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Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Robin LaCruz » Review Date: 6/10/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:
This two-disc set compiles several Digital Sin titles into one crazy DP set. .

From She Takes Two Vanessa, the chick starts talking dirty to us while doing a split over a leather couch. The dudes walk in and waste no time at all, grabbing her and sticking her with cock. One goes in her pussy from behind, and the other gets sucked on. She continues to talk dirty while they switch it up and fuck her in this crazy standing position. Vanessa is standing on one leg with her other leg totally stretched up into the air. The dude then stands on the couch and fucks her from behind, while she sucks on the other dude in front of her. Then she lies on her side on the couch, while one dude fucks her face, and again, the other stretches her leg up and fucks her from the side. Her pussy is pierced, pink, and is nice to look at. After a few more sucking/fucking positions, they finally fuck both of her holes at the same time. The do this in a reverse cowgirl position and again in the more traditional cowgirl - only her legs are totally stretched across the couch. She does a good job working both cocks with her hands and mouth before they fuck her standing up again. In the end they take turns popping on her face.

From Double Teamed, This one stars Alex Divine and the same two dudes. They in some ultra modern house, porno house, and she starts sucking them off in front of a red couch. She's not as good as Vanessa at balancing both cocks with her hands, but she takes a dick deep down her throat and that makes up for it. They grab and giggle her tits while she sucks and tugs them off. First they pull a train on her while standing up - she's getting fucked from behind while sucking on the dude in front. She hops on one guy in a reverse cowgirl while sucking on the other dude's dick for another couple of minutes before switching it up to cowgirl fuck and the other dude gets sucked. One dude then sits on the couch and she sits her ass down on his cock while the other guy pumps away. They fuck her in a couple of more positions, but the highlight is when they fuck both her holes while standing up.

In this scene, from Teen Dreams #9, everyone starts out naked, but for the bikini top Holly's got on. She's also blindfolded as they lead her into her DP session. She tugs on their members before dropping down to her knees to suck some. In short order they are taking turns fucking her from behind while the other gets sucked. Holly's got a tight body, nice titties, and a tan that makes her look like a California Blonde. They take it to the next step in the doggie style, sucking one dude in front of her, when the other inserts his ween into her butt. She then sits her booty-hole on top of one dude while facing the other and jerking him off. It's pretty hot, as she bounces up and down with a cock in her ass, exposing her clean pussy and yanking on a cock. When the other dude, puts it in her pussy, we've got a slut-sandwich, with both holes getting filled up with dick. They switch her around, repeating the sandwich on a cowgirl position. After a few more train positions, they both shoot on her face.


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Emily is the star of this scene, from Double Teamed #5, and it starts out with her getting mercilessly faced-fucked by the two boys. She's in pink shorts and matching lingerie-top, and she's got a short spunky haircut that makes her look unique. They stand her up and one fucks her doggie while the other bends her down to suck on his cock. Like some of the other scenes, they also stand her up on one leg and stretch the other one out while continuing to fuck her. Next, she sits her pussy down on the lap of one while sucking-off the other. They switch positions and one pops it in the ass while the other face-fucks the chick until she's red in the face. She moans and groans, but she gets even louder when they sandwich her on the reverse-cowgirl position. Eventually she lets them take turns popping on her face. . 

Now Emily may have some spunk, but Missy's got sass, and she's also a fabulous slut, as seen here in this clip from Fucking Assholes Talk about loving cock, this one looks like she could get face-fucked all day, and should definitely please those who love a gag or two, and I don't mean jokes. We come into the scene with her laying face down, sucking on a cock and getting fucked from behind/on top. She talks dirty to them taunting them to fuck her pussy. While one guy fucks her in a cowgirl style, she leans over and sucks the other guy off. One dude fucks her ass in a missionary for a little bit, presumably getting the hole ready for future use. They turn her around, and she gets fucked in the ass doggy-style while sucking off the dude in front. They get her back in a reverse cowgirl so that they can fill both of her holes with those huge cocks. They switch positions a few more times, and run a train in a few more positions until unloading on her face.


The second disc opens up with Daria and her wonder-mouth with a scene from That's A Mouthful Now this girl really loves cock, as she starts out sucking two guys off, moaning in ecstasy even before she gets fucked. She drools on that hard tool, trying to squeeze both of them in her mouth. Next, one dude lays back on the couch while she hops on his cock in a reverse cowgirl, only to have the other cock inserted into her mouth from above. She does a good job licking some ball-sack. They start to pull a train on her, and one dude quickly goes from fucking her pussy to fucking her ass, doggie-style. In the end, she eagerly takes their protein offering on her face.

Tobi is a cute redhead, and in this scene from When Cock is Not Enough she starts out all alone, working on her pussy with a long glass-dildo. Then, without any warning, two long and stiff cocks enter the scene, and to her joy. This girl likes to get raunchy: first, she likes to be spit at; second, she likes to suck on the dildo and a cock at the same time; and third, she loves to gag on huge cock. She also does a good job engaging with the camera, and directly communicating how much she loves cock to us, the hard consumer. After a long suck session on both guys, one pops it in her pussy from behind while she continues to blow the dude in front. As you can imagine, several positions of the choo choo, are in order, and there is one sandwich, but in the end, like the many others, she gets it in the face.

Asscrackin' #6 sounds like a bootylicious time right? But Susanne Brend shows us that it's pussylicious at the same time with a girl who just loves to give up all her holes. First, she takes her time sucking on one cock, and then the other. She then squeezes them both into her mouth, which may be just a little gay, but who's judging in this sword fest anyway? She hops on reverse-cowgirl style on one dude, while she sucks off the other dude, who's standing up on the couch. They switch it up when she sits cowgirl style on one, while the other gets the blowie. After that, they give her the kielbasa krunch, jamming both cocks into pussy and ass. There's some ATM action when the dude fucking the ass pulls out and makes her suck before re-insertion. He does this a few times. After a couple of train positions, they fuck her holes in a reverse-cowgirl position, a view that offers up a few gaping shots. After some more ATM, they both explode on her face.

Ay caramba! No Styrofoam, No lard, No microwaves, just fresh hot Mexican pussy! Yeah, even the Mexican themed video that this scene was lifted from, Fresh Mex has some DP action. Gia's in pink, and in about two seconds after fondling her boobs, one dude gets to working on her pink. She returns the favor by sucking his dick and licking some balls. The other dude returns the favor by fucking her pussy. When they switch, the other guy is fucking her from behind while she sucks off a cock in front of her. She hops on a cock in the cowgirl style, and shortly after that the other dude comes up behind and puts it in her ass. Gia is moaning and talking dirty while getting fucked in both her holes. After a few more positions, she yanks and sucks on their dicks until they - yes, cum on her face.

From Fillin' Both Holes Maya gets the royal treatment from two guys and their cocks. The swords come out, and the rave haired porn star goes to town. She jams the dicks in her mouth, and takes turns sucking on them one at a time. Another sort-of gay moment happens when one dude makes-out with her right after the other dude's cock was in her mouth. This may be a no-no in some guys' fantasy of double-team, but these guys couldn't care less, and for them sharing a sluts holes is a reality. While standing up, she bends over to suck on some cock in front of her, while the other dude fucks her doggie. Next she hops on one gentleman in a cowgirl, while sucking off the other dude. Before swapping holes entirely, she sits reverse-cowgirl on the other dude, while the first one now gets his dick sucked. One guy gucks her ass doggie-style while she sucks off the cock in front of her, and then before fucking her in the ass, that guy actually eats her pussy for a bit. They plug her holes in a few positions before finally popping. Maya looks like she really had a great time in this scene, she even plays with the cum.

And then there's Anal Retentive#5 The scene starts out with Michelle kissing a guy, but two others come in and steal her away. She gives them both oral and they play with her big tits. After taking turns with her pussy for a minute, one dude fucks her ass from the side, while she sucks off the other. After a few more moments of that, she sits cowgirl style on one, and the other comes over and puts it in her ass. She moans and groans, and it's hard to tell if she really likes it or if it kinda hurts a little...but then isn't that kinda the point? They flip her over and swap holes, and again, her ecstasy looks a little painful, and truthfully, it's not that sexy. It turns out to be a pretty sweaty session, as one guy fucks her ass silly over the couch. In the end, one of them pops on her face, while the other between her tits and on her mouth in the throws of a tittie-fuck.


Video: Shot in HD and presented in widescreen, the image quality is fine, overall, but remember that this is a comp with many different scenes and productions. For the most part, however, Digital Sin does a good job making it all look consistent.

Sound: There is nothing special about the sound; the soundtrack is generic, but the sex sounds are clear and not distorted.


Photos Gallery: Here we've got a mixture of "posed" and hardcore shots.
Pick Your Pleasure: This option lets you choose your favorite position to close the deal.

Final Thoughts:
Not much on the extras front, but they pack a lot into two discs of DP's. Overall, I think you get some good scenes here, and if you like seeing girls clogged-up and dripping with cum, then DP Stravaganza may be just for you.

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