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Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/17/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Brooke Belle and Mykal Rain!  (click for trailer)

Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4: Special Edition Set

Jules Jordan Video/Erik Everhard Entertainment

Jordan Star

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Erik Everhard

Alexa Benson!

Cast: Brooke Belle, Mykal Rain, Erik Everhard, Jordan Star, Alexa Benson, Anna Belle, Brynn Tyler, Marco Banderas, Tiffany Rayne

Length: 180:40 minutes

Anna Belle!

Date of Production: 3/15/2008

Brynn Tyler

Extras: The first disc had no extras to speak of, allowing for the bitrate to be higher on the footage displayed. The second disc was where all the extras action was at, the best extra being the 29:21 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage as shot by Jimmy Scaffnetti and Erik Everhard (a bit less than usual but still showing some worthwhile material for fans). There was mostly extra sex, a lot of extra nudity, and some interviews; with the women as well as with Jimmy and company all goofing off and fooling around added some value to the feature (the grossest part being where Tiffany pushed something brown out of her ass...eww). There was also a photogallery, a cumshot recap, a cast list, and 6 trailers to shows like Anal Prostitutes On Video 5, Anal Cavity Search 4, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3, Beyond the Call of Booty 2, Double Vision, Jailbait 4, This Butt's 4 U #3, Cum In My Ass, Not In My Mouth 5, The Art of the Cum Fart, Anal Cavity Search 3, Anal Prostitutes On Video 4, Jailbait 3, Beyond the Call of Booty 1, A Sperm Load A Day, and Canadian Beaver on the double disc set.

What a great ass!

Condoms: None

That's right:  Tiffany Rayne is back!

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Audio/Video Quality: Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4 was presented in a nicely shot 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Erik Everhard for distribution by Jules Jordan Video in the standard MPEG-2 codec. The lighting was largely even and plentiful so there was not a lot of grain or other visual issues to complain about. The camera angles always favored the women, making them look as good as possible, though usually at the expense of Erik. The camera was steady and the editing kept poor footage at a minimum, making it one of the better looking releases by Erik in recent times. Jimmy Scaffnetti was elevated to the title of Director of Photography this time, perhaps a nod to the hard work the guy has put in to making Erik's movies so well regarded. I could fuss about minor matters (again, it's what I do though the mid level 5 Mbps bitrate never appearing to be an issue) but in general; it was a solid looking show. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English at 192 Kbps, with minimal separation between the channels but all the vocals meant to be heard were clearly discernable. There wasn't a lot of thumping music as others use and the sounds of the sexual activity were picked up nicely by the built in microphone on the camera. In short, the technical matters were fairly solid all around, better than a number of Erik's other gonzo titles of late.

Body of Review: Erik Everhard is perhaps the best example of a man driven to succeed in the industry where sucking seed is the most prevalent sex act. Starting off as a migrant worker from the great white north, he set out on a mission and by almost any standard, became wildly popular as a performer and director in porn where his works are now distributed by Jules Jordan Video. Erik's latest release is Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4: Special Edition Set, the sequel to the well received Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3, a series of gonzo scenes starring the director (in all but one case) and ladies such as Brooke Belle, Mykal Rain, Jordan Star, Alexa Benson, Anna Belle, Brynn Tyler, and most notably, the return of lovely Tiffany Rayne who had been reported to be "gone" in the most final of manners. Each scene had a short set up before a wealth of tease, ending in the ladies having some balls to the wall sex with Erik or Marco that made this a most strokable adventure. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Brooke Belle, the curvy blond on the lower left hand corner in white lingerie, was up as a submissive first, at the hands of dominant Mykal Rain, the punk looking gal in torn blue jeans seen on the center of the left side of the cover, as she introduced Erik Everhard to her new toy. Brooke was tied to the bed in spread eagle fashion with a ball gag in her mouth, the ladies playing just enough to get warmed up for Erik. Some riding crop play and oral was sweetly applied and Mykal's jeans really looked great at enhancing her ass, the combination of her seductive wantonness and Brooke's innocence making for a great set up to enhance replay value. Erik joined the lesbian antics to chow down on Brooke's crotch with the gal reciprocating on his penis, Mykal providing substantial amounts of energy along the way. The oral continued throughout the scene even after the penetrative acts started too, Erik going into his trance as he plugged away on Brooke whose face was the resting place for Mykal's pussy. Mykal was a particularly enthusiastic cock rider too, grinding herself fully onto his dick while Brooke sat on his face but the entire scene was so full of passionate positions that made any thought of anal a waste of time; the population pudding flowing thanks to Brooke jerking Erik off (and the semen shared in a cumswapping moment between the ladies). Whew!

Scene Two: Jordan Star, the cute brunette seen on the top middle of the cover standing up, showed there was more "bounce to the ounce" with her sweet titties as she met Erik Everhard at the door to the house in her colorful outfit. It was a playful introduction done in POV fashion, the two making out before Erik went down on her. Jordan seemed a bit new here, slyly glancing up at the camera a time or two while grunting in pleasure, rewarding Erik with a decent hummer that brought him fully to life for the fucking portion of the scene. There was some titty fucking too but Jordan's active riding skills were the best part of their show, the couple wearing down the couch as they went at one another in varied positions, resulting in her titty fucking him to orgasm where the face was the resting spot of his spew. The scene was far from perfect because I think she lost her ability to perform when having so much fun, the chemistry higher then average.

Scene Three: Alexa Benson, the attractive gal seen in the upper right hand corner of the cover wearing a 1980's leotard (complete with thong), was up next as she tried to sell her workout video to Erik Everhard. The title was "Butter Buns" and the focal point of the show was an ass workout to enhance the ass; her own ass shown to be lean and fit. Erik focused much of the tease on her clothed ass, Alexa giving him an offer he couldn't refuse as she flashed him seductively. Her clothing flew off from there and she began actively slobbing his knob, the POV camera work very steady as she provided a sweet hummer to the hero of the movie. The lack of hands during the oral will be a major selling point for some of you (she switched it up a bit though) just as the active vaginal penetration will appeal to others. She was a moaner and didn't get particularly active until the anal sex near the end of the scene, the subtle grinding she had done until that time paling by comparison; Alexa offering up some ATM to show her freakiness. That led to a blowjob finale where she really inhaled his meat to the breaking point, the mouthful of sperm her reward for a job well done. In all, it was a solid scene and I'm glad there was no rush to the naked bumping of uglies, a relatively bold move compared to many of Erik's peers who feel the need to rush the action. Sweet!

Scene Four: Anna Belle, the blond on the bottom middle of the front cover, was up first as she was interviewed in B&W wearing a boring workout outfit that did nothing for her as Erik reminisced about their sorted past. It was a cute anecdote and soon led to her wearing much hotter fetish garb in an effort to dominate Erik Everhard as she had wanted to do a long time ago when they were making out. Brandishing a riding crop and an open backside, she slowly teased as she made her way upstairs to the bedroom where Erik was waiting; the gal giving up the domination theme in order to suck him off aggressively. Her oral skills were solid and she used some hand to gland combat to increase the friction much like a toy tester assistant of mine does these days (hi sweety!), her outfit removed to give him better access to her chest and crotch. Erik is a gentleman in that he always likes to warm up the ladies, elevating his stature with many almost as much as by his driven method of pounding away at them during the penetrative sex. Anna loved the treatment she received, her only regret being that she had to wait so long to work with the guy, the ripples of pleasure obvious from the look on her face and increased respiration rate. Anna was an active rider from the first pump, pushing back on his cock as her pussy stretched to accommodate the large rod tapping away at her. While I would have liked her to offer up more dirty talk, she was in her zone as much as he was, both of them merging so readily that they didn't appear to be cognizant of anything going on around them. Their resulting chemistry and passion made this a solid starting scene for the second disc, the population pudding rubbed out on her waiting face (and into her mouth). Yum!

Scene Five: Brynn Tyler, the sexy blond bent over on the top middle of the front cover, was up next as a production assistant discussing details with Erik when a green card needing Marco Banderas called in desperation to his friend. Marco's acting range was displayed as a nicotine-frenzied guy in need of a local wife, Brynn offering to work things out when the topic of payment came up. This led to them getting more familiar sexually, just in case they were to be questioned by the feds, and each thought it was a great idea. Generally, Erik doesn't have a lot of other guys in his movies unless it's for a DP, gangbang or blowbang so picking studly Marco to sit in was pretty decent of him. Brynn was a prime piece of pussy too, not a throwaway "ho" by any means as she proved by suck starting the Latino porn king to a full erection. I was slightly surprised that he didn't go down on her though, Brynn taking longer to actively ride his package as a result. They still had fun but compared to the other scenes, the energy levels were not nearly as high; ending on an up tick when she jerked him off to give herself a facial.

Scene Six: Tiffany Rayne, the beauty featured on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up last and what a welcome sight for sore eyes she was to this reviewer. I admit that I liked her even before she flirted so heavily with me at an AEE convention (in the Smash Pictures booth while I was talking to their leading guy) and while she was not always consistently solid in her scenes, the ratio of hits to misses was always way better than average. Having asked about her coming out of retirement a few times, it was even hinted that she was included due to my incessant requests, a running joke of sorts between myself and a few industry insiders. In any case, she teased in her great stripper outfit that showed what a perfect ass she possesses and Erik Everhard oiled her up before the tease ended, only to use some anal beads to start stretching her perfect pucker for the scene. The tease continued until they were in the bedroom and she ATM'ed the beads, swapping them out for a hearty knob slobbing while keeping eye contact with her partner. He played with her ass some more and warmed her up using fingers and tongue, Tiffany riding him somewhat actively in vaginal and anal positions suitable for making her look better. Admittedly, it took her a bit to accommodate his large cock tearing into her but she bounced on him wildly as her remaining baby fat rippled, occasionally letting loose with the dirty talk as both of them became wet from sweat as much as flowing juices. Tiffany was definitely slower in the anal but her heart shaped ass was still looking fabulous and coming back after a lengthy hiatus to ride a dick that big (and by a powerhouse like Erik) takes a lot of guts so she earned her wings this time too. The scene closed up with a genuine looking anal creampie but it was a small one, some of the footage edited to be seen in the BTS (which was kind of gross). Still, the return of Tiffany Rayne was my leading reason to check this one out and I was not disappointed. Yes!

Summary: Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4 by director Erik Everhard for Jules Jordan Video was not a perfect release but the inclusion of Tiffany Rayne and some other ladies giving excellent performances merited a rating of Highly Recommended for fans of hardcore gonzo that aren't desperate for circus act sex and appreciate a little bit of set up before the action begins. The tease factor for some scenes was better than others yet Erik managed to balance the elements out with some solid technical values boosting the replay value in anamorphic widescreen, making this one of the best flicks reviewed this week (and a contender for the weekly pick in the Blue Room column). In short, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4: Special Edition Set improved on the series from Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3 and should be checked out as a solid gonzo title with a little bit of everything for fans, not to mention more new Tiffany Rayne footage than has been seen in a very long time.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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