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My Brother's Hot Friend

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 6/23/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Director: Jim Steel

Cast: Trevor Knight, Jude Collin, Riley Burke, Kurt Wild, Lucas Knowles, Brant Moore, Dempsey Stearns, Jayden Holloway, Braxton Bond, Enrique Currero, Sebastian Rivers

Length: 1 hour, 26 minutes

Production Date: March 2008

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
Five scenes compiled from the self-titled website are presented, each dealing with the same idea: a gay guy having sex with a friend of his straight brother.

Scene 1
You can't ask for much of a better start.  The cute-as-hell Jude Collin is spying on showering stud Lucas Knowles--a tall, tan hunk washing his hot, smooth bod and uncut cock. Collin starts to stroke as he watches from outside the house, then enters the bathroom and shower to play with the foreign stud. I could watch just Collin's face all day long--his lusty expressions are just as stunning as his hot bod and big dick, which he shoves into Knowles' mouth. He puts his hand on Knowles' head, and often comes down for a kiss. Collin gets nice and verbal, and the two can't keep their hands off each other as the water falls down on them (what a vision!). Collin then gets on his knees to suck his bud, the two staying nice and stiff. Collin then gives a doggie-style fuck ("Oh yeah...ride that fucking big dick!"), with Knowles' putting his hand behind Jude's neck as they look at each other (that's the kind of connection you want to see, people!). It's a verbal, moan-filled scene that gets hotter along the way. Knowles stays stiff as he gets fucked, even pushing his boner out for us to enjoy as he gets fucked on his back. They come almost simultaneously, with Knowles barely stroking his shaft (not quite a hands-free squirt, but close to it). It's a hot ride, but far too short at just over 12 minutes.


Scene 2
If you thought Jude was verbal, watch out for Trevor Knight. The guy is out of control as he unleashes a never-ending commentary on submissive Kurt Wild. A spirited, lengthy suck starts the scene, with Knight getting me all hot and bothered with his huge cock--and that hot Boston accent (it gets me every time!). Knight shoves his cock in Wild's mouth, and grinds it all over his face. "Nice and slow...no rush, cause I'm gonna fuck your ass nice and hot, little boy butt!" Knight even makes Wild recite the alphabet to him as his mouth is full, with Wild gurgling his way through the letters as Knight encourages him ("'R' as in ram your fucking ass?...'Y'? Cause I wanna fuck you with it!"). The fucking then takes over, with Knight thrusting away underneath when Wild sits on him, the bottom resting his feet on Knight's legs as he breathes harder and faster. We then get a doggie-style fuck ("Back up!" instructs Knight), with Wild squirting as he gets fucked. Knight then lets out a huge load, the two moaning like crazy. Good stuff!

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Scene 3
In this short, all-oral scene, Brant Moore and Dempsey Stearns talk about an upcoming wedding before deciding to shower before the festivities. The two are soon kissing as their big boners rub up against each other, grinding away in a super-hot shot (it alone makes the film worth the price of admission). Moore rocks the GQ face, while Stearns is a hairy-chested cutie with slightly longer hair and facial scruff. They're a nice pair, and Moore gets to work licking all over his bud's bod, soon settling down to slurp up Stearns' cock. Moore rubs Stearns' hairy hole as he sucks him, and stays stiff himself as he works. Stearns rubs Moore's hair and face in appreciation as he gets serviced, a nice touch that shows a gentle closeness. The two jack to come on each other at the end of this short  but sweet12-minute scene, although I have to wonder why Stearns didn't give equal time sucking Moore's equally hot, equally big cock. What a waste of a beautiful piece!

Scene 4
At a bar, Jayden Holloway and Sebastian Rivers are trying to get inside the pants of bartender Riley Burke. It doesn't take much, and soon Holloway is on his knees sucking his buds. It quickly becomes clear that two things are working against this scene: the shots are frequently too close, and Rivers is soft throughout, becoming virtually un-useable in any of the action. That leaves Burke and Holloway to save the scene, and they come close. If you focus on them, some good moments await. Holloway sits down on Burke for a fast fuck, and the bottom really seems to be enjoying the ride. He stays stiff as he gets pounded, and Rivers jacks Holloway's thick piece until it explodes. Burke continues to fuck and kiss him, eventually jacking himself off before Rivers has to concentrate to come.

Scene 5
Braxton Bond is massaging the foot of injured teammate Enrique Currero (looking all cute in his argyle sweater vest!) on the couch. The two are soon kissing, with Currero's hard, uncut piece finding its way inside Bond's mouth. The two trade sucks as Currero gulps on Bond's bendy cock, but the best shots look down on Bond as he plants his face between Currero's legs (although once again, the camera is sometimes too close in this scene). Currero speaks some Spanish to his service provider, alternating it with some hot dirty talk in English: "Slide and slip all over that motherfucker!" Bond eventually bends over for his bud, before returning the favor in this flip-fuck scene. Both squirt on Bond to finish the action.

Presented in full frame and stereo sound, this is a decent if not sensory-shattering experience. The picture is solid, and the audio is good enough to help us enjoy Trevor Knight's dirty mouth.

Sigh...all we get is a lame photo gallery.

The Naked Truth:
While a lot of the action here feels short, there's a lot of great stuff to enjoy. The opener with Jude Collin and Lucas Knowles (what fantastic chemistry!) and the follower with verbal Trevor Knight exerting his alpha maleness over Kurt Wild are fantastic. And a few shots in the all-oral shower scene are memorable, too. So if you haven't already seen this online--or want it permanently--you'll be happy.

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