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Florida Fuck Fest

Studio: Other » Review by Red Hunter » Review Date: 6/16/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date: October 2007

Directed By:
Victor Cody

Genre(s): Daddies, bear, cub, interracial

The Movie:  Hot daddies and younger studs find a way to enjoy themselves in the hot Florida summer.

The Cast:  Kevan Koehl, Casey Young, Josh Crew, Kody Knight, Salvo Max, Karl Rhodes, Francisco Andreas, Parker Johnson, Big Ben Gunn 

Run Time: 1 hour and 23 minutes

Condoms: Yes

Scene One: Kody Knight, Parker Johnson and Karl Rhodes head up the first scene in this video. Diving right into the action, naked daddies Karl and Kody walk into a bedroom followed by young stud Parker Johnson. The sense of excitement is shown on their faces as they quickly strip the young Parker out of his beach towel and get him naked on the bed.  Both men lavish much attention on their naked stud as soon as they hit the bed. Karl sucks on Parker's impressive cock and swollen balls, while Kody offers up his engorged tool to Parker's open mouth . Not to leave his hot, hairy hole out of the action, Karl switches between sucking on Parker's cock and tonguing his sweet hole. Parker is eager to return the favor by sucking on Kody and then Karl's cocks as they are offered to his eager mouth.

After switching positions, Kody goes to town tonguing and fingering Parkers tight looking hole. Parker wiggles his hot boy butt while he sucks on Karl's cock and after a few moments, Kody moves to allow Karl to suck on his tool.  The action then shifts to a close up of Karl sliding his tool into Parker's waiting hole while Kody takes his spot at the head of the bed allowing Parker to suck on it like it was candy. Karl really gets into the pounding he is giving Parker with encouragement from Kody telling him how much their stud boy is enjoying the action. Not being able to sit and idly watch the hot ass pounding, Kody declares he needs to feel the hot ass and we are treated to a closeup of Kody's large cock invading Parker's tight hole.  After much ball-slapping pounding by Kody, he pulls out just in time to shoot a hot load all over Parker's back. A very nice scene indeed!

Scene Two:Big Ben Gunn and Salvo Max treat us to some hot interracial action. Getting right into the action, Salvo drops to his knees and starts to lick and worship the enormous cock Big Ben has offered to him. Big Ben is sporting a large, silve cock ring that really makes his meaty balls and huge member stand out. After a few minutes of some close-up oral action, Salve climbs onto the bed and gets into a doggie style position offering up his beefy, semi-smooth hole which Big Ben teases with his cock head.  A couple good slaps later, and Big Ben is on his knees giving Salvo's hole a good working over with his tongue. During the tongue lashings, Salvo's face is shown in closeup his face aglow in ecstasy. 

Having teased Salvo's hole enough with both his tongue and his rigid member, Big Ben thrusts his cock into Salvo's hole. A very hot close-up of the action shows the ball slapping action as Big Ben moves in and out of Salvo's ass. Getting into the action, Salvo pulls on his own cock and moans in pleasure enjoying the ride he is being given.  Some hot pounding action gives way to a hot position where Salvo is on his back, legs in the air. Big Ben holds Salvo's legs spread wide as he continues thrusting his hard cock in the beefy ass.  Salvo really gets into the action smiling and furiously stroking his own cock, moaning with each thrust. With some encouragement from Ben, Salvo strokes and shoots a nice load all over his chest. The scene then cuts to Big Ben lying on his back stroking his very large cock and shooting a big, creamy load all over his own chest. 

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Scene Three:Casey Young and Kevan Koehl get right down to business as they kiss, fondle and stroke each others hardening cocks. The contrast in bodies really sets off the scene as an older, furry Kevan fondles young, smooth Casey.  After some tongue play, Casey gets down to some sucking of the thick, uncut Kevan. Casey really gets into his sucking, taking in the entire length until his nose is resting on Kevan's swollen nuts.  The oral stimulation leads to Casey pulling out a dildo from under a pillow and working it into Kevan's eager hole. Stroking his rigid cock, Kevan moans as Casey works the dildo in and out of his furry hole. With the dildo planted firmly in his ass, Kevan rolls Casey on his back and offers up some oral action of his own. All of the sucking has Casey moaning with pleasure as his cock is sucked and stroked by Kevan.

The scene then shifts to a slight surprise as the older, beefy Kevan is mounted by Casey for some deep,anal action.  Some very close shots show each thrust of Casey's beautiful cock as it enters the inviting hole on Kevan. A great underneath shot gives the viewer an extreme close up of the action that you could almost reach out and touch the two studs as their pace speeds up giving way to some serious ball slapping and moans of pleasure by Kevan.  As the pounding continues, Kevan starts to stroke his own cock as Casey slaps him on the ass.  Flipping Kevan on his back and spreading his legs wide, Casey really goes to town thrusting deeper and faster as Kevan furiously strokes his cock. The pace steadily increases as Kevan calls out to Casey to fuck him harder and faster. After some steady pounding, Casey cannot contain himself and quickly pulls out and just in time to shoot a huge load all over Kevan's furry chest. With some encouragement from Casey's fingers probing his ass, Kevan shoots a nice load onto his fur, mixing in with Casey's load. Beefy, uncut daddy Kevan really makes this scene hot.

Scene Four: An orgy featuring Kevan Koehl, Francisco Andreas, Kody Knight, Josh Crew and Big Ben Gunn  takes place at a lavish pool settting.  Big Ben Gunn and Josh Crew are relaxing on some lounge chairs as they begin to rub, kiss and fondle each other.  The fondling gives way to Big Ben taking the hardening cock of Josh into his mouth as he cups his balls and probe his hole with wet fingers. Shortly after, Ben stands up allowing an eager Josh to start giving some oral stimulation of his own. About this time, Francisco Andreas swims into the scene and climbs out of the pool, giving us a nice view of his beefy as as he makes his way over to Ben and Josh.  Once there, Josh who is quite busy sucking on Ben starts stroking Francisco as Francisco and Ben start to kiss.  Josh happily alternates between sucking on Josh and Francisco as the scene pans wide and another couple are getting into each other on the edge of the pool.  Kevan Koehl is sitting on the edge of the pool while Kody Knight stands in front of him in the pool, sucking on his thick, uncut cock.   The scenes alternate back to the trio of Ben, Josh and Francisco as Josh sucks on both men at the same time.  Once more back to the duo of Kevan and Kody as Kody pushes Kevan onto his back to give his hairy hole some tongue loving. One of the highlights of the scene is that of Kody and Kevan on the edge of the pool. A nice closeup of Kevan's beefy ass as Kody's tongue probes it and his hands stroke Kevan's hard cock is very hot to watch. Having given Kevan plenty of attention, Kody climbs out of the pool where a grateful Kevan is waiting to suck some cock.  In the background, the trio of Josh, Ben and Francisco are still going at it.

As the scene fades out and back in, the action shifts to Ben lying on a lounge chair as he sucks Francisco's cock. Josh is lying on a floating raft with his bubble butt in the air as he suck on Kevan.  Kody takes a spot behind Josh and starts to finger Josh's hole and stroke his own cock.  Scene slipping on a condom, Kody slowly enters Josh's eager hole and starts giving him a good pounding. Josh is more then accommodating as he greedily suck on Kevan's cock while Kody thrusts in and out.  The scene focuses back on Ben and Josh just in time to show Ben sliding his large cock into Josh's open hole. Josh's mouth is also busy sucking on Kody who appears standing at his head. Kevan is standing nearby the trio on the lounge chair as Francisco kneels down to suck on his cock.  Kody moves forward more and straddles Josh allowing himself some hot tongue action in his hole as he and Ben kiss. Shifting positions again, the very beefy Ben is almost doing push-ups as he thrusts in and out of Josh's ravished hole as his knees press into his chest. Not being able to contain himself, Kevan moves behind and Ben withdrawals allowing Kevan to slip his hard cock into Josh's hole.  Josh's mouth is kept busy again as Francisco stands over him and offers his cock.  All five men get into the action now as the hot, writhing action continues on screen. Josh is lying on his back on the lounge chair. Kevan is giving Josh's ass a pounding as Kody starts to enter Kevan's ass. Francisco is offering his own swollen member to Josh's eager mouth as Ben stands behind him, squeezing Francisco's perky nipples. Some very hot close-up shots are shown as Kody's cock is seen thrusting in and out of Kevan's hairy hole.  Kody and Kevan swap places in the line at one point allowing Kody to pump in and out of Josh's hole.  After some hot and heavy pounding, Kody cannot take it any more and pulls out in time to shoot a nice load over Josh's belly.  After finishing, the action shifts to Francisco pounding Josh's hole on the edge of the pool while Kody rims Kevan's beefy ass.  A very nice undershot, closeup of Francisco's cock pumping in and out of Josh's ass is another highlight of the scene.   The men really get into it and it shows in the action on screen as the climaxes being to happen. Kody has switched to topping Kevan and after some furious thrusting, Kevan's stands and shoots a nice, creamy load on the lounge chair. Kody stands and pumps out load #2 of the scene, most impressive.  Having just heard the moans of Kevan and Kody, Francisco and Josh continue their fucking until Francisco pulls out and Josh shoots his load.  Francisco receives some stimulation on his nipples from Ben  allowing him to shoot his hot load all over Josh's hairy butt cheeks.  The scene comes in as the longest and what a way to close this hot video. Woof!

Video:  Florida Fuck Fest is presented in full screen. Photographers Victor Cody and Chip Summers provide some great action sequences while maintaining and amateur feel to the movie. At times, the video tends to be a little shaky, but that does seem to play into the whole amateur feeling. Foregoing any plot or story, the director maintains the focus on the hot man-on-man action. In addition, the video has an accessible feeling to it in that "I could shoot that video myself" way. Combined with actors that represent many different body types, Florida Fuck Fest has much to offer those looking for hot men outside of the twink or buff muscle types.

Audio:The sound is clear and crisp allowing you to hear all the dirty talk these guys speak between their moans and groans of pleasure.

Bonus Features: The disc features an interactive menu, scene selection, and a hot preview for Amateur Daddy Orgy. While it might not seem like a lot, the preview is of a nice length and does feature some hot action on the screen.

Final Thoughts:  Certainly, this video might not be for everyone, especially if your viewing is limited to the bigger studios of Falcon, Mustang, and others. But, for anyone willing to gie a chance on a smaller studio, you certainly cannot go wrong.  This video features real men doing the down and dirty sex that sometimes looks staged and  unreal in bigger  studio releases.  You won't find any muscle clad studs or skinny, toned twinks. Instead you will find some hot men  that look more  like you would run into  in your day to day life. These men really get into the action and certainly look like they are enjoying the show they are giving the camera.  Speaking of which, the filming is done in an amateur style that really adds to the action on the screen. It feels as if given a camcorder and some hot men at your command, you could create your own Fuckfest video.  That, in my opinion, is what made this video such an enjoyable watch and one that I would happily recommend to anyone looking for a hot movie to supplement their movie collection.

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