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Capoeira 27

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/22/08

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Production Dates: July/August 2007

Directed By: Edfran Junior

The Movie:

Horny Brazilian guys experience the joys of man-to-man lovin' outdoors surrounded by lush green vegetation.

The Cast:

Samuel Bueno, John Werneck, Higor Negrao, Paulo Roberto, Anthony Caputto, Junior Freitas, Yuri Prado, Edson Gomes.

The Dudes:

Capoeira 27 offers up eight appealing Brazilian guys with a mix of dark brown and ebony skin tones; short and medium-length dark and brown hair; muscular and toned bodies; hairy and smooth chests; hairy and shaved butt holes; full and shortly trimmed pubes; uncut and cut cocks.

Run Time: 1 Hour and 33 Minutes

Condoms: Yes

Scene One:

Samuel Bueno (good-looking with medium length brown/blond hair, muscular/hairy body) and his buddy Paulo Roberto (handsome with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body) make out with heavy deep wet tongues and a passionate embrace.  Paulo works his way down sucking 'n licking Samuel's hard nipples and pulls those white pants down revealing dark pubes and a plump uncut cock. He takes Samuel's dong down his gullet sliding his mouth up 'n down, nursing the flared purple knob, and giving some very good head. Samuel bends over on all fours allowing Paulo to spread those butt cheeks and expose that tight hairy bunghole. Paulo munches down eating the heck outta that ass while reaching between Samuel's legs and wildly yanking on his chubby tool. Although the viewer will be able to see some of the rimming, there are no good close-ups provided here.

It's Paulo's turn for some tongue on pucker action and he bends over offering up his tasty bum as Samuel munches down on his buddy's tight lightly hairy manhole. Again, there are no good camera close-ups provided here. Samuel chows down on Paulo's stiff unclipped prick giving some excellent head as he crams it down his windpipe and receiving a wild face fuck. Paulo pounds Samuel doggy-style sinking his long cock in nice 'n slow and then begins fucking fast, smooth, 'n hard making Samuel moan 'n groan with pleasure. Switching to the good ol' side/missionary, Paulo continues to drill his pal followed by some crazy sink/bounce as Samuel rides that bone like a man half crazed with lust. There are some okay penetration shots throughout the butt sex but no close-ups. Samuel busts a thick load on Paulo's mouth and tongue followed by a cum-sharing kiss. Paulo cuts loose with a large wet load in Samuel's mouth. Large globs of cum slide down Paulo's chin and the dudes engage in heavier kissing sharing that jizz. Very hot cum shots!

Scene Two:

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John Werneck (good-looking with short dark hair, cool sideburns, toned/smooth body) and his pal Junior Freitas (cute with short dark curly hair, toned/smooth body) walk through the woods surrounded by lush green foliage when they stop to get down with some deep tongue kissing, nipple licking, and full body rubbing. John is soon on his knees pulling his buddy's white pants down revealing dark pubes and a fat uncut dong. He gives excellent head as he sucks those plump balls, and slides his mouth up 'n down cramming his gullet full of tasty man meat. Junior eats John's butt; however, there are absolutely no close-ups and the viewer will not be able to see any of the action.

He fucks John's tight hairy hole doggy-style fast, smooth, 'n hard with some nice penetration shots from behind. Junior switches to fucking in his buddy in the side/missionary position followed by some fast drilling missionary style. There are some medium penetration shots provided here but no close-ups. Switching up, Junior wildly rides John's hard uncut cock up 'n down while jerking his own turgid tube steak with some nice penetration shots from the front. Junior ends up shooting a thick load of man juice on his stomach and his tambourine (!) while John cuts loose with a large thick load on Junior's stomach.

Scene Three:

Higor Negrao (nice looking with short black hair, toned/smooth body) and Anthony Caputto (appealing with short dark hair, toned/lightly hairy body) stroll through the woods with hilarious 1970s disco music blaring on the soundtrack when they stop for some hot 'n heavy deep soul kissing, body rubbing, and hard nipple licking. Anthony munches down on Higor's tight hairy bunghole but the viewer will not be able to see anything. He is soon on his knees taking Higor's big 'n hard uncut cock down his throat giving some excellent head while jacking 'n sucking that meat. There is more ass eating here and an okay camera shot of Anthony's tongue licking that hairy pucker. Higor chows down on Anthony's stiff unclipped tool working his mouth up 'n down giving a good blowjob.

Higor fucks Anthony doggy-style at first slowly sinking all the way in and then kicking it up for some fast 'n smooth strokes with okay penetration camera shots from the side. Switching to the side/missionary position, Higor continues to drill his buddy fast 'n lubed with some excellent penetration shots as that big ebony snakes quickly slithers in 'n out of that tight man-chute while the guys kiss with deep wet tongues.  Anthony ends up riding the heck outta Higor's dong humping up 'n down with some nice penetration shots from up front. Higor shoots a hot clear load on Anthony's chest and Anthony cuts loose with a large wet load on Higor's chest.

Scene Four:

Yuri Prado (cute with short dark curly hair with blond highlights, toned/smooth/slender body) and Edson Gomes (handsome with closely cropped dark hair, muscular/hairy body) kiss with very passionate and deep wet tongues while 1970s disco tunes throb on the soundtrack. Yuri orally works his way down Edson's hot body pulling his pal's white pants down and revealing shortly trimmed pubes and a plump uncut dick. He blows that chubby dong giving excellent oral pleasure licking 'n sucking plump balls and going crazy filling his gullet full. Yuri slides his tight shaved asshole up 'n down Edson's stiff cock wildly riding up 'n down while Edson hump upward to fuck his buddy fast 'n lubes. Both dudes are very vocal in their pleasure filling the air with loud grunts, groans, and lusty gasps.

The fucking starts off providing some very hot close-ups of the penetration and Yuri's chute clinging to that hard cock. As the scene progresses, there are no penetration shots while the dudes play a frenzied game of the ol' sink/bounce. Yuri chows down on Edson's fat hog leading Edson to grab his head and give him a fast 'n tasty face fuckin'. He then plows his pal from behind fast, smooth, 'n hard with a nice penetration shot from behind. Yuri's plump nuts and uncut cock are on full display here. Hot! After some doggy-style and side/missionary with medium penetration shots and no close-ups, Yuri jacks his unclipped tool and shoots a thick load of jizz on his stomach. Hot load! Edson cuts loose with a thick load on Yuri's lightly hairy chest.


Capoeira 27 is shot directly on video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography is a mixed bag with some very nice close-ups and plenty of missed opportunities for some spectacular close-ups during the ass eating and butt fucking. For the most part, the picture quality is sharp and clean with just a few quick pixel problems from time to time.


The stereo sound is nice 'n clean allowing the viewer to easily hear the toe-tappin' 1970s disco tunes along with plenty of heavy breathing, moaning, and grunting. The guys speak Portuguese (with no English subtitles provided).


This disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, a mediocre slide show with screen grabs from the movie, and trailers for: Capoeira 25, Capoeira 26, Big Dick Club Brazil, and Surfers at Play.


I love me some sexy Brazilian men and Capoeira 27 does not disappoint when it comes to providing plenty of horny guys who obviously dig each other and the action. The dudes give high energy performances and really cut loose making out, sucking cock, eating ass, and butt sex. My favorites here are: Edson Gomes, Yuri Prado, Paulo Roberto, and John Werneck.  The problems with the movie are the see-saw technical aspects. As mentioned above, the videography is uneven providing some nice close-ups and then completely missing the boat with plenty of missed opportunities. It's a shame since the basic action is very hot. At some points, the scenes seem to go on and on and become a little dull. Tighter editing is definitely needed here. That said, the cum shots in scene one are so darn hot it's almost enough for me to overlook the movie's short comings. I'm going with a Rent It for people who dig Brazilian men with tasty uncut cocks.

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