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Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/2/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date: October 2007

Directed By: Dink Flamingo

The Movie:

Military buddies get together to sling back some beers, play pool, and get down for some good ol' "Gay for Pay" action.

The Dudes:

Drafted offers up five good-looking military guys with short dark and brown hair; muscular and toned bodies; lightly hairy and smooth chests; full and shortly trimmed pubes; hairy and lightly hairy bungholes; cut and uncut cocks.

Run Time: 1 Hour and 45 Minutes

Condoms: Yes

Scene One:

Sexy Mason (hot with short blond hair, toned/smooth body) is horny for some straight military meat and knows exactly where to get it. He hightails it over to Dink's place where Kaden (good-looking with short blond hair, muscular/smooth body) and Brock (good-looking with short dark hair and muscular/lightly hairy body with heavy tattoos) are drinking beers and playing pool. Mason yanks Brock's tight black shorts down revealing shortly trimmed pubes, plump nuts, cut cock, and hot bubble butt. He quickly begins feeling that sexy ass while sliding his mouth up 'n down Brock's rigid pole and then switches over to chow down on Kaden's hard clipped tool giving excellent head to both horny dudes. "Yeah, suck that fuckin' cock! There are some nice cock sucking close-ups here plus a mouth watering close-up of Mason's big hard uncut cock as he jacks off sliding his foreskin back 'n forth over the knob. At one point, Mason has both flared purple knobs crammed into his hungry mouth and the dudes definitely dig the head.

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Kaden has a hankering for a good taste of man meat and blows Mason's chubby dong jacking the shaft, working the foreskin, and nursing the knob giving some good head. The dudes climb into a traditional sixty-nine with Kaden on top and Mason on bottom. Not to be left out, Brock climbs on top of Kaden and the dudes gorge on hard pork while filling the room with slurping sounds, moans, groans, and heavy breathing. At one point Kaden munches down on Mason's tight hairy bunghole and although there are no good close-ups, there's no mistake that he's giving that pulsing pucker a good tongue bath.  Brock spreads Mason's butt cheeks apart exposing that tight hairy hole.

Brock fucks Mason from behind slowly sinking in and then cutting loose with some fast 'n smooth strokes with some nice penetration shots from below. Kaden takes charge and bangs Mason from behind fast 'n hard and Brock pulls his pork squirting a wet load in Mason's mouth leading Mason to nurse the cummy knob. Kaden jerks his meat shooting a large thick load in Mason's mouth and on his tongue. Mason has hot cum dripping from his chin. Mason wildly beats off shooting a thick load on Kaden's foot and then licks it off.

Scene Two:

Mason (scene one) is already in bed jacking his hard uncut dick using his right fist to work that tasty foreskin up 'n down while Kaden (scene one) lies next to him stoking his rigid clipped cock. Mason definitely has his eyes on Kaden's mouth-watering member while Kaden is seen sneaking a few quick glances at Mason's unclipped dork. Mason chows down on his buddy giving excellent head as he crams his gullet full, sliding his gob up 'n down and giving full deep throat.  Meanwhile in the other room, Kasey (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body) chows down on Levi's (handsome with short black hair, muscular/smooth body) hard 'n fat cut cock giving some okay head as he jacks the chubby shaft and nurses the large purple knob. Levi definitely digs the head filling the room with heavy breathing and a series of repetitive "oh yeahs" and "there you go's".

Back in room number one, Kaden crams Mason's big dick down his gullet sliding his wet gob up 'n down, nursing the knob, and jacking the shaft. The dudes have some man-to-man fun taking turns sucking one another's dicks. Next door, Levi is busy giving Kasey's hard cut cock some excellent head working his wet mouth up 'n down the fat shaft making his buddy moan with lusty pleasure. Levi and Kasey soon high-tail it over to their friends room where Kasey fucks Mason's willing mouth while Levi slides his turgid tubesteak up Mason's tight hairy bunghole in the missionary position using fast, smooth, 'n hard strokes.

There is one quick penetration shot from the side provided here. Kasey switches to fucking Mason doggy-style with some okay penetration shots (picture is grainy here) from behind while Levi and Kaden watch and beat their meat. Kaden busts a thick nut on Mason's tongue leading Mason to suck the cum-slicked knob. Kasey shoots a thick load of jizz in Mason's mouth and on his tongue followed by Kasey dumping thick love juice in Mason's cum depository. Working his foreskin back 'n forth, Mason shoots a thick load on his dark pubes. Kaden scoops it up and Mason eats his own nut.


Drafted is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The hand-held videography is for the most part fine providing some nice shots of the cock sucking and fucking but could definitely use more close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean but gets grainy if there isn't enough light (which happens from time to time).


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they get down to business with some loud moans, groans, and heavy breathing.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. There are no bonus materials provided here.


Like the two previous Dink Flamingo movies I have recently reviewed, Drafted in a real mixed bag. What I like is that the dudes are all very appealing, give energetic sexual performances, and seem to enjoy having their cocks sucked. Mason definitely digs sucking dong and having his asshole fucked. The basic problems are the lack of enough ass eating and butt sex penetration close-ups.  I'm going with a Recommended for fans of hot straight military dudes who are willing to get it on with other dudes for cash.

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