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Fuck Fever

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 6/29/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director: Jean-Marc Prouveur

Cast: Tadek Mordzialek, Leopold Frackowiak, Oleh Grzegorzki, Henry Fleischmann, Jason Decker, Lee Jaguar, Joao Da Luz, Simone De Jesus, Mario Perez, Leo Miranda, Adam Stevens, Matheus Rocha

Length: 1 hour, 32 minutes

Production Date: November 2003

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
It's s shame that North American fans probably aren't as familiar with the work of French director Jean-Marc Prouveur as they should be. It doesn't help that great efforts like this one don't reach Region 1 DVD for nearly five years. The man is able to create such romantic, intense scenes built on amazing chemistry between his models. There's no story and no dialogue here, just six scenes that unfold as a magazine comes to life--an apt mechanism for the artistic beauty of Prouveur's work (fans of Lucas Kazan will love his stuff, and vice versa). Throughout the six scenes, there's a sultry passion, an amazing sexual tone aided by the moans, slurps and heavy breathing of its stars--and there's also some amazing bodies and uncut cocks to drool over. Prouveur always uses a truly diverse group of men from various countries, and all of them are stunning.

Scene 1

I'll forgive the porn stockroom setting here, because who cares when the action is so intense? We open with "Tramp and the Lad", where bald Adam Stevens slumbers on the floor, his cock popping out of his jeans. Along comes handsome Leo Miranda to sample the goods, and he soon has Adam's beautiful tool at full mast. It's a slow, steady, romantic suck--Leo really knows how to worship cock, and Adam is just as fantastic, sucking his buddy back with equal abandon. All the while the two kiss and touch each other--what a hot display of cocksucking! After Adam briefly licks and fingers Leo's hole, he fucks the bottom from behind (getting in some great grinding with his torso and ass). Leo then sits down on Adam's tool, a beautiful visual as the bottom's toned chest and abs take center stage. The two squirt, and the final still shot is like a piece of art--a trend that continues in each scene.

Scene 2

In "The Power of the Stranger Within", we immediately see the shaved head and goatee of Lee Jaguar slurping on the hard pole of Joao Da Luz, a handsome hunk whose facial expressions make us feel the same ecstasy. His beautiful cock is given first-rate service by Leo, who can't keep his tongue and hands off every part of his bud's beefy build (I love how Leo rests one of his hands on Joao's muscular pec). The two are soon in the 69 position, and we notice that Leo is packing a big, beautiful boner of his own. The camera sometimes gets a tad too close for a little too long--I sometimes wish Prouveur would let the camera pan out just a tad so we can get a little more of the picture, but that's an extremely minor quibble. Joao soon fucks Lee doggie style (a lot of the fuck sequences in each scene aren't very long) before Lee dumps a huge load over Joao's groin and leg, his body quivering in delight as he lets it loose. The top then squirts his juice out. My one wish for this scene is that we got to see more of Lee's amazing cock up close.

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Scene 3

Next  up is "The Vagabond and the Drunken Miners." We start with pals Tadek Mordzialek and Leopold Frackowiak passed out on a rock, their cocks out for show. Leopold starts to play with his bud's tool, jacking his own big piece in the process. Both are watched by Oleh Grzegorzki, who soon comes down to get a taste. He takes turns sucking both of them (Tarek is a little soft in spots) before Tadek eats--and then fucks--Oleh, who sucks on Leopold's hot slab. The camera gets some great shots of Tadek's back and ass in action as he fucks away, and the three let their loads fly on Oleh in the end (although we don't get close-ups on two of them).

Scene 4

When "Latin Lust" stats, we see the cute, smooth Simone De Jesus (who you should recognize--he has appeared as Simon Angel in some fantastic efforts for U.S. studios) is stroking his very big, very thick meat, the camera planted right between his legs. He gives us that great smile, his bedroom eyes tempting us before he turns over to show off his hole, pushing his rock-hard boner down to display his shaft at the same time (yum!). He's soon joined by handsome Mario Perez (who has also appeared in many U.S. hits), who sucks on Simone's meat. Simone returns the favor, and soon sits down on Mario for a brief fuck before laying on his back for more pounding. (Simone is an equally adept top, but he just bottoms here.) The two jack to come side-by-side in a great closer (Mario's squirt is a nice one).

Scene 5
In "Jack and his Beanpole", thin hairy Matheus Rocha sits in a chair, playing with his package that hides under a kilt. This scene is given an intentional "old time" treatment, with a brown tone and scratchy effects mimicking the style of Hollywood's earliest treasures. Matheus has a killer smile--and combined with his eyes, he'll draw you into the scene (and him) at first glance. He caresses his piece with both hands, gently leading us along the hot ride. He also turns around to show us his ass, his boner splayed out underneath. After jacking some more, he lets out a load on his left thigh, leaving us with another hot smile.

Scene 6

What a finale! In "The Polish Thief", handsome Jason Decker comes home and heads to the bathroom, leaving his bag (and money) in full view of his bedroom's sliding glass door. Hot window washer Henry Fleischmann originally sets his sights on the stash, but when Jason comes out and shows off his ass, the washer gets a different idea, stroking as he gets a nice show (including some dildo play by Jason). Henry soon comes in and grinds his thick meat on Jason as the two kiss passionately, and Henry gets his ass munched before returning the favor. After some 69 play, Jason (who isn't always rock hard) slurps up Henry's big meat, which looks stunning as the camera gets right in front of it. Jason then gets fucked in a few positions before jacking off. The hottest shot comes as Henry straddles the bottom to jack off over him, his amazing body right in front of our eyes. He lets his nice load fly into Jason's mouth (it's a hot, wet and dirty display), moaning "Oh yeah! Oh fuck! Ah shit! Ah fuck!" in a great showing of verbal passion that caps of the scene--and the film--perfectly.

Both efforts are solid here--there's no excessive cheesy music, which makes the sounds of men at play (kissing, sucking, moaning, heavy breathing) stand out and add to the film's intensity. The image is also strong, with the solo and the beginning (and end) of each scene given an artistic touch with shades of brown, contributing to some solid art direction.

Sadly, not a one.

The Naked Truth:
One of the greatest porn directors around, Jean-Marc Prouveur once again proves that he is the master at creating sultry, intense passion with models who really hit it off with each other. Some fans may wish the fucking sequences were longer, and there's a cock or two I wish got more screen time, but the overall quality is so high and hot, it doesn't matter. This is one sexy, sultry experience that gets under your skin and takes you on a romantic, artistic journey, really making you feel the passion.

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