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Twisted Vision #7

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 7/22/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Twisted Vision #7
A Red Light District Release Directed by Michael Stefano
Starring:  Crissy Moon, Tori Black, Courtney James, Lexi Belle & Kristina Rose.
With:  Michael Stefano.
Runtime:  2hrs 29min
Condoms?:  None!
Brief Synopsis:  Mr. Stefano, intense slugger to the starlets, does POV duty in number 7 of the Red Light Series, highlighted by a stellar line-up of ladies falling under his spell.  It's classic one-man, one-camera style, so any fans of the genre who feel that too many liberties have been taken with the formula can rest assured, finally, that another volume of this straight-up series adheres to the best aspects, for sure!

[Scene One]  Crissy Moon

Finding himself in a stall of unisex bathroom (a very accommodating one, at that), Michael hears the door open and follows Crissy's footsteps while hovering above the steel doors surrounding him.  He peers above and strokes himself while she attempts to piss, though the room is still and coldly silent until the moment he bumps and stumbles while reaching for a peek above his stall.  Crissy asks him what his big idea is, though her intonation soon wavers toward horniness rather than embarrassment.  Michael steps down and cracks open her stall, leering in to find Crissy gently sawing her fingers across her bare slit.  After a few camera-directed stares and masturbation, Crissy wraps her tongue around Michael's stiffy, continuing her self-fondling and rubdown as she inhales his cock with the help of her free hand.  We dissolve into Crissy standing against the metal doors, with Michael behind her thrusting his wand, soon with Crissy tasting the melange, and onto all-fours on the ground, begging him to "fuck the shit out of me". 

Michael does just that, strolling his wick with a steady push in and out of Crissy's sturdy asshole, an anal doggy-style run that she interrupts for some ass-to-mouth action, choking down on his shaft.  Her pulled down pair of pants and pushed up shirt disappear as she kneels her ass down in reverse cowgirl anal, tumbling over and around for some face time in standard cowgirl flavoring.  The former allows for a few choice shots of Crissy's folded feet, while the latter keeps those tiny titties jiggling and jostling while gaining momentum atop of Michael's pole.  A touch more ass-to-mouth tasting keep the thumping going, while Crissy keeps her cries to heavy puffs of grunts and groans, occasionally ruminating at the behest and prod of her partner.  After signaling his well-tempered will to pop, Michael is granted access to pop wherever he wishes, Crissy says, "after fucking me like that, you can shoot it anywhere"!  She angles her ass upward, and Michael patterns out a ply of vaginal jolts before expelling his difference inside the interiors of Crissy's slit.  It begins to spill out soon afterward, and Michael feeds his lady a few fingertips worth of sauce into her mischievously cracked grin.


The session gusts along, with the both Crissy and Michael doing their share of heavy lifting.  Crissy keeps her focus closed-eyed and guided, her sleepy look emitting a kind of delightful weariness that is echoed in her husky voice.  She's most content during the sure-fire anal play, and her bucks and bounces are echoed against the tiles of the somewhat grimy atmosphere, not forgetting those fantastic ATM choke-downs!  Great work!

[Scene Two]  Tori Black

Dearest Tori clicks her way into Michael's office, who happens to be on the phone spewing obscenities to a client regarding a particularly belligerent defense case.  As he's playing role of a lawyer, Tori takes the role of the cuff-slapped teen, who's legal situation is in need of both a captain and a new course of action.  Thankfully, Tori knows her way around the needs of older men, and Michael is more than willing to offer his services!  She parlays her chest first, bending over the desk and crawling up to Michael before he walks over to meet her, feeling, gripping and squeezing her breasts. 

Tori gazes down toward his pants, sniffing and tugging at his crotch before de-panting him and scurrying his dick between her cheeks and tickling tongue.  She kneels into one of the leather-coated chairs, lightly rubbing between her thighs as Michael defrocks, teasing him with that pointed tongue of hers.  As they go into doggy, Michael courts Tori's ass with his palm, slapping down a few times while railing his dining car into her young quim.  The floor is their next stop, and Tori fellates her partner's penis with adoration before jumping atop the tent pole in cowgirl.  She leans and grinds down onto Michael, tasting his staff yet again before sneering and clearing the air with flat-out shouts, screams and copious amounts of heady dirty talk, cooing Michael, and us, all along the way.

The ass slapping and rod rummaging continues, and Tori lies back on the office carpet for a truly wonderful consultation in missionary, keeping the camera's eye in a focused view, our lovely surrogate.  She kneads her fingers into her clit, wavering between tongue tastes and spiraling hand jives, all while Michael pounds into her pussy.  She squishes her tits together as the action heats up, and her vocals become enthusiastically noisy in the process.  As the kettle finally reaches its boiling point, Tori sidles upward to eke out her stream-of-consciousness wordplay, with each new expression on her face harder and more devilish than the last.

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After dismounting, Michael unspools his does of yarn onto Tori's ever-flexible tongue, now flattened for a maximum cupping effect, which she holds for a few seconds before completely downing in a single gulp.  The deed done, Michael promises to oversee her legal defense, as long as the sessions keep up and are as delicious as this one!  In her short tenure in the world of porn, Tori just keeps getting more amazing as she racks up the scenes one by one, and her forceful nature is becoming more focused and even hotter than before!  She's definitely a lady who knows how to bring the best out of her partners, as well as play up the camera with enough zeal to flatten out a room full of raincoaters (or similarly, a legion of late-night lapptoppers)!  Her style may be a bit much for some, but her easygoing nature elevates the scene at a steady pace, and her cock-hungry ways are definitely a highlight among many to be found here.  You're pretty super, super girl!   

[Scene Three]  Courtney James

Lying on a couch, clothed, Courtney agrees to be put under hypnosis by Michael, who plays the part of casual therapist.  As she clicks out, we dissolve to a stark naked Courtney, who soon presses her lips around Michael's dong.  She vacillates between strictly no-hands and single palming at first, leaning her ass up to facilitate Michael's oncoming prick slide in doggy.  His knobbery is inhaled by her pussy, and Courtney angles her shoulders up for a taste before easing onto the floor for a gentle cowgirl ride. 

Another taste livens the bumping up as it goes into reverse cowgirl mode, and soon enough a powerful play in missionary serves up a high amount of thrill on either end of the stick.  Courtney spreads out after this particular slinging to spread her crotch apart with both hands, trilling her way across her already rosy slit.  She lifts her right foot up as Michael's camera pans backward, and she treats him to a generous foot rub, tickling the shaft of his penis with her gripped toes. 

A second run of doggy kicks up whatever dust had been settling from the previous trial, and a conclusive blow job fades back out to a sleeping/hypnotized Courtney, who is still, thankfully, naked.  Michael jerks a precious few times before smattering the expanse of Courtney's unaware face, and with one click of his fingers she comes back from her spell.  Of course, her face is heavy with and warmed, ice-colored decoration, and she's utterly confused not only by her nakedness, but also the spoonfuls of seed leaked upon her face.

Overall, the set-up is effective and a tad bit loony, but Courtney plays a good game, and her sporty nature comes off well in her enjoyment of the scene.  I do admit that the scene slowed down before the solo beat-off, as the energy began to diminish, but Courtney's very able arches and toes certainly livened up the atmosphere and elevated the oncoming session toward the final pops.  It's a good cake, with lots and lots of frosting, but you may want to bulk up on vegetables beforehand.  I'm just sayin'!

[Scene Four]  Lexi Belle

Similar in approach to the previous scene with Tori, Michael once again takes the role of lion behind the desk, discussing careers and displaying his influence on the phone while Lexi waits for his full attention.  New to the city, Lexi's character wants to break into acting, and is in need of immediate work.  She plays shy at first, accentuating her innocent looks, but soon is pulling down her shirt as per her new boss' request.  As she leans in, Michael teases her nipples and squeezes down, stepping back as Lexi pulls back her jeans to reveal her back bubbles.  She kneels across Michael's desk, teasing and showing off her splendor as his wrench hardens. 


Lexi grips his tool with her mouth, shutting down as far as the meat's size and the circumference of her lips will allow, but certainly not to a gagging point.  Her attentiveness guides a nimble few fingers down her cherry area while it's all happening, and missionary atop the desk is soon the order up.  Fortunately for Lexi, her new boss offers her a neck pillow, one he obtained for, seemingly, just this type of occasion! 

The slipping and sliding is relatively calm, gaining a fair amount of traction (by way of Lexi's own clit self-swirls), with Michael stepping back to gaze at Lexi's lovely baldness.  Watching her feet dangle in the air and curl with each passing bolt is, like Lexi herself, cute and boneriffic, and she coos and chatters and pulses her energy out in waves.  Feeling for a change of scenery, Michael suggests they take their audition elsewhere, namely his studio set-up, where a seamless edge of white obliterates the space, and where he can focus on her, camera-in-hand, with an essence of, uh, purity.  I think!

Lexi serves up another tonsil tingle, leading to a cowgirl grind that she dominates and expedites along quite swiftly.  After verging toward a sweet breaking point, Lexi tastes Michael once again, flipping herself around and throwing her back's strength down onto his wild reed.  He catches a few glimpses of her heels again as she rises up for some shoulder-gripped doggy, wedging as deep as he possibly can with a heady force.  Every bit accumulates into a final rise up, no doubt brought on by one last cum-seeking tongue wagging on the part of Lexi, and Michael lands an ivory puddle into her open mouth, which is toyed with and gulped down no sooner than it arrived.

Lexi is quite smashing in this scene, though her energy may whiff at first to some as less nerves, more naivete.  Any of those signs are more or less dissolved as the scene gravitates toward the all-white party, and our lady is more or less freed to enjoy every part of herself and her partner, together.  Her eagerness is a virtue, though her vocals are mostly restricted to heavy gasps and a few giggly grunts, that is, when she's not feathering the air with her sweet voice!  The scenery, perhaps, added to this, as the focus was squarely on the loveliness that is our young Lexi.  I think she got that job after all!

[Scene Five]  Kristina Rose

Awaking in a hospital room, Michael studies his nurse, Kristina, with enough aplomb that befits such a tuggable body as hers.  The feelings are mutual, indeed, as her hands are soon working their way underneath the covers and underneath Michael's gown.  She jerks his member to a medium-stiffness, chugging down the rising inches as it hardens in her delightfully devilish mouth.  After a good cheek slinging, Kristina straddles her patient while teasing and tickling his prick, pulling up her underwear-free one-piece for immediate access.

Not that Michael is complaining, as he's got his work cut out as Kristina thumps along in standard cowgirl, a mouth-watering bit of fur dressing her snatch  (the best personal accessory around!).  Michael pulls down her outfit to squeeze and ply her tits out, playing with them as Kristina bounces and screams with each deep stroke.  She tastes his stick before waddling her meaty ass around for reverse cowgirl, and proceed to display herself in a fine run of slap and tickle worthy of her physical gifts, and then some!  She cries out and practically speaks in tongues, though her wordplay keeps an excitable focus that never lets up.  Missionary is the gradual next phase of fucking, and every deep push counts in bringing our head nurse off, and she caps it off by sampling her partner's peen before going into doggy. 

There is plenty of Kristina for Michael to hold onto, though her tiny appearance shudders this beautiful bounty, but her upturned rump certainly says otherwise.  Michael goes in and out of her pussy from behind, rustling his fingers over her ass, forcing out a enough pops across Kristina's face to consider the rush a classified tide!  It's webby and wonderful, and she's more than grateful for the consideration!

Kristina's attitude is near-possessed and forceful through the whole scene, and she's not afraid of filling the room up with all possible arrays of noise that she can draw from her throat.  It may seem like too much for some, but more will find that her play toward the camera (and Michael, natch), is exactly why POV is so wonderful in the first place.  If given the opportunity, I'm sure she probably would have fucked for the entirety of the disc!  I would need to hire my own nurse for that occasion, but in the interim, I'll always have this scene!


Bonus Features

A very healthy Behind the Scenes (19:11) brings us face to face with each featured girl (less so with Kristina, sadly).  Tori discusses her wardrobe as well as all things black, Crissy hiccups her way through a chat with Michael, Courtney applies copious amounts of lotion to her body pre-scene, and Lexi sniffles her way through her career highlights following her backstage arrival.  Each mini-interview lasts around the five minute or less mark, squished with in-between scene snippets of position-to-position change-up.  Along with this is an added four minutes worth of Photo Shoot footage, a Director's Bio, and a Cum Shot Recap (4:13), all of which make for a congenial postlude to the intensity of the main feature.  Good stuff!

Audio/Visual Quality
The disc was presented in 1.33:1, standard 4:3/full screen, and captured the POV style without falling into spatial problems or messy shadows, or the like.  The lighting setups were constant and mostly true-to-life, even when the environments veered away from the standard porn set-ups (Crissy's bathroom scene and the second half of Lexi's come to mind), as the possible failings of those particular scenes (fluorescent lights, white-out city) were corrected before any damage could occur to the overall palette.  That being said, the majority of house lights on the rest of the disc settle into pleasing earth tones, with an emphasis on sourced/lamp lights (a la indoor living lights), giving it all a realistic, yet slightly dolled-up, vibe.  The audio was steady and worry-free 2.0 channel setup, and Michael's camera work kept both it and the roundabout in check and on point throughout.  Each scene was presented without any musical accompaniment (save the opening/closing credits), and kept to the source track patter of whoops, bellows and hollers quite close without overdriving the output.  Overall: a nice sell!

Finish Line
The impression which Mr. Stefano is capable of in his POV material is evident in the highest, whipped peaks of this volume of his Twisted Vision series.  Tori and Kristina's book-breaking scenes are definite stand-outs and are worthy of a pick-up alone, and Crissy's opening anal sequence atop the tiles of a bathroom floor is definitely another.  Courtney's mid-position foot rub and Lexi's kettle boiling over are upper-tier strength as as well, though it may be understandable if some may be put off by their more reserved performances (when compared to Tori or Kristina, even the occasional scream seems reserved!).  And though the visual presentation may only crack the preliminary channels of a hi-definition set-up, the squared-solid A/V quality is more than enough to capture the Recommended nooks and delicious crannies this particular set of ladies has to offer, and probably then some!  The fluidity of performances, camera work, and overall sexual energy on display is more than enough to satisfy the POV freak in us all, and leaves me with only one question: who's next in line?

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