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Initiations #22

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 8/7/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Initiations #22
An Anabolic Release Directed by Team Anabolic
Starring:  Ellie Idol, Jordan Star, Sophia Lomeli, Sayurii, Addison Lee, Sabrina Starr & Celeste Mulet.
With:  Steve French, Tony T., Jon Jon, C.J. Wright and James Deen.
Runtime:  2hrs 44min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  Though previous editions of Anabolic's Initations series has varied in quality over the years (and as many different directors manning the wheel being a direct cause of this), number twenty-two promises a high-def experience featuring some of the more storied newcomers arriving among the porn fold.  The majority of male talent on-hand does double duty behind the camera, though the moderation in overall style remains current and decidedly gruff when it comes to ushering in the girls per their given scenes.  As is the style/stamp of the series, each one begins with a short interview/chat, and soon afterward is blindfolded as the dick(s) arrive for service.  From there on out, the blinders are off, and away the pairs or trios go!  Let's get going...

[Scene One]  Ellie Idol  (with Steve French)


Sweet and accommodating Ellie exerts a bit of odd energy during her interview, admitting to her previous sexual adventures, as well as her off-camera activities (outdoor sex, etc.).  Plucky and eager to please her audience, Ellie teases her way through the interview in a mostly relaxed manner, lifting her shirt and prying her panties to show off her cooch before being blindfolded.  Steve enters the frame totally naked and wiggles his cock in front of her face, which she feels around for measurement and thickness.  Steve face fucks Ellie's mouth, hands-free, and she chokes down his cock to the near hilt of his groin.  Kneeling down on the floor, Ellie tickles Steve with her tongue stud, going further down her throat with each pass.  He takes her blindfold off and she strips down her last bits of clothing, soon choking down Steve's schlong in a tiny mess of tears and lightly smeared mascara.

Ellie flips around and aims her rump on all-fours in a horizontal position (doggy), allowing Steve to run his trunk against her ass before sliding into her pussy.  She emits an assured array of cries and whispers, though her attention is split between her partner and the all-seeing eye of the camera lens.  Ellie, otherwise, is a bit kooky in the first place, so it all makes for a bit of an awkward experience, but only at first.  Eventually, our girl lets herself enjoy the smattering of battery done unto her slit, with Steve's sharp pumps twisting her into a half-spoon "T" position, going into reverse cowgirl for more even more banging.  After a quick taste, Ellie lifts off into standard cowgirl, keeping the sparks on high, and venturing into missionary and into the aforementioned side-saddle slip & slide afterward.  Holding her legs together quite tightly, Steve pummels and smacks Ellie's ass until it turns a rosy red, and she quivers her fingers against her clit as he goes onward.  As she stays on her back, Steve dips his woody into her upside-down mouth, nudging his balls against her eyelids as he force feeds her his joint.  He leans over as Ellie begins to paw at her mouth, flicking at her pussy for a few moments, 69-style, before choking her with his hands and teasing her just a little more. 

A final run of doggy-style pussy popping causes Steve to break his stem off onto Ellie's open mouth and chin, decorating the rim of her lips with an ivory load of junk.  Each last drop is gathered by Ellie, who gulps it down almost too fast for the cameraman's preference, but it makes for a satisfying conclusion to a well-paced scene.  As with her other appearances on film, Ellie is something of a sexual enigma, as her full potential probably was never quite tapped to its fullest (as of this writing, she has left the business indefinitely!).  This scene, however, points toward a great future, and her spirit is unflappable (though sometimes questionable), and her identity as a performer is uniquely hers: a little naive, a tad unhinged, and a whole lot of appetite!  Here's to you, girl!

[Scene Two]  Jordan Star  (with Tony T.)


Lucky us: this is Jordan's first scene!  At 19 (!) years old and carrying an all-natural 34D set of jugs, she arrives a bit nervous during her interview, but seems well enough at ease with the cameraman's jokes and pulls about "the business".  The blindfold is pulled over her eyes soon enough, and Tony shucks and jives behind her before slinking beside her to tease her in between giggles and a few brays of laughter.  First, Tony pulls her shirt down and hugs his palms against her very full chest, helping Jordan shimmy out of her shorts.  She turns around and Tony nibbles at her ass and slit, pulling down her panties as Jordan works his joint with her hands behind her back.  She lies back on the couch and he jiggles and plays with her nipples, extending the tit-play until Jordan uses both her hands to stroke Tony's cock.  He first enters her from behind, gripping his hands tight against her sizable rump and pumping into her pussy.  Spooning allows Tony to fondle Jordan's chest as her boobs sway with the gusts, and he does a bit of light choking to our lady, prompting Jordan to taste his saber while Tony finger fucks her cooze.  A bit more doggy follows, as well as missionary, during which Tony feeds Jordan his fingers, well-coated with the girl's own juice.

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With her legs held up high in the air, Jordan lets Tony drift his tongue between her toes, though she gives the camera a self-conscious glance before he even takes off her clear platform heels (toe jam!).  Another taste segues into standard, close-quartered cowgirl, and Tony jumps out from below to pop atop Jordan's chin, a few drops spilling into her mouth for a quick taste.  Post-dance, she's chipper as ever, though you might have not been able to tell by her enthusiasm during the meat of the scene.  Jordan's vocals mostly consist of tight-lipped moans (if even that), and her focus is more camera-oriented than enjoyment of her partner's continuous efforts to wow her;  she is more than willing to be handled in a less-than-soft way, however, though her mostly internal exclamations are a bit frustrating to bear.  It's like waiting for a bomb that never quite goes off, exquisitely packaged, but merely poofing into a short cloud of ineffective dust.  I have sympathy, however, since this is her very first scene!  With her incredible looks, she could do us all a quite well if she freed herself up a bit in the excitement department, and that, for sure, is the day I will be waiting for with baited breath!

[Scene Three]  Sophia Lomeli  (with Tony T. & Jon Jon)

Spicy Latina Sophia takes part in a 2-man blow bang, admitting to a bit of experience in the matter before Tony and Jon Jon show up to support her blindfolded self with their right-angle cocks.  The ballast begins with Sophia taking one staff in each hand and stroking them in an off-set rhythm, cracking her blindfold off and giving equal tongue time to each of her naked partners.  She peels off her items to bare it all, as well, and the boys contribute their bits of breast love before Sophia offers up one of her feet for Tony to worship thusly.  His bat earns a bit of toe-tapping, and Sophia runs off each fella with a moderate amount of skill apiece.  They, likewise, take turns doling out their climactic specimens, folding a load into her mouth and onto her chin, then another coating her tongue and running down the seam of her chesticles.  It's quite messy (as messy as three could be), and Sophia emerges quite satisfied with her handiwork by the scene's end.  While the absence of any penetrative fun, Sophia glides by on her oral charms alone and at the forefront, and the whole feels quite brief, even for a blow job scene!  Still, it's pretty good fun, though you probably will want more and more and more!

[Scene Four]  Sayurii  (with James Deen)

Sayurii doesn't stop to chat for long, donning her blindfold before even a single minute passes!  This gorgeous 26 year old Asian has a cute high-pitched voice that her partner James soon ekes a multitude of vibrations out of, but he first stuffs Sayurii's face with his penis.  She guides her hands along the shaft of his cock once his primary plunges dredge it in saliva, and a good amount of depth stretches down her throat, nudging her nose against James' crotch roots.  Sayurii is quite lusciously giggly, and even more so once James pulls of her blinders and fiddles with her crotch, panties pulled to the side.  The heat continues to rise as he shirks her pussy in a doggy-style rumble, peeling Sayurii's bra back as her heels levitate behind her.  She screams and belts as James whips her ass with his hands, which rub against her pussy as they veer into spoonified fucking.  Sayurii does a bit of self-diddling herself as the action continues, and James lightly chokes her before lifting her up for reverse cowgirl.  A taste follows, and soon the pair is face-to-face in missionary, with even a little hair-pulling to liven the already exploding amount of pop! 

The oral play breaks the penetrative streak (more face fucking!), and James holds Sayurii with a grip strong enough to mean business, but not enough to leave a mark (maybe?).  The satisfying conclusion is marked with James letting loose an airborne wad of thick thistle across Sayurii's face, hitting her forehead, cheeks and chin.  Post-white wave, she suckles his cock for a few last drops, with glints of sweat moistening her hair and face.  Though I was, at first, worried that Sayurii would be a little skittish, I was not prepared to see how well she responded to James' slightly rough takes; however, I was rewarded more than double!  Her trim frame remains flexible throughout the push and pull, and her downright demoness-level snarls are wonderful cherries atop the well-mixed chemistry between her and her lucky partner.  The action is fast, furious, and almost a shame to stop!  Here's hoping Sayurii continues to dazzle us from this day forth - on and on and on!

[Scene Five]  Addison Lee  (with Tony T. & John Strong)


Addison arrives headstrong and willing to get her hands and mouth dirty; for starters, just look at her array of tattoos and piercings!  Ms. Lee interviews quite well here, and is more than willing to spill the beans about her desire for future exploits, dicks, and to show off that infectious grin of hers (so mischievous!).  Blindfold on, Tony and John serve up their double serving of dick on either side of Addison, who takes to them hands-free for the beginning duration.  Unfolded, Addison perks her ass up for John to assail her pussy in doggy as Tony continues feeding her his pet snake.  The boys swap of positions, soon taking Ms. Lee in standard cowgirl, always making sure that her mouth is full of one cock per pussy plunge.  The fun continues missionary-style, extending into reverse cowgirl bopping (with Addison's feet luxuriously planted atop either dude's thighs), and again into missionary.  The boys keep either end of Addison's attentions full and, therefore, keep her vocals mostly muffled, save for a few jaunts where she is passed between the two.

The pump party switches again from missionary, spoon, and another play of doggy per fella, rising into a knelt Addison opening her mouth for a load per dude: one coating the sides of her face and landing into her mouth, and another glooping atop her chin and down her neck.  All of this is utterly enjoyable thanks to Addison's clear goodwill toward both her partners and their near-insatiable means of plugging away any which way they can (that is, within reason!).  As she crosses the finish line, she makes it clear that she's up for more, and her unshakable giddiness is a quality lost on far too many performers these days; with that, Addison could tear this place apart!  I raise my glass to you, dear girl!

[Scene Six]  Sabrina Starr  (with John Strong)


Sabrina's interview takes place outdoors, in the blow-out of the sun.  She clears up her parent's view of her chosen line of work ("Hi, Daddy!"), and teases the camera with a few zippers pulled down and her shorts pulled up.  She seems a touch self-obsessed, but all those whiffs drift off into the breeze as she's blindfolded and offered up John's zipper-poked dong.  The blindfold doesn't last too long, loosening as Sabrina keeps her suck on.  Indoors, she's struck naked, revealing her lightly tanned skin, and John almost immediately starts humping her from behind, doggy-style, striding his scepter into her bare envelope.  He smacks and sparks Sabrina's ass with a streak of red hand prints, causing her to shriek in an addictive, smoky-voiced husk that snaps and crackles throughout the rest of the fucking.  The reddening continues as he leans her back for spoon-based action, as well as that beautiful smacking!  John eventually stops short and the scene fades out quickly before returning to a missionary position, where he juts his fingers into Sabrina's snatch.  The thumping continues, and Sabrina keeps her legs in the air temporarily while John pumps away inside of her.

A taste sections off the oncoming dirty talk that belies even more missionary action, and a play in reverse cowgirl allows Sabrina to loosen her lungs into loudland as she diddles and shouts to the heavens.  Amidst the smacking, shrieking, plying and legs dancing in the air, John shuttles his cock in between Sabrina's mouth, sanding off a lash-combing amount of throw upon her eyelids and face, running a deposit down into her mouth for a final jolt of seed.  Though she does seem a bit self-absorbed from the outset, Sabrina more than earns her keep with her veritable bag of tricks: the gutteral squealing and cries of joy, her flexibility and mobility, as well as her plain enjoyment of the whole scene.  Add into this her filthy stage patter, as well as an ass that just won't quit, and you've got quite a scene!


[Scene Seven]  Celeste Mulet  (with Jon Jon & CJ Wright)

Seriously tanned and processed lovely Celeste rambles on a bit about her career, as well as her storied past with previous civilian partners (lawn sex!).  Once her eyes are covered, Jon Jon and CJ dangle themselves in her general direction, and Celeste reaches out to them an asks "Can I lick them?" before doing just that.  She tag teams them both, and equally they unmask her and lead off bottling up her pussy from behind (ala doggy) and down in front (orally speaking).  The first ebony cock is treated to a smattering of goo deposited on his staff, a foible that Celeste seems quite proud of as she hustles down the other gentleman with her lungs. 

Onto missionary and half-spoon plodding, with Celeste distinctly playing up her enjoyment for the camera.  The boys take turns and have their specific way with her,  passing the mic into reverse cowgirl territory and affiliating their trunks with Celeste's open mouth.  It's all kept moderately tame, though Celeste's emoting manner may have you thinking otherwise!  All swatting and pumping aside, our studs aim their erupting dicks toward Celeste's tightly closed mouth, smearing the lower expanse of her face with twin thin white doses of elastic gooeyness.  She grins to the camera and tastes a trace amount of the goodness before fading out, and the slime drips down her face and onto her neck and tits.  While some may find Ms. Mulet's particular look and style appealing (mid-90's contract era, thereabouts), I can't say that I was at all amazed or even the slightest bit entertained by her play, even though it may have been her first interracial scene on camera.  In terms of an ending to the disc, this certainly halted any good amount of wonder I had gained from the previous scenes, and resounded with a clear, California thud.  Oh well!

Bonus Features


Sabrina more or less gets the star treatment in the Behind The Scenes section, which runs approximately seventeen minutes, give or take.  It consists mostly of additional interview footage (heavy on the Sabrina!), including Sayurii's cut introdution, a few moments with Jordan, and a 13-tattoo exhibition with the lovely Addison.  As for Sabrina, we learn that her partner, John, popped off quite soon after their scene began ("I must have a really good pussy, man!" exclaims Ms. Starr), and we witness the wipe-up and regeneration of the scene from that unexpected ending.

A Cum Shot Recap gathers up all the endings from the respective scenes (8min), and the usual Company/Web Info and a Photo Gallery seal the section off for good.  Overall, a nice addition to the already long-playing feature (though, substantially, most of this footage should have made it into the final cut!).  Fans of Sabrina, this one's for you!

Audio/Visual Quality
The picture was presented in 1.77:1 (approximately) 16:9 anamorphic quality, appearing letterboxed in standard 4:3 televisions.  The hi-def nature allows for a more saturated quality to the picture (see any of the above screen caps for each particular scene's color gradations), veering into a warm, yellowish territory for the majority of the ongoings.  The majority of footage was shot indoors with studio lights, though the hotter space of the color wheel is on display more often than not.  In close-up, the shadows of the camerapersons occasionally supercede the clarity (Sabrina's scene, in particular), though a fair distance keeps the events well-light and out of any shadowland, so to speak.  The audio was presented in 2-channel stereo, picking up all the "uffs" and "oohs" with a clarity that borders on sparkly, but still is a bit off-kilter, thanks to the microphones being in proximity with the motion of the camera operator nearly all the time.  The action itself is carried through steadily, though can be a bit too quick at times (Ellie's scene suffers this trait especially), a little to eager.  All in all, a strong presentation, though still a bit too on the earthen-toned spectrum for my tastes.  But I crave detail, and the picture is full of just that!

This Time Next Year
Though it has a few faults, Initiations #22 keeps the span of quality work high enough to earn a Recommended rating, as there is much to keep and offer in repeat viewings.  Sayurii, in particular, is the stellar standout here, with Addison, Sabrina and Ellie in a three-way tie for close second.  The two mostly blow-bang scenes with Sophia and Celeste were the only dips and downfall in the otherwise high rankings, and Jordan's lackluster performance more or less rode out into okay territory thanks to her looks alone.  However, since the mood is mostly a bit on the rougher side without crossing too many boundaries, it's understandable that a few stragglers could weigh down the hungrier beasts looking to slay their way through one or a few dicks at a time.  Excised of the chaff and with a few bonus scenes to boot, the disc would have been a five-star bonanza, but as it stands, it still is worth your attention, as the series itself always has been in the past.  Have at it!

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