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Jesse Jane Scream Blu-Ray

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/9/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Celeste puts Jesse in the spotlight for this latest Scream entry. It plays out like a haunted house picture with some fun horror movie and exploitation film elements thrown into the plot that follows Jesse and her exploits in a run down house. As people enter the house, strange things start to happen, and of course, it's really all just an excuse for the stars to fuck. So without further ado...

Scene 1 - Jesse Jane And Evan Stone: When this scene starts, Jesse is doing her damnedest to look as sexy as possible by zipping around the house on roller skates. You can thank Ray Dennis Steckler for kick-starting that kink back in the seventies. But I digress. Evan Stone shows up outside the rundown house that Jesse calls home and she lets him in. He tells her his car broke down and that he would like to use the phone but she just keeps zipping around as if he's not even there. She soon changes her tune and throws him to the couch and gives him head after he lifts her skirt up and eats her out. He fucks her doggy style and then hits her with some pile driver action. Even bends her over and eats her pussy and ass and then Jesse lets him finish into her mouth to tend a very nice opening scene. Jesse, in her infinite wisdom, keeps the skates on for the entire scene. Hooray!

Scene 2 - Faith Leon And Marco Banderas: Faith is lying like a corpse in the tub while Marco is on the bed looking like a lunatic. He gets up and heads into the room, that maniacal look still on his face. Marco stands over Faith and jerks off and soon enough she wakes up and sucks him. He eats her out and they go at it in the bathroom from a few different angles and the cameras make sure we see all of it. He bones her from behind and she rides him cowgirl and he blows his load over top of her to end another quality scene. Faith looks very sexy here and the action moves at a good pace.

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Scene 3 - Madison Young, Rebeca Linares And Jerry: The girls and Jerry are walking around outside Jesse's dumpy house. Jerry tells them a ghost story about the home but they don't believe him. The girls head inside the house and Jerry decides to play a joke on them to try and scare them. After he spooks them they suck on his cock and kissing one another. Jerry fucks Madison while she eats Rebeca's pussy out. He fucks Rebeca from behind next and after that Madison climbs on top of him to ride him cowgirl style. He moves Madison over and fucks her up the ass from the side while Rebeca eats her out. Eventually Rebeca pulls Jerry out and jerks him to a finish into her mouth, which she then gleefully shares with Madison. The girls are into each other here just as much as they're into Jerry but the three have got some good chemistry and the sex is hot from start to finish.

Scene 4 - Jesse Jane And Samantha Ryan: A man shows up to give Jesse flowers but she's nowhere to be seen and Samantha answers the door and takes them. She lets him in and ties him up in the bathroom. Jesse comes back and Samantha pretends that the flowers are from her. Jesse is touched and so they head to the living room. Samantha makes it obvious she wants to fuck Jesse who seems to be in agreement with this as she gets between Samantha's legs eats her like she means it. Jesse gets down on all fours so that Samantha can work her over from behind and then she rolls over and leans back so Samantha can eat her out. Hot hot hot hot hot.

Scene 5 - Micah Moore And Marco Banderas: After Micah has some strange experiences taking out the trash, she finds a ball she put outside now indoors with a sign on it saying 'play with me.' She does and psycho looking Marco pops up behind her. They kiss and he grabs her ass before she bends over and he eats both holes from behind. She returns the favor and sucks his cock and then she lays him back so she can ride him cowgirl style. She flips around for some reverse cowgirl action, and then he bones her doggy style before he shoots his load onto her tongue and into her mouth. Micah's body looks very hot here with the camera really doing a very nice job of capturing her curves and her sexual enthusiasm.

Scene 6 - Jesse Jane, Shay Jordan And Tommy Gunn: After a bit of pillow talk the two girls head to the bedroom where they shake things up a bit with some teasing. Shay turns on the radio and it all hits the fan and soon Tommy appears out of one of the doors and asks why they're screaming. The three hit the bed and start making out and Shay takes the initiative and sits on his face while Jesse sucks him off. Shay moves down and rides him cowgirl style while Jesse keeps her tongue busy on the action zone before Tommy decides she needs some love too and he fucks her from behind. Soon Shay bends over in front of him beside Jesse and Tommy gets to go back and forth a bit, but soon he pulls out and shoots his load into Shay's mouth which she then spit-swaps with Jesse to finish the scene and the feature.

The tendency to switch from clean video to faux damaged film is a little annoying as the effects aren't all that convincing but that's really a minor complain. Jesse Jane: Scream is well shot, fairly well acted, and full of steamy sex and surprisingly good camera work. The production values put into the production pay off with a good looking film that makes the most of its cast.



Jesse Jane: Scream looks excellent in this 1080p AVC 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. There's an insane amount of detail present not only on the performers but also in the sets and backgrounds/sets used in the production. There aren't any issues at all with compression artifacts or edge enhancement while color reproduction and skin tones look excellent throughout. Eagle-eyed viewers may spot just a hint of shimmer here and there but you do have to be looking for it to notice it. There are a few scenes that have been digitally altered in post production to look like beaten up film, so don't expect these scenes to look perfect because they're not supposed to. That said, the rest of this production looks quite impressive indeed.


The sole audio track on this Blu-ray release is a 48 kHz 448 kbps Dolby Digital 5.0 Surround Sound mix in English. The audio on this release is fine but it isn't as impressive as the transfer is. Dialogue stays clean and clear throughout and the levels are all properly balanced. The score sounds good and there aren't any problems with background hiss or distortion at all. The audio here won't blow you away but it certainly won't disappoint you either.


First up going in order of the menu is a Photo Gallery (3:20) that features dozens of shots of the performers involved in hardcore action from the feature film as well as some tantalizing tease/glamour shots as well.

Digital Playground has also included a trailer gallery featuring promo spots for Pirates, Pirates II, Island Fever 3, Jack's Teen America Mission 3, Babysitters, Island Fever 4 and Cheerleaders. The trailers are all presented in HD and in 5.1 or 5.0 Surround Sound, which is a nice touch.

From there, check out the Behind The Scenes (10:02) featurette, presented in HD with a nice Dolby Digital 5.0 Surround Sound mix. We get a look at the production as it was underway courtesy of some fun clips that take us onto the set, and we get a few interviews with the cast, all of whom seem to be enjoying themselves. Jesse Jane in particular seems quite enamored with her colorful wardrobe for this movie. We also get a few amusing film school lessons' from Jamal that are good for a laugh.

Motion menus, Digital Playground contact info, and scene selection round out the supplements on this release.

Final Thoughts:

Digital Playground could have put more effort into the supplements on this release as they're fairly superficial but the transfer is excellent and the audio above average. As to the film itself? Jesse Jane: Scream is a fun, and more importantly, steamy porno with a plot that entertains and arouses with tongue placed firmly in cheek. Highly recommended.

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