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Asstravaganza 8

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Asstravaganza 8: 2 Disc Set

Digital Sin

Genre: Compilation

Director: Varied by Scene

Cast: Winnie, Greg Centauro, Kaiya Lynn, Marco Duato, Rebeca Linares, Jordan Ash, Poppy Morgan, Summer Rain, Mr, Pete, Lexi Love, Gia Paloma, Mark Wood, Sasha Grey, Jack Venice, Kissy Kay, Mark Ashley, Ricki White, Manuel Ferrara, Holly Wellin, Emily DaVinci, Ben English, Haley Paige, Destiny DeVille, Mia Bangg, Erik Everhard, Lorelei Lee, Shane Diesel, Cristina Agave, Mike Adriano, Haley Scott

Length: 242:04 minutes

Dates of Production: 10/12/2007, 9/26/2005, 7/11/2007, 10/29/2004, 9/6/2006, 7/8/2006, 6/2/2005, 5/2/2007, 8/29/2006, 6/18/2004, 2/4/2004, 5/21/2004, 3/20/2006, 11/14/2006, 4/14/2007, 9/22/2005

Extras: There were two photogalleries included and a true double sided DVD cover but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Asstravaganza 8: 2 Disc Set was presented in the usual 1.33: ratio full frame and 1.78:1 ratio letterboxed widescreen color as the scenes were shot by a variety of directors for a number of titles by Digital Sin. The quality of the scenes varied more than a little bit as some were very appealing while others were in need of better attention to detail but I still felt that the overall compilation was handled fairly well and focused on the cutie in question quite nicely. The series has really sold well according to the company president and fans that have passed up on projects in the past (because they would only have a single scene of the object of their lustful desires) seem to find them really solid in terms of value so the minor technical matters aren't as big a factor here. The fleshtones were accurate, the lighting usually good, and the composition of the shots typically good enough to enhance the look of the ladies. Oh yeah, the watermarks were back in case that matters to you (the company name on the lower right hand corner of the scenes). The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps), with little separation and limited dynamic range but at least the music was not as lame as it could have been in most cases (exceptions noted below).

Body of Review: Digital Sin and sister company New Sensation have been chugging out compilations in recent years to suit the needs of many fans. By offering up focused nods to specific genres and performers, their level of fuck for the buck climbs substantially over the multitude of generic gonzo offerings on the market, giving many people an incentive to pick up a few titles depending on what their tastes may be. Such was the case with Asstravaganza #8: 2 Disc Set, a double disc set of scenes focusing all their attention on a series of mighty fine asses with a whole lot of anal loving taking place in the 4+ hour show and sequel to Asstravaganza 7. Just a look at the lineup of ladies will tell you all you need to know but as the back cover put it: "Thank goodness for Asstravaganza! We've got girls like Rebeca Linares, Holly Wellin, Sasha Grey, Lorelei Lee, and Lexi Love gettin' their gape on all day long! This two disc set features 16 scenes of anal destruction like you've never seen before. Whether it's from the front, back, left, or right, we know how to fuck their assholes silly. And with a running time of over 4 hours, this Asstravaganza promises to be the most exciting yet!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: MILF Does A Body Good: Winnie, an older blond wearing silk stockings and a black coat that made her look like a hooker, was up first with Greg Centauro as she visited him in his apartment. The tease involved in walking there was moderate but appealing all the same, the pair taking on a student teacher role with her as the educator. Language skills aren't always easy to learn but he showed his appreciation by offering her a back rub; Winnie refusing at first but allowing him to go ahead after he was so insistent. He felt her up and she was soon sucking his penis while consciously looking at the camera, the gal mounting his cock anally as he laid on the floor right after that. He made no attempt to go down on her but her well worn ass was taking him in like a well paying tenant, Winnie showing some fine riding skills when she was on top of him. The fake moans of pleasure aside, it was an okay scene but a poor choice to start the compilation, the gal taking his mouth pop really fast as she spread it around while eyeing the camera again. (review by Me)

Scene Two: Anal Authority 3: Kaiya Lynn, Marco Duato: Kaiya Lynn is your typical looking Asian beauty. Perfect body, perfect skinn, nice, skinny ass, the works. She stuffs a few anal beads down her tight bunghole, pulls them out to suck off her swamp juice and does it again. Marco Duato steps into the camera with his erection at attention and Kaiya services him on her knees. With the anal beads still in her ass Marco plugs away at her shaven puss. Kaiya has a stunning shot where she rides his cock in reverse cowgirl and then lies on the floor with her knees to her chest and we watch the cock slowly slip into her ass. This is another perfectly shot scene. Kaiya is a little more submissive than the girls before her but she still gives a nice performance. Marco drills her ass before pulling out to blow his load on her peachy ass. Strong scene overall, Kaiya is beautiful and hot to watch, but seeing her a bit more in control would have been nice too. (review by Saul Good)

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Scene Three: Ashlynn and Friends 1: Rebeca Linares, Jordan Ash: Rebeca Linares, a sexy brunette Latina with girlish good looks and enough experience to really float a guy's boat, was up last as she teased in the bedroom until Jordan Ash lifted her up and placed her on the bed. He immediately started tonguing her perfect pucker, the gal moaning softly in pleasure until he found his way to her pussy where she got louder. She took over to slob his poor rover, wanting his bone for her own; the handjob action elevating the dynamic more than a little bit as she toyed with his cock a lot. The ball sucking and titty slapping were also heated, Rebeca showing some of the other gals how to give a good hummer. Her vaginal sex was too passive though and I wondered where all her stored energy went to once the oral ended; making me speculate that she found something about him less than appealing. The anal that came afterwards wasn't bad, even if the lighting was too heavy on her pale skin, but she did seem to respond well to his spanking her ass cheeks. With some ATM and more anal, the scene finished up with her taking his large load of semen into her mouth; swallowing it down to close things out. Yum! (review by Me)

Scene Four: Asspirations 2: Poppy Morgan, Summer Rain, Mr, Pete: Summer Raine and Poppy Morgan, a couple of slightly hardened performers that have been in at least a few heated scenes, started off the next scene by making out on a couch while Mr. Pete jerked off. He couldn't leave them alone for long and started in by spanking some ass before offering up his meat for oral consumption. The gals were very talented orally and shared him in a suitable manner before rimming him too. The gals were better at handling a dick this time with each getting some riding time, with vaginal and anal on the agenda (as well as some foot fetish stuff). It should've had more of the gals playing with one another as he rode them but the scene had a good amount of energy and chemistry in my opinion, making it a pleasure to watch. (review by Me)

Scene Five: Dirty Little Stories: Lexi Love, Gia Paloma, Mark Wood: These two blonde vixens waste no time before hopping into bed and licking each other's pussy. You could tell right away that they had plenty of chemistry and felt very comfortable working together. They then focus on their male costar and treat him to the blowjob of a lifetime. The rest of the scene is pure threesome madness as each girl gets nailed in a plethora of positions. When the girls weren't getting banged they were constantly licking and sucking nay body part they could find. The scene ends with Gia taking his load in her mouth and sharing it with Lexi. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Six: Fuck For Dollars 3: Sasha Grey, Jack Venice: Sasha Grey, a lean but increasingly popular brunette in porn, was up first as she found herself stranded along the highway until rescued by Brother and Houstonian hero, Jack Venice. They offered her a ride since she was down on her luck, resulting in her earning some money the old fashioned way. In keeping with the theme of the show, she would be offered various amounts of cash to flash them and do certain acts, initially as they drove down the rode in public. Jack got some road head before they made it back to the house where she went crazy on his cock, sucking away like he returned home from a parade as the guest of honor. She deepthroated his rod in a messy fashion before taking it straight into her tight little ass (where she got very vocal and loud). She was an active anal rider and did a lot of ATM between positions, clearly earning the lead spot in the movie as a result. He did some choking before rubbing out a load of population pudding into her mouth to gargle and swallow; ending the scene for $220. Yum!

Scene Seven: Anal Trainer 10: Kissy Kay, Mark Ashley: Krissy Kay, a very cute blonde with a tiny body and great tan lines, was up next as she masturbated by the window in her aqua bikini bottom. This seemed like the shortest, and weakest, tease of the movie as Mark Ashley wasn't patient enough to wait for her. They went right to a POV blowjob with her looking up at him/the camera to enhance the mood. Using her hand to gland action, she increased the friction and he went down on her to reciprocate the favor of oral. She had a little bit of a sunburn so I guess that was why she was kind of motion deprived as he hammered away at her pussy though in her favor, she was quite vocal about what she wanted from him. She did get better in the doggy position and then in the anal she proved to be somewhat new to the act, letting him do most of the work. He unloaded mainly on her neck but at least she smiled while he did so to close out this fair scene. (review by Me)

Scene Eight: Plump Round Rumps: Ricki White, Manuel Ferrara: Ricki White, a thick brunette with an ass made for shows like this one, has been in a number of titles of late so I was glad to see her seductive manner once more, the gal teasing on the large fountain outside in her striped top and with thong on the sunny day. She eventually went inside to the living room where Manuel Ferrara took a crack at her crack; spanking and smothering his face in it before diddling her to get her wet. He encouraged her to use her feet on his cock through his pants but he was more interested in her engulfing the rod with her willing lips, the suction created so hard that veins were sticking out of her head. She then teased with her pucker, Manuel taking that as a sign to start drilling her ass slowly; a bit faster than she appeared ready for from the looks of it. Still, she was getting excited by his actions, showing more chemistry than the previous gals that I found otherwise exceptionally appealing. The energy levels were also decent here as she impaled herself on his dick when on top of it, pumping her tight hole on his rod faster than she was comfortable doing at times but giving a good show all the same. They tried several positions and then ended it with him pumping a load of semen into her open mouth. (review by Me)

Scene Nine: Dirty Little Stories: Holly Wellin, Mark Ashley: I've always been a huge fan of Holly's work in the past. With that being said the start to this scene is just plain weird! While sitting on the toilet Holly gets oral to a guy wearing a Zorro mask (yes really). The weird situation kinda of ruined what was otherwise a very enjoyable piece of action. They leave the bathroom and Holly's pooper get nailed in the following positions: missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggy style. A close-up of Holly's face getting squirted with man chowder ends the scene. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Ten: Fucking Assholes 1: Emily DaVinci, a redhead with a shoe fetish, was up first on a bed with Ben English. She wore a pink top and a small thong, Ben in business attire but not for long. He caressed her slightly and she was soon slobbing his knob, inhaling his cock as he praised the "little girl" he remembered. It was almost as if she couldn't get enough and having met her myself back in Las Vegas, she projects that image in real life too (don't ask). Anyway, the enthusiastic oral led to the pair fucking like happy bunnies, diminutive Emily bouncing on Ben's cock very rapidly in no time, doing anal before even considering some vaginal action. They engaged in anal sex for a while using various positions, Ben busting a nut of population pudding on her face as he rubbed out the load. (review by Me)

Scene Eleven: Fuck My Ass N Make Me Cum #1: Haley Paige, a very cute gal that I met a number of times at the AEE conventions before her tragic demise, was up next in a scene shot years ago when she was extremely attractive. She wore frilly white lingerie and seemed a bit out of it but her tease sequence was nicely played out and she truly seemed to adore studly Manuel Ferrara as she sucked his cock following the toy play she tried as a warm up. He went down on her too but they were ready for the anal sex much sooner than I was, Hailey pushing herself to accommodate his large dick in her tight little ass. Manuel did most of the work and it wasn't a great scene but it was worth a stroke session or three all the same, his wad of spew plastering her face by the end of the scene. (review by Me)

Scene Twelve: Naughty College School Girls #34: Destiny DeVille, Mr. Pete: Destiny is a slender, long-haired brunette with gorgeous eyes. When the scene opens we find her in a bathtub, where she is quickly joined by her co-star. He then forcefully grabs her and makes her give him some oral. He returns the favor which gets Destiny to squeal like a scared pig. The action is very hot and the two obviously have some chemistry between them. My only complaint with this scene is the water in the bathtub is often sloshing around which drowns out the other noises. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Thirteen: Mr. Pete is Unleashed #8: Mia Bangg, a curvy brunette wearing a very modern, very short, dress, was up next with Erik Everhard and Mr. Pete after she teased to the droning beat of the techno music. She warmed her ass up with a glass toy, easily jamming it inside of her perfect pucker as Pete spoke to her. Erik took the most time with her, the couple sucking and fucking until he launched his load into her mouth. Pete then gave her a second load to swallow after she provided a POV hummer by the couch. (review by me)

Scene Fourteen: MILFs Take Diesel: Lorelei Lee, a bleach blond with a great body, started off the next scene wearing a blue corset and red fishnet stockings as she told director Brother Love how much she owned Shane Diesel; even claiming to be a Blackzilla slayer. He pulled up in his car, hobbled out with a cane, and joined her in the living room where they kissed before he pulled his pants down to go another round with her. Lorelei is one of the few performers that can not only take Diesel's dick with ease but push him past his limits for a good scene. This wasn't his best work (and no one alive would suggest she was at her best) but it was a heated little romp all the same. He went right for the ass and even though he had erection issues (unable to get fully erect/hard) as is common for the guy, he plundered her backdoor as best he could by holding his dick in hand. She rode him actively once warmed up and continuously masturbated her biscuit, giving her a modest load to end the scene with. (review by Me)

Scene Fifteen: Pick Up Chicks: Cristina Agave, Mike Adriano: Last up in Cristina, the brunette vixen on the cover of the DVD. While out for a job the guys pull up alongside Christina and offer her a ride. Of course she accepts and before you know it Cristina is slurping his schlong. She easily handled a well-hung guy, often sucking off while massaging his nuts at the same time. Her man then takes control and tosses Cristina around like a rag doll, fucking her in any position (and any hole) he can find. After her pussy has been fucked raw, Cristina is rewarded with a shot of nut juice to the face. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Sixteen: Anal Trainer #11: Haley Scott, Mark Ashley: Haley Scott, an all natural cutie with attractive blue eyes and a tight stripper's body, was up next in a scene with Mark Ashley. This was another case where more tease footage would've gone a long way to enhancing the action though her ability to take four fingers into her anal passage showed she was experienced in the art of anal as much as anyone. Using a glass dildo to masturbate with, she readied herself even more for the pounding action Mark was about to give her after her messy blowjob coated herself with lots of spit. Fans of streamers will undoubtedly approve of her technique of using two hands, no hands, and lots of spit to work over a meat pipe thoroughly but the emphasis of the series is on anal sex so how did she handle that you ask? Well, she got some oral first and he didn't skip doing her pussy before the anal. She was active in riding him this way and that prepared her mentally for the coming anal. He took his time getting his blood engorged shaft inside her tight ass but the good news was how she enjoyed it enough to actively participate in the act (complete with ATM for fans of that kind of thing). Using long, slow strokes, she pummeled herself soundly as she rode and eventually milked him dry with some swallowing action. Whew! (review by Me)

Summary: Asstravaganza 8: 2 Disc Set by the directors of Digital Sin had sixteen scenes of anal depravity that should give you all some inspiration in your personal pleasure sessions. The amount of fuck for the buck was somewhat exceptional for such a compilation at this price, the wealth of scenes from the past mixing in nicely with the newer works that I had not seen as of yet so I rated it as Recommended. In short, the advertising hype was a bit much but not totally wrong in the sense of what was provided on Asstravaganza 8: 2 Disc Set, the title about as good as Asstravaganza 7 before it. I only wish that they labeled all the scenes and not just a few of them, how tough can it be for a record holder to look something up compared to a reviewer faced with scores of choices (since so many people work together a lot these days)?

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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