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Rebeca Linares Raw

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/10/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The title page (click for trailer)

Rebeca Linares Raw

Elegant Angel

Mark sniffing hotty Rebeca Linares

Genre: Gonzo, Rebeca Linares

Director: William H. Nutsack

Brianna Love and Rebeca Linares!

Cast: Rebeca Linares, Mark Ashley, Brianna Love, Anthony Rosano, Seth Dickens, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Ralph Long, Eric Swiss, Nika Noire, Lee Stone, Marco Banderas, John Strong

Rebeca Linares during the blowbang

Length: 141:04 minutes

Rebeca Linares with Nika Noire

Date of Production: 4/13/2008

Rebeca Linares ready to go!

Extras: For many of you, the bonus scene from Celebusluts lasting 29:29 minutes long will be the best extra. I already saw it months ago but it was a great scene and it featured Rebeca so those of you new to it will find it appealing as an extra. I described it below for those that care. In terms of unique extras, I liked the 9:33 minute interview a lot since it allowed Rebeca to confirm her love of hardcore, nasty sex with a rough edge. There are some that would sell you a bill of goods regarding how impossible it is for ladies to appreciate this kind of thing but hearing it from her own mouth should alleviate some of the fussing towards the company (William was the interviewer as well). The Behind the Scenes feature only lasted 1:22 minutes and started off with a blooper but it was too short to add much value as the other extras did for me. There was the obligatory pop shot recap from the scenes, the photogallery, spam, and six trailers to shows like Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman 2, Performers of the Year, Massive Asses 2, Swimsuit Calendar Girls, Big Wet Asses 12, Brianna Love is Buttwoman, and Celebrusluts.

Sexy Rebeca Linares!

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Rebeca Linares Raw was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel, the disc mastered using the MPEG-2 codec standard to most regular DVD's. The camera work was solid with plentiful lighting to reduce the grain, video noise and shadows but the picture did not appear as crisp this time in each scenario; likely as a result of jamming so much information on the disc (lowering the compression rate allows for more material on the same size disc). This is one area that William used to be less consistent so I applaud his efforts at continually improving the quality in his better works; proving William works at making the best porn possible. I saw a few compression artifacts (it was largely falling around the mid 2 Mbps video bitrate) and the composition of the camera angles strongly favored Rebeca Linares better than some of the director's previous works (but still on par with his more recent efforts for those in a comparison mode). The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. The scenes were largely quiet so those of you into Nutsack's musical interludes might feel left out, at least until the ending ditty took place showing the director has not lost his touch. For those keeping track, the audio was offered in a 192 Kbps offering, plenty of room considering how little took place on it but leaving room for future efforts too.

Body of Review: William H. Nutsack is currently one of my favorite gonzo directors and his work at Elegant Angel proves the adage that you have to see it to believe it. He has enough technical skill to make most performers shine and his own deviant world view manages to give us something decidedly different every time he steps up to the plate to direct another gonzo fuck flick. While I prefer his Big Wet Ass series over any of the others he shoots at this time, he also makes some impressive showcase material, such being the case with Rebeca Linares Raw where the hot young Latina was given a lot of room to show the world why she is one of the top performers in the jizz biz these days. Her fiery attitude, love of hardcore sexual antics, and willingness to do it all has made her many a fan in recent times, my limited conversations with her at conventions reminding me of how innocent she can look but how absolutely perfect she can be for porn too. Other gals have been given the spotlight of late and this instantly became one of my favorites thanks to Rebeca being in all six scenes (five in the movie as well as the bonus scene) but also in top form as only Nutsack can give us. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Rebeca Linares, strolling through the fancy hotel in her skimpy outfit, was up first as she touched up her make up only to have Mark Ashley come up behind her. The two began making out as though on a honeymoon, Rebeca undoing his zipper to unleash his massive erection. She dropped to her knees and aggressively sucked him off, keeping eye contact with him as though the camera did not exist at all. For all her beauty and cuteness, Rebeca is a great lay on camera; especially when working with someone she likes as much as Mark, so the rest of the scene was even more smoking hot. They moved about the room for him to snack on her ass crack, leading them to the piano where they began fucking furiously. The active vaginal romp led to the expected anal too, Rebeca showing her back door was just as available to the stud for servicing as any other orifice. The scene ended when Mark launched his large load of population pudding all over her waiting face, eliciting the comment from her that he was showering her due to the sheer volume. Whew!

Scene Two: Brianna Love, a curvy cutie with endless appeal to me, was up next on the couch with hotty Rebeca Linares; the pair giving each other head and showing their appreciation for one another. Each gal appeals to a different part of my libido so I was having a great time until I saw moper Anthony Rosano join them. Nothing against Tony but he has yet to impress me as anything above a third tier meat puppet, thankfully the ladies were not acting like size queens when this one was shot. Rebeca got the vaginal drilling first after both ladies blew the guy with energy. The face sitting and specific positions aside, I think the gas proved they could work well with anyone by the way they elevated the quality of the scene relying on such a guy; the anal being the only place where they all slowed down a bit. Each gal opened her back door and did plenty of taste testing, the ladies always showing a preference for each other over him with the resulting chemistry very high. The enthusiasm was decent overall too (still higher between the gals) and the heated scene finished up with a facial that was cumswapped between Brianna and Rebeca. Sweet!

Scene Three: Rebeca Linares, wearing a sexy blue dress, was up next showing how sexually frustrated she was when her boyfriend was unable to assist her and her car broke down. She walked over to Seth Dickens, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Ralph Long, and Eric Swiss who were playing some basketball; the guys agreeing to her blowing them in exchange for their help. She showed a great need for seed as she inhaled their meat pipes, proving the best way to use "moper meat" is for a blowbang. There were a lot of background noises heard here, including an airplane buzzing around and some off camera voices but Rebeca's focused nature blocked it all out to concentrate on sucking the men off with passion and flair. It ended when they all rubbed out wads of semen to her "pretty little face" just before the sun went down.

Scene Four: Nika Noire, a skinny gal with weird eyes (colored contacts?), was up next as she danced around a living room for Rebeca Linares. Rebeca was wearing a strap on dildo as though it were the real thing, stroking it as she watched her gal pal; the pair getting it on lesbian style before the arrival of the massive Lee Stone. Rebeca took charge of Nika but the gal didn't seem to mind one bit, pumping herself back on the dildo as Rebeca rode her hard and fast. Nika provided most of the dirty talk and while they were not as totally into one another as the previous scene of this nature (Brianna is a tough act to follow), there was still an awful lot of heat generated by the ladies. Just as Rebeca was splitting Nika in two, Lee came up behind them to take over the boning duties, fucking Rebeca while she fucked Nika to make a fuck sandwich. They went at it some more before the blowjobs and cunnilingus took place, Nika getting as well as she gave with Rebeca always in good form. This continued for a lengthy amount of time before Nika took the majority of the facial; the ladies kissing to share their wealth of liquid love. Wow!

Scene Five: Rebeca Linares, last up on the balcony sunbathing herself in her black bikini, oiled her lean form up to the beat before stripping off her attire in slow motion. She looked great and was soon masturbating her biscuit really well before the scene gave way to a rough sex bit with studly Marco Banderas and John Strong. Marco flogged her and spanked her ass cheeks, pushing her limits as she fought back; stuffing his cock down Rebeca's mouth and feeding her his balls. Rebeca was on fire here and going at him as only a true aficionado of rough treatment could possibly be, the look in her eyes telling me she was into it more than a little bit. John slapped her face a bit to join in and she looked almost surprised to see him do it but she embraced her inner whore to work both men over orally with more passion than most in the industry seem able to manage. They then fucked her pussy and ass with a touch of foot worship as well, leading to some toilet play that I really didn't care much for at all. The DP really pushed her limits from the sound of it (she was screaming) and she finished them off in the bathroom to get a couple of frothy facials (Marco had already popped at least once prior); most of the spew landing in her mouth but spit out into the toilet.

Bonus Scene: Celebusluts: Rebeca Linares, a sexy Latina in a black jumpsuit, was carrying on a conversation on her cell phone about getting publicity when she had the urge to merge in the back seat of her limousine. With no one around, she had to satisfy her own needs, masturbating in a scenic part of the valley before night came and paparazzi Brian Surewood caught her in a compromising position outside of her mansion. He kept shooting and she played the angry rich gal really well with her limited English. One thing led to another and the two got exceptionally friendly, showing the power of the press as he ate her front and back to her newfound appreciation of the press. Her erect nipples and elevated respiration rate showed she was getting into the admittedly scruffy looking Brian more than a little bit, his oral skills having long assisted him in this manner. Her rough blowjob skills (ie: giving awesome head while slapping his cock around) gave me the idea that I'd love a "kiss from Spain" too, the lack of a driver for the car kind of weird as all this went on. The standing vaginal sex was tough for her to really be aggressive on and the anal she took on the hood of the car looked very uncomfortable too but she was the one to take his cock to go from one hole to the next as it made her smile so she must have been turned on (that's a dangerous sexual practice no matter how clean a gal is). She did some face sitting to establish her dominance over him and then came out shining with her active anal antics that also employed her hip gyration. She jerked him off to her mouth (ATM) and the scene finished up fairly well as she booted his ass out of the garage. Yum!

Summary: Rebeca Linares Raw by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel had a wide range of quality scenes starring Rebeca Linares and at this writing, it was her best showcase effort to date by far so I rated it as Highly Recommended. There were some minor rough spots on the technical stuff but hardly any worth mentioning, the extras and quality of Rebeca's work this time serving to show she is quite ready to become an even better known starlet from what I could tell. If you like attractive, all natural brunettes that do it all and have fun doing so, you really cannot go wrong with this one. In short, Rebeca Linares Raw was a very special tribute to a very special young lady that fans of gonzo might want to check out to see just how nasty and passionate she can be. Good job!


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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