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Personal Touch Vol. 3: Exploring the

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 6/17/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Personal Touch Vol. 3: Exploring the "O" proves without a doubt that nine times out of ten if you want audiences to pay attention, you have to have a hot host. Jamye Waxman is proof. Describing herself as an astronaut is odd enough, but once you get past that, you'll enjoy "Exploring the O" for the demented and often surreal set pieces, and methods to helping a woman orgasm.

Worst "Muppets" Episode EVER

In one moment, Waxman even stands at a kitchen counter in an apron with a bunch of multi-colored dildos around her. I laughed."Volume Three" features Waxman as the "sexplorer" who can test your patience. Beyond sounding much too rehearsed and stilted in her teaching, she rarely ever makes the viewer feel comfortable. She has knowledge, but unlike other instructors in sex instruction DVD's, you know she's reading from cue cards, and sounds too withdrawn from the proceedings, not to mention her attempts at improv are irritating.

She screams when Daisy lifts Vulva puppet over the couch and claps and hops like a nut job ruining the overall mood. There's funny and then there's just desperation, and the introduction of "Vulva Puppet" is one of the dumber moments of the documentary. I mean seriously, just teach us and make us feel comfortable, I don't want X Rated "Lambchop."

I frankly expected them to add a voice to (ugh) Vulva Puppet, but it thankfully never got that idiotic.

Jamye Waxman seems to genuinely have some great information for audiences, but she's too concerned in wigging us out and making things uncomfortable for us in an attempt to convince us that she has a personality. As long as you're providing useful information, I don't need a personality to watch, which is why other instructional videos have been so exceptional in the past.

They dance. They actually start dancing. No seriously, they dance!

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Then we enter in to the segments of demonstrating how to stimulate the clitoris to achieve maximum orgasm efficiency. Sans the instructions. So, instead we're just assuming that they're doing it right and have no real pin pointing to what's occuring before us. Waxman never lets us know what's going on, and frankly, the segments feel so disconnected to the Sex Ed DVD. All of them feel like they were ripped from other pornos with the pretense that they have relevance to the teachings.

And then the segments just jump ahead. Waxman never talks about dildos until later on and they use one. Waxman never talks to us about the woman calling the shots, and Daisy does it. At least stick to the subject Waxman went over instead of fast forwarding in to material she hasn't covered yet. Most times in instructional DVD's, we'll see a demonstration based on and around the lesson taught to us.

Nothing like that occurs here.

The "real couples" just get in to whatever they want, and we can never be sure if we'll be taught that later, or if they just didn't care enough to follow Waxman's lesson plans, originally. Frankly, it's annoying, and you'll be thrown for a loop more often than not. She teaches us about finger manipulation, but Dick here just fucks Daisy stupid, and eventually manipulates her pussy with his fingers. Should we be doing what he's doing? Why?

In "Volume 3," even the performers try to have a personality, as the performers throw barbs at one another and attempt to build a chemistry. They fail. All the tme. And Waxman turns in to a secondary presence eventually, with the porn stars instructing us in badly performed lessons, and everyone mugs for the camera with lame smiles, and goofy jokes, and this was just a poorly planned and brutally awkward instructional DVD.

I'm all for making Sex Education a comfortable experience, but this wasn't. The more Waxman added levity, the more it felt amateurish and inadvertently caused us to put in to question her sexual knowledge. Is she an actual sexual expert, or is she simply just reading from a script? I didn't want to find out, because I wasn't having fun.

I don't know, I like Adam and Eve Pictures, but I expected a little more from the quality of the DVD. The DVD menu first and foremost looks very bad with most of the letters obviously stretched out (as indicated by the pixelation), and the wonky navigation. The picture to the movie is very good if a little dark. Often times the Video resembled a typical camcorder with a graininess and stale picture quality, and then jumps into another segment are sharper and more defined. The sound is key to instructional DVD's, and the sound is up to par with every word of Waxman's coming in loud and clear. At least they got that right.

We're giving a thirteen minute "Behind the Scenes" feature where we watch Jamye explaining her mission and how much fun she has for Adam and Eve... and watch the cool filming techniques! Watch Jamye say the same thing in two different scenes for... no real reason! Watch Jamye and Daisy fondle Vulva puppet! Watch them goof around with it during a photo shoot, and watch Jamye add a voice to it! Great fun. Nah, it's really not. There's also a three and a half minute photo gallery of our performers in action, and trailers to the other "Personal Touch" DVDs.

After Thought:
It just goes to show that just because you're hot and know a thing or two about a thing or two, it doesn't mean you can make an entertaining sex DVD. Case in point, Jamye Waxman who is more concerned with being funny and convincing us she has a personality, than giving us some useful nuggets to take away from this. "Exploring the O" is shrill, monotonous, and droning, and while I'm sure she's a wonderful person, here Waxman is often irritating and flat. Frankly, I've seen better, and you'd be better off looking for something that would be more worth your time than two women holding a Vulva puppet up and making funny voices.

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