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Jenna Haze/Naomi: Battle of the Sluts

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/1/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jenna Haze/Naomi: Battle of the Sluts

Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions

Genre: Compilation, Naomi, Jenna Haze

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Cast: Naomi, Annette Schwarz, Manuel Ferrara, Joe Blow, Johnny Fender, Mike Hash, Joe Rock, D. Snoop, Jenna Haze, Mark Davis, Steven French, Lee Bang, Daisy Marie, Adrianna Nicole, Michael Stefano

Length: 262:47 minutes

Date of Production: 4/23/2008

Extras: The first disc was limited to seven photogalleries and a helpful cast list. I was acquainted with most of the performers but it is always nice to save some legwork when I don't. The best extras were located on the second disc (which also contained the second half of the movie). The second disc started off with a pop shot compilation and then provided outtakes from the Behind the Scenes features of the movies the scenes came from, lasting 9:45 minutes long. Then came a similarly edited Photoshoot lasting 34:01 minutes with both the leading ladies given ample screen time to show off their stuff. There was another cast list, three trailers, and some filmographies too, rounding out a decent selection of extras overall.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Jenna Haze/Naomi: Battle of the Sluts was presented in a standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, a throwback of sorts for director Manuel Ferrara at Evil Angel considering the majority of his movies in the last year have been in widescreen. While something of a letdown, the weak menu pages and limited extras forecast this nearly as much and I pretty much figured the cost of enhancing his movies for those of us that care probably outweighed the benefit to the mouth breathing raincoater contingent. In any case, the codec used was the standard MPEG-2 with a bitrate hovering in the low 2 Mbps range. The lighting was sub-optimal most of the time, causing saturated colors and adding grain to the proceeding; some video noise and aliasing noticed too. The point of view (POV) camera angle used at times was admittedly shakier than usual for Manuel so perhaps his recent "back to basics" experience is part of a larger plan to improve the technical qualities on his movies, the tint noticed by others as well (remember, Manuel's works have been getting better with time so older scenes in compilations would necessarily look worse). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps audio bitrate with no separation and sounding as if captured by the built in microphone on the camera; the dynamic range limited in most ways as expected. The primary aural experience derived from the vocals too, the limited music not doing a lot for the portions it was noticed.

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Body of Review: Manuel Ferrara is one of the friendliest guys in porn as well as a frequent name given by the ladies I've spoken to when asked who is the studliest guy in the jizz biz so his work for Evil Angel as a director merely reflects the fact that he is capable on both sides of the camera according to those that know him. His latest release is actually a compilation of six scenes (the box lists seven but I disagree with one lengthy scene being split up) starring two anal princesses, a title called Jenna Haze/Naomi: Battle of the Sluts. Taking the scenes from older titles is not always a good move since fans tend to loyally buy releases of the ladies they like, pissing them off if a cheaper way of getting them exists but I had to admire the quantity of serious stroke material provided here. The company website said it like this: "Here's a collection of Manuel Ferrara's favorite scenes of two of the smut world's most popular female stars. Which of them will win the Battle of the Sluts? (Hint: It's a trick question.) Sweet, half-Israeli beauty Naomi is represented here in three classic hookups that showcase her open, honest sexuality. Naomi & Annette Schwarz have an aggressive, wild threesome with Manuel (taken from Manuel's Evilution), with blowjobs, anal and spitting, and ending in a five-man cumshot parade. Pixieish brunette Jenna Haze has used her natural sluthood to rise to the heights of the porn industry; in a scene from Slutty and Sluttier 5, slender Jenna dominates big-assed Adrianna Nicole with the help of Michael Stefano. There's plenty of passionate anal, and some oral swapping of Stefano's load. Daisy Marie even pumps little Jenna with a strap-on in a scene from Evilution 3. All of these scenes are hot as hell! This 2-DVD compilation includes seven photo galleries, 54 minutes of behind-the-scenes and photo shoot footage, and Manuel Ferrara trailers." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Evilution 1: Naomi, Annette Schwarz, Manuel Ferrara, Joe Blow, Johnny Fender, Mike Hash, Joe Rock, D. Snoop: Naomi, the gal featured on the right hand side of the front DVD cover with the great ass, was up first as an uptight wife who was in need of finding her nastier side as she walked in on Annette Schwartz sucking off Manuel Ferrara. Her loss for words could be taken as typical bad porn acting or maybe a very real manner of speech (in real life, unlike Hollywood, people don't always come off as particularly eloquent). Annette's POV blowjob was sloppy and nasty in all the right ways with her fetish attire enhancing her look as she all but ignored Naomi's complaining. Naomi paraded off to get made up and strip off her clothing in the luxurious bathroom for the couple to continue without her assistance. Manuel was rough on Annette but provided some heated tease footage with flexible Annette doing a fine job of it. The editing of upset Naomi getting into a fetish outfit (as seen on the cover), Annette's teasing, and the oral were all splendid examples of Manuel carving out a different scene worthy of respect. Naomi then turned into the wanton slut we all love her to be, drawing Annette away from Manuel to suck some Naomi ass. Manuel joined then and the cock sucking began by both gals as they took turns before he nailed them both hard. Annette sucked man ass too (salad tossing, how lovely) as he planked Naomi on the couch, with both ladies getting more oral and doing some foot fetish material in the process. Naomi then climbed onto his cock again with Annette on clean up duties, moving to anal after that. Annette did the waterworks show some call squirting on Naomi's head, with both gals taking the facial when he was through with them. They did cumswapping and kissing with each other and then took part in a blowbang with Joe Blow, Johnny Fender, Mike Hash, Joe Rock, and D. Snoop, as the ladies seemed to compete for seed. Naomi took the majority of semen to her face with Annette cleaning her off orally, with the scene lasting nearly an hour! Yow!

Scene Two: Evil Anal 2: Jenna Haze, Manuel Ferrara: Jenna Haze, the little cutie that has taken the porn world by storm in recent years, was up first and it was a wise choice as she began by saying: "Fuck me please, don't make me beg." She was dressed in some hot pink duct tape that allowed for easy access to her private parts, crawling on the floor and masturbating there and on a glass table very heatedly. She was lucky enough to work with studly Manuel Ferrara and the two of them shared a lot of chemistry (or at least acted like they had a lot of it) as they went down on each other. Her oral was superb and her dirty talk when he spanked and ate her ass was just as good. He was large compared to most men she works with these days so it took some pushing of her limits to get all the way inside of her tight pussy, with some PTM as a reward for her diligence. That led to some slower anal action that she begged for ("work it in, work it in!") but she soon rode him actively in the back door too. Her dirty talk has long been one of her shining performance features and this scene was no different as she continually provided some of the best I've heard all week. She did ATM and then jerked off his load of population pudding to swallow, the scene ending at about the 41 minute mark of the movie. I'd prefer her to have about twenty pounds of curves over what she has now but it was certainly a great opening scene (not just for fans either!).

Scene Three: Evil Anal 2: Naomi, Mark Davis, Steven French, D. Snoop, Lee Bang, Manuel Ferrara: Naomi, looking a lot leaner than most of her work last year but still possessing a sweet ass, was up next as she rushed onto a porn set in grubby clothes; apologizing for her tardiness before changing into a sexy black outfit that hugged her body nicely. The men in the scene this time were Steve French, Mark Davis, Lee Bang, D. Snoop, and Manuel Ferrara; each getting off as she teased for them while they beat off. I admit that I wanted her to have a few more pounds here but she worked the crowd better than she could have a year ago; having gained a lot of experience in the interim. She started off by blowing them, with Manuel following her as she crawled on the floor, riding cocks as a second nature in both her pussy and ass before the men started to DP her. She aggressively appreciated the cocks here, though with less of her usual hip grinding than I would have liked, getting airtight before she over acted the vocals. About midway through the scene, the picture looked markedly different, as though a switch in equipment was needed and the lighting was off. I've long pointed out that Manuel's strengths are not in the technical arena as much as the ability to generate passion and raw energy; this scene serving as another example. She seemed to glow when working with Manuel the most, the heated scene ending with the guys all rubbing out loads onto her face to glaze her thoroughly.

Scenes Four & Five: Evilution 3: Jenna Haze, Daisy Marie: Jenna Haze, Daisy Marie, and Manuel Ferrara were up next as Jenna continued to tell her tale to her pal on the cell phone. Jenna initially masturbated in public while sitting in the car, soon to find herself abducted by Manuel for his sexual gratification. The scene went astray for me by using the same kind of night vision lighting the Paris Hilton movie used, making it look that weird green and a claustrophobic room to create her panic mood. Daisy was her tormentor and forced her against the wall to masturbate, Manuel coming in to ate her out, feed her the anal plug she was wearing, and spank her before getting his required hummer. There was a lot of sexual tension here that might have worked better with less of the camera/lighting trickery but I have to applaud the director for trying something new, even if it didn't quite work for me. The oral, poke & prod fucking, and rough sex that seemed to turn her on was pretty solid overall so her fans will want to see this one; even if she wasn't her usual anal queen self this time. (Manuel did finger fuck her ass while porking her though). Once Manuel dropped a big load on her face, Daisy took over with her strap on dildo readily available for finishing things up; thankfully using standard lighting this time to see all the action much clearer. The lubing up of Jenna's sweet ass and her oral skills alone were top notch but this was no standard lesbian pairing between the gals. It was messy, nasty, and a cut above what was expected; almost balancing out the first part of the scene for me.

Scene Six: Fucked On Sight 1: Naomi, Manuel Ferrara: Naomi, last year's bubble butt babe that took the porn world by storm, was up next as she teased in her skimpy black lingerie while Manuel Ferrara used lighting effects to try something interesting. She was a lot thinner than her peak sexual weight but still possessed the curves that most of you care about (that ass!) and her dirty talk enhanced the moment more than a little bit as she verbally coaxed him into a turgid state of readiness during some lighter tease inside the house. Her oral was better than I remember it being, the gal showing a hunger that was lost on her previously, and the sultry nature of the hummer elevated the scene for me substantially. That led to them screwing actively, the gal's newfound aggressiveness related to her leaner physique or not, I couldn't say but the vaginal and anal action were very well handled in all positions. There was some taste testing too and I had to admit that I warmed to the glow she was given when he used the overwhelming natural light pouring into the room in an interesting manner. It ended when she blew him to completion all over her face, finishing him off all by herself. Yum!

Scene Seven: Slutty & Sluttier 5: Jenna Haze, Adrianna Nicole, Michael Stefano: Jenna Haze, the cutie featured on the front cover, was up next with curvy Adrianna Nicole; Jenna dominating her slave in the bathroom before Michael Stefano came over to play (in POV fashion initially). Adrianna was being a bad slave, leading to "another slave search" as the wayward blond was eventually found for the other two to play with. The POV angle was discarded in favor of Michael getting to fully participate, some foot fetish and abusive slapping used to put Adrianna in her place. The ladies shared his cock orally but the BDSM theme was maintained too, the slave tossing Michael's salad among other things; Jenna spanking her during the lesbian portions of the scene. Adrianna was very quiet until well into the action too, begging for a cock in her ass and getting it, becoming more active as the scene progressed. Jenna wasn't quite as active as usual here but she was so tiny compared to the other two that her prima donna attitude made it especially fun to watch being taken down a peg or two. The ladies were oral throughout the scene and Jenna took the mouth pop before cum swapping it to Adrianna; the scene ending a bit too quickly as Jenna reasserted herself at the end.

Summary: Jenna Haze/Naomi: Battle of the Sluts director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel will definitely be of interest to fans of the two gals that never managed to pick up the original releases as I did, my review listing each of them to prevent anyone from double dipping by accident. In terms of points alone, Jenna Haze won this match up but Naomi gave some very heated performances too, I only regret that Manuel was unable to secure any new scenes by the ladies to elevate this one above a rating of Recommended. In short, Jenna Haze/Naomi: Battle of the Sluts gave three full scenes of each gal having some heated fun full of chemistry and energy, usually ending with a lot of population pudding launch by Manuel and his associates thanks to the efforts of the ladies in question so check it out with this TRAILER if you have any questions.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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