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Playgirl: Sexual Sensations

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 6/29/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Producer: Trans Digital Media                                

Distributor: Wicked Pictures  

Category:  All Sex

Release Date: 4/30/2008

Production Year: 11/30/2007

Genre:  Couples, Straight, What Girls Want

Length: 1 hrs. 31 mins

Condoms: Yes

Performers:  Adrianna Nicole, August, Jenaveve Jolie, Kris Knight, Luccia, Manuel Ferrara, Marcos Leon, Nicole Sheridan, Penny Flame, Rebecca Love, Sascha, Scott Nails, Seth Dickens, Shy Love, Spanish Dream, Steven St. Croix, Voodoo.

The Playgirl Teaser: You spot each other across a crowded room, unaware of it happening, you body's five senses into overtime. Sight, smell, hearing, taste and finally touch. Stimulating the deepest needs hidden just below the surface; your body surrenders to carnal pleasure giving way to its primal sexual sensations.

The Movie:

Playgirl's titles seem to have a hit or miss quality about them. Playgirl's Sexual Sensations is an erotic soft core DVD made for first timers and women that do not enjoy the hard core genre of the adult movies. They will find this title more than suitable for their taste. Even the cover of the DVD is made specially to attract a woman's desires at the point of purchase with a very alluring sleeve and DVD cover. Playgirl gives you the typical romantic get-together without the intense circus acts that are a turn off for so many. There is also abundance bonus material including a solo male masturbation scene. The one thing about PG titles that it's worth the dollar value being that it's loaded with goodies for one to enjoy. Playgirl tries to   keep it as  close as  possible to what women  enjoys seeing  at  the soft core level  but on the  other  hand  are too  short length wise to  even  get a little heated. For me, watching a slow seduction is more appealing to the mind and body making sure that it keeps the viewers and me glued to the screen and wanting and waiting for more. .

The DVD:

Audio/Video: Playgirl's Sexual Sensations is distributed by Wicked Pictures for PlayGirl TV and is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound in Full Screen format. The lighting in each scene was rather grainy, dark with major shadowing and distortion. The flesh tone was realistic, clear, and crisp. The  music used for each of the   six scenes  was a  very  nice  slow tempo, nothing that was too hard on the  ears, kind of  cheesy at times but  still somewhat enjoyable.

The Extras:

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Bonus Scene, Behind the Scenes, Bonus Solo: Spanish Dream, Slide Show, Trailers, Promo Reel, Company Information, Web Site Information,Parental Lock.

Bonus Sex Scene: Tuxedo Love w/ Sascha & Rebecca Love

Sascha did not impress me much, dressed in a tuxedo with bouquet of long stem red rose for Rebecca. From the very first kiss he gave her you can tell that there was no connection between the two making for a very weak scene. There was no sensuality or chemistry that you find in other scene. I would pass this one bonus scene.

Behind the Scenes: The Dance w/ Manuel Ferrara

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Luccia expresses how happy she is to be working with French heart throb Manuel Ferrara. She goes on to say that she was a bit nervous and gives the viewers her outlook on porn. Manuel on the  other hand  gives  the  viewers a lengthy  account of  working with the ladies and how much he  enjoys his  job. To him, what is more important is the connection between the performers and not the penetration. Manuel goes on to say that to him he wants real emotions from the ladies during   the scene and not the fake moans and groans that turn him off.

Bonus Solo Scene:  w/ Spanish Dream

I have never been a fan of the solo scene, and this next one isn't what I imagined it to be. He is called Spanish Dream and there is nothing Spanish or even Dreamy about him. Spanish Dream looks more like a thug than a guy that is suppose to keep your attention focused on him while he whacks off to the camera. He opens the scene walking down a flight of stairs barefooted wearing jeans and no tee-shirt. He stands in the corridor and begins to feel himself up.  After a few minutes of doing that he drops his pants, sitting on a bench behind him. He proceeds to  stroke himself until he  makes a mess all over himself.  Like I said before... I am not a fan of bonus scene.. And if you are going to include them in future disc, at least make sure that they are good looking!

Scene 1: Dangerous Lovers - Adrianna & Scott Nails

Very blurry, distorted, and   very dark, you can barely make out what is going on. They go straight into foreplay with out any sort of build up. They go right into the penetration again with no tease making this first scene one I would pass.

Scene 2: Marital Bliss - Shy Love & Seth Dickens

Seth comes home to find his wife Shy still in bed. He starts to remove his shirt and snuggles up next to her. He starts nibbling at her waking her. She climbs out from under the covers into his   waiting arms. They exchange a lot of kisses before she undresses him. After some more kissing he goes down on her making eye contact with her as he takes his time. Then its Shy's turn as she does a nice job sucking him off. Seth takes her in the mish position and unloads on her breast. This should have been the opening scene in this DVD especially how sensual and   romantic is it. I would have like to have heard the sweet talk he was giving Shy.

Scene 3: Office Love - August & Marcos Leon

The scene opens with August answering phones and opening mail. She takes a pair of huge scissors to the box in front of her opening it only to find porn in the box. She  picks up one of the titles , it being a  Playgirl  title and  you can  see the  devilish  grin  come  across her  face. She takes the box filled with porn into her boss's office and one thing leads into the other. The clothes come off and they are going at it on his desk. Nice scene and they both looked like they had fun together. I would have  enjoyed hearing the  dialog  that  was going on between them.

Scene 4: Pool Hall - Jenaveve & Kris Knight

In this  next scene it  starts off looking like an old  reel to reel  film which I happen to  enjoy  when  PG  does  a  vignette like that. Kris and Jenaveve are in a pool hall playing a friendly game of strip pool. With each ball missed by the other one has to remove and article of clothing which is the   fun of it. Seth ends up winning and the beautiful Jenaveve is standing naked before ready to pay up for losing. After some nice oral action on the pool table she mounts up to ride him CG style with Seth unloading outside of her. Very Nice chemistry and they had a good connection going on between them.

Scene 5: Poem - Nicole & Voodoo (no condom)

Nicole is the muse for the unknown poet and narrator in this next scene as he  goes to describe her lust and his desire for her. The narrator goes on about losing control to her and being absorbed by his desire and wanting. In walks Voodoo who follows through as the narrator continues with is poem describing the burning rage inside of him. After some nice teasing. Voodoo rips her pantyhose revealing her neatly shaved bush and eats her out. Nicole then does a nice job sucking him off. Voodoo does her in the mish position then switches over to CG, semi spoon with him unloading on her ass.

Scene 6: When the Music's Over - Penny & Steven St. Croix

Penny has  always  been  one of my  favorite  female  adult  actress, this  tiny lady has  so much  energy within her that  she  can  light a spark with  just her smile. In this final scene, she is paired up with  Steven St Croix another  well known seasoned  veteran in the industry  who knows how to make the ladies  purr. Though you can hardly hear what they are saying you get the idea of what they are up too. Penny leans up against the banister while Steven is down on his knees sucking her toes literally making as meal out of her. After the intense tease Penny gets to work on him giving him exactly what he gave her. They go at it on the steps first with Penny on top in RCG style then doggie style with Steven unloading on her ass.

Final Thoughts:  Playgirls Sexual Sensation started on a bad note with me. I decided to  play it on  my  PS3/Blu-ray and on the  now defunct HD player and I was  unsatisfied with the  picture  quality. That is one thing I wont be experimenting with that ever  again. Normally  I  enjoy watching the  extras, but this  time  if it wasn't  for the  BTS with Manuel Ferrara, the  entire extras on the DVD  would have  sucked. The lighting was totally off mark in the first scene and it was very blurry. I thought that the editing   department would and should have done a better job with it. I've noticed that in every Playgirl titles they always throw in one mediocre scene. Another thing that  annoys  me is that  there are some  scene  worth  watching and   from my  pov, I enjoy  listening to the  chatter  between performers in their individual scenes. To me it  adds more  to it  by  bringing more  stimulation to the  viewer's imagination  and  sense being that  PG is selling  a fantasy to  women  via their titles. Isn't that an essential part of the fantasy they are trying to sell, hearing, and seeing the seduction? After watching Sexual Sensations I would have to say this would that  even though the  vignettes were well written and had the  level of  chemistry and  passion that  would  make you moist, and granted that there was only one bad scene, the lighting and the sound portion of it had a lot to do with my decision. Technically it could have been done up better hanging the cheesy music and correcting the lighting, and of course not so grainy and   distorted. I know many of the ladies watching the PG DVD won't be looking for the things I mentioned above but that's what I look for... Enjoy it as a Rental...


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