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Erotic Super Queen: Rika Sakurai (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Amorz » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/11/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Erotic Super Queen: Rika Sakurai (Blu-Ray)

Amorz Entertainment

Genre: Asian

Director: Uncredited in English

Cast: Rika Sakurai, men uncredited

Length: 93:17 minutes

Date of Production: Unlisted

Extras: The only extra was a photogallery.

Condoms: Some

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Audio/Video Quality: Erotic Super Queen: Rika Sakurai Blu-Ray was presented in a visually stunning widescreen using 1080p in the MPEG-2 codec. The fleshtones were accurate and the bitrate hovered around the 30 Mbps mark but I wondered if using a more advanced codec might have given the disc more room for extras (if not squeezed out additional resolution). When zoomed in, I could see individual pubic hairs (and Rika had a massive bush) and while there were shadows from the basic lighting of the set, every detail appeared visible to me. The edits and camera work were in need of improvement though, not doing a whole lot to enhance the looks of Rika and her bed buddies in the slightest. The audio was presented in 2.0 Linear PCM using the standard 48 kHz but a whooping bitrate of 1.5 Mbps in the Japanese language. There were subtitles in Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Korean, Indonesian, and French but if the other languages were anything like the English version, the unintentional humor with what was said struck me as very amusing. There was some separation between the channels and the dynamic range was pretty high but the intermittent music sounded like it was taken from a tile game back in the 80's. The vocals were minimal too, almost as if Rika had little to say, so you won't miss much if you're deaf.

Body of Review: As a long time fan of Japanese entertainment, I have stuck with anime for the most part when trying to understand the culture of the Rising Sun. Having seen a modest amount of porn from the country, most of it pixilated in all the wrong spots, I gave up on seeing truly hardcore porn from there until a friend insisted that some good stuff was available from Amorz Entertianment. I asked him to send a few titles and I'll review them in the coming days, the first of them being Erotic Super Queen: Rika Sakurai (Blu-Ray). The idea here was clearly to offer a showcase of skinny Rika Sakurai in several scenes, with and without men as she teased the camera and had sex. Having never heard of the gal didn't help me any and the majority of information on the cover was in Japanese so don't expect a lot from me. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Rika Sakurai, the skinny gal on the front cover, was up first wearing a black bikini over a wild print skirt, dancing around the room before masturbating in the first scene. The scene lasted mere minutes and did not strike me as overly erotic thanks to the faces she made at the camera a few times, her incredibly hairy pubic hair reminding me of Buckwheat (the Little Rascals character).

Scene Two: Rika Sakurai was then up wearing a bright blue bikini pushed aside to allow her greater access to masturbate using a bullet vibrator. She got very wet, very fast but the grimaces she made all too often made it appear she was in pain. She was then in a change of clothing and approached by a small Asian man with a lot of hair on his head and a penis that made me feel like Godzilla by comparison. Rika sucked him off easily, showing she was no stranger to a foreign cock in her mouth, and then went to jumping his bones after he fingered her to a very moist state of mind. He wore a condom as did all the guys in the movie, the minimal load of population pudding not impressing me much either.

Scene Three: Rika Sakurai, emboldened by the limits of the tiny male she worked with, was then up taking care of two men of similar stature. This led to three and then more as a blowbang ensured with a group of men surrounding her in the living room once she had been warmed up with a small vibrator. A larger vibrator was used on her as she begrudgingly slobbed their knobs, the loads looking mighty fake by the time they landed in the drinking glass for them to feed her. There was some spreading of the spew on her crotch and a syringe of sorts was deployed to give her a technical creampie, again looking really fake in the process.

Scene Four: Rika Sakurai then had a similar scene where she blew and jerked off a few guys to facials, always looking at the camera and never showing a bit of heat. Sorry for the brief description but the monotony of domestic porn has always struck me as painful and this was even worse; the edit points difficult to manage with some scenes blending together.

Scene Five: Rika Sakurai, back in her black bikini, was then up with two of the same guys she worked with earlier in the movie on a bed. They kissed, showed no skill at warming a lady up, and each took a titty to suck before getting some head from Rika. The guys then gave her some oral before they took turns drilling her pussy, the second guy to finish dumping his load out of the condom into her mouth. Rika always looked at the camera and never at the men except with distain, limiting the value for me.

Summary: Erotic Super Queen: Rika Sakurai (Blu-Ray) was technically an okay fuck flick if you are in the market for something closer to erotica and on a shoe string budget. Most of the appeal of any porno is with the female cast members so relying on just one, a gal that never appeared to have fun and was always performing for the camera rather than getting into the sex, seemed to be a big mistake and I rated the movie as a Skip It. I hope that the rest of the titles that came my way are better than this one but I'll be open that I was expecting a lot more quality given the description I was given about the movie and I've seen a LOT of weird stuff that appealed to me more than this one did.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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