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Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 6/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director: John Travis

Cast: Tom Steele, Tim Lowe, Lou Cass, Keith Panther, Mike Ryan, Derek Jensen, Troy Ramsey, John Davenport, Mike Gregory, Jim Moore, Nick Cougar, Eric Manchester

Length: 78 minutes

Production Date: May 1988

Condoms: no...and yes

The Skinny:
This 1988 hit (watch out for plenty of mullet variations!) from Catalina features a bevy of '80s stars, and a concept that was probably seen as cool at the time: The advent of cable television has contractors trying to get a receiver up in time to help the business boom at a time when VCRs were still considered high-tech ("By the end of this week we should have 500 customers turned on!"). This also arrived at a time when the industry was trying to figure out how safe it needed to be. New to DVD, this is listed as a pre-condom classic, although there is some condom use--one scene features fucks with and without condoms, while another has one performer using a condom in one sequence but not in another.

Scene 1
Deep-voiced Tim Lowe heads to the tanning booth, where the super-mulleted Keith Panther sends him to a room. When handsome, tan Mike Gregory mistakenly enters the same room, the two are soon massaging each other before trading sucks and getting in some 69 action on the bed. They're a handsome pair that would still look stylish today, and both sport nice wood (although Tim could suck a little stronger). Keith starts to jack his meat while watching from a monitor at the desk, eventually squirting. He then joins in to fuck Mike (with a condom), who sucks Tim, who later fucks Mike (without a condom). This is a decent scene, but probably the weakest one here.

Scene 2
Cable technicians Eric Manchester (one of the industry's sexiest, most remembered talents) and Nick Cougar are the hottest couple here. They are on a break from work when Eric starts talking about watching porn with his girlfriend. He convinces his straight bud to unzip ("Two men can do a lot together, stupid! Come over here...I'll show you!"), and the two are soon stroking their gorgeous meat side-by-side in their hardhats. Eric is tan, hairy and handsome as fuck, while the smoother Nick sports a beautiful boner that Eric soon feasts on (a great suck!). The two eye each other passionately, and soon Eric leans back on their working platform to let Nick feast on his cock as some great aerial shots capture the action. The two 69 before we get the first round of cumshots, and then they trade fucks: Nick puts on a condom for the initial fuck, but doesn't have one on later when Eric sits on him. Erik also gives a doggie-style fuck (sans condom) to Nick, slapping the bottom's ass as his hot bod goes to work. This is a fabulous scene with hot talent.

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Scene 3
Cable man Tom Steele--with a puffy crop of hair atop his handsome face and hot body--heads to a job on a balcony, where he spots some action through a window: Jim Moore is sucking on the huge piece of handsome John Davenport (one of my earliest porn crushes...I will never forget his meat being slurped up in Powertool). Tom gets turned on, so he strips down to just his tool belt and strokes his massive meat until he squirts--what an amazing piece! His smooth, tan, toned bod fits that quintessential '80s gay porn star look. It's a vision just watching him stroke, but we also get to see Davenport face fuck Moore with his sweet meat before the two squirt. Davenport then fucks Moore on the couch (no condom) before the two squirt again.

Scene 4
While zipping up after jacking off, Tom soon realizes he's also being watched--by buds Lou Cass and Troy Ramsey. "You shouldn't be embarrassed, you should be proud," says Cass in his super sexy deep voice. "I guess you got the giant economy size when it comes to dick." The two try and make a deal with "straight" Tom--if they can get him hard without touching him, they can get him off. "I'm strictly a ladies man," protests Tom. "Besides, I just got off, and I don't feel very sexy right now!" (How can you not love that dialogue?!) But Tom relents, and starts watching as Troy drops to his knees to suck the very hard Lou--a great angle captures the suck in a side shot, with Tom watching from behind as his big dick fights for your attention. Lou has such a smoldering voice and presence, and talks his way through the hot action ("Make it feel good!"). The two squirt, then verbal Lou ("Let me in there!") fucks Troy (with a condom) as Tom watches and eventually feeds his cock to Troy. This is another great scene, and ends with three squirts. My only wish is that Tom got into more action--we mostly see him stroking, with minimal sucking of his cock (I'm first in line!) and no fucking. Still, this is a fantastic watch.

Scene 5
The film opened with a dialogue scene between businessman Mike Ryan--a tall guy with a dark mullet and mustache--and his new contractor Derek Jensen, a curly haired hunk. The two were high school buds, and had a drunk graduation experience that is about to be revisited.  After celebrating their success with a beer on the balcony, they head inside where it's getting hot. They take off their shirts, prompting Mike to say "I see you've kept that build you had in high school." They're soon rubbing up against each other (Mike towers over Derek!) and Mike drops to his knees, with Derek's gorgeous big dick soon released from his tight purple (!) pouch. It's a hot piece (look for that yummy vein on the topside of his shaft), and Mike gives it nice attention, his own big cock hard as hell the whole time (sadly, it never gets sucked). You get some very light ass licking, and then Derek face fucks Mike before the two squirt. Derek then fucks Mike in a few positions (no condom), at one point holding on to the bottom's hairy legs in a hot shot. Another great scene!

Presented in full frame, this presentation looks like a late 1980s video. It's nice to have it on DVD, but don't expect any remarkable remastering. You get some video static at random points, but this is still more than strong enough to see and enjoy everything. The audio track has a constant "buzz", almost like a white noise video sound, but it isn't too distracting.

Nothing of note, just the Channel 1 standards: a PopShot-On-Demand menu and a Wrap It Up safe sex commercial.

The Naked Truth:
I love the '80s! And I love that this Catalina classic has new life on DVD--thank God that Channel 1 Distribution is taking on the responsibility to bring us so much great porn from the past. Filled with big hard dicks and some of the industry's hottest hunks, this entry from John Travis is a real winner. Eric Manchester is amazing with Nick Cougar, Tom Steele strokes his big meat, John Davenport thrusts away with his big slab, Lou Cass seduces me with his deep voice and dirty mouth...and Derek Jensen is one hot fucker. Those were the days!

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