts her into some stocks and once she's bound, Day whips her. Once she's been punished, things quiet down a bit and Day and Jean talk, but talk soon leads to sex and Jean, bound with a collar to the wall, is forced to eat Day's pussy. From there we see Jean in a three way with Lincoln, Landham and Gillis. She alternates between the three cocks, sucking away while the guys take turns fondling and fucking her pussy. The scene ends with no money shots.

Scene 2 - Getting Off (Desiree Cousteau, Pat Manning, John Leslie): John sits in a chair and watches the two girls get busy. Pat makes Desiree strip and bend over so that she can finger her from behind and stick a rose up her ass. Leslie smokes a pipe and then helps Pat chain Desiree's arms to the ceiling. They molest her and Leslie fucks her from behind. They unchain her and she gives Leslie head and then Leslie fucks Pat missionary style while Desiree sits on her face. Leslie comes on Desiree's face to end the scene. This 1979 film is also known as Slaves Of Love.

Scene 3 - Little American Maid (Tami Lee Curtis, Buck Adams): Tami brushes her hair and looks in the mirror while talking to herself in her head. She masturbates and Buck walks in on her. He ties her to the bed and she sucks his cock, and then he finds her dildo which she asks him to stick up her ass. He obliges and she continues to suck him off. They move into a sixty-nine and she sucks him to a finish. This clip from the 1986 film is the most modern in the compilation.

Scene 4 - Expensive Tastes (Elaine Wells, Mary Ann Evans, Ken Scudder, John Leslie, Joey Silvera): Silvera and Evans are talking when the other guys (all wearing ski masks) break in and tie him up so that they can rape her at knife point. They throw her to the ground and force her to suck cock, while one of the mask wearers sucks Silvera off. He can't get it up so they force Evans to blow him, and then they throw her back on the ground and take turns forcing themselves into her mouth and pussy. They force her to suck Silvera off while they fuck her from behind and eventually spurt all over her ass cheeks to end the scene. This film was made in 1978 by Jennifer Williams working under the pseudonym of Jennifer Ray.

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Scene 5 - California Gigolo (John Holmes, Veri Knotti): Veri sits in her office and masturbates, tying her pussy lips into a knot at one point. Holmes is a window washer. He looks in and she catches him. He's invited in and he forces her to blow him. He fucks her missionary style, then doggy style, then missionary style again and pulls out to come onto her pelvis. She plays with his goop and licks her fingers clean. This 1979 production was one of many films Holmes made with director Bob Chin.

Scene 6 - The Defiance Of Good (Jean Jennings, Day Jayson, Sonny Landham): Day is being forced to suck Sonny off in the dark while Jean watches. She decides to join in and they take turns blowing him while some bad ass organ music sets the evil mood. This is a quick, dark scene that ends with no money shot. It's kind of funny to see one of the stars of Predator and one time candidate for the Kentucky governor's office posing as a Satanist getting a double blowjob, but who better than Sonny to live that kind of life? The guy should write a book, I bet he's got some great stories. But I digress. Next!

Scene 7 - Small Town Girls (Dorothy LeMay, Aaron Stewart): Aaron sneaks up on Dorothy in her car and holds a knife to her throat. He takes her back to his place and binds her to a giant wooden X. He trash talks her and rips off her clothes and turns her upside down and forces her to suck him off. He spins her around the other way and applies a healthy dose of Vaseline to her snatch before slipping it in. He pulls out and shoots onto her belly. This film was made in 1981 and VCX's credits list Aaron Stuart as Alan Stewart.

Scene 8 - Expensive Tastes (Mary Ann Evans, Pheary Burd, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Ken Scudder): Mary and Joey hang out in a swanky pad and have a drink. The other guys show up at the door and knock him to the ground. Joey seems to get his ass kicked a lot in this compilation. The intruders throw Evans to the ground and rape her. Silvera is forced to strip while Evans sucks cock. Pheary, her mask still on, sucks Silvera off before climbing on top of him and riding him cowgirl style. No one seems to fight back or mind the evening's unexpected intrusion, and soon enough the girls are sucking on one another's tits, a sign of goodwill perhaps? Leslie and Scudder cram their cocks into Evans' mouth at the same time and make creepy faces at one another. Evans is force to sixty-nine Silvera while Leslie fingers and tongues her bum. Silvera and Scudder give Evans some DP action while she blows Leslie and the wah-chicka-wah funk music swells up on the soundtrack. After the DP Evans lets Leslie fuck her from behind while she blows Scudder. As this is going on Burd sucks Silvera to a finish. Scudder and Leslie pull out and shoot all over Evans' face.

Scene 9 - The Defiance Of Good (Jean Jennings, Pam Sanders, Heather Ellis, Alexander Life, Jack Conner): Pam looks over the rest of the people in this scene as they stand before her in the darkness. Pam is lying down and the guys are eating her out while she blows them one at a time. Jean gets fucked missionary style while chained up, while Pam gives head to someone whose face we never see, Heather does the same. Eventually the guys all finish from copious amounts of head and the fairly brief scene finishes.

Scene 10 - Taxi Girls (Serena, Nancy Suiter, Rick Lutze, Mike Ranger, Jamie Gillis): Lutze and Ranger kidnap Nancy and bring her back to a warehouse where they, along with Gillis, are raping Serena. She blows them and gets fucked from behind, and Gillis spanks her and then Nancy is thrown into the mix and the three guys take turns raping the two girls from a few different positions until they finish all over their faces. Girls in pink hot pants and green sun visors shows up at the end of the scene and beat the shit out of the rapists. Hooray for happy endings! This 1979 Bob Chin film spawned three sequels.

None of these scenes are as long as modern stroke film fans are going to be accustomed to but some of the material here still manages to tighten the pants despite its age. How well each scene will work for you will obviously depend on your appreciation and/or admiration for specific performers but there is some hot stuff to be found within the thirteen chapters of this DVD. At one point in time this material might have proven shocking to the raincoat crowd checking these films out in the theaters where they were first displayed to the public. Time, however, has a way of dulling the impact of this type of thing and now what was once dangerous comes off as unintentionally humorous. The cheap production values, hammy acting and goofy sets associated with porno of this era is all on display here and as such this compilation has more camp value than stroke value. That said, it's a fun collection and one that seventies smut aficionados will absolutely enjoy.



As is common with compilations of older material, the video quality varies from one scene to the next. For the most part, things look pretty good but you have to keep in mind that VCX was obviously working with old tape masters here so expect to see some roll here and there as well as some constant softness. The image is interlaced, unfortunately, so sawtooth artifacts will be present for those with progressive scan setups. Color depth and accuracy varies with a few scenes looking a little too red and a little too dark but this compilation at least looks as good, if not better, than your average seventies porno release.


The clips on this compilation are presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, surprisingly enough. Really, though, mono would have been fine as the rear channels make a weird sort of reverb noise and all VCX has done here has spread the single channel recording out to all five channels of your home theater setup. It doesn't make anything sound any better, in fact, it makes it sound a little worse. That said, reverb aside, the dialogue is clear and the levels are properly balanced from scene to scene even if the menu screen is a little louder than the feature content.


Aside from some animated menus and a scene selection option, VCX has supplied trailers for Angel Face, Legendary Scenes and Extreme Facials. A brief still gallery, a web-link, and a video on demand link are also included.

Final Thoughts:

While there's really nothing Satanic about Sex Slaves Of Satan it's still a fun collection of campy clips from vintage roughies the likes of which we don't see made in this modern age. The quality isn't great but it's acceptable enough and this collection comes recommended for fans of vintage material with a darker twist.

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