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Watch Your Back

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 8/6/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Watch Your Back
A Diabolic Compilation
Starring:  Anna Nova, Vicky Vette, Caprice, Tory Lane, Cory Baby, Tanya, Anastasia, Iyesha, Shelly, Katin, Stacey Thorn, Patricia Petite, Marie Luv, Katja Kassin, Nikki Blond, Lauren Phoenix, Mia Bangg, Madison Monroe, Liz Honey, Lucy Thai, Roxy Jezel, Melissa Lauren, Michelle B., Jenna Haze & Dana Vespoli.
With:  Erik Everhard, Mario, Joel Lawrence, Joey Ray, Brian Surewood, Steve Holmes, John Strong, Dave H., Mr. Marcus, Scott Nails, Sasha, Frank Major, Pascal St. James, James Brossman & Mark Daro.
Runtime:  3hrs 6min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  Watch Your Back is an extended play compilation, focused on the anal exploits of the Diabolic back catalog, a greatest hits, if you will, of the bum-bumped set.  Though all twenty (twenty!) scenes are slightly truncated (each clock in around the ten to twelve minute mark apiece), each one jumps straight to the already-in-progress action*, staying until the final pop(s) provide a beneficial amount of closure, with anal gapes galore!  Running through the entire disc in one sitting is like thumbing through a moving library of dirty gonzo porn, with stars past and present sizing up the competition, often lost in the heat of the moment (thankfully), allowing for a near-chronological survey of the Diabolic canon. 

*[Advance apologies for not providing full screen grabs, or specific male talent tags, as a few of the scenes just moved too darn fast!]


[Scene One]  Anna Nova  (with Erik Everhard)

We begin with the busty blonde Anna, who's chest is amplified and not forgotten even as we catch her in the middle of delivering a satisfying blow job.  The camera reverts to a close-up of her rear, which Erik plugs with a finger, carrying the swill up to Anna's mouth for a filthy taste.  She flips around and offers her ass up for the schtupping, and her partner plies between her butt cheeks and down into her brownie, pausing for a few lens-ready gapes before shifting over to a cowgirl position into Anna's ass.  Erik takes a break and does the finger jabbing and offers more taste testing toward Anna's mouth, culminating in a picked-up play of cowgirl with our girl in mid-air, slamming down as Erik carries her deeper into his thrusts.  Back atop the bed, a missionary appeal, again anally, brings Erik to his brink, further along jerking his eruption of wad across Anna's open mouth and chin, which dresses her skin in a thin white coat of ooze.  A healthy start, indeed!

[Scene Two]  Vicky Vette

Caught up in a dual penetration in cowgirl, Vicky arrives to our sets already sweaty and screeching, with each of her partners taking off-beats batting their telescopes into her ass and slit, respectively.  Vicky turns around (in a compass-borne standard cowgirl, logistically speaking), continuing the flopping as the boys trade holes.  Soon after, she cranks her legs and ass atop the edge of the couch, prompting one of her partners to slide inside her rear and deposit a full batch of his throw, special anal creampie delivery!  Vicky turns and seats herself to show off her catch, bubbling the seed out of her ass and onto the blue fabric beneath her.  The other stud seizes his opportunity for a run in missionary, and loosens his own almond joy into Vicky's pussy.  She squeezes the resulting combination of herself and his, streaming the mess down past her already gooey asshole.  Still feeling the thrill, guy number one shucks out one last load to finish the scene off, this time streaking comets across Vicky's heaving chest, knicking the freckles on her tits before the final fade out.  Delightful times, and Vicky is all smiles throughout.  Sticky!

[Scene Three]  Caprice

A POV scene at heart, Caprice's scene begins with a bedroom suck, her tongue working across her partner's javelin in preparation for the straight-to-anal doggy play which follows.  After a brief taste, she flips up and over for anal in cowgirl, rubbing a paw across her bare triangle as she eases down to the floor.  Ass up, she spreads her cheeks out and gapes before a second round of doggy splits her open, widening the stretch with a creampie shot up her southernmost outpost.  Caprice turns around and streaks the sauce out with the help of generous gusts of pleasure wind (i.e. farts!), the gently brown tinge surfacing from the outbound stream of cum falling onto the bed.  The shadows take over, and we are then greeted with these words:

As it should be!  Caprice was a steady pull here, though the messiness is something that I prefer to see, no matter how delectably bad it may seem to the editors or in the all-seeing eyes of the Good Taste Police!  Still, some nice action, a little bit of ass-to-mouth, and the promise of what could have been.  It's still quite something!

[Scene Four]  Tory Lane

The indefatigable Tory seems to say hello as a gentleman corks her rear entry hatch as she parts her pussy with a few fingers, upping the digits as the depth of her exit is opened with each new stroke.  Another sets her up for missionary, switching from both her closest holes, shilling a full-bodied dollop into Tory's pussy.  She scoops and licks it up, prompting another partner to wank his shaft atop her asshole, after which she fishes around with her fingers to taste her second helping of the (presumable) day.  Another, possibly third man props up his hard shaft in front of Tory's face, and she nudges her tits together as she shirks and spits and patterns his rod with a free-flowing array of throat lube.  At one point, she spits and lands most of her saliva onto her dicked partner's stomach, setting off an avalanche of devious laughter from Tory's already stuffed and overworked mouth.  She leans up and cups her lips around the prick, encasing his oncoming load into her wrapped lips without the previous mess muddling up her goal of a tongue direct-hit.  She wins and toys around with the salve, gurgling and bearing her teeth with its coating, finally spilling it out across her chest and pinched nipples.  And just to show us that she's not messing around, Tory sticks her fingers, up to the knuckle, into her mouth, clamped down and doing a steady glare into our souls.  Classic Tory Lane, ladies and gentleman! 

[Scene Five]  Cory Baby

Already two cocks deep, Cory straddles in cowgirl  over one of her partners while the other fills up her farthest hole, double-stuff style.  The swordsmen receive a few slobbers from Cory's tongue distillery, interrupting the penetration before turning her around for a hole switch.  Cory appeals the assault in a slightly herky-jerky but assured fashion, though her muffled screams and moans, cock in mouth, assuage any of her more camera-oriented stare-downs she offers up while the boys do their thing.  A few gapes later, the fellas sear the grease from their sausages and glop their sauce into Cory's open mouth, fading out before a true swallow can occur.  A quick scene, and less memorable thanks to the jump & run nature of the clip.  Had a bit of warm-up been included, the hard-scrabble throttle of Cory's performance may have seemed less forced.  The full nature of her overall package, however, should not be lost on anyone.

[Scene Six]  Tanya & Anastasia

Deliciously Euro-babe Anastasia, the brunette, drops in ass-first with her shared boytoy in standard cowgirl.  Tanya, the fairer haired of the duo, keeps quiet, save a few savory tastes of the asslicious cock as it emerges for a few tried and true gapes.  Anastasia pries her cheeks apart during, and soon it's Tanya's turn to keep the prick in ass-bound, cowgirl play.  She breaks away and holds her thighs up high, upping the circumference of her splay and reddening that circle brighter and brighter; it practically heaves!  Tanya keeps her back on the couch after her cock shuttling, with Anastasia going on all fours atop of her.  Their batman slides into Anastasia's ass as Tanya stares at the ongoing from below, almost retching as she retains the few slippery drops that pass in the play.  Our guy erupts inside of Anastasia's ass, uncorking the seed and prompting the oncoming drip into Tanya's mouth.  After a preliminary taste, she spits a majority of her first dose out of her cheek, turning her head as her throat strains to bear the taste.  The gentleman returns and inserts a silver dildo inside of Anastasia's ass, drawing out the remnants of his and her mixture down into Tanya's open mouth (who, again, can barely stand it, and thus drops the share out of her lips with a grimace).  A quick fade brings us back to the couch, and each girl shows off their well-worn gapes for a final gaze at the damage done.  Not too bad, and the filthiness is really the true draw here, even if Tanya doesn't seem to be having that great a time.

[Scene Seven]  Iyesha

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Though Iyesha reminds me of a more churlish Jenna Haze (featured later), her double-penetration skills are admirable, though the lackadaisical performance she offers isn't too spectacular overall.  After an initial two-dicked rogering, Iyesha blows both dicks at once, though doesn't quite strain herself doing so.  Propped up in doggy, one of the stunt pricks vacillates from hole to hole, flipping her around for missionary anal play and a few fingers stuck between her seashell lips.  The other takes in a blow job, and soon they switch positions, precipitating their internal shots inside of Iyesha's pussy, one after the other.  Iyesha tastes a sample of her new mixture of gifts, and the continuing ooze out is lifted from her partners' fingers before a fade-out.  Iyesha burns brightest during the final few minutes, though that certainly can't make up for the rest of her performance.

[Scene Eight]  Shelly

Thankfully another point-of-view style performance picks up the pace, and we find Shelly at odds with a giant dick stuffing her ass in missionary, and her cries pick up as her face and neck arch back with the utmost joy.  She leans up to taste the slither, and afterward turns over, ass-out, for more anal action, doggy-style.  Onto the floor her and her partner go, and a flurry of anal pumps in cowgirl keep Shelly's voice hollering and quivering.  She unseats her beachy self and gargles the pole, savoring and loving every inch passing between her lips.  Back on the bed brings in more missionary anal action, and soon a creampie commences the action as Shelly rubs the gloss out, spilling the canvas of the sheets beneath her.  Her man nudges a finger inside her now tipped well, gathering a few finger's worth of his own sample, and Shelly triumphantly sucks on his digits.  A great time, truly, as Shelly is totally game and willing to offer her anal talents up for us, the POV audience.  Worth it!

[Scene Nine]  Staci Thorn & Katin

We drift into Katin (the brunette) being rammed in the ass by an erect male lead, with Staci (the dimpled blondie) keeping her end of the threesome via an ass-to-mouth stride break taste.  A few soft ball claps against Katin's ass later, Staci straps on a pink translucent dildo, which she uses, in tandem with the real prick, to engage in a double penetration upon her female co-star.  The room aches with Katin's wails and purrs as Staci angles the device inside of her ass while the stunt cock works her pussy below, and soon the two switch places as Katin keeps her ass at a mid-level hilt, doggy position.  A brief post-pounding ATM sample goes toward Katin's tonsils, and soon after she flips her head back to praise the forthcoming load.  The stud jerks out the majority into Staci's open mouth and lips, and she carries the haul, baby-bird style, to Katin's awaiting grin.  They swap the puddle with a closed kiss, both erupting with smiles upon a final deposit down their respective throats.  Katin is a charger, and though I preferred Staci's approach to the three-way (i.e. strap-on heaven, and the wily desire evident in her overall performance), both girls hold their own end of the so-called bargain, and thus made for an ecstatic scene!

[Scene Ten]  Patricia Petite

Patricia, right from the get-go, keeps one schlong in each hole almost non-stop, with one guy on each side of her cowgirl-riding chops in a "T" shape as she bounces along between them.  After this bit of gymnastics causes her to belt out a mostly standard configuration of joyful noise, Patricia reclines in missionary, keeping her ass propped out enough for one of her gentleman sockers to lay it inside of her ass while the other is being blown via her turned head.  The anal switches to doggy, and the boys switch positions in between.  Patricia kneels on the floor as they finalize their torque, shooting their individual loads straight into her mouth, with nary a drop spared or hit otherwise.  A touch of bubble play later, Patricia sends it down to her gullet, smiling and appealingly grateful!  While Patricia wasn't exactly my type of performer, her enthusiasm was respectable, and her physicality even more so; a little cloying, a lot dirty, and good enough for a stroke.  Hi, Canada!

[Scene Eleven]  Marie Luv & Katja Kassin

Marie and Katja begin with a tag-team blow job, with Marie (our lady of ebony) taking an anal sausaging in reverse cowgirl.  Katja (the booty-busting German, blond this time around) wields control of the stiffy for a few gaping breaks, tussling the pole between her lips while Marie takes a breath to pause during her ass putting.  The girls switch positions, and soon it's Marie who's taking up the slack during the quiet spells that follow Katja's butt breaking bouncing.  Katja nourishes herself with a bit of ATM from her own hole, and soon afterward the lucky dude between the two ladies bears down his wad on Marie's targeted tongue.  After a touch of swishes she unhinges her lips and pours the goo into Katja's mouth, who dutifully swallows with gusto, damn you!  A nice pair of early-era Ms. Luv and Frau Kassin's material is on display here, and even the short segment feels too brief (as it always seems with these two!), and the romp is pleasurable and totally wonderful!  I can never get enough of either, and you probably won't, either!

[Scene Twelve]  Nikki Blond

Up into a letterboxed format, the deluxe frame presents us with Nikki, tanned to a bare toast and bottle blond.  Presented with two ample specimens of the opposite and erect sex, Nikki seems less besotted by their presence as she is with ogling into the camera, a trait that hampers the scene from the first moment.  Fortunately, the action is more endearing: an anal spooning and simultaneous trunk suck that betters the attentions of Ms. Blond long enough for her partners to swap positions.  In missionary, the two take turns hitting her pussy, rousing a shot pointed at her chest (first), one aimed toward her face post-hump (second), and yet another sauce-off aimed from above her nose and mouth (three!).  Through the mugging and the pearls and the surprising amount of honey drips, Nikki's brief scene is saved by the very last, and the scores for success fall higher because of it.  Hmmm.

[Scene Thirteen]  Lauren Phoenix  (with Brian Surewood)

The famously American Apparel-ed Ms. Phoenix keeps her fashion clout in a thigh-high crop of striped stocking while riding Brian backward, in the butt (aka reverse cowgirl anal).  She cracks the dynamite open slightly as she rubs down on her clit during, and plops around to suckle her partner's prong for a bit of ATM hoove-up.  She's a little chatty as doggy and a 1/2 spoon keeps the anal insertion going, and we get a splendid view of her triangle tuft in standard cowgirl (anal, all the way!).  Brian bolts quickly from the span of Lauren's exquisite ass and jerks a load across her face and into her mouth, which she massages into her skin like vitamin E.  This is the Lauren that always keeps the attack on high, and the one that will always be welcome on my screen, no matter what!  Some may, however, find her stage patter to be a bit soft, but she always keeps the scene busy with a clear focus on her partner, Brian, all while keeping us in the loop the whole time.  Glorious!

[Scene Fourteen]  Mia Bangg

Milk chocolately Mia is already two cocks deep once the fade-in brings us toward the carnal turn of events, , and the fellas on either side of her static cowgirl position are allowed a taste to liven the ongoing stew to a simmer.  In missionary, one of the assailants pokes her slit, sliding up to tit-fuck Mia before gripping and exhausting himself onto her face.  The other follows suit with a few deft plunges inside of Mia's kitty, arising to drop a cloudy scoop into her mouth.  Unfortunately, we miss any swallowing, though Mia makes the most of the scene (and both cocks) with a well-honed ease.  It's not thunderous, but it manages to get the job done, so to speak!

[Scene Fifteen]  Lauren Phoenix & Madison Monroe  (with Mr. Marcus)

We find Lauren again (uncredited, but we know who you are, baby!), this time in a three-way with the incredibly chipper tiny popper Madison, with Mr. Marcus at the helm, squeezed between either girl's hand, mouth, or pussy!  Lauren starts off with a cowgirl-based anal bop, and the sheen of sweat streaked across her back only makes me pine for the missed preamble.  Madison sweetly cleans off the juices from Marcus' black sword and aims her tail in reverse cowgirl atop of him, though she only gives up her cooch this time around (drat!).  Lauren leans in and kisses Madison as Marcus burns up beneath the two, and Ms. Phoenix uncaps his pole just as he struggles to keep from busting at the seams with pleasure.  With nary a few more hand strokes, Lauren coaxes out a few thin drops, barely visible, but of course you feel Marcus' outright bliss within his clenched teeth and moon-shot shouts.  Though the climax was a bit of a visual letdown (invisible jizz?), the booming time had between the three here is infectious, even if it seems to be half of the whole story.  Some beautiful stuff, indeed, and the girls, and Marcus, are all champs!

[Scene Sixteen]  Liz Honey

Like Katie Gold gone Euro, Liz splits her time evenly with two cockslingers, delivering a missionary anal run with one as the other commandeers her mouth for a sucking.  As the ass-clasping continues in spoon, Liz pauses to show off her ever-growing gape, and her lovely stockings are truly icing on a quickly rising cake of a scene!  She does an ass-to-mouth taste soon after, going into reverse cowgirl for more anal and blow job-based fun.  Her bumping partner gravitates from hole to hole, and soon the two men swap places as Liz's mane grows darker and heavier with well-earned sweat.  After another pass in anal spoonery, the first cumshot is delivered onto Liz's asshole, drooling out to the bow of her sister hole as she seems to revel in the wake of the act.  Number Two guy runs off his stream into her mouth, which Liz slinks down the edge of her mouth and onto her left, downward facing cheek.  Though the variety of the positions is varied and delivered with all deliberate speed, it's Liz herself that is the draw here, as it should be!  She's adept in taking on either guy, lobbing balls on her chin while the other strokes himself between her largest set of cheeks.  Her gaze can seem camera-affixed, but her stretches of partner-to-partner brilliance exists mainly in her energy and will to take them both on with equal aplomb.  I am so jealous of those guys!


[Scene Seventeen]  Roxy Jezel & Lucy Thai

Soon-to-be veterans by the time of this scene, both Roxy and Lucy carry the greener shade of their careers with mid-level performances, hinting only at what was to come along for both of them, respectively.  In progress we find Lucy taking it up the bum in reverse cowgirl, a perfect opportunity for Roxy to pull out a vibrator and use it on Lucy's clit.  She uses it on herself, but not long enough to bring out the fireworks; instead, she sits on their stud's already slippery dick, parting her ass in a reverse cowgirl position that soon leads to spoon.  Lucy, likewise, rubs that vibe across Roxy's dot and line and takes a swig or two.  Into missionary go Roxy and pal, ass featured again, and Lucy again continues the prop play, along with a few delicate tastes, ala ATM.  It's her turn for an anal prod in missionary, with Lucy attending on the side in a more absent manner than before.  Roxy does do a bit of slobbery upon the asstastic cock, and both girls lie side by side for the less-than-powerful shots streaked across their awaiting mouths and closed eyes.  While not the greatest example of either girl's best work, the scene is wholly medium in heat range, even with the assistance of a toy or the all-ass nature of the performance being sure-fire draws from the outset.  Even the notoriously unhinged Roxy is relatively sedate here, and that's not any kind of Ms. Jezel I'd even recommend to my worst enemies!  Lucy is a bit more successful, though the slack is already baked in and uneven overall.  Next time, people!  There would always be a next time.

[Scene Eighteen]  Melissa Lauren & Michelle B.

An anal doggy play introduces Michelle (above, left), who moans and pines as her male partner keeps time inside her behind.  Melissa attends to the left of the action, soon combining her and her scene sister's powers in 69.  A bit of ass-to-mouth later, Melissa takes in a missionary run thrust upon her back end, with Michelle taking a swig after the ride gains a smooth grip on her partners.  Michelle gets her ass grasped yet again, this time in spoon territory, with a partial play in both her gape and her pussy.  The ATM continues with due diligence, continuing with Melissa propping herself upside-down, legs in the air missionary play into her ass (there's a more direct name for this, but the blood seems to be flowing away from my brain at the moment, much like Melissa!).  Michelle is treated to another vaginal poking before long, and afterward our fella dazzles both ladies' faces with a light shower, tipping a few drops of the white gold into their mouths.  Like the previous scene with Staci Thorn, both Michelle and Melissa keep their hunger attuned and in check with each other, slipping and sliding amongst each other's dickly activities despite a few lulls in between (mostly due to sword greed, I would presume, where the fun is evidently at!).  Overall, a good team effort, and commendable!

[Scene Nineteen]  Jenna Haze

The fawn-like (and cracking covergirl) Jenna usurps the front end of an erection into her pussy, all while tickling another schlong with her mouth on the opposite end of set of navy sheets.  Her ass is soon clicked into, and she keeps steady enough whilst blowing the other gentlemen long enough to break out a series of muffled moans, cries and whispers.  The sizable penis logging into her behind is a tight fit indeed, and resembles the youthful, barely-ripe features of this early scene, before she became the dynamo we all know and love today!  Still, the grip of her muscles on the stick is synapse-firing goodness, and our little fuck machine soon rubs her clit and switches to spoon-bent fucking.  The tongue-lashing escalates into near deep-throating, and Jenna plays a bit for the camera before her attending studs jerk two clean loads into her mouth, only a few strands falling out before she downs the melange in one beautiful gulp!  Great fun all around, and revisiting this edition of Ms. Haze's talents was both riveting and maddeningly cropped short in length; then again, with Jenna, hours and hours are never enough - never! 

Scene Twenty]  Dana Vespoli

A telling clue, Freud or not, arrives during the opening credits of the disc, wherein the words "DANA VESPOLI" are centered and, most noticeably, in all caps.  A typo, I thought, but after seeing this, the final of twenty compiled scenes, I have to admit that no gaffe was made during the menu-making, and that Ms. Vespoli does deserve to have her name shouted from the top of somewhere high (a pile of dvds?  Mt. Vesuvius?  the cumulative inches erected in her honor, stretched into the sky?).  The proof is all here: a trade off of missionary anal by both her hulking and pumping studs, a veer into doggy-fied rump fucking (and what a rump it is!) territory, cowgirl pussy bopping, and even more missionary ass dicking, accompanied by a full mouth of wand wobbling through it all, to boot!  During the doggy, Dana even licks the armpits of her non-penetrative co-star, pushing her face nose and eye-deep (?!?) while frenching away the musk in the muscle: totally amazing!  She extends her armpit love unto her own (seen below), flicking her own sweaty pocket as she awaits her shuttling partner's climax.  Dana is finally served a creampie shot into her well-trodden ass, which she gathers up by rising and tilting herself, hand outstretched, straight up.  The leak spreads down to the couch she hovers above (she tastes, too!), and the second seed toss erupts after a bit of tongue tickling, coating the rim of her mouth and staying put into the fade-out.  As a performer, Dana is beyond wonderful, though the creampie seems to spend her out in terms of maximum enjoyment (as per the non-swallowing at the very end).  Still, her animalistic performance is quite amazing, as is her formidable assets and mouth wanderings (waterings, too!).  A perfect way to end the disc, just perfect!


Bonus Features
A Popshots Recap is the main highlight of the bonus section, though even at nearly fourteen minutes long, a few post-pops were surprisingly left off the reel (just as Lauren Phoenix's second appearance in Scene Fifteen was left uncredited, it would seem)!  Enough to definitely keep you running for half of a half-hour, however!  A Photo Gallery, along with a Website Info section fill out the rest, and leave me only wanting to revisit the feature more and more; the heady mixture of the base is enough to keep your head reeling, bonus features be damned!

How the Disc Looks & Sounds
As the material spans quite a number of releases and makes and models, the picture quality varies from scene to scene, though is more or less constant in the lighting department (a quick look at the caps above will give you a good estimate of the results).  The audio was presented in an all-encompassing single-channel mono, keeping the subtle variables mostly in check with the happenings on-screen.  Fiddling with the volume settings from scene to scene, therefore, is almost mandatory, but is kept to a minimum on the whole.  Most, if not all, were shot indoors and benefit from the seclusion in both the audio and visual departments, and the disc is free of any blaring drop-outs, distortion or ill-focus.  A sturdy disc, but not for the hi-def crowd, as the sheer value and mass of the disc is primarily the focus here (as well as all the anal sex, of course).  And almost all of the scenes are split into 2 chapters each (one for intro/opening, and the second for the final pop(s)), with only a few negligible jaunts sticking to a one-shot ethos, allowing for a very click-thru experience for those who prefer it.

Wiping Off the Windshield
The sheer amount of action contained within this disc is probably enough for any hot-blooded lover of ass and the not-too-distant past arena of gonzo to find a goodly amount of enjoyment via squeeze, and the line-up is pretty supreme, as well.  The only downside is the slight truncation of the beginnings (this is a compilation, after all!), which would have better set-up quite a few of the scenes, all the better to enjoy the hotness (or up the lower boiling ones temperatures) in a few cases.  For value's sake, Watch Your Back comes Recommended, and might play as more of a scrapbook album for veterans of Diabolic's back catalog while turning a few heads for those who may have missed a few true greats (the constantly on-edge-with-sexual-madness Tory Lane, lithe and lovely Melissa Lauren, whippersnapper Staci Thorn, and especially Dana Vespoli!) that should not be left forgotten, no matter who you are!

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