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College Amateur Tour #3: Spring Break

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Taylor South

College Amateur Tour #3: Spring Break

Shane's World/Frat House

Paige Love giving a lap dance (of sorts)

Genre: Pro-Am, Reality Gonzo

Director: Jack Venice

Delilah Strong and Aarielle Alexis

Cast: Taylor South, Jack Venice, Paige Love, Tyler Smith, Delilah Strong, Aarielle Alexis, Jack Hammer, John, Albert the security guard, Dick "Hotel Guy" Fletcher, Noelle
Non-sex roles by Steve, Tom, Reed, Nick, Shane, many others not introduced

Delilah Strong and John

Length: 142:16 minutes

Dates of Production: 3/22/2007 to 3/28/2007, 6/7/2007 to 6/11/2007, 11/8/2007 to 11/10/2007

Paige Love and the security guard

Extras: The best extra was the 26:52 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that was mostly a collection of deleted scenes. They included some additional sex and a lot of Delilah Strong (my favorite character in the movie by far) providing observations; including some comments about tramp stamps. Then was a hidden extra scene lasting 11:38 where Nick the math major was getting some Paige Love on the couch, the action including everything except for him providing a pop shot but otherwise doing a better job than his buddy John who scored with Delilah Strong in the movie itself. There was then a photogallery, a pop shot recap, a true double sided DVD cover, and a handful of trailers to shows like Casey's Winter Break, Devon Does Baja, Diary of Julia Bond, College Amateur Tour in Texas, Casey's Pool Party, College Invasion, Casey Parker's California Dreamin', Shane's World 36, Shane's World Swingers, and Mr. Marcus Goes to Washington.

Paige about to go another round in boosting hotel morale.

Condoms: Lots

Noelle reaping the rewards of working with Jack Venice.

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Audio/Video Quality: College Amateur Tour #3: Spring Break was presented in the decent 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Jack Venice for distribution by Shane's World on their Frat House Films label. The bitrate was often in the mid 4 Mbps range, but the picture tended to look slightly washed out at times, even the fleshtones appearing to be kind of weak (though typically in the night vision portions as the sunny day material looked good). The camera angles were not overly favorable to the cast this time either as the handheld approach looked like a home movie more often than not. The editing was fair, maybe better than the last time I watched the series, and while it definitely looked like a low end effort, the potential for future improvement was evident. The setting for most of the sexual action was on a bed or couch, the limits of a single camera clear in most cases. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using an interesting 128 Kbps bitrate with the ysual 48 kHz sampling rate. The vocals were typically low and lacking in dynamic range with the music as generic as the titles from Voodoo House tend to rely on.

Body of Review: Jack Venice is one of the few former Marines found in porn these days, his long term association with Shane's World proving their devotion to our military servicemen everywhere. Jack is from the Houston area and has proven to be a pretty popular guy with the ladies, the man expanding his repertoire into directing a bit to modest success. Jack's latest release as the credited director is College Amateur Tour #3: Spring Break, a series I last saw in College Amateur Tour 1 where he introduced the world to Alexis Texas (currently one of the most active "big butt" gals in the industry). The idea here was the introduction of people from outside the industry interacting with the regulars featured in the cast list. To many people, this dispensing of generic porn formulas offers a lot more reality and stroke value, generally at the expense of advanced sexual tricks and action levels but nearly always worth checking out even if you aren't a fan of the cast. The back cover said it like this: "Amateur girls LOVE Jack, but this time Delilah is trying to show him up with guys! The crew headed to south padre where Jack picks up cute co-ed Taylor & Paige passes out hand jobs to strangers on the beach. Delilah & Aarielle hit the campus & clubs and pick up a hot threesome & a stud jock! Paige gets us out of trouble showing security a good time before Jack heads to Cleveland to roll in the hay with busty Noelle who likes it in the ass! Grab your sunscreen, its spring break and we're back again!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Taylor South, the busty gal seen featured on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up first as she engaged in some heated exploits with Jack Venice. They were in a hotel room and stripped after some discussion with a group of blunt smoking men, Taylor showing how she wasn't a stranger to a cock in her mouth by the way she inhaled Jack's dick. There was some titty fucking and he worked her orally too, tonguing her ass as she purred in delight before they got down to vaginal screwing in several positions. When she was on top of him, she was an active rider but otherwise the scene showed her still learning to accommodate Jack's moderate sized penis. The ending wad of population pudding graced her chest when Jack rubbed it out, Taylor laughing at the results even with the two of them sweating like crazy (taking a shower before they had some discussion while walking away from the hotel to see her flashing the camera).

Scene Two: Paige Love, the sunglass wearing redhead seen beside Jack in the picture on the middle of the left hand side of the cover, was up next with a guy calling himself Tyler Smith. She molested him on the beach in front of a crowd, suggesting they go back to a room tentatively for her to give him just a handjob. She removed some of her clothing as an inspiration and the hairy guy (trim those hedges, Son!) had a really small penis but as she worked him over (at length), she wanted more so she mounted him vaginally. She was an active vaginal rider and bounced in his lap to get him off, his sheathed member busting a nut fairly quickly.

Scene Three: Delilah Strong and Aarielle Alexis were up next on campus as they searched the area for some guys, hoping to miss the nerdy kids in favor of the cool types outside the library. They are seen on the front cover in the dead center by the credits, eventually lucking out to hook up with slacker Jack Hammer in this unlikely spot for "cool students" (you want cool, the library is generally not the best place to find them). In any case, curvy Delilah and leaner Aarielle talked him into going up to a room where a bunch of his pals were hanging out, frisky Aarielle getting horned up on the couch with him while the others talked. The crowd filtered out as she sucked him off, the feel that they were uncomfortable permeating the air. Delilah joined in to assist orally on the bandana clad guy, the ladies always spending substantial time on one another as much as doing him. The blowjobs and vaginal screwing were decently done, Delilah getting less action this time but showing her curvy figure as comfortable with a smaller cock too (her initial reaction to discovering Aarielle and Jack was priceless!). Since Aarielle did most of the work, it was fitting that she took the facial and it seemed as though Jack hadn't busted a nut in months; the comic ending courtesy of Delilah ("he's never had pussy like that") reminding me yet again why she is such a welcome asset to these flicks even when she plays second fiddle.

Scene Four: Delilah Strong, back on the prowl and looking for action, was up next as she convinced John that she was a "cheap date", Nick and Paige Love taking the back seat this time (though their sexual exploits were documented in the hidden scene after the BTS). They went back to the room of the guys, their chunky roommate showing only a little surprise at the porn stars coming into play. As a general rule of thumb, those wanting to become teachers probably should refrain from making porn (they get fired years later according to news reports) but the playful fun on the couch led to Delilah and John getting busy in the kitchen while the others had their fun. The roomie was sitting by the table sipping her drink, looking a bit put off but smiling all the same; sexually aggressive Delilah again a treat as she aggressively slobbed his knob. He gave her some oral too and the limited vaginal pounding was amusing, John looking like he could be the smaller cousin to the infamous Jules Jordan (though hardly as talented). Delilah is one of the few gals in porn that gives a convincing performance nearly every time and this scene followed that dynamic as well. I liked her best in doggy but the ending pop shot came courtesy of her handjob and oral at the end; the limited load making her laugh before he nearly passed out.

Scene Five: Paige Love, was next up on the beach all alone as she went looking for love with a bunch of beer guzzling guys on South Padre Island (it looked like Tampa to me but most American sand beaches are alike); led by a fat guy named Shane (not the former owner of the company). After beer bong antics were heartily displayed, Paige was seen in her room with a casual guy, both of them busted by a guy I thought said his name was Albert the security guard in their room. He was young, dumb, and full of cum so she worked her feminine wiles on him, resulting in giving him a handjob so he'd leave them alone for the rest of their trip. He was tiny and she was sunburnt but she took off her top to give him inspiration as he rubbed her during her modestly active act. He came on his stomach when another hotel guy paid them a visit, the guy featured in the next scene.

Scene Six: Paige Love, having just polished off the security guard, was then showing her skills to a guy I believe was named Dick "Hotel Guy" Fletcher. The thought occurred to me that she might have to service the entire staff, all three shifts, to get some peace from their prying but what was going to be a second handjob ended up in a full vaginal screwing scene. She actively rode the guy and despite his size, the creaky bed almost didn't outlast them, my thoughts wondering where Delilah was more dominant in my head by this point than anything else. Like most of the civilian scenes, he wore a condom but he probably lasted longer than I would have given the circumstances. They did a few positions and he came in the condom, Paige asking about it incredulously ("he came?!?") since he was so quiet about it.

Scene Seven: Noelle, the chunky gal in the white dress scene on the upper right hand quadrant of the front cover, was up next as she was shown in a field with Jack Venice. They had spent some time on the road discussing matters of passing fancy, her physique not the type he is usually associated with. Jack was better here than the night before when he was drunk off his ass in the hotel room (slurring words, spitting up food, and getting beer all over the place and camera). He warmed her up on the sunny day and she reciprocated with a blowjob, leading to him doing most of the work as he drilled her anally. Noelle was most active during the anal sex with her adoration of oral displayed regularly during her sessions of taste testing, slowing down during the vaginal pounding he gave her as she made facial expressions of pain. I liked the 69 most of all and while Noelle has a long way to go to make her sexually recorded exploits look like she was a skilled performer (it was her first scene), other than her grimaces during the penetrative sex she was okay. The pop shot went to her chest for those keeping track too.

Summary: College Amateur Tour #3: Spring Break by director Jack Venice for Shane's World was a nice selection of scenes featuring some amateurs (male and female) and merited a rating of Recommended for those of you wanting something off the beaten track. The technical merits were decent enough, Smokey putting up with Jack's exploits better than I would have, and the disjointed nature of the production likely the result of some flight delays (half the scenes shot were clearly absent the credited director's presence) but most of the action was fun (and the non-sex material quite amusing). In short, College Amateur Tour #3: Spring Break was probably better in some ways than College Amateur Tour 1 so I wonder if future volumes, either with or without Jack, will be even better.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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