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I Love Big Butts #2

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jenny Hendrix!

I Love Big Butts 2: Collector's Edition

New Sensations

Flower Tucci and Mark Ashley!

Genre: Compilation


Director: Varied By Scene

Roxy DeVille!

Cast: Jenny Hendrix, Jordan Ash, Flower Tucci, Mark Ashley, Naomi, Mr. Pete, Roxy DeVille, Erik Everhard, Katja Kassin, Johnny Sins, Julia Bond, Amber Peach, Mark Wood, Kristina Rose, Michael Stefano, Carmen Kinsley, Mike Adriano, Shawna Lenee, Jessica Lynn, Marquetta Jewel

Katja Kassin!

Length: 290:30 minutes

Julia Bond!

Dates of Production: 9/6/2007, 4/19/2005, 8/30/2005, 3/22/2006, 4/29/2007, 5/9/2007, 2/4/2008, 8/8/2007, 8/1/2006, 11/9/2007, 11/30/2005

Amber Peach

Extra's: The only real extra here was the photogallery material from the scenes but given the amounts of scenes on the double disc set, most you won't mind.

Kristina Rose

Condoms: None

Carmen Kinsley

Audio/Video Quality: I Love Big Butts: Collector's Edition was presented in the usual 1.33: ratio full frame and 1.78:1 ratio letterboxed widescreen color as the scenes were shot by a variety of directors for a number of titles by New Sensations. The quality of the scenes varied more than a little bit as some were very appealing while others were in need of better attention to detail but I still felt that the overall compilation was handled fairly well and focused on the cutie in question quite nicely. The series has really sold well according to the company president and fans that have passed up on projects in the past (because they would only have a single scene of the object of their lustful desires) seem to find them really solid in terms of value so the minor technical matters aren't as big a factor here. The fleshtones were accurate, the lighting usually good, and the composition of the shots typically good enough to enhance the look of the ladies. Oh yeah, the watermarks were back in case that matters to you (the company name on the lower right hand corner of the scenes). The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps), with little separation and limited dynamic range but at least the music was not as lame as it could have been in most cases (exceptions noted below).

Shawna Lenee and Jessica Lynn

-- sponsored by --

Body of Review: New Sensations is the company responsible for the I Love...Series, proving to be able to give fans what they want in great quantity in recent years. Their latest release in the series is I Love Big Butts 2: Collector's Edition, a double disc set of hotties bouncing on throbbing rods and slurping on the juicy meat poles in a variety of different ways (and sequel to I Love Big Butts 2). The theme this time was on ladies with ample asses, most of the ladies in the cast appearing to be in their early twenties at first glance; many of them award winning starlets from the last few years. While I might have picked a different set of scenes based on my tastes, this was a pretty solid set in large part, catering to the stated market niche fairly well. Hey, if it was good enough for Sir Mix-A-Lot, why can't the rest of us appreciate those round things in our face too? The cover said it like this: "This 2-disc set is full of the biggest, baddest booties you have ever seen. We've got babes like Julia Bond, Flower Tucci, Jenny Hendrix, Kristina Rose, and Naomi, and they're about to bring it for over 4 hours and 50 minutes of ass-slapping fun! So take their backside for a ride, because there's nothing better than a big, juicy, I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter booty...and we fuckin' love it!" That said, there were no condoms used in the eleven scenes (3 of them advertised with anal) and here is a quick look at them by our staff:

Marquetta Jewel!

Scene One: Naughty College School Girls 45: Jenny Hendrix, Jordan Ash: Jenny Hendrix is an adorable girl, and is utterly delicious in her blue college sweater and plaid skirt. The scene starts in a backyard, where she's masturbating on some rocks on a pool waterfall. She starts out rubbing herself through her white cotton undies, and eventually Jordan comes out and catches her. She wades through the water - getting her whites all wet - and sucks his cock a little before they take it inside. She continues the oral, showing some great skills with the stroke and the gag, and then our dude has her stick her ass up so he can work both of her holes with his fingers. After letting the skirt drop off, Jenny rides Jordan. He switches to a doggie style, gripping on her ass cheeks while pounding her. He then puts it in her ASS, yes, and her booty! He pulls out to make her suck on it and the sits down so she can get butt-fucked in the reverse-cowgirl. He fucks her on the side for a bit, and then again from behind - but after working her pussy some more in a missionary he pulls out and pops on her face. (review by Robin LaCruz)

Scene Two: Anal Authority 2: Flower Tucci, Mark Ashley: Flower is a good looking blonde babe. The scene opens on Flower's ass. She teases and then Mark shows up. He bangs her and she squirts like crazy. Next she sucks his dick briefly and they fuck. The action is decent at best. Flower is a good looking babe, but I wasn't impressed by the fucking. (review by Rob Randall)

Scene Three: Mr. Pete is Unleashed 7: Naomi, Mr. Pete: Naomi is the gal found on the DVD cover. She has an attractive face and a nice body. The scene opens with the camera on Naomi's shapely ass. Pete squeezes it and she jiggles it. Next Pete eats her out and then fucks her for a bit. Afterwards she returns the favor and sucks his dick. The oral action offers some solid fun. Just too short. Next the sex resumes. After a short sex stint Pete pops on her face. The scene cuts and they fuck some more. You can tell Naomi you really enjoyed it because at one point she squirted. (review by Rob Randall)

Scene Four: What An Ass! #2: Roxy DeVille, Erik Everhard: Roxy DeVille, a brunette spitfire that cleans up really well, was up next as she followed the formula and projected some measure of heat during the tease. The slow, tantalizing motions she made with her hands enhanced her act as did the natural lighting from outside the window she was positioned near, and she was another one that appeared to want to work with studly Erik Everhard. I wasn't keen on her piercings but her otherwise natural body and positive attitude were in full effect, marking a second scene I could enjoy repeatedly. They savored each other orally in such a manner that I knew deep down that it was about more than money, and her energy levels went through the roof with him. The passion combined with her skill made it a winner of a scene from the first hummer to the last drop of splooged hitting her face, with all that active vaginal riding in between. Yum! (review by Don Houston)

Scene Five: My Space 3: Katja Kassin, Johnny Sins: We're in Johnny Sins' backyard and Kayzen and Sins are lounging in the pool, hanging out, waiting for Katja and Love to arrive. When the two get there, we're led inside the house where beautiful Katja talks briefly about her Myspace page, which she created herself. Minutes later, Love, Sins, and Katja are sitting on long couch talking about, well, everything, really. It's like a sequence in a very dirty, pop-culture reference-free Quentin Tarantino film. The four talk about pussy lips, rimming, video games, armpit hair, swimsuits, and a host of other random shit. It's interesting, but this is the first segment in the video that I was hoping to jump straight into the fucking. Katja does start stripping, however, and shows off--to the amazement of the guys--her pink, clean pussy, and round, tight ass. (Her cunt really is a revelation in its perfect pink-ness and shape. None of the mangled, meaty lips of many other girls in the adult film world.) Finally, she makes her move on Sins, helping him remove his board shorts and pulling his ultra-long cock into her mouth. Some very hot deep throating, cowgirl, blow jobs, aggressive and deep reverse c.g. anal, missionary anal, doggie, and doggie anal follow. Katja obviously loves Sins long rod. Just when I thought the scene was to finish, our East German hottie walks into Sins' dining room to get pounded some more, this time while leaning against the dining room table. Sins pummels her from behind until she takes his cock into her mouth one last time and sucks and strokes him to climax. This scene has the weakest set-up (as if the guy's ran out of creative steam with scene three's very wild rendezvous with Gianna), and the least funny dialogue, but the sex is amazing and the two leads are ultra hot. While not as entertaining as the first two hours (yes, by the end of this scene, we're almost three hours in), it's still a stroke-worthy scene and merits repeat viewings (if only to marvel at gorgeous Katja and her flawless pink pussy). (review by Alexander)

Scene Six: Plump Round Rumps: Julia Bond, Mark Ashley: Julia Bond, the cute brunette on the front DVD cover with her ample fanny presented for the world to see, was up first as she teased in her skimpy yellow bikini by the outdoor pool to the thumping beat of the music. She oiled up her ass nicely and it reminded me that as long as she has an ass that appealing, she'll always have a place to sit when I'm around. The outdoor light looked good on her but she went inside to lay down on the couch and have Mark Ashley play with. He spanked her cheeks and massaged her ass before rimming her perfect pucker, giving her cookie some attention too as she moaned in kittenish pleasure. He started drilling her pussy before getting a blowjob but she held her ass cheeks apart to insure better penetration, his juice covered cock never finding itself in her mouth as she aggressively savored the fit over the taste. She did manage to bounce on his cock anally after being warmed up at length, and as one of her first anal scenes to date, I did not expect a whole lot from her; even if she was still looking most appealing. The scene ended with him rubbing out his wad of population pudding onto her face, thoroughly glazing it with her licking his dick just a little bit in the ~30 minute scene. (review by Don Houston

Scene Seven: What An Ass! #5: Amber Peach, Mark Wood: Up next is Amber, a petite brunette with a near perfect body. She gives a quick strip ease at the beginning, followed by a little masturbation. Her partner comes into view and the two perform oral on each other. She gives a great blowjob, often gazing into the camera with her sexy dark eyes. They then fuck like rabbits in all the typical positions. The chemistry between them was off the chart. They would often stop fucking to give each other more oral, always with a smile on their faces. The scene comes to a climactic ending as she gets a blast of cum right on the ass. A very enjoyable scene. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Eight: Bound To Please 3: Kristina Rose, Michael Stefano: This next scene has Kristina tied to the railings on the stair case. As she struggles to set herself free, Michael comes up from above her and begins to play with her clit. Kristina through her ropes gives him a hand job the switches over to giving him head. Michael does her doggie, standing doggie against the banister, some PTM action. Kristina then rides him again in RCG and he turns her over to go down on her some more. Kristina then mounts up again for more RCG and CG ending with her taking it to the face. (review by Ravyn)

Scene Nine: Sugar Butt: Carmen Kinsley, Mike Adriano: Carmen Kinsley is showing off her tight little butt in front of the camera. This skinny little blonde has the type of butt that makes you want to reach out and grab it. I know that's not appropriate behavior, but with an ass like that it sure makes it tempting. Carmen has a solid body with nice curves. The one on one sex goes through the usual romps, with a special emphasis on oral. Carmen has a talent and she shows it off numerous times in this scene including oral fresh from her own glistening, freshly fucked snatch. The scene ends with a pop on those great breasts. (review by Colonel Mustard)

Scene Ten: Double Play 6: Shawna Lenee, Jessica Lynn, Mark Ashley: Shawna Lenee, a sexy blond, and lean cutie Jessica Lynn, were up next wearing small outfits that allowed each other easy access to play with one another. They kissed and while it seemed somewhat of a rough cut here, their caresses were nicely done. Shawna was the sexual aggressor during the initial lesbian play on the bed, Jessica going down on her friend nearly as well with both making some fake moaning noises. Shawna seemed to be more into the action as well but before it became too one sided, Mark Ashley joined in to show them both a good time using his own oral skills and large cock. He ate ass and pounded pussy as though driven to nail some hotty houchie, pushing their limits ever so slightly as the gals engaged in some oral experiences with face sitting. I would have preferred real tits on the ladies but they seemed to like doing PTM and were active enough during the vaginal riding that the scene came across as pretty solid overall. The scene then ended with Mark's wad of population pudding gracing Jessica's ass cheeks and crack for Shawna to clean up orally. (review by Me)

Scene Eleven: Soft in the Middle: Marquetta Jewel, Mr. Pete: Marquetta Jewel, a fleshy Peurto Rican gal I haven't seen in a very long time, was up last as she stylishly teased the camera slowly while droning music was played, the gal getting quite moist before her scene with Mr. Pete. I like gals with an ample sample and Pete did too, the couple establishing some chemistry before he began warming her up with his talented hand. Unlike some of his rushed efforts of the past, this scene proved he could take his time, though I couldn't quite catch what he was saying as he talked to her. He gave some oral loving as well and was soon tapping her curvy body, the vaginal sex giving her something to taste during her PTM. Pete pounded away on her box while he pulled her hair by the railing, moving to the floor where Marquetta was a much more active ride. The scene ended when he rubbed out his load to her mouth and face, Marquetta licking her lips as the camera faded away. (review by Don Houston)

Summary: I Love Big Butts 2: Collector's Edition by New Sensations had a few butts that did not quite measure up and many of the scenes did not have anal sex in them as one my think given the nature of the compilation but there was such an ample sample of well rounded rumps on display over the course of the nearly five hour double disc set (yes, 5 HOURS!), that even a few mediocre scenes did not detract enough to lower the score from a strong Recommended. There were some notable ladies of the large rump squad missing here but I can hardly fault the company for carefully selecting scenes that haven't been used repeatedly so you might want to pick this one up. In short, ass aficionados will appreciate I Love Big Butts 2: Collector's Edition as much as I Love Big Butts 2 even if the troublesome watermark was still present in all scenes (lower right hand corner of the screen) thanks to heated performances by Roxy DeVille, Jenny Hendrix, Katja Kassin, Flower Tucci, Julia Bond, and many others.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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