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Sasha Grey's Anatomy (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Teravision » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/12/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Sasha Grey's Anatomy (Blu-Ray)


Genre: Vignette

Director: Jimmy D.

Cast: Sasha Grey, Jay Lassiter, Bobbi Eden, Cheyne Collins, Courtney James, Marco Banderas, Jerry, Jayme Langford, Mia Smiles, Faye Regan, Chris Cannon

Length: 113:51 minutes

Date of Production: 11/28/2007

Extras: There weren't many extras included here, starting off with a 5:35 minute long photogallery and 15 trailers to previous efforts by the company. I was surprised at how short the photogallery was but this was largely made up for by the lengthy 29:30 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Sancho and Candy Lane. There was some nudity and goofing off taking place but it also showed the spirit of the scenes being shot as positive even if the technical matters were lacking most of the time. Jimmy is one of the most entertaining guys in the jizz biz so I was happy that he was given some screen time too, making it a "must watch" extra for me.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sasha Grey's Anatomy (Blu-Ray) was presented in a visually pleasing 1.78:1 widescreen color as shot by director Jimmy D. for Teravision to be released in this high definition version using the AVC codec. To say this was the best looking movie coming out of Teravision would be an understatement, the vignette nature of the production still in need of polishing up but providing far more detail thanks to the enhanced resolution, and accurate fleshtones befitting the cast. The composition of the shots was almost always favorable to the ladies, Jimmy taking great pains to present them at their best, though some of them had blemishes not quite ready for high definition porn (if you catch my drift). The bitrate varied a lot this time, from the upper teens most of the time to the mid 30's but I really didn't see a huge difference in picture quality tied to the bitrate so don't get too obsessed over it. Sasha fared best of the all the ladies (as expected) but Jayme and Bobbi were lovely too, each getting the star treatment from what I could tell. There were some moments that showed the crew in reflective surfaces and some of the gals, Sasha included, were far too fond of looking into the camera instead of focusing on their partners, but it was a great step towards the future by the folks at Teravision. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital at 48 kHz under the standard 192 Kbps. As such, it showed virtually no improvement over most SD titles and it seems destined to remain that audio will never be properly catered to by the company. This could change in the future since Jimmy went on record years ago as knowing people that could do a great 5.1 audio track but the budget must not have allowed for it here. The vocals were on the low side, often a series of whispers, but the score did not get in the way of the sex since it was so uncommon.

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Body of Review: Jimmy D. has been one of my favorite directors in porn for many years, recently hooking up with Teravision to provide the company with his superior technical skills as a means of assisting the rest of the staff help see their creative visions through. While some of the past efforts by the staff directors have been very visually creative, the technical matters often suffered as a result of them lacking experience, making Jimmy's assistance all the more important to help elevate their movies into the area where many of us would like them to be. Jimmy's first credited directing job for the company to make it my way is also their second foray into the world of high definition, the movie called Sasha Grey's Anatomy (Blu-Ray). I purposely avoided reading up about the movie during its production in order to avoid spoiling the result of my observations, not wanting my appreciation of Jimmy's past efforts to color my idea of what he did here. That said, anyone that is unfamiliar with Sasha Grey, the AVN Performer of the Year for 2008, has probably been living in a cave given the sheer amount of press the gal has received. While she is not my top pick as a hotty, she certainly impressed a lot of fans with her knob slobbing skills, hardcore antics, and general physical and mental appeal so promoting her as the lead of the movie seems to make sense. The cover said it like this: "AVN's 2008 Performer of the Year Sasha Grey, leads an anatomically stellar cast of sex hungry medical practitioners in Director Jimmy D's "Sasha Grey's Anatomy." From the hospital's morgue to its examination rooms. These cum-hungry medical misfits probe and examine every aspect of their patient's -- and each other's -- anatomies. Also starring the anatomical delights of Jayme Langford. Courtney James, Bobbi Eden, Mia Smiles, and Faye Regan. "Sasha Grey's Anatomy" is guaranteed to therapeutically maximize its viewer's blood flow where it counts!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Sasha Grey, the cutie on the front cover, was up first as a doctor showing Jay Lassiter bodies in the morgue. I haven't watched the mainstream television show the movie parodies but having seen Sasha slob a knob a number of times, I was content to check the performances out based on her sexual skills. She showed a hearty love of cock here, inhaling the meat stick from front and back while maintaining control of the action, even employing dirty talk to enhance the moment. That led to Jay boning her hard in the ass, Sasha demanding he drill her harder as she streamed the nasty talk all the more. A few positions later, she was blowing him with some ATM to taste her own juices, the guy rubbing out a moderate load of population pudding to the barely satiated gal. This was far from the nastiest Sasha has been in recent months but it was a solid way to start the show all the same; I just wish she wasn't so infatuated with the camera when it weakens the appearance of chemistry.

Scene Two: Bobbi Eden, a beautiful blond with a smoking hot body, was up next as an intern working her way through medical school as a porn star. She was examining Cheyne Collins in a medical examination room when he commented that she was recommended as the one for him to see. She felt him up as is standard during a physical and he mentioned her performances which led her to understanding his medical ailments were all part of a ruse to enjoy her touch. She rolled her eyes and played along, kissing him before jerking the guy off to get him ready for the ensuing hummer. Bobbi is a talented fellatrix and he reciprocated in a far clumsier manner, leading to the couple screwing vaginally. Bobbi was great eye candy and Cheyne tried to keep up with her (unsuccessfully for the most part), a few positions of which led to him busting a nut on her feet for her to lick clean. While not my thing, foot fetish action works for some people and the entire scene wasn't bad despite the disparities in performance quality.

Scene Three: Courtney James, a fetching young brunette, was up next playing the wife of Marco Banderas; the pair seeking medical assistance for erectile dysfunction. That led them to Dr. Sheepherder as played by perverted Jerry, Sasha's narrative pointing out that he liked to get too involved in his work at the clinic. He began by undressing Courtney and caressing her body, savoring the youthful flesh of hers as Marco stood helplessly by. The couple began making out in a passionate but subdued manner, Jerry banging her pussy until she reached over to suck start Marco's firm rod. The guys took turns getting blown and fucking the gal and she was moderately active, Marco getting what appeared to be the lion's share of her active pussy. The scene ended when the men both rubbed out loads to her face and Courtney gave some post coital head.

Scene Four: Jayme Langford, a cute redhead with flowing locks of hair, was up next playing a records clerk listening to the ramblings of Asian Mia Smiles; the gal playing a doctor unsure of her sexuality. This time, Mia's character was lesbian friendly, nervously engaging Jayme with the redhead taking firm control of what took place. Mia sat back and enjoyed the ride after a lengthy bout of caressing and light kissing, a seductive type of lesbian scene more than the typical "gay for pay" action most common in couples porn. I was happy that they used tongues and fingers instead of a bunch of lame toys, the records room serving as an impromptu place to get off in but also seemingly perfect for the scenario of exploration.

Scene Five: Faye Regan, playing a happening nurse, gave Chris Cannon a handjob to assist him with his malady, Sasha initially called in for a consultation but soon leaving her to handle the matter herself. I was disappointed that this wasn't a three way almost as much as the fact that Sasha only had a single scene in the movie, Faye doing her best oral to try and make me forget the superior skills of her associate. The handjob was better than the blowjob this time, the minimalist nature of the action leading to a vaginal screw that showcased Faye's assortment of skills a bit better. They went at it in several positions with Faye sucking his rod clean from time to time, eventually blowing him to completion and licking him clean with some post coital action.

Summary: Sasha Grey's Anatomy (Blu-Ray) by director Jimmy D. for Teravision was not the most complete package for a fan to appreciate but given time, the better extras will come along (at least they were displayed in high definition here) and the movie itself could have used Sasha Grey to fuller effect. Still, the upgraded visual elements of the movie combined with Jimmy's technical expertise added a few levels to the show, making it worthy of being Recommended even if I was left wanting more. In short, Sasha Grey's Anatomy (Blu-Ray) was a lot like early DVD efforts in terms of showing the potential of the Blu-Ray format while not giving the consumer as much as it could have; making me interested in what the company will come up with next at the hands of the auteur director.  For a quick glance of the flick, check out this TRAILER.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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