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Outlaw's First Time Twinks

Studio: Vivid » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 6/23/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Director: Baileey and Tyler

Cast: Bradley West, Jess Taylor, Brodie Newport, Eric Blaine, Derek Pierce, Jamie Donovan, Marco Steel, Luke Riley, Skyler Lee, Tyler, Tristan Tucker, Ted Hamilton, Ethan Kane, Nathan Summers

Length: 2 hours, 16 minutes

Production Date: June 2007

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
Co-executive produced by Jenna Jameson, this new gay line is a little hard to categorize. Some of the scenes have the bait-and-switch theme, with a "straight" guy being lured by sex with a woman but getting a guy instead. Others roll with the "turning" a straight guy idea, while some are just plain ol' regular sex scenes. All of them have an amateur quality to the filming technique. While some of the action is filmed in a straightforward style, others conclude with one of the performers talking to the cameraman--an odd decision considering that fourth wall isn't broken in most of those scenes until that point. And I wouldn't really call all of these guys twinks, either. It's a mixed bag, and feels like random scenes cobbled together without much focus. To confuse matters, the cast isn't credited by full names (I hunted those down) and isn't matched with pictures, so it's hard to know who a lot of them are.

Scene 1
I'll always recognize hot stud Nathan Summers, who starts the show by bringing popsicles to the shower, where his skinny, goatee bud is waiting. Summers rubs the treat on his bud's hole, soon sucking him underneath (unfortunately, his pal is pretty flaccid throughout). Thankfully, Summers sports big, hot wood, his thick piece getting nice treatment. He then fucks his bud in the shower stall in a few cramped positions, with his toned, hot bod a real sight for horny eyes. The two then hit the bedroom, where they jack off side-by-side to finish the action.

Scene 2
Two thin guys meet outside and decide to head indoors for some fun (and some awkward dancing, an odd, recurring theme in many of the scenes here). The tanner cutie gets his hot big dick sucked first, sitting in a chair and then standing up (watch for some nice side shots). He then returns the favor, sucking the lighter-skinned twink (the one with some tattoos). The paler model then bends over to get plowed before sitting down on the top, with another position to follow. The bottom squirts as he's fucked before the top adds to the mess on his chest.

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Scene 3
Here's what looks like an odd couple: a tan, blond guy dancing and stripping for his dark-haired friend, who initially comes across a little nerdy. We then get more random popsicle play, with the tan twink getting it up his ass before they move to the bed, where the oral work begins. Our dark-haired pal sucks the tan guy before they 69, where we see how nice of a piece our soon-to-be top is packing (big and thick, with a slight upward arch). Unfortunately, his cock doesn't get much solo oral attention, so we're left with some decent fuck shots to enjoy his shaft in action. This is "young" sex with "young" dirty talk ("You like that?" asks the top uncomfortably. "You like my dick?"). Their two hairy asses get some close-ups during the fucking, and the bottom stays stiff in some nice sit-down shots ("All up in there!") before the two jack off side-by-side--although the camera doesn't actually capture the top's actual squirt as it happens.

Scene 4
Hairy and thin Skyler Lee stumbles upon an equally thin (although smooth) bud who's dancing for the camera. Lee is soon convinced to join the "music video" shoot, and is quickly naked as he gets his hot big cock slurped up (look for more nice side shots). He slowly gets harder until his nice meat is throbbing, and he soon returns the favor on his bud's cock. The two then take turns fucking each other in two positions--watch closely, because the edits may confuse you (the models suddenly switched positions without warning, which may make you think you weren't paying attention--but this is a flip fuck). The edits get a little jarring and sloppy toward the end, when the two jack off on each other.

Scene 5
Cute blond Luke Riley needs a plumber bad, and lucky him gets dark, handsome Marco Steel at his door. (If all plumbers were this hot, I'd break my sink every night). It doesn't take long for Riley to work on Steel's pipe, and what a pipe it is: a big, uncut slap that gets great attention, captured by the camera in some mouth-watering side shots. Steel soon sucks Riley back on the kitchen counter, then fucks him from behind before switching to the missionary position, when Riley squirts as he gets plowed.

Scene 6
This is where the bait-and-switch scenes take over, as an unseen female filmer talks to her gay bud (in this scene, that's bald stud Brodie Newport). They walk up to blond hottie Eric Blaine and ask him if he would like to fuck her. He heads to their room, and starts by stripping and dancing for the camera. Luckily for us, he gets talked into letting Newport suck him. It's a nice vision, and these two are the hottest couple in the while video. Blaine then decides to try fucking a guy, and an amazing shot follows as Newport sits down on Blaine as his own big, thick, hard cock bounces around while he rides. It's a brief but inspired moment, and makes me wish this scene were longer (and not interrupted by the annoying voice of a woman trying to sound like a dumb blond...what a buzz kill for us homos!). Newport never squirts, and this scene doesn't live up to its potential.

Scene 7
Following the same pattern as the previous scene, this has the annoying female camerawoman trying to trick a "straight" guy into having sex with cute gay friend Jaime Donovan, a scruffy otter with a great smile. They stumble upon tall, thin Derek Pierce, who heads to their living room and strips for the camera, revealing two Brad Star-like tattoos above his groin. He is also convinced to let Donovan suck on him, and soon the gay boy bends over to get fucked. The best shots show off the bottom's hard, thick meat--like when he sits down on Pierce. A doggie-style fucks closes the show, with Donovan dumping a load on the floor before Pierce shoots on his back.

The full frame presentation is just average, showing various problems at different times. The opening scene is very grainy, and some brief blurry shots show up in various scenes. Some scenes are sharper, although some odd color hues take over in scene two, while other scenes appear drab and dull. It's fine enough to enjoy, but nothing special.  The 2.0 stereo track is pretty low in some scenes.

Just a photo gallery and previews.

The Naked Truth:
This seven-scene entry isn't quite sure what it wants to be. The scenes don't have much of a focus or connection to each other, and feel cobbled together. But Nathan Summers never disappoints, and Marco Steel oozes manliness. The best moments come in the Brodie Newport/Eric Blaine pairing, but it's too short and really wastes its potential. There's enough here to get off, but I'd stick with a rental.

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