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We Vibe

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/3/08

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The We Vibe: XCritic.com sees what the buzz is about!

Okay, having bought enough vibrators as presents over the years, I'm pretty familiar with what women like and having been a toy tester for awhile, my hands on experience with as critical eye has increased my powers of observation.  My two assistants will likely testify favorably about how much analysis I give anything coming in for review and I try to provide as honest an opinion as I can based largely on their input (and how I see them react to the toys) so I can tell you right now how much Nadine loved testing the We Vibe the other day in bed.

The device looks more like a colorful purple dental retainer than anything and it was met with a doubtful glance when she first saw it but showing her the stylish case (a black & purple artistic swirl of sorts that looked like a glasses case) and letting her know how much she'd save in batteries (it's actually rechargable) perked her interest well before the sexual antics began.  The large white packaging was not as environmentally friendly but it did look very upscale and proudly displayed the toy too, something to work on but definitely less garish than most toy packages on the market.  The toy itself measures mere inches and is designed in the shape of a loose clamp, allowing easy insertion to the vaginal opening. The design of the device also makes the vibrations perfect for G-Spot use, the one head sending vibrations to the clitoris and the other to the G-Spot to combine for the maximum amount of pleasure possible.

I always recommend you use saliva as the lubricant, though any water based lube would suit too, because of the warning included on the limited sheet of instructions about other lubes.  I know from experience that using the wrong kind of lube tends to have an impact on a cheaper toy, some of them degrading far more rapidly as a result, others becoming more difficult to clean, and still others either not working altogether or getting a nasty smell (that generally renders them "off limits" since no one I've slept with wants anything smelly inserted inside of their pussy; imagine that!).  Given the grade of medical silicone used to make the toy though, I have been advised that any lube should work fine as the materials used to make this toy are so stable, they aren't going to have an issue like the cheaper stuff used in low grade toys.

The device hooks up to an included charger and suggests you clean the We Vibe before use.  Charging it for 24 hours before using it is best for the internal battery and there are instructions for keeping the batteries lasting a long time, something all of us have likely experienced over the years with rechargables, though as technology progresses, perhaps the lifespan of them will continue to increase.  The charger did not get hot to the touch as some in the past have for other types of toys, a pleasant idea considering how embarrassing it would be to explain that to your insurance company ("Well, my vibrator's responsible for burning down the house...") or an arson investigator.  The charging is among the easiest I've ever dealt with though, merely plug it in and nothing to worry about.

The company says this about the recharging cycle:  "The We-Vibe charges at about 23ma, which is 60% below the standard 10% trickle charge limit. Any over charging, by definition, can not be a perfect charging condition.... but the manufacturer expects to get from 500 to 1000 cycles from the batteries with more than 60% of original capacity. This means the battery could easily run the motors for more than a thousand hours. It has a huge capacity ( 450 to 500 mAh ) to run the motors for more than an hour, even if the batteries are somewhat abused, an hour is plenty from a "normal usage" point of view. The motors are custom made with gold contacts for long life but they are very high power for their size and are stressed accordingly. The motors draw about 1/3 of an amp, it's the highest power we could possibly pack in there at such low RPM of 3k and 5k. Weekly use would give the We-Vibe a theoretical life of about 4 years. The battery will last a little longer if unplugged after a 3 day minimum charge, based on our reliability tests we expect the motors will fail before the battery does."

Use of the toy is simple enough too, there is a switch inside of the head that allows for two settings, low and high (more appropriately; moderate and "real nice" as I learned) and it snuggly fits inside the pussy with the larger head nestled against the clitoris where it will have the most impact.  A partner can grind it into the clitoris as well (that's what I did and it sure had an impact) but it was almost as if molded to her personal dimensions so those of you that are BBW's will have no worries unless, perhaps, you are an UBBW (ultra big beautiful woman).  The Phthalate Free, medical grade silicone toy has some ridges but slides in easily (this is where I should point out that my expertise came in regarding getting her all naturally lubed up by the way) and tends to stay in place when you aren't really pushing it.  You could leave it in under your panties, or if you don't wear panties, calling me is always recommended, but seriously, this is one of those devices that you can wear all the time and no one will know about it unless you tell them.  The buzzing sound was minimal and except for the orgasms that follow, no one will be able to tell.

The Specifications Sheet is as follows:
MATERIAL Medical grade silicone
SIZE 8.5x5x2.8cm (3.35x2x1.1inch)
WEIGHT 60 grams (2oz)
CHARGING 16 hours minimum
RUN TIME (high and low) up to 2 hrs
STANDBY up to 60 days
FREQUENCY 50-80 Hz (3000-5000rpm)
NOISE (when in use) < 50db
- 2 powerful motors
- 2 speeds
- Continuous silicone exterior
- Waterproof soft pliable surface
- Flexible and conforming core
- Pleasure enhancing waves on Clitoral pad
- G-spot stimulating waves on G-spot pad
COLOUR We-Vibe purple
Travel Case
Charger (country specific)
Instruction sheet
30 day Replacement Warranty

This new dual action "Clitoral & G-spot Vibrator" is form fitting and comfortable. Its patent pending miniaturization and space age material design provides a quantum leap in pleasure.

All you ever wanted! - Hands free, dual vibe - no straps, no wires - medical grade silicone - rechargeable - waterproof & can be worn during lovemaking!

2 powerful motors - 2 hours of fun - Leave your We-Vibe plugged in so it is always ready when you are!

2 speeds - low speed 3000rpm ultimate gentle purr. High speed - 5000rpm gives ideal climatic stimulation.

We-Vibe is easy to use - safe - high quality - is discreet in shape and easy to wash. The power switch is concealed inside the soft nose of the We-Vibe. . A beautiful case is included to discreetly hold your We-Vibe and charger.

The silicone is medical grade, phthalate free and has no smell or taste.

The We-Vibe weighs a mere 60 gms (2oz)

- has an insertable length of 8.5cm (3.25inch) - powered by a rechargeable NiMH 450 mAh battery

We-Vibe is designed to flex open and conform to your body's position.

Lead free - ROHS certified - Environment friendly - WEEE compliant - Carbon Neutral

So yeah, this was a winner.  Not only did Nadine have multiple orgasms but she nearly tore my arm off when I suggested that I needed to keep it for further testing (to determine recharge time, length before recharging needed, and yes, to see if it fit tester #2 (Carey) as well since she's a smaller gal (it fit her really well too though we did not conduct as extensive a test; just tried it for size after a thorough cleaning).  She'll be taking it soon and I hope to see her again but there really is a lot of reasons why she and I concluded it was worthy of XCritic Pick status, most of which are outlined above.

My only specific concern is that the recharging spot on the toy could allow for fluids or germs to build up over time.  I didn't want to try my underwater test with the toy (keeping it under water for several minutes) but I didn't notice any problems when I went back to test it.  The toy is reportedly water proof and should last several years with proper care but you can watch movies about the toy to see more if you're interested.  Not all retailers have this one, only quality companies seem to carry it (I suspect the profit margin is higher on those low prices, Phthalate-laden toys) and the only social issue that came up (and this was before the bed testing) was that the device was made in China.  Some socially conscious people that will appreciate the environmentally friendly We Vibe will give it many points for other areas but they also tend to dislike anything made in oppressive communist countries that suppress free speech, but overall, it was a solid toy that should give you hundreds of hours of use and is "partner-friendly" more than almost anything else on the market (but it's designed for a woman and shouldn't be shared according to my assistant).  There was a discussion in our forum about the use of China to manufacture toys (I'm price conscious so I took the "it's okay by me" route) but I felt it important to mention it.  In all then, this is one great toy!

Update:  As a socially conscious company that listens to the demands of it's customers, the head man himself spoke up this afternoon to tell me the following:
"I toured each factory that makes the product and spent a month in China to check out each factory to insure that the workers were treated well.  they play badminton and basketball at lunch.  Most are in here 20's and are free to come and go to party at night , as they please.  Most stay at a factory for 2 to 5 years and save enough money to go back to their town and start a company or go to college.  Most workers also support extended family back home in their small town.  They seem happy to have a job and be provided room and board and be able to save money to get ahead.  I struggled with the issue of China but have a clear conscience having witnessed first hand that the people are happy and are free to come and go as they please.  The toy would sell for more than 200$ if it were made in NA as it requires a lot of manual labour to manufacture." - Bruce Murison

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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