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4 Finger Club 26, The

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/2/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jaelyn Fox and Scarlett Fay (click for trailer)

The 4 Finger Club #26

New Sensations

Sophia Santi and Sochee Mala!

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Cyrus Cobain

Crissy Moon and Nika Noir

Cast: Jaelyn Fox, Scarlett Fay, Sophia Santi, Sochee Mala, Crissy Moon, Nika Noir, Megan Monroe, Brynn Tyler, Ruby Knox, Megan Murray

Megan Monroe and Brynn Tyler

Length: 190:21 minutes

Dates of Production: 3/1/2008, 3/2/2008, 3/8/2008

Ruby Knox and Megan Murray!

Extras: For many of you, the 24:37 minute long bonus scene starring from The 4 Finger Club #25 of the series will be best between Nichole Heiress and Faye Reagan. It was far from the strongest scene of the series but I described it below for those that care. Personally, I liked the 23:24 minute long Behind the Scenes feature more since it was dedicated to the movie in hand, such extras warranting more credit than a tacked on scene from the series itself. Sophia was more open than she used to be under contract and the other gals were interesting too; though not all of them were given much quality time in front of the camera. There was also a true double sided DVD cover, a photogallery, some trailers, and spam for those that care.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The 4 Finger Club #26 was presented in a nicely improved 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as it was shot in by director Cyrus Cobain for release by New Sensations. This series is one of the types that has such a strict formula that Cyrus' skills weren't going to be tested, something I knew going into it but I still thought he might be able to add something different from his work on Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party. The lack of anamorphic widescreen compared to previous volumes in the series was a let down but probably better than letting the director try something he couldn't handle. The lighting was good, better than usual for the director based on his past efforts; his recent attempt at elevating his game not going unnoticed. This limited the amount of grain and video noise in most cases even if the focus and composition of the shots left little to be desired at times. The auto focus on the camera apparently gave him some trouble too but the biggest issue I had was how washed out some of the hotties looked here. I remember how some of the early volumes in the series looked picture perfect so this disappointed me a bit but at least the scenes were not shot with an artistic bent as I had anticipated, Cyrus keeping the straightforward nature of the scenes intact. There were few compression artifacts and the overall visuals were quite acceptable so I wouldn't hold out on getting a high definition version of it, the most offensive aspect of the picture being the company watermark on the lower right hand corner. The audio was presented in a standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English with no separation between the tracks and a limited dynamic range but I could hear what the ladies were saying, even if the vocals were not mixed loudly enough into the audio matrix employed here (the same was true for the BTS feature).

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Body of Review: Cyrus Cobain has been a production assistant for some time now, best known for his work as cameraman on the Pussy Party series but now directing at New Sensations. His recent release of The 4 Finger Club #25 was my first exposure to his taking the helm and having watched this series from the very beginning, I knew what to expect and now I'm looking at the sequel, The 4 Finger Club #26, advertised as one of the first scenes by lovely Sophia Santi now that she is no longer under contract to Digital Playground. The concept of the series is to show lesbian sex where all the ladies took at least 4 fingers at the same time inside their pussy, admittedly a dated idea given some of the extreme objects ladies have been taking inside their cookies in recent years (check out most Belladonna movies for example). The pairings have often been hit or miss in the series as far as I have been concerned though, the expediency of finding performers that don't flake as important as any attempts at providing chemistry or enthusiastic lesbians that aren't merely "gay for pay". The back cover said it like this: "The hottest club in town is back! It's the 4 Finger Club and only the hottest babes are allowed. For over 3 hours of nonstop girl/girl action, watch them get busy with each other... four fingers at a time. Megan Monroe, Nika Noir, Sophia Santi, Sochee Mala, Jaelyn Fox, and more sexy babes are dripping wet and ready for some hot and intense pussy play. We've got the hottest whores and they take all four!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used or population pudding spilt for those still interested:

Scene One: Jaelyn Fox and Scarlett Fay were up first after some auto repair work at home turned into a lesbian fuckfest once Scarlett brought her grease monkey flunky a drink. Jaelyn was looking quite butch here but the way her blue jean shorts crept up her cookie and ass added substantial eye candy as the tease wiggled around to make her Daisy Duke's proud. Lean Scarlett teased her about her pocket rocket and the next thing you know; the ladies went into the bedroom to get especially frisky with each other. I sensed some chemistry between the ladies, making it a solid scene to begin with as they passionately engaged in various lesbian acts together on the bed. They took turns eating each other out and then using toys, ultimately riding the Sybian after the four finger dynamic was completely satisfied. The nod to panty play was kind of interesting too, far too many movies tearing them off too quickly as far as I'm concerned. The large toys did little for me but the dirty talk was great and the tribute to safer sex by use of gloves was appealing. Neither gal was drop dead gorgeous but they both added a lot of intrinsic value by their performances, showing that chemistry and energy trump looks every time. Nice!

Scene Two: Sophia Santi, the hotty featured on the non-explicit version of the front cover, was up first as a pop singer practicing playing the piano for lover Sochee Mala. They were in a house that is used so frequently in porn valley that the distinctive half circle doors are almost a Jack's Playground standard, perhaps that being the source of the smells the ladies complained about during the BTS. The gals did a little modeling session for each other but the allure of naked fun was too much to resist, the ladies spending ample time on titty play before sucking the juices out of each other's crotch. While Sophia was my reason for picking up the entire DVD, Sochee was a hot hoochy too; each showing that they were into the sex and each other in record time. This kept the heat established by the first scene going, the passionate kissing even surpassing that scene before too long. The scene took place almost completely on the half set of stairs leading from the living room to the sitting room upstairs, the Sybian on the floor for stability. Sophia seemed better suited for the large, expensive, device but I had to hand it to Cyrus for making a much better play of the show to this point than previous attempts. Whew!

Scene Three: Crissy Moon, acting impatient in her lingerie, was up next with lazy Nika Noir, the ladies deciding to stay inside on the couch rather than go out. They kissed slowly, taking off each other's clothing with a similar pace as if to prolong the heat; caressing one another as they playfully continued kissing. The use of fingers and tongues along their respective cracks (front and back) were captured better than the last volume of the series too, almost as if the ladies were given more freedom to explore this time. Like most of the other ladies, they kept their attention on each other and not the camera too, sparking a discussion among myself and assistant regarding how much better this was than the generic type of lesbian scene where the ladies look as if they're trying to impress someone behind the camera or over that persons' shoulder. The gals shared some energy and chemistry, following the finger play advertised, using the glove, and moving to toys including the Sybian. Solid!

Scene Four: Megan Monroe and Brynn Tyler, both attractive blonds with sweet curves, were up next as they argued in the bedroom over computer use. I could identify with this scenario for two reasons; first, I use my computer a lot to the chagrin of my friends/partners, and second; because I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body. Seriously though, their skimpy outfits enhanced their looks and the discussion about toys on the bed was classic, Megan a size queen and Brynn wanting something more useable for her own needs. This weakened the tease aspect of the scene though, just a little bit, and the kissing and playfulness helped make up for it before long. They got slightly rough but nothing particularly bad, the titty play showing that people of both genders are much alike when it comes to enthusiastically appreciating them sexually. I was surprised at the lack of Sybian play (a standard for the series a very long time now) but they weren't too bad as far as I was concerned; even if not as nicely selected for each other as some of the others.

Scene Five: Ruby Knox and Megan Murray were up last and while both had a lean appeal, the contrast between their skin tones was the first thing that stood out to me. One of the ladies looked a lot like Stoya, a personal favorite of mine, and her frog belly white skin was a nice change of pace from the always tan performers that stream through the industry. The gals dealt with one of them getting dumped in the porn world manner of "living well is the best revenge" and moved to a large red couch to start getting especially busy. They kissed and caressed, checking out all the usual places in a manner that led me to believe they were into each other. Unlike some of the other couples, they seemed to appreciate going slower for a longer period of time, savoring the moment more even if coming across as though less passionate. Toys were not over used this time, again lacking the Sybian unfortunately, and the fingering led to their vocals finally becoming loud enough to fully appreciate. It was far from the strongest scene of the show but it was a nice way to end the project on a warm, wet, moment. Yum!

Bonus Scene: The 4 Finger Club #25: Nichole Heiress and Faye Reagan, the ladies seen on the middle of the front cover (the topless pair), were up first as they hinted at wanting to get frisky with each other while on the couch. The limited setting aside, the ladies peeled off their clothing and started some breast play (feeling and sucking) as the camera shot them from a low angle (looking up at the light on the ceiling). The gals began the usual gay for pay cunnilingus, showing all the passion of a bored homosexual gynecologist on his last patient before a month long vacation. They then slipped into some toy play, the fake moans worse than usual in my opinion. The number of fingers each took by the end of the scene amounted to four and the toys were probably larger by comparison, the eight finger mambo so boring that I was happy to see the Sybian pulled out for motorboat sounding play. By the end of the scene, they seemed like two broads that were not into the action so much as roommates in need of rent money but they were cute enough that many of you won't care.

Summary: The 4 Finger Club #26 by director Cyrus Cobain for New Sensations was one of the best the series had to offer and much of that appeared to be the result of the ladies more into each other than usual so I rated it as a Recommended. There was definitely some appeal to the theme but the key factor finding ladies that wanted to get off with each other. In short, The 4 Finger Club #26 delivered the advertised four finger action in each case but the rest of the sexual material was better than average so it was a step up from what I've come to expect of the series. In short, The 4 Finger Club #26, like The 4 Finger Club #25 before it, had plenty of stroke value for fans of lesbian action even the lovely Sophia Santi helping to elevate it above the pack of pretenders to the throne.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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