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Moving Out

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/10/08

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Brooke Banner

Moving Out

Wicked Pictures

Maya Gates and Alex Sanders

Genre: Feature

Director/Writer/Editor: Jonathan Morgan

Renae "J-Ho" Cruz

Cast: Brooke Banner, Voodoo, Maya Gates, Alex Sanders, Renae "J-Ho" Cruz, Steven St. Croix, Kylie Wilde, Tommy Gunn
Non sex roles by Chunk(?) and Francois Clousot

Kylie Wilde and Tommy Gunn just as Maya Gates arrived.

Length: 88:11 minutes

Date of Production: 1/16/2008

Brooke Banner, Renae Cruz, and Maya Gates

Extras: For most of you, the best extra will be the unrelated bonus scene from Latina Hollywood Hookers starring Maya Gates, Dick Delaware, and Alex Sanders that lasted 13:05 minutes. They were in bed, cut right to the chase and Maya showed both of them a good time orally and vaginally in this condom clad scene. I was surprised to see it also included anal sex (even a DP!) but the best news was how active Maya was during the entire scene. There was also a decent Behind the Scenes feature by Red Ezra lasting 17:46 minutes; allowing the cast and crew to show how much fun they had (the audio was spotty though). There were nine trailers, five photogalleries, the usual DVD ROM material, a Promo Reel, some spam, and a slip case for the DVD box.

The uncredited workout king was amusing too.

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Moving Out was presented in the same 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director Jonathan Morgan for Wicked Pictures as shot & mastered in High Definition (with assistance by Francois Clousot) but encoded in MPEG-2. The DVD was not an HD DVD release but it did look pretty well shot, using video instead of film to limit grain and a lot of darker shots to mimic real life encounters (let's face it, most sex doesn't take place in well lit settings) with my only caveat being that the resulting shadows were not always compensated for in how Francois presented them. There were compression artifacts (it was typically showing a bitrate of mid 5 Mbps) and the overall impression the movie left with me was that more care was applied here than in some of the company's other lower budget releases, making it a treat to watch by comparison. The audio was presented with a choice of either a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English (with a bitrate of 384 Kbps) or a 2.0 DD track in Spanish. I listened to the English track and while I didn't hear any appreciable separation on the audio most of the time, it was nicely put together otherwise. The music was uncredited but did manage to add a comedic feel to the movie's scenarios, making that aspect pretty decent. Still, as limited the audio was in this low-level budget feature, it was handled pretty well overall.

Body of Review: Jonathan Morgan has long been the most talented director at Wicked Pictures when it came to comedy porn. He offered up just enough cheese ball antics to go with the sex, the combination resulting in superior replay value (not to mention a few belly laughs along the way). In recent years, his budgets have been cut in favor of others at the company, resulting in his slipping out of the limelight to focus on editing and other behind the scenes efforts where he has proved equally skilled when given quality material to work with. Jonathan's latest small budget release as director, writer, and editor is now out with Moving Out; a story of three roommates reminiscing about their sorted sexual exploits before moving on with their lives. The back cover said it like this: "Roomies Sunshine, Bunny and Michelle spend their last day together recapping some of their most memorable moments together before moving out of their shared apartment. Of course some of the stories are as sexy as the girls and the three find themselves longing for one last tryst. After their sexed up stories and farewells, the girls are not only moving on, they're Moving Out!" If that sounds appealing to you, the simple fact that the cast was a quality gathering should help elevate the appeal for many of you. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Brooke Banner, the curvy blond on the right hand side of the front cover, was up first with Voodoo after a blown breaker leads to a blown Voodoo. Brooke listened to his jovial line wuld work but even Brooke wasn't that drunk so she threw caution to the wind and made out with him in the dark living room since she didn't even get a New Year's Eve kiss earlier in the night. They macked out a bit and she knelt down to blow him, slobbing his knob gracefully as she showed why she is a fan favorite after all these years. This caused her pussy to moisten and Voodoo went right to boning her biscuit, pumping away as she tried to catch her breath. Brooke was active when she was on top of him but the scene used too many of the close up shots that populate the company's many other titles these days; weakening the overall effort as a result. I did like how Brooke masturbated during the penetrative sex though, making it more believable that she was at least sort of getting off before the wad of population pudding landed on her face.

Scene Two: Maya Gates, the busty brunette seen on the far left of the front cover, was up next as she proved to the world that her limited language skills wouldn't get in the way of bad boy Alex "Snake" Sanders getting to "tap that ass". She showed him her bed and wasted no time blowing him since he was already running late for a probation meeting. Maya is a particularly aggressive oralist and her skills were shining here as she inhaled his meat pipe, jerking him off as she swallowed him whole on an intermittent basis. Alex was rough with her and spanked her shapely ass while eating it out, teasing her perfect pucker to prepare it for some penetration. The vaginal sex led to anal and she was the best rider of the show in most positions, her moans of joy punctuating the air as she took it all and lacked for nothing. When the end came, it came hard and in her open mouth, Maya sucking him dry with her eyes open to polish him off. Yum!

Scene Three: Renae "J-Ho" Cruz, the Latina in the middle of the front cover, played an environmental activist that bored Senator Steven St. Croix half to death on his couch as she tried to save Mother Earth. Her presentation lacked any power until she used her natural abilities (ie: sex) to get her way, her active maneuvering including her mouth and pussy but no ass this time. Renae is a decent fuck and had she worked with a better partner, she probably would have shined this time but Steven is best suited for the acting roles these days, launching his minimal load to her mouth.

Scene Four: Kylie Wilde, an incredibly sexy blond, was up next as a nymphomaniac that caught the eye of voyeur Maya Gates who interrupted Kylie's sex play with studly Tommy Gunn as observed through the telescope. Once the visual effect was lost (Brooke and Renae spying on them), the scene became kind of generic but the intense amount of close ups were so heavy here that the scene wasn't as hot as it could have been, despite a very active approach taken by the ladies to satiate the guy in bed. Kylie was the better of the two ladies but Maya was no slacker either, he extensive oral almost making up for the limited tease I wanted to see. The penetration and face sitting had Tommy given a run for his money by the ladies, their lustful ways keeping him hard right up until the ass cheek pop shot was licked off of Maya's sweet butt by Kylie.

Scene Five: Brooke Banner, Maya Gates, and Renae "J-Ho" Cruz, were then up last as they engaged in the mandatory lesbian scene. It was night and they played a game of truth or dare, their nighties falling off to allow greater access to their privates by the large toys in their toy box. Renae was all giggles and the others played along as they licked and rubbed each other; the toy insertions taking place for the rest of the scene as they expanded their limits. I thought they had fun but each has proven to be a lot more skilled in the past so it was not the best way to end the movie if you catch my drift.

Summary: Moving Out by director Jonathan Morgan for Wicked Pictures was a far cry from his big budget extravaganzas of the past but he still managed to provide a modestly heated experience worthy of a Rent It rating. I look forward to the day when he is returned to his former status at the company and allowed to make the kind of big budget comedy titles that drew so much favorable attention in the past but Moving Out, while best suited for couples not entirely jaded by the tidal waves of gonzo porn such as I am, was definitely a modest effort made on a shoe string budget. Maybe if the next Serenity is hired by the company and allowed to work with Jonathan, it will return to it's former comedic glory but given the wave of low end efforts designed for the late night cable market, I won't be holding my breath.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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