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Jenna's G Pleasure

Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

As a reviewer of movies and toys, I am always open to trying out new things as a way of seeing what companies come up with.  The economy is tanking in most parts of the country (though the Houston metropolitan area is doing fine, except for the high prices of gasoline) and that tends to mean people are cutting back on purchases of unneeded items; including porn for many people.  This makes life more difficult for store owners that haven't properly diversified into profitable areas like sex toys but the competition in this field is really tough too.  Many people rely solely on whatever is available in their local smut shop or boutique, even some of the biggest online stores dropping the ball when it comes to offering a wide selection of toys.  One of the best toys to make it my way came in last week and if preliminary tests are any indication, the Jenna's G Pleasure female masturbator, is one that a lot more stores claiming to be "high end" or "consumer oriented" should provide.

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Unlike many other penetrative toys, the JGP is designed specifically for women; the shape of it designed to stimulate the female G-spot and clitoris.  Using three AAA batteries in a separate control unit, the cord is about 33" long, plugging into the T-shaped device.  There are two color choices, the one tested using a clear jelly plastic advertised as free of phthalates as maker Doc Johnson has been converting towards in recent times (as part of a move to address consumer concerns).  There were no claims about the toy being waterproof but the penetrative portion did test out to be safe around fluids (whew!).  The control box, advertised as a "great new controller" was decidedly not safe for water so be careful when cleaning it or around places where it could get damaged. 

The part you push inside measured to be 4" deep and 4" long, the ends curled up to stimulate the clitoris and anus with nubs (bumps), on women of average size.  Nadine being a BBW (big beautiful woman), she wanted the base to be longer to rub her the right way more effectively but she also though the adjustable, stretchable plastic leg and body straps to be somewhat larger to accomodate her size.  The three straps are designed to hold the toy inside a lady, allowing her to appreciate the rich diversity of the seven rhythms offered up by the control box.  These relatively minor complaints aside, along with the fact that it was "made and packaged in China", held the rating back but more on that later.

There were four steady rhythms this time (varying strength) and three that were pulsed for variety, but you have to cycle through them to find the one you want.  The steady variations were not that far apart either, limiting the overall variation but Nadine was really hot on a couple of the thicker vibes that came forth for her.  The one major issue that arose, and I almost view it as a plus, is that the device had to be held inside of her since the strap function was not designed for her.  My experience is that BBW ladies need good toys too, perhaps a line of toys specifically designed for them making economic sense for companies such as Doc Johnson and Club Jenna to provide in the future.  After all, a LOT of women aren't tiny like the cover shot of brunette Jenna Jameson and they tend to have a lot of disposable income even in tough times like now. 

Once inserted, the toy worked like a charm as long as it was held in.  Nadine would have ripped my arm off if I let it pop out once she was bucking in a frenzy but adding a partner to your toy play expands the possibilities significantly.  The toy could be used by a guy but it struck me as designed for the ladies so while your mileage may vary, the impact it had on Nadine was clearcut and led to some good times; making it the type of present everyone can win with.  The price varied a lot online too, generally found for under $25 and a few places selling it for around $15, but this was another one that with a few modifications, could be a huge favorite of gals like Nadine so we rated the Jenna's G Pleasure female masturbator as being Highly Recommended.  Just make sure you stock up on batteries because AAA's don't last all that long when the toy is set for the higher settings.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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