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About Face

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production: January 2007

Directed By: Dink Flamingo

The Movie:

How far will straight military dudes go to earn some extra cash?

The Dudes:

About Face offers up five appealing guys with short military buzz cuts; black and brown hair; muscular and toned bodies; lightly hairy and smooth chests; hairy and lightly hairy buttholes; shortly trimmed and shaved pubes; cut cocks.

Run Time: 2 Hours and 4 Minutes

Condoms: Yes

Scene One:

Rowdy military dudes Shane (good-looking with dark buzz cut, muscular/smooth body with heavy tattoos), Elijah (good-looking with dark buzz cut, toned/smooth body, tattoos), and Shane (cute with brown buzz cut, toned/smooth body) are hanging out over at Dink's house slinging back beers, playing pool, telling Iraq stories, and having a good ol' time. Unfortunately, way too much time (twenty-five minutes to be exact) is wasted on this nonsense. Things liven up with the arrival of "Newbie" FNG (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body), a hottie originally from Yugoslavia. Shane is Dink's pick to break in the "Newbie" and since this is his last movie for a while, he's more than happy to get his horny hands on some tasty fresh meat.

FNG joins Shane in bed and the dudes strip down and begin stroking their own hard 'n chubby cut cocks leading to some mutual masturbation as the guys reach over and begin jacking one another. Shane chows down on FNG's big member giving excellent head as he crams that thang down his insatiable gullet and slides his hot wet mouth up 'n down. It's now time to instruct the "Newbie" on how to give his first blowjob. FNG wraps his fist around Shane's fat base and begins slowly sliding his mouth up 'n down and swirling his tongue around the large purple knob giving a good jaw job. "I'm just doing what the girls do to me."

Elijah and Shane join the par-tay by chowing down on FNG's dong sliding their mouths up 'n down giving spirited blowjobs as they gobble up that delicious Yugoslavian man meat while Shane licks 'n sucks the new dude's balls. Elijah munches down on Shane's tight lightly hairy bunghole but sadly, there are no decent camera shots of this highly erotic sex act. Three of the guys bend over and offer their hot bums up to Shane who has a veritable butt hole buffet to sample. Again, there are no good camera shots of the ass eating. The viewer will be able to see just a little bit and when there is finally a decent camera shot, the lighting isn't good and the picture becomes grainy.  The dudes roll around on the bed sucking cock and having their joins taken care of for complete oral pleasure.


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Shane fucks Elijah's tight hairy hole doggy-style using long full strokes at a smooth tempo to fill his buddy's manhole completely with fat throbbing pork as Elijah chows down on FNG. The viewer will not be able to see any of the penetration as it's shot from the side. At this point, FNG busts a thick nut and then immediately feels bad for cumming too early. In a rather odd move, he races to stand in the corner and pout, "I did bad." Luckily, he quickly overcomes his embarrassment and rejoins the sexual festivities as Shane continues to drill Elijah from behind and this time there are some decent penetration shots of that hog sliding in 'n out of that snug hairy bunghole. FNG beats off shooting a second load in the palm of his hand. Dude is simply too excited! Ha! He then takes over fucking Elijah doggy-style using long full strokes while Elijah blows Shane. The penetration shots from behind are not very well lit and the picture turns grainy; however, the viewer will still be able to see it.

Switching up, Shane sinks his hard cock into FNG's tight hairy touchhole in the missionary position starting off nice 'n slow and then kicking it up and fucking fast 'n smooth. There are some nice penetration shots offered here from the side and above. The dudes are very into the action filling the room with loud moans, grunts, cries of passion, and heavy breathing. FNG dumps a third load on his chest, Elijah shoots a large thick load on the right side of FNG's face, Shane busts a large thick nut on the left side of FNG's face, and Shane squirts a large wet load hitting FNG's face, neck, and chest. Hot cum shots! At the very end, FNG sighs, "Let's go get drinks!"

Scene Two:

Hot stuff Elijah (scene one) and his buddy Adam (cute with brown military buzz cut, toned/smooth body) are outdoors relaxing in a steaming bubbly hot tub. The dudes strip down revealing their dark pubes 'n cut cocks and hop back in for some man-to-man action. They make out with some nice kissing and body rubbing leading Adam to chow down on Elijah's hard prick sliding his mouth up 'n down, licking the shaft, and giving the purple knob and good ol' nursing'. Elijah digs the head and rubs Adam's head as he blows that tasty meat. The dudes hightail it inside where Adam continues to fill his hungry gullet with Grade A military pork. There are some very nice cock sucking close-ups presented here and the dudes are very into the action filling the room with the sounds of sucking, moans, and heavy breathing.

Elijah bends over and shows off his hot bubble butt.  Too bad the viewer only gets a quick look at his tight hairy hole and no decent camera shots as Adam munches down on that pucker.  Adam lays on the bed in the missionary position with legs spread nice 'n wide. Again, the viewer will not be able to see the ass eating but there is a quick camera shot of Elijah's tight hairy mouth-watering touchhole. Elijah chows down on Adam's rigid dick working his expert mouth up 'n down giving some excellent head, nursing the knob, and cramming his throat full.

Elijah slides his fat cock up Adam's tight man chute nice 'n slow in the missionary position using long 'n smooth strokes while Adam yanks his own meat. There is a very hot close-up of that big cock as it slides quickly in 'n out of that ultra hairy bunghole. Switching to some doggy-style, Elijah continues to fulfill Adam's anal needs with some very hot penetration shots from behind. These are the best penetration shots in the entire movie. This is where Adam confesses that the butt sex hurts but he takes it like a trouper. Elijah beats off shooting a large thick load of cock snot on Adam's bum. Hot load! Adam doesn't nut. The movie ends with a hot shot of Adam's tight hairy asshole.


About Face is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is a real mixed bag providing basic coverage of the action with some very tasty close-ups of the cock sucking. The ass eating does not fare as well with absolutely no good close-ups of the bung munching. The butt sex penetration close-ups are few and far between with some very hot ones at the end of scene two. For the most part, the picture quality is sharp and clean with just a little grain when there isn't enough light.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to easily here the dudes as they get rowdy. There is plenty of heavy breathing, moans, and groans as the guys get down to business.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, and chapter stops. There are no bonus materials offered here.


About Face features five sexy straight military dudes who go "gay for pay". The guys are all very appealing, give descent sexual performances, and look to be receiving pleasure from what they are doing. The videography is a real mixed bag. While it provides basic coverage of all the action and plenty of cock sucking close-ups, there are no good camera shots of the rimming, and limited penetration close-ups during the butt sex. I'm not sure why this is since there is a excellent penetration close-up towards the end of scene two. The ability is obviously there but no dice when it gets down to the nitty gritty. Personally, I believe close-ups are very important to a smut movie. Also, twenty-five minutes of watching beer guzzling guys bullshit each other is no way to start a porno movie. I was beginning to wonder where the heck was the sex. I'm going with a Rent It for folks like me who dig hot straight military dudes who are willing to go man-to-man for some extra money.

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