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Anally Yours...Love, Jenna Haze

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 6/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Straight, Anal

Cast: Jenna Haze, Stephanie Tripp, Payton, Katja Kassin, Veronica Jett, Shy Love, Marie Luv, and Angela Stone.

Length: 2 hr 25 min

Production Date: 08/07/2006


A slideshow and some trailers are about all you're going to find here. Oh, well, some phone sex ads are placed on the disc as well but are those really extra features?


As a compilation release the quality of the presentation varies greatly due to the various shooting elements and dates of production. Some scenes are presented in widescreen while others are in full which is kind of frustrating for those looking for a steady experience. The quality is all over the map as well with some scenes being way too soft and grainy while others are very clean and sharp. The audio quality is varied as well and you can expect some finely recorded moments scattered in between balancing issues and pitches. .

Body of Review:

It's Hustler compilation time! Everyone loves a good compilation when it delivers the goods. I mean, it's a best of (so to speak) what a publisher has to offer pulled from various titles based on a particular theme. With anal sex being the name of the game you naturally know performers such as Jenna Haze, Katja Kassin, and Shy Love are going to be making an appearance. If butt love is your thing then this is a worthwhile release that contains some fantastic scenes. As usual with compilation titles your mileage may vary whether or not you have any of these scenes already in your collection.

Scene 1:

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Considering Jenna is plastered all over the DVD package it's only fitting that the first scene of this release include here. Pulled from "A List #2", Jenna's scene starts out with some artistically shot teasing which thankfully doesn't last too long. Before you know it she's teasing the camera with a dildo and begins jamming it in her own ass. This goes on for a while but eventually her heavily tattooed partner strolls in and shoves his cock in her mouth. The two take to the stairwell and Jenna bends over to take his dick through the railing (get it? Railing?). While the dildo found an immediate home in her ass Jenna takes the cock in her pussy first. The camera zooms in and out and takes some interesting positions beneath the two performers for some nice angles.

Eventually the scene transitions over to Jenna climbing aboard and taking the large dick in her ass. She straddles the cock like a pro and glares seductively towards the camera as she slowly does squats on her partner. After a while the pair moves over to a sofa to finish out the scene but the sex still continues for quite some time with plenty of ass to mouth breaks in between thrusts. Jenna is a pro and this scene features every reason I love this chick. All around this is an amazing start to this release and it stands as one of the better anal scenes I have ever watched.

Scene 2:

Borrowing a scene from "Kink", Anally Yours...Love, Jenna Haze brings Stephanie and Payton together. If you like bondage and appreciate all things kinky then chances are good you're going to enjoy what's going on here. Stephanie and Payton start out wearing black leather, fishnets, chokers, chains, and high heels. Furthering the bondage motif is a slew of candles, dark trappings, and a cage. This isn't a lesbian affair though and a third wheel is available with dick in hand to show the girls a good time. They get right to the action with some lengthy licking and fucking with some squirting thrown into the mix. Naturally anal is brought into play as well but it's more towards the end of the scene. This one offered some interesting action but it was kind of sloppily edited so it's not quite as good as it could have been.

Scene 3:

Another threesome is on deck for the third scene with Katja and Veronica from "Cum Swappers #4". This one keeps the diversity of this release going with the two gorgeous ladies clamoring over the camera man for some nice POV action. The girls start on the guy with a stunning blowjob sandwich but as the sex begins someone else takes the camera and it's no longer POV style. Even so the camera stays closer to the action than most and it still maintains the sense of being right in the middle of everything. When the anal starts Veronica is quite the screamer compared to Katja who really seems to love having a cock in her ass. It's up to Katja to carry out the scene and Veronica is relegated to the occasional sucking of the dick though she's obviously involved in the cum swap at the end. This scene simply reaffirms my love of Katja as she absolutely stole the show.

Scene 4:

Shy Love appears in a scene from "Latina Cum Queens" for the fourth inclusion in this release. Like Jenna's scene, Shy's begins with a hefty dose of artistic shooting and music combined with some nice teasing. The poolside sex gets underway after a few minutes and once again it's a nice change of pace for this disc. Shy turns in an amazing performance in this scene with loads of screaming and some intense action. There's just something about hot sex under the hot sun by the water that looks great and this scene has a lot to offer. The anal bits are undeniably the best here as Shy stays on top of her partner for the duration of the sex.

Scene 5:

"Anal Inc." offers a scene with Marie Luv though I have to say that this particular one didn't quite do it for me. Up to this point every scene offered some very intense sex with a lot of energy and performers who truly captured the spirit of the moment. Marie's scene does everything but and in the end it winds up kind of dry and lackluster. The sex starts out with typical foreplay and it leads to vaginal which begets anal. Throughout it all though the performers never have chemistry and they fuck very slowly. It's all kind of boring to be honest and because of that this scene was a major letdown.

Scene 6:

Thankfully Angela Stone sends this release off with a somewhat good note in a scene from "Anal Nation". Angela's performance is kind of corny compared to the star power of Jenna and Katja but the sex is actually fun to watch which is more than Marie's scene can say. The reason I say that this scene is silly is mostly due to the fact that Angela grunts, pants like a dog, and talks incessantly throughout the scene. It's very distracting and combined with her facial expressions it's actually almost comical when you get right down to it. Still, she rides the cock well and there is a satisfying finish.


Compilations are a sometimes tricky beast because you never know what you're getting when you sign up for them. Anally Yours...Love, Jenna Haze is a very good release with three scenes that truly stand out as stunning. Jenna, Katja, and Shy all bring some amazing performances to this release and they truly outshine the other three inclusions. The disparity in quality is simply glaring when you stack them all next to each other but it's safe to say if you like anal sex, you'll love what the top three have to offer. Come for the better half and forget about the other.

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