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Circa '82

Studio: Vivid » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 7/10/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Circa '82
A Vivid Alt Film Directed by Dave Naz
Starring:  Ashley Blue, Maya Hills, Lexi Belle, Sasha Grey & Madison Young.
With:  Tony T, Julius Ceazher, Daniel, Alex Gonz & Jenner
And Assorted Non-Sex Cameos By:  Jim Powers, DeBella, Don Bolles, Keith Morris & Jim Lane.
Runtime:  1hr 56min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  Set squarely in the confines of the hardcore awakening of the glorious 1980's, Dave Naz's meeting of adrenaline-fueled music and equally rough sex doesn't pander or waste any precious time with anything besides a deep focus on the snarling teenage Id, record collecting, going to shows and trying to have a good time in spite of the greater "authority".  For some, this may play out like a well-played time-warp, but for the rest of us, it's a dream come true!


[Scene One]  Ashley Blue  (with Tony T.)

Strolling through the opening credits along the urban jungle is the ineffable Ashley Blue, who no sooner finds Tony's prodding thumbs and forefingers deep into her mouth, plucked first from down her fur-peaked underwear.  The two peel down their pants to pull and fondle each other, Tony gripping Ashley's head as she sucks his peen, balls-deep, down her throat, spit bubbling up and oozing out the edges of her mouth.  She switches to a two-knuckle approach and grips his cock using her palms as a temporary sleeve, slipping down to the ground for a straight-to-anal spoon party.  Tony juts his wang in guided bursts, slamming down into Ashley as she mashes her fingers down into his accompanying thigh.  With a free hand, her partner waddles his digits across her cooze, itself veiled in a sheen of hair and a glaze of moisture. 

Bringing himself up to serve Ashley her first of many ass to mouth tastes, Tony sets leads her, ass out, onto a nearby chair.  The anal continues on after a poke through doggy, and Tony elevates Ashley into the air for a hovering version of reverse cowgirl anal.  A bit of face fucking/ATM buttresses even more doggy-based anal, with Ashley's furry slit blooming out in a lovely shade the color of coral sea salt.  The two chortle and choke and laugh and grunt their way into more reverse cowgirl anal action, Ashley's tiny titties hardening in the short breeze brought on by heavy and slathered strokes and bounces upon Tony's cock.

She slips out of her elevator pumps and plants her bare feet on her boy's knees, easing and accelerating upon his unit in an encore of anal reverse cowgirl.    Back into doggy by way of another ATM interlude, the dynamic duo cap their performance with a final polish of missionary anal, leading Tony to expel his beaten seed into Ashley's gaping mouth.  Soon after, they dress in montage and exchange a few words, the lack of courtesy Tony's character exhibiting leading Ashley to advise, "Go read some Emily Post!".

Ms. Blue is as dirty as she always tends to be, allowing Tony the opportunity to rip, rig and rant his way inside and out her glorious ass, egging his rear view pumps on with enthusiastic cries of relief, joy, and untamed lust: in short, pure Ashley Blue!  Tony certainly has his work cut out for him, and he makes the best of his journeyed jaunt, going harder, faster and deeper with each new asstastic jolt.  Just glorious!

[Scene Two]  Maya Hills  (with Jenner)

Over a beer and a few stories about run-ins with the law, Maya, Jenner and Daniel (who soon skedaddles) relax and compare their law-abiding scars before Maya begins petting Jenner's denim bulge as soon as they have a moment alone.  Jenner noshes on her nipples, pulling her shirt up, and Maya continues the peel-off with her blue underwear, allowing her man to lick, sniff and diddle her ass and penetrate her pussy.  She slides runs her tongue over his already hardened staff in return, not forgetting to nuzzle his balls, propping herself up for a beginning run of doggy.  She leans over and tastes their combined special sauces, deep throating Jenner's shooter before continuing the fucking in standard cowgirl. 

The thumping is slick and elastic, with both partners taking turns doing the heavy lifting, though Maya is certainly the skilled coaxer of man fluid one would expect her to be, at heart!  Another taste leads to missionary, leaning into a half-spoon, and into a missionary pile driver.  Maya's toes and arches scrunch up as her gentle friend goes deeper and deeper with each push and pull, and the inescapable look of delight on her face is absolutely priceless!  Pushed to the limit, Jenner pulls out and strikes Maya's open mouth and cheeks with a goodly amount of throw, the landed contents soon absorbed down her luscious throat.  A flurry of dress-up leads the two out into the night, and the scene is done!

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Maya and Jenner positively burn each other end to end in this scene, with a palatable amount of chemistry driving the energy on home with each twist and turn.  Maya is super cute with a wash of fluffy blond hair, which is soaked by the conclusion with well-heeled sweat and the hot struggle of pumped-out love.  Good show, people, good show!

[Scene Three]  Lexi Belle  (with Daniel)

Young lovebirds Lexi and Daniel rhapsodize about the slim chances of reality-based television coming to be, something Daniel especially feels is too sad, boring and pathetic for anyone in the future (ca: now!) to take seriously.  Lexi takes the wheel immediately after their chat, plying Daniel's zipper apart to stroke and suck on his schlong as he paws and fondles his girl any which way he can.  Layers off, Lexi straddles her boy in standard cowgirl, keeping her face close to his thrust in, thrust out.  Her tush is a bundle of wonder, and a feature she offers Daniel in the 69 that follows.

Reverse cowgirl brings the two even closer together, with Daniel pulling Lexi atop his stomach, his mighty peen arching up into her pussy from below.  Lexi emits sweet sufferings as the two parlay and parry genital givings, going into a half-spoon and onto a more direct play of missionary.  Both Lexi and Daniel massage her bulging clit during all of this, with the occasional peek of breasts as Lexi's shirt, and gravity, see fit.  He strong-arms her while back in a spooned position, lightly choking her with his forearms and gripped hand-span.  Doggy glides into even more missionary and back again, deeper than before, and seriously heated and nearly bubbling over.  Daniel spouts his specimen into Lexi's mouth, dripping streams on either side of her lips, kissing her before a final swallow sends it all back down her throat. 

Though his gentle demeanor doesn't quite befit his behavior, Daniel's near-manhandling of Lexi is strikingly hot and almost unexpected, though Lexi is quite responsive to his every utterance and close-lipped whisper, even as he nearly ravages the endlessly cute Ms. Belle.  The scene actually drags a little in the middle, as the two switch up positions more than twice per (!), but fans of Lexi will be quite delighted at this decidedly heavier turn.  Solid!

As before, the couple hurries to dress before Lexi's parents find them stark naked, and soon, no one is the wiser!  The elders arrive in the form of Jim Powers and DeBella, who survey the scene for any misgivings, finding only Daniel's record collection, and his allegiance to the Washington Redskins, to fault, prompting Jim to become flustered and the kids to write off the remainder of the evening.

[Scene Four]  Sasha Grey  (with Julius Ceazher)

Sitting atop the edge of the tub, Sasha watches Julius take a whizz first-hand.  After unloading a steady stream, Sasha asks him to pee in her mouth, which he complies, though any evidence of this actually happening is contained in Sasha's closed mouth as she wraps those lips of hers around his unfurled, chocolately peen.  She does choke a bit, which would suggest a "Yes", but that's completely up to you, dear viewer, to believe, or not!  What does matter is that the events shift to the next room, where Sasha does choke down every inch of Julius' wonder schlong, sopping a wet mess of spit bubbles around the base of his cock and down his ebony balls.  He pulls and tugs at her mane of hair, pulling back her red panties and setting his compass for her sweet envelope, doggy-style. 

Sasha keeps her Chuck Taylors on, shifting her ass further up and goading Julius with the object of his wang's desire, keeping the freshness and the dirty talk firm and decidedly hushed.  She slides down and tastes their combination of thick drink, further moistening his rod with a sinewy coat of drizzle and saliva.  Missionary becomes the name of the game, shifting to a pile driver stance soon enough, with Sasha's tasty fur teasing Julius' mountable prick.  The slamming veers into reverse cowgirl, a little throating in between, and onto a hard-rode standard cowgirl position, Julius carrying Sasha's thigh as they exchange thumps and randy shafting.   Sasha jumps off to receive his unspooling, which lands into her filth-tinged mouth and goes down, easy!

As Sasha tends to deliver, this scene is our Ms. Grey in one of her finer forms, though the action is regulated to vaginal only.  No loss, however, since Sasha truly gives her all, vibing out and then some, keeping Julius hyper-aware of his surroundings, as well as her clamoring need for seed!  The two montage their way clothed again, and it's off and out and onto the next scene!  Fabulously sticky!

[Scene Five]  Madison Young  (with Alex Gonz & Ashley Blue)

Madison and Alex exchange barbs about the new Def Leppard record (Madison is a fan), converging in a mutual kiss and clothed rubdown, pants and underwear wriggled out and onto the floor.  Madison spreads out almost immediately, twiddling her tuft of flame before Alex assists her, soon leading her to kneel for a smeared and heaving intake of his prick.  She smothers his wick with enough throat salve to pry her ass cheeks apart, beginning the anal-only run in doggy.

The duo take turns diddling Madison's clit, the melange sucked off of every finger as Alex continues his swift assault of his girl's cooch.  Ashley wanders is calm and steady, almost surreptitiously at first, breaking open a pack of bubblegum and breaking a soft piece into malleability with a few steady gnashes.  Alex uncorks and Ashley takes a heavy swig of his wand down into her mouth, slurping and shading it with a tasteful pinkness that Madison soon samples herself.  They tag team their lips around Alex's lucky spear, soon veering back into the anal-tastic journey by way of Madison's expanding asshole.  After a bit more stump bumping, Ashley takes a few final tastes before ushering herself back into the distance, the pair continuing on.

The ass-to-mouth doesn't stop there, with Madison taking liberal breaks from being sweetly shirked for a few mouth meals as she and Alex shift to missionary, her squeals radiating around the room with shades of chirpy coos and the elevation of outright screams.  Alex kisses and encircles Madison's tits with his tongue all the while, flipping her around for a reverse cowgirl anal play, always aware of his partner and grooved down whilst pricking her hole steadily.  In a half-spoon, Madison's tiny hands flurry and blur atop her crotch as her bottom is worked thoroughly, gasping and shrilling out each sliver and jolt of vocal energy, until Alex finally pulls out and aims his gush of white lightning into her open mouth.

The chemistry Madison and Alex lasso in this scene is wily and magnetic, prompting wild-eyed squeezes, joyous sneers and tight grips on either end.  It's the kind of fucking that's actually quite rare, but one that the two beat out of each other in search of higher and higher peaks, almost to the point of total scramble!  The sweaty bump is well served, and quite exciting, to witness: it's love!


Bonus Features

Clocking in around the five minute mark, a frenetic Behind the Scenes featurette, with Ashley working the interview from behind the camera, prattles and gently pokes the stars of the feature.  Sasha gets the third degree on what is and isn't an "Emo" look, Jim Powers swears he's worked with a startled Lexi Belle, and the bulk of the time spent is wearing down Maya Hills (she, pictured above with Cheeto), who would really rather not be bothered by the whole ordeal, hilariously enough.  It's all quite a cute and miniature snapshot of the production, whittled down to such tiny bits that the whole will either annoy or leave you pining for much more.

A short Slide Show, along with four Trailers (Morphine, The Bad Luck Betties, Skater Girl Fever & The Doll Underground) round out the short, but still sweet, package.

Audio/Visual Quality
The footage was captured from a variety of angles, usually with two cameras running simultaneously (though at times it seems like three or more), cut at a less than harried pace.  Thankfully, the overall gestures are kept interesting by use of clever framing (see any smattering of the captures in the body of the review), with a color space veering into the blueish hues amidst the rich glow of more natural skin tones, more often than not.  Naz keeps the light in clear spot on his subjects, though the twisted positions the partners get themselves into sometimes falls into heavier casts at times.  The overall effect is merely a stone's throw away from Elmer Batters' late color period, Barbara Broadcast and Buffalo '66, only with less solid silver and a more hi-def shutter flow.  The 16x9 presentation befits the quality of the picture itself, keeping both the shadows and highlights rich and clear, as well as the suitable 2.0 stereo soundtrack, filled with quick interludes by several Los Angeleno legendary hardcore punk outfits, balancing out the fits and screams in between evenly and without any flaws or drop-outs to speak of. 

Exit Theory
Mr. Naz and company have crafted a glorious homage to the bygone era, though the absence of a clear plot may leave some viewers in the dust.  However, the stylish trappings (vintage clothing, manual telephones, the Circle Jerks) and the witty bursts of dialog are certainly enough to house such fierce amount of couple-based fucking, bookended by two beautiful all-anal scenes by Ashley and Madison.  As well, Sasha and Maya swill and smear through their classiest a-games, respectively, and Lexi's kiss and choke fest with Daniel is certainly another highlight of note, as is the surprising amount of overall gentleness subsumed behind the veneer of rough sex.  A few cameos by California luminaries (Bolles, Morris & Lane) certainly help to set the scene as it was so many years ago, as well as stress what I'm sure one could call nostalgia, only with less treacle, more force.  It's pared down, dirty and direct as the music it so rightly champions, all the way down to the final Repo Man-riffed credits.   Coming on hot and strong, Circa '82 is infectious, dizzying, and as searing as the California sun, and is, without a doubt, Highly Recommended!

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