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Chemistry Vol. 4

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Sinnamon Love and Penny Flame by the pool.  (click for trailer)

Chemistry 4: Special Edition (AKA: The Orgy Edition)

Vivid Entertainment/Smart Ass Productions

Tristan talking to the cast on Day One.

Genre: Gonzo, Reality Porn

Director: Tristan Taormino

Penny Flame watching Evan Stone with Adrianna Nicole

Cast: Penny Flame, Evan Stone, Sinnamon Love, Adrianna Nicole, Tyler Knight, Johnny Sins
Non sex roles by: Tristan Taormino, Patricia Johnson, Mark Michaels

Lucky Tyler Knight about to get some premium pussy.

Length: 204:48 minutes

Date of Production: 5/25/2007, 5/26/2007

The Mighty Evan Stone as "Tiger-Man"!

Extras: The first disc had nothing but the majority of the movie and a positions room (unless you count the commercials at the front of the DVD) so I'll mention the appealing fold open case the double disc set came in. The hubs held the discs on securely but not too tightly, making me feel better than when I hear the tell tale rattling on a disc or fret about bending a disc to free it from the hub. The second disc had a modest wealth of extras in addition to the rest of the movie. It started off with a bonus scene between Sinnamon Love and Tyler Knight that lasted 14:02 minutes (beginning with the lady trash talking other cast members). It began with a masturbation scene by the gal and Tyler joining her on the bed, allowing their personal chemistry to work wonders on the small screen. There was then a 17:56 minute long section of deleted scenes showing the cast having plenty of fun, the sexual antics adding to the blooper nature of the feature. Then there was a lot of photogallery stuff in the form of slide shows, the women's section lasting 5:05 minutes but the men getting 2:42 minutes as well as a standard photogallery. There were then trailers to Tristan's other releases, including Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2, Chemistry 3, Guide to Anal Sex, Guide to Cunnilingus, and some spam.

Tristan Taormino on the couch and Adrianna Nicole on the floor!

Condoms: None

Penny Flame in a nurturing moment on the couch with the cast and puppy!

Audio/Video Quality: Chemistry 4: Special Edition was presented in 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Tristan Taormino for Vivid Entertainment (with help from Hank Hoffman, Ralph Parfait, Fliktor, Ten C., Tristan and the rest of the cast of course). The movie was shot in HD (the bitrate all over the place but typically higher than before) though in the same fashion as the various Shane's World series as a form of porn reality TV show, resulting in a decidedly mixed set of technical values (though showing a lot of improvement from the first few volumes in the series). Some of the camera work was by the performers themselves, tending to show a less movement than the last time I saw the series, but Ralph's work was clearly the steadiest this time with Tristan's limited work (at least as credited on the Perv-Cam) being the worst. At other times, the lighting would be candlelight or even whatever ambient light peeked in from the mostly closed doors and windows; even a fogged up window closing out one avenue of attack for a great shower sequence. In all then, the visuals impressed me with how much better they looked but never forgetting that part of the draw of the movie was the gimmick of the unknown and risk taking. Apart from the Shane's World analogy, this was very much like a condensed porno version of MTV's The Real World and looked like it so don't expect the visuals to look to polished and professional (lots of grain, video noise, and other flaws). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English in 192 Kbps with similar flaws (low levels, abrupt changes that weren't compensated for, and background noise) but like the visuals, it didn't truly detract from the experiment very much. The music added to the show by Rolande for the theme song striking me as better handled this time for some reason.

The cast bouncing on the bed at the end of the main orgy!

-- sponsored by --

Body of Review: Tristan Taormino has always struck me as the kind of female personality that just naturally draws in a positive vibe with whatever she does given her charm, personality, and intelligence. Having listened to her discuss a few odd topics at porn conventions and a party I attended, I can also say that while she might disagree with you on something, she doesn't make it personal as she projects her own point of view as being "right". That I like her personally does not get in the way of my objectively reviewing her directing work at Vivid Entertainment though, much of it different in an exciting way; providing an alternative to more mainstream projects much like those lovable characters at Shane's World have impressed me with over the years. Tristan's latest release making it my way is Chemistry 4: Special Edition (AKA: The Orgy Edition), a series I last watched with Chemistry 3. If you've never seen the series before, you've really been missing out because she takes six porn performers, puts them up in a house for a couple of days, and lets them run wild to do whatever they want to do in whatever way they want to do it while taping the result. If this sounds like MTV's Real World, that's because the basic premise is modeled after that show, albeit in a cranked up, highly charged way that the mainstream reality show could never hope to match on its very best day. The results are not always consistent and there is a large dose of serendipity involved in whatever happens but just as Brand New Faces is my favorite porno about industry newcomers, the "chemistry" involved in this series is often among the best in the jizz biz. The back cover says it like this: "Tristan brings six porn stars to a secluded house for the weekend and lets them loose to live out their fantasies. All the sexual hook-ups are spontaneous and completely up to the performers, and they waste no time getting naked before the cameras are even ready to roll! Sex begins as a one-on-one affair until whoever has the Perv Cam joins in, and pretty soon it becomes an incredible 36 hour orgy. See what happens when Sinnamon indulges her insatiable appetite, Tyler is left alone with all three women, Penny pushes her boundaries, Evan puts on his tiger suit, Adrianna uses her feet in some unusual ways, and Johnny arrives late and must make up for lost time." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Penny Flame, the amazing blogger here at Xcritic, was up first with the mighty Evan Stone, as the two made wild monkey love out by the pool on the deck. The oral and vaginal penetration was expected but the silly way each of these two interacted was especially cool, losing their mugging of the camera to find some passion running deep towards each other. Let's face it, Evan is always "on" in his non-sex work and Penny seems so ready to dive into the stoner approach she has clung to for years that pairing them was pure genius. As the scene progressed, Sinnamon Love couldn't help but join in too, the appeal of the two characters simply more than she could resist. The gals did some lesbian licking with each other but ultimately, Penny's best work here was with what seemed like her soul mate Evan even if the POV action with the ladies was so enjoyable.

Scene Two: Adrianna Nicole, Penny Flame, Sinnamon Love, Tyler Knight, and Evan Stone, then jumped into an impromptu orgy on the living room couch when they stopped talking during the introduction session. Adrianna's curves were great, Penny was pouring on the charm, and Sinnamon put on a major vibe for the guys to pick up with the guys going crazy for pussy. There was no tease, build up, or other preliminary action as Tyler was planking Sinnamon and Evan was drilling Adriana before Penny was tossed into the mix (when the mighty Evan grabbed her neck playfully and pushed her into the fray). The guys switched up a lot and the ladies seemed more than willing to orally please the men and their fellow women alike; the kind of orgy dynamic that rarely works out nearly as well in real life unless the partners know and respect one another deeply. Tristan seems to be able to escalate how her performers treat one another, a catalyst in the most awesome of ways but also wise enough to get interracial friendly performers so that no problems would arise. The cast shared each other very nicely and that did not harm the chemistry in the slightest, Evan's load of population pudding launched on Adriana before an overheated Tyler took a prolonged break. Evan was done for first though, coming back to nail Penny for Tyler after recharging a little; wearing a feminine outfit that didn't impact his studliness one little bit (only Evan can pull that kind of thing off these days it seems).

Scene Three: Sinnamon Love, the curvy black gal on the front cover, was then up with Tyler Knight in the darkened bedroom, wanting him all to herself as the pair went nuts on each other; the penetrative sex turning both of them into sex crazed fiends. She made a lot of over the top moans and groans but the way she was pumping on his cock and face while they were "taking a nap" was kind of cool. Tyler had issues with his inability to keep going earlier so he did not pop in the orgy, building up a wad of semen to unleash here "Tantra style" as latecomer Adrianna Nicole had mentioned. To be frank, when Adrianna joined, the tempo slowly down to a crawl but her oral loving revived him yet again as she swallowed his sword so effectively with Sinnamon coaxing her along. I got the distinctive impression that Sinnamon had ever so slightly laid a claim on Tyler but was graciously sharing him with Adrianna; ending the scene for Mark & Patricia to give a lesson in tantric practices.

Scene Four: Sinnamon Love, Adrianna Nicole, Tyler Knight, and Penny Flame, were up next; Penny's perv-cam coming at the tail end of her sad revelation about having relationship troubles. Sinnamon and Adrianna were in the Jacuzzi bathtub with Tyler making out, a lot of oral going on with kissing shown too. Adrianna used her foot to fuck Sinnamon in a slightly less explicit moment, the mirror helping Penny capture it fairly well but not as hardcore as most porn is these days. She then turned her toes on Tyler's dick to give him a footjob, Sinnamon joining her to blow Tyler before they went to the bedroom where Penny jumped in all horned up to get some head while she gave just as much. The ladies all savored the moment and that elevated the scene over a generic bump & grind, Penny sticking with Tyler for the moment while the other two gals enjoyed some heavy toy play on the other part of the bed. They all got back together by the end though, some intermittent interview clips getting in the way more than they did previously. The nut was popped on Penny's sweet ass while the other ladies licked it up (mostly straight from the tap though) and Adrianna began licking Penny's foot (tickling her to howls).

Scene Five: Sinnamon Love, Adrianna Nicole, and Johnny Sins, then were in his first scene of the movie as the "Johnny come lately" (pun intended) finally made it to the set. Adrianna was the better cocksucker of the pair and showing her skill in ways that any man could fully appreciate; the deepthroat action provoking even Sinnamon to comment on how awesome the lady was at the act. Evan was playing around in his Tiger costume too, but the hummer ended off camera from what I could tell.

Scene Six: Sinnamon Love, Johnny Sins, Adrianna Nicole, and Evan Stone, were up next with Sinnamon mesmerized by Johnny's dick and needing to suck it more than anything else. The messy hummer was markedly different from Adrianna's earlier knob slobbing; the gal losing track of the others around her until they started joining in. Adrianna was going down on tiger-man Evan and they all ended up on the bed in no time at all. The specific order of who fucked whom is unimportant here but the ladies were riding cock in no time too, actively bouncing even more than before to show off their skills. Sinnamon's ass looked perfect for plundering too but the emphasis was on oral (blowjobs) and vaginal penetration; Evan finishing first with Adrianna before the other's completed the deal with a pop shot on Sinnamon's stomach.

Scene Seven: Sinnamon Love, all tuckered out and ready to sleep was them up sucking off Johnny Sins in POV fashion like a champion before actively riding it. The night vision way the scene was shot was a pain in the ass but it was so much better than any of the celebrity sex scandal tapes shot that way that perhaps said celebrities should be sent a copy of this one to learn a few things. The active vaginal ride led to an anal romp where she was just as aggressive about enjoying herself even if the gal wasn't looking her best in this kind of lighting. Sinnamon needed a break after her orgasm; the pair going back to boning as the dog looked on nervously (chihuahua's are like that).

Scene Eight: Penny Flame, all dolled up and looking fresh, was up next as she satiated her goal of fucking Johnny Sins. This was a lengthy scene compared to the other one on one pairings (this was the orgy volume after all) and began with her turning the ball cap around to allow for greater access to his rod as she inhaled his cock. She would squeeze his balls as she worked more of the shaft into her mouth, seducing him orally before lifting her leg over his head to start the 69. While a second camera would have come in handy to capture the moment in the best way possible, a closet mirror assisted enough to show him enjoying it as much as she was, leading to a very active vaginal ride by the young hotty as she pumped on his dick even more actively than expected. In short, she really wanted to be there and this elevated the chemistry between them to the point where I got the distinct impression she wanted to take him home with her at the end of the day. The oral breaks here between penetrative positions showed the two getting all sweaty for the 20+ minutes of the action, Johnny rubbing out a healthy sized load of population pudding on her stomach as she laughed in delight. They were completely spent here and with Penny extremely pleased with the entire affair.

Scene Nine: Adrianna Nicole, Evan Stone, and Penny Flame, were up next in the bathroom as the mighty Evan cleaned up and shaved; Adrianna helping him shave his "taint" (asshole). While this seemed a bit weird, I'd probably let her join me in the shower for some kinky fun too if given the chance. Tristan shot the gal sucking him off and her wet t-shirt actually appealed more than complete nudity by this point in the fuck flick, that's how much nudity and depravity was going on (even a guy like me can recognize getting overwhelmed; the length of the show suitable for watching portions at a time more than all at once). They left for the bedroom and a quick shot of Penny still basking in her glow with Johnny was offered up; Penny masturbating while watching the pair go at it and becoming their personal cheerleader as a result. Evan was boning her like crazy and Tristan offered a limited few suggestions for the trio, some wild oral taking place that drew Penny's attention (Adrianna literally bending over backwards to blow Evan). The humor was funny but Penny is known for her adlibbing, the scene ending with Adrianna licking Evan's nuts or taint as he jerked off to a frothy orgasm. They hugged and kissed afterwards, leading to the final orgy.

Scene Ten: Adrianna Nicole, Penny Flame, Sinnamon Love, Tyler Knight, Evan Stone, and Johnny Sins, were all up in the ending orgy scene that was one of the very best of the show. The ladies ate male and female alike, anal plugs and pervert cameras all over the place as a means of capturing plenty of action; Tyler ducking out early to man the camera. Evan was spent soon afterwards but he'd been banging since the first moment of the first day and never letting anyone down with latecomer Johnny ending up with all the ladies to bang away on with everyone laughing. By the end of the scene, it was just down to Sinnamon and Johnny; his load gracing her stomach.

Summary: Chemistry 4: Special Edition by director Tristan Taormino for Vivid Entertainment was much like previous efforts in that the unscripted sex and levels of chemistry made it the rarest of releases these days, the performers genuinely seeming to like one another (in some cases, adoring one another) enough that a rating of Recommended just seems too low. The problem I had with the sex was the amount of cutting away during the scenes to make a point (or ten) about various things and that weakened the tempo of the scenes as stroking fodder. It didn't seem so bad in previous efforts and your mileage may certainly vary but as much as I liked almost everything going on, it just didn't quite make it to a higher level for me here. In short, you still can't go wrong watching Chemistry 4: Special Edition (AKA: The Orgy Edition) as an entertaining alternative to the massive amount of generic porn on the market, a cast as different from that in Chemistry 3 as I think you will find but one I really appreciated watching.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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